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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    Hi, all

    I am following the Adobe's "DEVELOPING STRUCTURED APPLICATIONS WITH ADOBE® FRAMEMAKER® " to build up my first EDD.

    I think I exactly followed the step-by-step instruction for Create an EDD (from page 27) , however I do not get my EDD perfectly the same as that are shown on the instruction.


    1. about the section definition:

    My structure is as following:





    However, when I apply this EDD to my file, I cannot get the intended nested section numbering, <n>.<n+1>; instead the nested section continues the numbering from its parent section:


    2. Though I have added the "section" tag in the EDD, my file will not display it in the "Cross-reference" pod.

    My cross-reference pod, which has the section element missing in the "Element Tags" column:


    And what the cross-reference pod in the "DEVELOPING STRUCTURED APPLICATIONS WITH ADOBE® FRAMEMAKER® " looks like, on page  46 of that document:


    Please, if any body know where I possibly made it wrong?


    Thanks very much.



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    To make clear what I actually mean: By default, Framemaker 2017 seems to prefer square logos only. In the Publish settings for Responsive HTML5 the logo can be defined but not its aspect ratio/size of the container containing it. (Publish > Edit > Responsive HTML5 > General > Manage Layout > Edit > Header).


    FM 2017 Responsive HTML5 Header Settings.png

    Our company logo however isn't square and so I wanted to widen the "logo" Div-Container that can be found in the index.htm file (<div class="logo" data-attr="title:@KEY_LNG.HomeButton">). The corresponding CSS is to be found in the layout.css file in the \template\Azure_BlueResponsive_HTML5 folder (we are using the Azure_Blue screen layout):


    div.header div.logo {





                         background-position:center center;




    My first instinct of course was to add an overriding CSS file via the option "Override Styles for this Output" in the Publish settings. My overriding CSS would look like this:


    div.header div.logo {

                         width: 150px !important;

                         height:110% !important;



    This approach however doesn't work. At least not the overriding part. If I add the code to layout.css directly - which of course is only possible AFTER publishing and would have to be done manually every time after I published something - I get the desired result - the logo can be identified without using the Windows magnifier... ;-)


    So my question: Is it possible to tell Framemaker 2017 to add the additional two lines of CSS code to the layout.css file? Is the CSS file readily stored somewhere "in the bowels of Framemaker" or is it dynamically generated every time content is published? The other approach I could think of would be to use the overriding CSS and address it directly in the <head> portion of the index.htm file like this:


    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="responsive_html5_!OverrideStyle!/Styles.css">


    Of course I'm aware that this would have to be placed at the end of  the <head> portion to override all the other styles.

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    I have Framemaker 7, is there any way I can get it to work with Windows 10?

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    Hi Folks,


    Our doc group is considering whether to use structured Framemaker (Framemaker 2017) to create both PDF and HTML5 output. One of the requirements is to be able to generate HTML5 output as part of interim builds of our product software. This will ensure that each build contains the latest help, which will allow our QA team to review help changes periodically rather than having to wait until the product is almost ready for release. A Google search suggests that our build and release team might be able to generate the HTML5 output using the Dita Open Toolkit. According to the Dita Open Toolkit documentation:


    "The html5 transformation generates HTML5 output and a table of contents (TOC) file.

    The HTML5 output is always associated with the default DITA-OT CSS file (commonltr.css or commonrtl.css for right-to-left languages). You can use toolkit parameters to add a custom style sheet that overrides the default styles, or generate a nav element with a navigation TOC in topic pages.

    To run the HTML5 transformation, set the transtype parameter to html5."


    • Has anyone used the Dita Open Toolkit for this purpose?
    • The Open Toolkit documentation makes no reference to a search capability in the HTML5 output. Will we lose the search feature in our HTML5 output with this solution?
    • Are there other solutions that would allow us to output to HTML5 as part of software builds (and not lose the search option)?


    Thank you,


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  • 07/07/17--08:37: Table>Format missing
  • Why would the Table-Format menu option be missing from FrameMaker 2015

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    I am working on an XML application that uses the same element <graphic> for inline elements (for example icons in a paragraph) and general figures.


    I have two object styles:

    • inline: sets the "anchor position" to "insertion point"
    • figure: sets the "anchor position" to "Below current line"

    (I apologize if my property names are off; I'm actually using FrameMaker in Japanese, so I don't have the correct English names.)


    I want to have a context rule where, if the <graphic> element is a child of <para>, it's assigned the "inline" style. If it's a child of <figure>, it's assigned the "figure" style. My current EDD looks like the following:


    Initial graphic element format

    1.     If context is:para

    Insert imported graphic file.

    Anchored Frame Object Style:inline


    Insert imported graphic file.

    Anchored Frame Object Style:figure


    However, when I import my XML into FrameMaker, only the "else" clause takes; all <graphic> elements have an object style of "figure".

    When I change the Else to ElseIf and specify the context "figure", no object styles are applied to any <graphic> elements.


    So it seems that the context is not registering. But I'm pretty sure my context specifications are right. Below is the structured view:


    Any ideas?

    This doesn't seem like it should be too hard (paragraph formats all work correctly in their contexts).

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    FM 12.04.455 and Acrobat X 10.1.4 – untouched by human hand (or even corporate IT) for at least a year

    a .book referencing 10 .fm files and generating a ToC and a LoF



    Trying to generate a .pdf (Save as …) is failing, completely and uninformatively. A busy cursor in FM for a while, which then goes away; no sign of life from Distiller, no log file … Not just a network glitch, because this has now happened consistently, several times and across two working days


    extra info

    All the files in the .book can be saved to .pdf individually

    Other .book files can be saved to .pdf



    any ideas what's wrong?

    any tips on how to remedy the situation?


    thanks in advance!

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    Hello Everyone.


    I am Mechanical Customization Engineer. Currently i am developing automation tools for Mechanical designing software's using VB.NET.

    Now i have a requirement on FRAME MAKER for one of our client. The thing is i have a PDF (or MS Word) file which contains Pictures, Notes & Tables. I need to export just tables to Frame Maker and change the table styles that is the scope of the project. Please see the below image from this i need to copy just the tables

    and paste in Frame Maker.


    I am good in VB.NET(VB Scripting) so is it possible to do this process using VB. If not how best i can do this. When i went through the forum i saw that an FDK has to be downloaded. Can anybody please guide me on where should i start. I went through lot of discussions with in the forum but i am confused with the starting steps.


    With Regards


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    Hi all,


    I'd like to:

    1.   Delete text from my document that has a certain paragraph tag.

         There are some headings that appear as 'continued' on each page, with a para tag 'heading continued'. We're going digital and I just need 1 heading for each section. Is there any way to globally delete the 'heading continued' text from the document?


    2.   Delete empty para tags

         I have done a global find and replace of para tags using the Super Find Change (FrameMaker Super Find / Change Reloaded – TechComm Central by Adobe ) plugin. However, this tool doesn't seem to find and replace any empty para tags. There are lots of empty 'Body' tags in the docs, basically carriage returns used for formatting, that I want replaced with empty 'Body new' tags.


    I am using FrameMaker 12.


    Thanks in advance for any help,



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    In my version of FrameMaker 2017, in the Object Alignment Toolbar the icon for the Align Horizontal Center command is still wrong, even though I installed updates 1 and 2. It still looks like this:



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    My work group uses unstructured FM10 (and Acrobat Pro X) to do desktop publishing of new-business proposals and contract reports (i.e., technical books but not manuals) for a Large Aerospace Company[tm]. While our current software setup does everything we really need it to do, I'm wary of being so far behind the current version, so I'm recommending to my boss that we consider upgrading to TCS 2017 (we don't really need the other apps besides FM and Acrobat, but we do need a non-cloud version of Acrobat, and I'm given to understand TCS is the best way to get that). So my question is... what do I need to know before proceeding with this change? Are there any major landmines my group needs to be aware of? Specifically...


    • Will any of the cumulative UI changes since FM10 cause us serious cognitive dissonance?
    • Will we have any problem accessing/converting our large collection of legacy documents in FM10 and FM8 formats? (We don't need to back-save new docs, but we do need to be able to open/reuse old ones.)
    • Do any of you have recommendations for version-transition training? We're already pretty expert at doing what we do, and don't need basic FM training, but our expertise is all rooted in FM10 (or earlier), and we could use "What's New" training, if it's available.
    • Are there unknown unknowns I haven't thought to ask about?


    Thanks in advance for any advice you might have!

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    I use a lot of text insets - insert them into a single file and then getting them to xrefs takes several attempts and then ends up creating multiple xrefs which I would like to remove from the doc. Other than saving as a MIF and cleaning the duplicate tags out, what other options are available?

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  • 07/10/17--17:20: FrameMaker 2015 won't launch
  • I have Windows 7, and have been using FrameMaker 2015 as part of the Technical Communication Suite. It is the only application in the suite that I have installed. Suddenly, it will no longer launch and give a message "Unexpectedly Quit".

    I tried reinstally. No luck.

    Then I tried uninstalling before reinstalling. No luck.

    Then I tried uninstalling, reinstalling and restarting. Now the program starts okay.

    But after I downloaded and installed the update for 2015, FrameMaker again stopped working.


    After another uninstall/reinstall, it is working, but without the update.


    Is there a fix for this so that I can run it with the update installed?

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  • 07/11/17--01:28: Localisation problem
  • Friends and experts,

    On my English Win7-x64 with FrameMaker (en) I have this very simple script, which I also tested on the machine of my wife (Win7-x32, German) with the German version of FM

    /* ETBtest.jsx   To be placed in Startup folder of user area */
    #target framemaker
    alert ("Testing $.locale= " + $.locale);
    var gsETBtest_title = { en: "Testing a jsx script in %apdata%\...\FrameMaker\vv\Startup [ETB]",
                            de: "Test eines jsx scripts in %apdata%\...\FrameMaker\vv\Startup[ETB]"                      };
    var gsETBtest_msg   = { en: "Befor You test your own script, rename this script to ETBtest-ori.jsx"                          + "\n• Name Your script ETBtest.jsx"                          + "\n• You can now invoke it from the ETB tool-bar Extra (last icon)."                          + "\n\nAfter your tests please rename ETBtest-ori.jsx back to ETBtest.jsx",                        de: "Vor dem test Ihres scripts bitte dieses script auf ETBtest-ori.jsx umbenennen"                          + "\n• Benennen Sie ihr script ETBtest.jsx"                          + "\n• Nun kann ihr script von der ETB tool-bar Extra (letztes icon) aufgerufen werden."                          + "\n\nNach den tests bitte ETBtest-ori.jsx zurück benennen auf ETBtest.jsx"                      };
    var gsETBtest_NoDoc = { en: "No book or document active",                        de: "Kein buch oder dokument aktiv"                      };
    SetUpMenu();                                      // out-comment for debugging
    function SetUpMenu() { // =========================================================================
    // This function MUST NOT be named DefineMenu - because this is a reserved function!
    // Errors in ESTK: Menu position can not be changed - see bug report FRMAKER-2752
    // No menu is defined here - it is set up in customui.cfg / menus.cfg
      var cmdDoc = DefineCommand (1, "ETBtest", "Test a script [ETB]", "");  UpdateMenus();
    } // --- end SetUpMenu
    function Command(cmd) { // ========================================================================
        switch(cmd)  {                                    // Respond to menu command.        case 1:      WhatIsToDo();      break;    }
    } // --- end Command
    function WhatIsToDo () { // === This is what the test script will do ===============================
      alert (localize(gsETBtest_msg), localize(gsETBtest_title));  return;

    On my English system/FM the alert reports

      Script Alert  Testing $.locale= 2

    and the invoked script (by button) reports the en message from the gsETBtest_msg object.


    On the German system/FM the alert reports

      Script Fehler  Testing $.locale= 3

    and the invoked script (by button) reports the en message from the gsETBtest_msg object.


    I get the German 'reaction' of the script only if I insert on the top of the script - which of course is not very useful for a bi-lingual script:

      $.locale = "de";


    What goes wrong here?

    The method is described in JavaScript Tools Guide of CS5.


    By the way: changing the order of the string declarations (have de first, en second) has no effect on both systems.

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    we are working with FM11 on a teplate refreshing.

    now there are existing dokuments with a exiting template, this template has many exiting elements on the referece page.

    in the new templates referece page this elements were deleted, and others added.

    taking now a exiting dokument and importing the new template, will add the new elements but unfortunatly not deleting the unwanted elements.


    is there a function, skript or comand to get ride of exiting unwanted elemens?

    or how is ths to solve?


    best regards


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    we have in a document a table witout lines.

    we use a atribut cold "ohneLineatur" in the edd & RW-ruls and a table format whitout lines in the template.

    when exporting in to xml, the atribut "ohneLineatur" is there.

    importing it back into framemaker, the table has lines.


    where are they coming from?


    thanks for any hint.


    best regards


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  • 07/11/17--08:02: Framemaker chrashes
  • hi,

    we have to put our new template on to a exiting book.

    if we select the highest level and load the template, framemaker crashes instantly.

    if we select the lowest level module and load the template, framemaker crashes instantly.

    if we open the lowest level module and then load the template, we can save it, while closing it framemaker crashes.


    we use windows 10 version 1607

    and framemaker11


    any idea?


    best regards


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    I am trying to vertically align multiple lines of text in numbered lists in the html file (publishing to Responsive HTML5). The alignment looks good for numbered lists beginning with 1-9, but the alignment is off for numbered lists that begin with double digits, 10 and above. In this image, you can see that the vertical alignment looks good for the single digit. The "C" and the "n" line up well.


    However for the double-digit, the continued lines outdent a bit:




    When I adjust the text-indent for the numbered list class to try to fix the alignment for the double digit text, it messes up the alignment for the single digit text.


    Has anyone encountered this?

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    I'm taking my first, cautious steps into the world of Responsive HTML5.


    The default output actually looks pretty good.


    The problem is that it seems to be bringing in some weird, unrelated headers from somewhere that appears to be buried deep in the output template FM files.



    Below, I searched for "control" and got a result:

    The weirdness is that title "Preventing Vehicle Rollover". Nowhere in the book that I used to generate this output is that title used. We have used that title before, in other documentation, but not here--it's not in the XML or the map files used to create the book.


    Out of curiosity, I opened the chapter output templates in Notepad++, and I found the title in a few different places, like this:

    and this:

    At one point, I tried using a "clean" chapter output template and the search titles came out as "Safety":


    Where are these bad titles coming from, and how do I get my HTML5 output to use the correct titles; those being "153 - Hydraulics - etc."?

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    Hi :-)


    I've searched through the messages but none seem to apply. I'm using FrameMaker 9.0p255 and FrameScript 6.0R1p70 on Windows 10.


    I have three scripts that were provided to me. Two of the scripts are working fine, but the third script freezes Frame 9. This script does three things: it converts the .fm files in a folder to .mif, it preprocesses TopicAlias and TokenAlias markers for preparation for DITA conversion, and it creates a file that lists all text variables in the book. The file was working fine yesterday afternoon (and has been working since I first installed FrameScript in February).


    I've deactivated and re-activated FrameScript. I've verified that all updates have been installed. I've disconnected and reconnected to the network. My last restore point is from July 5. I don't know what else to check, and I don't know why this specific file suddenly stopped working.


    (One of my teammates is having the exact same issue. The only difference is that he installed his own licensed version of FrameScript yesterday. He was also able to run the script yesterday but not today.)


    I appreciate any help :-) Thank you!


    Char James-Tanny

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