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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    I've just installed FrameMaker 2019 (64 bit) and have open some of my older FM 2015. Everything looks good except when I publish it PDF some pages are missing and some fonts look funny. If I retype the page it seem to work. As you can except this take a long time in a 400 page book.


    Any ideas????

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    System (currently) Windows 7, but I also need an answer that applies to Windows 10.


    I've always saved my custom templates to the ...\Adobe FrameMaker [X]\Templates directory so that they are easily available when I want to create a new document from a custom template. This makes templates easy to find, prevents inadvertent changes when I'm creating new documents, and also ensures that I am always using the most current version template.


    Since Windows 7, though, there's this thing called User Account Control that is playing hob with all sorts of things, including my ability to update the template files. FrameMaker 2019 is now giving me the following message, even though I have FrameMaker 2019 set to run as administrator by default.


    I do not want to have to hunt all over my hard drive for my template files. I want them in the default template directory so that when I click "New from Template", I can use my custom templates or one of Adobe's. What, precisely, do I need to do so that I can do this? Does FrameMaker have the ability to add an additional, supplemental folder for custom template that isn't located in the Program Files hierarchy?

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    Hi there, Is there a way to define table summaries in FrameMaker 11, or I should define them in Acrobat DC? Thanks, Vicky

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    Hi all,


    I am trying to import a customized docbook into FrameMaker.

    I set up structured application, read-write-rules, EDD succesfully.

    When I open the XML, it asks for the structured app. to use, and opens as a single .xml file.


    But I discovered I have to do some XSLT pre-processing, to convert the content of an element to attribute of the parent element. I wrote the xsl conversion, and added it to the structured application for PreProcessing.

    But now there is no question for the structured app. to use, XML opens as an .fm project, splitting each chapter to a different book, and converting my element names to CamelCase.


    Why is this change happening? Maybe the DOCTYPE is lost in XSLT?

    Where can I investigate the intermediate xml created after the XSLT pre-processing?

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    How can I export the text on an image in Framemaker or Adobe pdf?  I have have the image in both formats.

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    I am a user of FrameMaker for decades and now the 2019 version. Here are elements that are missing from FrameMaker 2019 and do exist in MS word:

    1. Bibliography- How can one write a book without a Bibliography option? This is no less that a disgrace for marketing and engineering that requires manual generation of a proper Bibliography. Before Adobe gloats on speed lets have the basics! It does exist in the inferior word!!
    2. The Equation and MathMl editors are not readable on a 4K screen. Too small frame and not scalable. On the MS word the WIRIS equation editor is scalable (looks like Adobe knows  more about vector graphics than MS) and looks great on a 4K screen at any scale. The integration with framemaker is a disgrace for a company like Adobe where technical writing is missing now Bibliography and Math tools.
    3. I am expecting an answer on your immediate plans to address this issues that affect Adobe business.

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    We use FM15.


    Can we downgrade from FM15 15 to FM12?



    Thank You in advance for your assistance.

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    Is it possible to add a DRAFT watermark in FM source?

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    Hi, all,

    I have a problem concerning inconsistent color definitions when I print a book file on the Linux system.

    The error message says:
    Color definition: Color8 is inconsistent

    This may relate to the fact that this .fm file is copied from Windows version FrameMaker file.

    How can I solve the problem?

    Thank you in advance for any help.

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    I'd rather not "re-invent the wheel"...


    Anyone able to share/sell/collaborate on development of a structapp for MIL-STD 37874?


    Feel free to respond here or PM me



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    The SVG image is created by combing a screenshot (SnagIt) with text callouts in a Visio file, then exporting to SVG.


    This worked fine in FrameMaker 2017.


    Now when I import the SVG, almost all the text and lines I added are moved to the right of where they are in the Visio file. The only exception to this is a small piece of text that is not directly on the screenshot. Instead of being on the far right, where I placed it, it is now on the extreme LEFT.


    I have created two screenshots using a screen capture of Adobe's Creative Cloud desktop app that is doing the same thing. If anyone has any advice, I'd appreciate it.



    result of importing SVG into FrameMaker 2019.jpg




    screenshot of original diagram in visio.jpg

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    Maybe this belongs in the Illustrator forum, but I thought that I would check here first.


    I'm working with FrameMaker 2017 (version I usually insert Illustrator files directly into Illustrator. When I want to edit an Illustrator file, I click one and then press Esc > i > l to open the file in Illustrator.


    Adobe pushed an update to Illustrator a few days ago (I think it's version 23.0). Anyway, when I try opening an Illustrator file from FrameMaker, Illustrator opens, but the file does not. Is anyone else seeing the same problem that I am?




    I uninstalled the most recent version of Illustrator and installed the one that I had yesterday. Now, I am seeing an error every time that I try opening the Illustrator file from FrameMaker.


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    It's been a while since I have had to create an Index for a manual. I created it and wanted to use the page number formats that I have throughout the manual (example: 1-2 which displays chapter number and page number). It was only displaying page numbers and no chapter numbers. I had tried importing formatting from an existing Index in another manual. This didn't fix the issue. So I went into View>Reference Pages and added <$chapnum>- before the <$pagenum>. This still didn't fix the issue after clicking Update Book. After that, I received an error message "Book Error Report" which displaed the file for the book and it's location on our server. Under that it said "No master pages applied because the MasterPageMaps table contains no mapping information."


    I tried to do a search in this forum and in Help Topics but cannot find any information. So how do I fix the issue listed in the book error message and how can I fix my page numbering issues to include the chapter number-page number? I should mention that I am using an old version of Framemaker....version 11.

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    I had dot net 4.6.1 installed but the trial for Framemaker 2019 would not install. I tried to install 4.72 and it uninstalled my 4.6.1 and crashed and deleted all my restore points!


    So I assume it needs a version above 4.6.1?

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    [Framemaker 2015, Windows 7]


    I have a book with several FM files in it. All of the FM files are located in the same directory as the book, except for one, which is linked (it is located one directory up and one directory down). How can I move the linked FM file to the same directory as the rest of the files in the book, while keeping all of the cross-references to and from that file?


    Thanks for your help.

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  • 10/21/18--07:32: How to mark overflow
  • Hey,


    I'd like to have a script that goes through the document and places a string in each paragraph or table that has overflow. Any ideas how I can achieve this?



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    Here is my workflow:


    1. Create a concept or reference topic
    2. In Author or WYSIWYG view, click Insert table.
    3. Specify a table geometry, say 3 columns by 6 rows.
    4. Click the element dropdown: only simpletable is available as an option
    5. Create the table. Switching to XML view, it is indeed a simpletable.
    6. Back in Author view or WYSIWYG mode, select adjacent cells in the same row and merge (straddle them). Do the same for two adjacent cells in the same column. This seems to work, but
    7. Switching to XML view and examining the table, it is still a simpletable, and all Framemaker did was delete stentry elements from strows.


    I see discussion of CALS tables in the Help, but no description of how to create them.


    Coding them by hand in XML view is not an appealing option. Can someone explain what I'm doing wrong?



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    I have a conref to content that includes a xref. This looks like it works ok until I save my ditamap as a book and look at the resulting fm file. At which point the nested xref has disappeared (the fm-xref element exists but only contains WHITESPACE as the visible text, the href property is still present but the link is broken).

    Is there a way to make this work?


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    Does anybody know why opening .dita with extend script takes much longer than the same operation manually. Can you suggest right parameters as i will overcome unnecessary stages during opening.


    I get some issues - for example:

    DITA+FM ERROR: Unable to locate referenced topic id: #id173KA60D03A/id185MM0L05HS


    but I'm not sure that this might be the reason of delay.


    Thank you in advance.

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  • 10/23/18--09:00: Missing Next Page Button
  • Hey Barb

    So I couldn't find any subjects that talk about this but I have recently installed Adobe FrameMaker 2019 on my machine and a few others in my group and a couple of us are missing the "Next Page" arrow at the bottom where the pages are identified.  As you can see the back arrow is there (next to 16), but not the forward arrow.  I can not find a setting for this and was wondering if I just needed to copy some .ini files from a user whose button is there or is this an install issue??  Its not a huge issue but I was just curious if you had seen this before.  Thank you for your help.Capture.PNG

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