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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    Fm is working slow when I open multiple .dita files.


    are there special parameters to make it faster ?

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    Using FrameMaker 2017 (version, when a table row or cell entry is tagged as a conditional entry,

    and "show condition indicators" is on, a crosshatch pattern is applied to the interior border of the row or cell.

    Unfortunately, the crosshatch pattern is very thick. I seek the ability to reduce the thickness of the crosshatch pattern.

    Is this possible?  If so, how is this achieved? I still want to show the condition indicator.  I just want to modify it.

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    Dear all


    I came across a nasty bug: (please vote on it).


    Script InsertVariable.jsx creates a variable with this content:


    However, what is displayed, even after screen refresh:


    This happens with any FM since version 10 and ESTK (CC).


    However after editing (replacing with itself) of any character in the variable definition the display becomes correct. There is no problem creating this variable manully via UI.


    Using the corresponding Unicode characters is not an option, because this depends on the font - which mostly do not contain these characters (U2009



    The test script inserts some text at the top of an open document. It then inserts the variable into this text.


    #target framemaker
    TestInsertVariable (); //
    function TestInsertVariable () {
      var paraText = "Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. "  var  oDoc = app.ActiveDoc, sValue, sVarName, oTextLoc, oPgf, oTR;  if(oDoc.ObjectValid()) {    oPgf = oDoc.MainFlowInDoc.FirstTextFrameInFlow.FirstPgf;    oTextLoc = new TextLoc(oPgf, 0);    oDoc.AddText(oTextLoc, paraText);              // create a paragraph    oTextLoc = new TextLoc(oPgf, 17);              // arbitrary place    sVarName = "GugusVariable";    sValue   = "\\+9\\st007\\st199\\st254\\st740\\st991"; // \ to be doubled in string!    InsertVariable (oDoc, oTextLoc, sVarName, sValue);  } else {    alert ("Document does not exist or is invalid");  }
    } //--- end TestInsertVariable
    function InsertVariable (oDoc, oTextLoc, sVarName, sValue) {
    // Arguments oDoc:     current document
    //           oTextLoc: where to insert the variable
    //           sVarName: name of the variable, it may already be in the catalgoue 
    //           sValue:   contents of the variable 
    var oVar, NewVar;
    if (!oDoc.GetNamedVarFmt(sVarName).ObjectValid()) { // needs to be defined first
        oNewVar = oDoc.NewNamedVarFmt(sVarName);    oNewVar.Fmt = sValue;     oVar = oDoc.NewAnchoredFormattedVar (oNewVar.Name, oTextLoc); // insert at location  } else {    oVar = oDoc.NewAnchoredFormattedVar (sVarName, oTextLoc); // already defined, just insert  }
    } //--- end InsertVariable

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    I developed a script to automate the generation of large FrameMaker books from Ditamap and XML files.  The script successfully generates 2 or 3 of these large books before FrameMaker crashes midway through the book generation with the following error message:


    FM error.PNG

    The point at which FrameMaker crashes appears to be totally random and the internal error code often changes as well.  Some research on these forms led me to believe that it was due to saving the book to a network drive, so I modified the script to save to my C: drive and the crashes got WORSE!  My FrameMaker 11 is patched to the latest version and I've got 50 gigs of free space on my drive.


    I use the following function to save the ditamap/xml files as FM books:


    function saveToFm(fileObject, savePath, ditaValFile) {      var saveParams = GetSaveDefaultParams();          var i = GetPropIndex(saveParams, Constants.FS_FileType);      saveParams[i].propVal.ival = Constants.FV_SaveFmtBookWithFm;        var i = GetPropIndex(saveParams, Constants.FS_DitavalFile);      saveParams[i].propVal.sval =  "ditaVal dir filepath" + ditaValFile        var saveAsName = savePath;      var returnParamsp = new PropVals();      fileObject.Save(saveAsName, saveParams, returnParamsp);  


    My "ditaVal dir filepath" is a network drive location, but I removed it from this post to protect personal/company info.


    One solution I thought of is closing and reopening FrameMaker after every successful book generation, but app.Quit() doesn't work and app.Close() only works if I run the script from FrameMaker, which means that once the app closes it will not reopen.


    I created 2 .bat files, one to launch and one to quit FrameMaker, but when I use the quitFM.bat in the script it is then unable to relaunch FrameMaker with the startFM.bat.  Both .bat files do exactly what I want when I run them by themselves.


    Any ideas how to fix this?

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    Is there a way to remove the underlines from hyperlinks created in HTML5 output?

    I have been searching for an answer but have not had any luck.


    Thanks for any help.





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    I upgraded to frameMaker 19.

    File opening is very slow and FrameMaker does not respond.

    Example  :

    File size 3,29 mo

    File available from a file server

    Time to open : 3-5 minuts

    Version of FrameMaker :

    2019 Release, Version:


    Domain Computer : Windows 10 Pro / 32Gb / SSD / Core I7 / Network 1 gbE


    Help me, please

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    ich kann Bedingungs-Tags keine Farbe zuweisen. Die beiden Auswahlmenüs "Farbe" und "Hintergrund" klappen nicht auf und ich kann nichts auswählen.

    Woran könnte das liegen?




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    I have a new tech writer coming on board who has experience in InDesign, and needs to come up to speed in FrameMaker 11. I've seen a number of comparisons between FrameMaker and InDesign, and the concepts look very similar. Where can I go to show him the differences/similarities without boring him with lengthy explanations of concepts that he has already mastered?



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    Can  image hotspotting be done in DITA using FrameMaker 2017?  My efforts to accomplish this have been unsuccessful. Any hints?

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    I am working with FrameMaker 2019 and I try to add some elements to an xml file based on a custom application when a new xml file is selected by the user.

    I have managed to set the notification (with Constants.FA_Note_PostOpenXML) and register the script in FM, but I have to following strange behavior:

    1. The object property of the Notify function does not seem to reflect the new xml doc object

    2. By selecting the app.ActiveDoc object in order to insert elements in the xml file these elements are actually inserted but are not shown unless I first select to create a new xml file (with any type of structured application).


    The code I use is as follows:


    Notification(Constants.FA_Note_PostOpenXML , true);
    function Notify (note, object, sparam, iparam) {
    switch (note) {
         case Constants.FA_Note_PostOpenXML:     doWork();          break;     }
    function doWork() {
         var doc = app.ActiveDoc;     var flow = doc.MainFlowInDoc;     var elemBook = flow.HighestLevelElement;     var ELEM_BOOK_META = doc.GetNamedElementDef("book-meta");     // ... more element definitions          var elementBookMeta = ELEM_BOOK_META.NewElement(elemBook.TextRange.end);      // ... adding more elements to to the xml ...


    As stated above,

    If I pass the object parameter to my doWork function the elements are not added to the xml.

    By executing doc.Redisplay() or doc.Reformat() the xml does not get updated with the added elements.

    The only way to see the added elements is to create a new xml file (whatever structured application but for sake of simplicity assume that I always create xml files for my custom app) and come back to the previously created xml file.


    Does anyone have any ideas for this behavior or how I can get the script to update the xml with my new elements?

    Any help is appreciated.


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    This seems to be a week of FM 2017 issues for me... 

    Today I created a Responsive HTML5 file but there is no scrollbar in the output.


    Is there a way to fix this issue?


    Thanks in advance.



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    Good afternoon,


    My team recently translated a number of manuals to Spanish. These manuals will be used in Europe and South America. They will be delivered in PDF format and printed.


    Because the manuals were originally created in English for use in the United States, the paper size of the FrameMaker book is set to "Letter." Could anyone walk me through the steps required in order to prepare these manuals for distribution in Europe and South America? I don't want to assume that it's as simple as File > Print Setup > Paper Size: A4 > OK and then a book update.


    Thank you,


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    Hi - I'm looking for the place to add a borderline below the Headers in the Masterpage in Frame. Hopefully there's an easier way than using a graphic? Thanks.

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    Have been creating 4x6 docs for years with no problems. Upgrade to FM 2019 and using the new "Publish" utility with Acrobat DC chops most of the header and part of the footer. Changing vertical size to 6.1" output looks OK, but that's a no-go for our customer. Searched maker.ini and every other settings option I could think of with no luck. Any ideas or unknown setting locations I could test? Thanks very much.

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    I am using a trial version of FM2019 and epubpro (webworks) to generate reverb output. I keep getting '[Error] Object reference not set to an instance of an object.' when I try to generate the online help. Please advise on how to fix this issue.



    -William Cohan

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    1. Is it possible to install and use FrameMaker 11 as well as FrameMaker 12 on a single PC?
    2. If yes, are there any prerequisites and known issues in doing so?

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    Hello everyone,


    A relative newbie here. Apologies in advance if this has been discussed earlier.


    I want to make the first line or few words of a paragraph style in a bold style. Is there a way to apply character style to a certain part of a paragraph style?  I know this can be done in Indesign, but can unstructured Framemaker do this? ed-paragraph-styles.php


    Thanks in advance!




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    I have created a Responsive HTML5 file in FM 2017 that contains four pages of text, but there is no scrollbar in the output.


    Is there a way to fix this issue?


    Thanks for any help.




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    I am trying to apply a gotolink marker in my text to a word that has a specific character tag. A couple of months ago, frameexpert helped me with some code that applies the newlink marker to text in a specific paragraph format, and I thought I could just modify it (see below). But I'm obviously missing something because it just won't work. The marker needs to be added to the specific words, so that they are a link, rather than to the beginning of the paragraph, so I know I need to do something about the offset location. But first, I just need it to work. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance.


    #target framemaker

    main ();


    function main () {

        var doc = app.ActiveDoc;

        if (doc.ObjectValid () === 1) {

                processDoc (doc);


        else {

             alert ("There is no active document.");




    function processDoc (doc) {

        var findLink = doc.GetNamedCharFmt ("Link");   // Match Link character format.

        var pgf = doc.FirstPgfInDoc;

        while (pgf.ObjectValid () === 1 ) {

            if (findLink.ObjectValid (doc) === true) {

                processGoToLink (pgf, doc);


            pgf = pgf.NextPgfInDoc;




    function processGoToLink (pgf, doc) {   

        var num = getFigOrTableNum (pgf);  // Calls the function to get the figure or table numbers

        if (num) {

           var marker = getMarker (doc, "Hypertext", "gotolink");    // See if a gotolink marker already exists in the paragraph.

           if (marker) {

                // Update the existing marker's text.

                marker.MarkerText = "gotolink " + num;


            else {  // No existing marker; create a new one.

                createMarker (doc, 0, "Hypertext", "gotolink " + num);  // I don't want the marker at the beginning of the paragraph. The combination of letter plus number (F1) should be the link.



        else {

            Console ("Couldn't find number: " + pgf.Name);




    function getMarker (pgf, markerType, text) {  // See if a marker exists in a paragraph 

        var markers = [], marker, textList, i;

        textList = pgf.GetText (Constants.FTI_MarkerAnchor);

        for (i = 0; i < textList.len; i += 1) {

            marker = textList[i].obj;

            if (marker.MarkerTypeId.Name === markerType) {

                if (marker.MarkerText.indexOf (text) > -1) {

                    return marker;






    // Create a new marker

    function createMarker(doc, pgf, offset, type, text) {

        var tLoc = new TextLoc(pgf, offset);

        var marker = doc.NewAnchoredObject(Constants.FO_Marker, tLoc);

        var markerType = doc.GetNamedObject(Constants.FO_MarkerType, type);

        marker.MarkerTypeId = markerType;

        marker.MarkerText = text;

        return 1;



    function getFigOrTableNum (pgf) {  

        var doc = app.ActiveDoc;

        var regex = /((AF|AT|[FT])(\d+))/;  // Match F or T or AF or AT plus number in text

        var pgfText = getText (pgf, doc);  // Calls next function to get the text

        if (regex.test (pgfText) === true) {

            var match = pgfText.match (regex);

            return (match[1].toLowerCase ());




    function getText (textObj, doc) {      // Gets the text from the text object.

        var text = "", textItems, i;

        if ( !== "TextRange") {     // Get a list of the strings in the text object or text range.

            textItems = textObj.GetText(Constants.FTI_String);

        } else {

             textItems = doc.GetTextForRange(textObj, Constants.FTI_String);


        // Concatenate the strings.

        for (i = 0; i < textItems.len; i += 1) {

            text += (textItems[i].sdata);


        return text; // Return the text


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    Hi all, so I have started using FM2019 and today updated an existing PDF we have with the new 2019 version. Didn't change any content, or any settings, other than a few PDF settings so it would display correctly.


    The old PDF (made in FM2017) is 4260KB.

    The new PDF (FM2019) is 25,389KB.


    I have checked around in the PDF options but cannot find anything to make the size smaller.


    In FM2017, I used "High Quality Print" setting using Bookmarks, Tags, etc.

    In FM2019 I used the same settings "High Quality Print" reproduced from 2017.


    It is an 88 page manual with a fair number of images - but with the two documents exactly the same, why would it suddenly enlarge by so much?


    Any ideas what might be bloating this file?




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