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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    Running FrameMaker2017 on a Win 7 Service Pack 1 Desktop PC, I tried Publishing for Mobile Document (Android) Output - FM2017 fails when generating Mobile app output and uploading it to the Phone Gap Build server (my Phone Gap Build account is validated); I reported this issue to Adobe Technical Support, who tested the Publish to Mobile app feature on THEIR system and got the same result; I am awaiting their response.

    As an alternative, I ran FM2017 on a Win 10 Enterprise laptop & tried generating Mobile app output of Adobes included sample Personal Spaceship book for Android. Responsive HTML5 output was perfect, but again, FM2017 runs remarkably slowly without fully generating Mobile app output and uploading it to the Phone Gap Build Server. I also tried running FM2015 on a Win 10 Enterprise laptop & publishing the same project to Mobile App output, which caused FM2015 to crash twice. (The Distiller version is Acrobat Distiller XI Professional Version 11.0.2017.)

    Has anyone else run into this? Thank You for any comments and suggestions.

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    I'm evaluating Framemaker 2017 and I can;t figure out why the print button is not showing up on the responsive html 5 output.


    The print button is not in the Responsive HTML 5 output when I'm on a desktop. I have tried using chrome,IE and edge. I have a couple of chapter files based on the User guide template and also a couple of basic custom documents. I have tried several out of the box themes.


    Do I need to add something to the chapter documents to make the print button appear or I'm a missing something else?




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  • 07/16/17--19:27: Install FrameMaker 12
  • Hello,


    I have FrameMaker 12 installed on an old and I need to transfer it to another newer computer. I have the license but I don't have the FrameMaker 12 installation files. The software was purchased online and downloaded. How do I go about getting FrameMaker 12 on my other computer?


    Thank you.



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    Lately FM12 has started losing Ctrl key and only quitting and restarting FM cures it. Other apps remain normal with respect to keystrokes. I've changed the keyboard batteries but have no other ideas.

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    I am updating a medium-sized document. I need to correct the size of a drawing placed on a graphic. After changing about 10 instances, FrameMaker locks up. It shows garbage characters and locks. Sometimes I'm able to save my updates before I end the task, sometimes not. Due to this happening, I've frequently been saving, but saving the document does not prevent the locking.


    A similar issue had been happening in Frame 2015 and the previous level. I had hoped that it had gotten fixed - but maybe it hadn't been reported?

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    Changed a template for a book and now it takes FOREVER to create a PDF. I checked the PDF settings - no bookmarks are created apart from the main elements, no tagged PDF is created. Still, I can see that FM is creating an almost 2 GByte tps file for a book that is just over 5 MBytes, and taking an enormous amount of time to do it. Another version of the same book was done in seconds.


    What am I missing here ? What should I look for in what part of the document settings ?


    Thanks for any useful pointers

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    Me again, with another question about HTML5 output, mostly unrelated to my question about strange headers, hence the new post.


    By exporting our HTML5 directly from our ditamap, we were able to circumvent the header problem (where the chapter output template would grab a weird header and then use it as a title for every section of the HTML5 output). Since it gives us the option to apply a ditaval in the publish panel, I figure this is an intended workflow.


    Now with graphics, however, the publish operation does not convert our .ai files to .png. It keeps the path to our original .ai files and they don't display.


    Why won't it convert the graphics? Any way to get it to do so? Do I have to use svg graphics if I want to keep using vector formats for my graphics so they'll work in browsers? I see that there is an "SVG to raster" option in the settings, but I'm not using SVG in the first place.

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    I am an experienced FDK programmer. How can I get an FDK client to run an extendscript? The FDK Reference or the Programming Guild make no mention of this.

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    When i opened the help system, the navigation panel looked good but the content page looked small. I went to the font settings and switched to Largest, BUT all the text on the screen became smaller, around 6pt. I switched to Larger, Medium, etc, the font was much smaller. How can i make the font bigger? I hate to read small text.


    Is this help system generated through FrameMaker? If yes, i am very very disappointed with FrameMaker.

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    Es kommt immer die Fehlermeldung dass es sich hierbei um keine Originalsoftware handelt

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  • 07/18/17--08:46: licensing FrameMaker 13
  • I have a license for FM 2017 (v14) license. I need to use FM 2015 (v13). How?

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  • 07/18/17--14:57: HTML/XML escaped characters
  • Is there a known way for Frame to handle HTML/XML character references ('>' and that sort of escape sequence)?

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    Hi Guys,

    I have a book that is set to A4 pages using FM 2014. I need to insert two A3 figures at the end of the document. I know how to do this in FM 7.1 but I am treed with 2014 as I cannot see the catalogues to make an A3 reference (?) page and separate document holding the figures. Ideally, I would like to have both the A3 and A4 pages in the one document but so far all I can do is change ALL pages to A3 portrait. Frustrating? you bet.

    Any help would be great.



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    I made a book in FrameMaker 11. Just 20 pages. Only 5 files in in.


    Can I convert this book to RST, somehow? We have a platform that only supports RST.


    Converting from PDF may be another option, but that will need much manual work, I guess.





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    Dear Experts.


    I am having a document file which contains a word file (IMPORTED). The File is having a lot of Tables inside it. What i am trying to do is i want to change the FONT and TEXT SIZE of content inside the TABLE. Please see the below  Code what i have written so far. Since i am new to FM Scripting i am facing few issues in my code. Please guide me to solve this issue.


    #target framemaker 


    main ();


    function main () {


        var doc = app.ActiveDoc;

        if (doc.ObjectValid () === 1) {

            processDoc (doc);


        else {

            alert ("There is no active doc.");




    function processDoc (doc) {


        var tbl = doc.FirstTblInDoc;

        while (tbl.ObjectValid () ) {


           var text = tbl.GetText(Constants.FTI_String) ;

           var text1 = new TextRange() ;


           text1.beg.obj = text1.end.obj = text ;



            tbl = tbl.NextTblInDoc;

            doc.Redisplay ();



    applyFontToTbl(text_range, "Calibri");



    function applyFontToTbl(text_range, fontName)




         var fontFamilyNames = app.FontFamilyNames;

        for(var i = 0; i < fontFamilyNames.length; i++)


            if(fontFamilyNames[i] == fontName) break;


        if(i == fontFamilyNames.length)


            alert("Could not find the specified font, " + fontName);



        props = AllocatePropVals(1);

        props[0].propIdent.num = Constants.FP_FontFamily;

        props[0].propVal.valType = Constants.FT_Integer;

        props[0].propVal.ival = i;   



    With RegardsAghil.M

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    I have a set of documents in fm created in version 2015 by various authors.

    I will be updating them in Framemaker version 2017.


    Will there be compatibility/output issues when generating a PDF?


    Any suggestions if I should go with Framemaker 2017 or install Framemaker 2015 to update the sources?

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    I‘ve just switched from FM2015 to FM2017 and I work with DITA.

    Since I‘m using FM2017 I’ve got problems with inserting graphics.


    To insert graphics I proceed as follows:

    • inserting <image>  --> the window insert element opens
    • choosing a graphic (HRef) in the file system
    • inserting the graphic in its original resolution      

    It‘s the same way as I did in FM2015.

    In FM2015 the graphics always were inserted in their original size.

    In FM2017 the result is as follows:         

    • The graphics are inserted in their original size          
    • When I save and close the topic and open it again, the graphic is scaled to the width of the type area

    What’s wrong?

    Is there any default setting which scales graphics always to the width of the type area?

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    We have been creating documents under Dita 1.2 in FrameMaker and running ant to convert them to html files to create webhelp. I want to update to dita 1.3 as I want to use ResponsiveHTML5 help. But when I generate the help, any topics created with the Dita 1.3 setting in FrameMaker do not appear in my help output.

    What am I missing?

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  • 07/20/17--10:17: Publish Search Settings
  • Hello, I've gotten my responsive HTML output just about how how need it, but when I go to search, the results display the file name (no extension), not the topic name. Is there somewhere in the settings that I can tell it to display <$paratext>?


    Using nonstructured FM 2017


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    I think it might have to do with having conditional text with the variable hidden, the variable definition changed, and then the conditional text exposed. Even if I run Update References, the variables can remain unchanged. In such cases, I have to go through the document and manually update the problem variables. This runs counter to the usefulness of variables, of course, especially if you have a lot of them. Any ideas/suggestions?



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