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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    Hi Frame developers,


    when I enter Japanese text in structured FrameMaker, I see the intermediate KANA text (dotted line below typed characters) and pressing SPACE converts it to KANJI. (I do not know Japanese but that's what it seem to happen). Whenever the cursor moves or the user does some input, my C-API plugin handles its FDK events and accesses the text and selection. But that harms that intermediate KANA text and I see strange things happening like splitting the current XML element in two parts or converts the KANA text in a wrong way.


    Can I check, if there is currently intermediate KANA text at the current location? In that case I'd like try to disable my functions and re-enable them when KANJI conversion has finished.


    Any ideas?



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    Afternoon, smart people!


    Finally finished my doc and get my TOC right where I want it but got a request to add my chapter/section numbers before my entries.


    I have:

    Chapter 1 - General Information


         System Overview




    I need:

    1.0 Chapter 1 - General Information

         1.1 Introduction

         1.2 System Overview

              1.2.1 Hardware

              1.2.2 Software


    I tinkered around with the Numbering tab in my Paragraph Designer and tried to use the Building Blocks, but I can't get it quite right. Help a writer from her brain exploding and it's 10 points for you!


    Thanks, friends.


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    When I create a TOC file and import the table of contents in the opening chapter, the chapter numbers start on 4. I can't figure out whats happening...




    Table of Contents (Opening Chapter)

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    I can't see any markers in FrameMaker 11. This first happened last week and I restarted my computer and the markers reappeared. But it happened again yesterday and restarting did not fix the problem. It's set to show Text Symbols and I've opened multiple documents so it's not related to one file. Any ideas?

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    I have multiple existing tables and want to adjust ruling widths.

    I can't seem to do it by applying a table tag.

    Is there a reasonable approach? Do I have to delve into scripting to do this?


    PS - the 'custom rules' interface seems to have some issues...

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    I have chapters numbered 100, 200, etc.

    I need page numbers as 101, 102, then 201, 202, etc. per chapter.

    how would I code that in the footer?




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  • 06/28/17--12:45: Framemaker HTML5 Output
  • Framemaker is setting the CSS styling of equations in my documents in a way that causes them to be displayed wrong.  I have equations in my document and when I create the HTML5 output many equations display over other elements.  I have looked into this and found that they elements are being given a negative margin.  Once this margin is removed they display correctly.  Is there anything that I can do about this in Framemaker?

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    I am trying to break my unstructured book file up into html5, and would like to have nested headers, help file style



    Chapter Title

         Heading 2

         Heading 2

              Heading 3


    I read some postings from previous versions that say you have to adjust paragraph styles in the source file. This seems like an odd way of going about it. As this is a mutlchannel book (it's published in print form as well), I'd rather not go messing with the template or creating conditional text across all 1,000 plus pages.


    Is there a anything in the publish settings that can do this?



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    I've been fighting with this for several days and just cannot get the results I need.


    The situation: I work in technical/how-to documentation. Several older documents use a font-face to represent mouse and keyboard actions. Since it's a font, it's not accessible. In an effort to make accessible documentation, we are trying to convert the font characters to text variables. The text variables exist in the document, so it's simply a matter of finding the characters to be replaced and replacing them with the appropriate variable. Some of our documents are over 100 pages, so replacing the characters manually would be frustrating.


    Current State of Solution: I have created a script that looks through a document, then inserts the text value of the variable in the text, but for some reason, I can't figure out how to make it insert the variable object itself. I've taken scripts from around these forums and modified them to work in my situation, so here are the functions that I'm working with:


    Find and Replace function

    function FindAndReplaceEdufont(docum, flow, findString, replaceVarName) {    var tr = new TextRange();    var restoreTR, frame = 0;    var loopCounter = 0, replacementCounter = 0;    var findParams = new PropVals();    //if the flow object is not valid, assume the main flow    if(docum.ObjectValid() && !flow.ObjectValid()){        flow = docum.MainFlowInDoc;    }    //get the first text frame in the flow, a starting point to    //find the first paragraph    if(flow.ObjectValid()){        frame = flow.FirstTextFrameInFlow;    }    //At this point, if we don't have a frame object, might as well abort.    if(!frame.ObjectValid()){        Alert("Could not find a starting point for the search. Cannot continue." , Constants.FF_ALERT_CONTINUE_WARN);        return replacementCounter;    }    //store the original text selection as an amenity to restore after the action.    restoreTR = docum.TextSelection;       //now, set up the starting text range as the very beginning    //of the flow. We'll move straight from beginning to end.    tr.beg.obj = tr.end.obj = frame.FirstPgf;    tr.beg.offset = tr.end.offset = 0;       //set up our find parameters. We want to configure it to look    //for a string and perhaps be case sensitive. We don't need    //the find to wrap because we are controlling the flow from    //beginning to end.    findParams = AllocatePropVals(2);       findParams[0].propIdent.num = Constants.FS_FindText;    findParams[0].propVal.valType = Constants.FT_String;    findParams[0].propVal.sval = findString;       findParams[1].propIdent.num = Constants.FS_FindCustomizationFlags;    findParams[1].propVal.valType = Constants.FT_Integer;    findParams[1].propVal.ival = 0;       //initialize the errno global, which will be used to    //track the progress of the find and replace    FA_errno = Constants.FE_Success;       //and do an initial find to get started.    tr = docum.Find(tr.beg, findParams);       //now, run the find and replace loop as long as we keep finding things.    //The loop counter is just an emergency back door in case something    //goes critically wrong and causes an endless loop.    while(FA_errno === Constants.FE_Success && loopCounter++ < 1000){        //set up the text range to clear the original text        docum.TextSelection = tr;        //clear it        docum.Clear(0);        // insert the variable at the found        addVariable(docum, tr, 0, Constants.FO_Var, replaceVarName);              /* Old code that replaced found text with text        //insert the new text. We should be able to use the        //original beginning of the text range where the old text was        //found.        docum.AddText(tr.beg, replaceVarName);        ////// This is where I should create the variable.        //now, lets jimmy the text range in memory to place it directly        //after the string we just inserted, so the find picks back up after that.        tr.beg.offset += replaceVarName.length;        */        //increment our return counter        if(FA_errno === Constants.FE_Success){            replacementCounter++;        }               //...and find the next instance. We'll reset FA_errno again just in case        //something screwy happened while we were replacing text.        FA_errno = Constants.FE_Success;        tr = docum.Find(tr.beg, findParams);    }    //we're done. Restore the document to it's original area of display    docum.TextSelection = restoreTR;    docum.ScrollToText(restoreTR);    return replacementCounter;


    Add Variable function:

    function addVariable(doc, tr, offset, type, format) {    // Use Create Variable function like this: createVariable(doc, pgf, 0, Constants.FO_Var, "Current Date (Long)", "Index");    var tl, textVar;    tl = new TextLoc(tr, offset);    //Get the variable object by name    textVar = GetNamedVarFmt(format);       //Insert into variable    doc.addText(variable, tl);       //Return something because... #whynot?    return 1;    //textVar = doc.NewAnchoredFormattedObject(type, format, tl);    //textVar = doc.NewAnchoredFormattedVar(format, tl);    


    The characters to be replaced are in an array like this:

    var find_me = [["char-to-find","var-name-for-replace"],["char-to-find","var-name-for-replace"]];


    The function is called via a loop that sends "char-to-find" and "var-name-for-replace" to FindAndReplaceEdufont like this:

    // Setup Document Variables
    var currentDocument = app.ActiveDoc;
    var mainTextFlow = app.ActiveDoc.MainFlowInDoc;
    // Find all old edufont characters and replace them with the variables
    for (i = 0; i < find_me.length; i+=1) {    FindAndReplaceEdufont(currentDocument,  mainTextFlow, find_me[i][0], find_me[i][1]);


    Like I mentioned, it currently replaces the character with the text inside the variable, not with an instance of the variable itself. I've tried using NewAnchoredFormattedObject() and NewAnchoredFormattedVar() and they both had the same results (commented out in the above code).


    So... what am I doing wrong? I can't seem to crack this nut at all...


    Any help would be very much appreciated!



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    This has been a restricted number for a very long time in FrameMaker, and the rest of the Windows world has left this number long ago. Is Adobe ever going to increase this value?

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    In FM 15, the path to the file was listed below the ditamap display when a file was selected. I don't have that with FM 17. How do I get it back?

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    I recently had to reinstall FrameMaker 11 on a new computer. Now, when I reach the bottom of a document, new pages are not automatically added. What am I doing wrong? Can find anything in Help topics on this.


    Also, the user manual has disappeared from the Help menu. What happened to it?

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    Help! I need to get to 12.0.3 to be able to use SharePoint 2013 with FrameMaker 12, but here's what I'm getting:



    The error log has this:

    Adobe FrameMaker 12.0.3 Update

    Installation failed. Error Code: U44M2P7


    Support options aren't apparent. What's the next step here?

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    Two updates to FM 2017 have been released.  The Help/Updates is not available for some of my team, while a few have been able to get the updates.  What needs to be done so all can get the updates? 



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  • 06/30/17--15:03: Footnote numbers and periods
  • How can I line up the periods for the footnote numbers so the footnote text is lined up when the note goes from one to two to three numbers?

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  • 07/03/17--01:24: Illustrated Parts Catalogue
  • Hi Guys

    Maybe someone can assist. I have to create an illustrated parts catalogue in framemaker. Its is quite big with more than 5 000 parts and 200 illustrations.Is there any way to create such a document by inporting an Excel spreadsheet?

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  • 07/03/17--11:48: EPUB content out of order
  • Anyone seeing EPUB files with content out of chronological order?


    Also, the TOC is only showing 10% of topics.


    Since this is the 3rd edition of this EPUB (My Fm reference book!!!!) I'm tempted to blame this one on Fm 2017 processing.


    There's a free copy of the FrameMaker - Working with Content EPUB ($25 value) to the first person to solve either of these issues!



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    This is a tear-my-hair-out kind of day. I spent all last week copying and pasting content into FrameMaker from a PDF. I didn't have to Paste Special. Just got it all in and then applied my paragraph tags. When that document was perfect, I tried to import the format into a new document--none of the format "took."


    So, I made a copy of the entire folder and then deleted all the content and saved this book as my template. Now I'm trying to copy from a new doc and paste it in. But every time I do, it pastes as "Body" and retains the style from the source doc. I apply my style but the very next time I paste something in, I have to do the same thing.


    Basically, my paragraph styles are not stable. Every time I try to apply them, I have to delete tab stops, update fonts, and so on and Update Style.


    I know this is verboten but am I better off just taking my totally complete document and deleting/copying/pasting as I go?


    On top of this, FrameMaker has crashed no fewer than 6 times.


    Sorry this is so convoluted but my brain is positively fried.




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    I have FrameMaker 11 on Win10. The index marker "T" symbols no longer show in my documents. View Text Symbols only toggles the paragraph symbols on and off. The index markers used to display but now they don't. Any ideas?

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