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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    I generate the HTML5 output in File > Publish with no errors or warnings, but when trying to view the output, only empty content panes appear with a "thinking" wheel that spins indefinitely.


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    I am stuck on a student question...


    Her client wants to add letters to the running heads to indicate chapter subjects. For example, Chapter 1 might be on Safety, so page numbers should be S–1, S–2, S–3. There is nothing to grab from the page, but easy enough with user variables. Chapter 2 might be on Transportation, so page numbers should be T–1, T–2, T–3.


    But then she wants that same numbering in the TOC, and I'm hitting a wall. What am I missing?



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    I am using Framemaker 2017 working with unstructured Frame documents built in Framemaker 2015.  The documents use anchored frames to contain images from a PPT file that are paste as Linked Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Objects.  When this is done in Frame 2015 the PPT slide including the text all stay in the anchored frame.  When I try the paste special> paste as Linked Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Object the text from the slide looks like it has escaped the frame, while the background image is in the frame.  When I move the slide and resize it inside the frame I can get everything inside the frame to look correct.  Is there a way to have the paste as link resize the image so it fits in the frame?


    PP-PTR-4-25-2017-3.25.05 PM.png


    I have tried saving the slides as .png files and inserting the image, but I have to manually resize each image to get it to fit in the frame.




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  • 05/17/17--18:35: write permission
  • FM Folks:


    Downloaded a trial of FM 10, loaded old 7.2 files. FM 10 read them perfectly, but, when I tried to save the file, an error message popped up that said I didn't have 'write permission" to lock or write to these files.

    How do I get permission?

    Is this a Windows, not an Adobe issue?

    Does the trial version only allow creating of new files, but not editing of others?

    Am running Windows 7 and using a downloaded trial version of FM 10.

    Two days down on my thirty, and I can't save the files in the new format.

    Darn, darn, darn.


    ~Don Spencer

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    Can anyone share the new function names for adding a new menu ... and if possible, the name of the View menu.





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    Moving callouts around is slow. How can I speed this up? I am used to graphic software.

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    I downloaded a free trial of FrameMaker 17 but now I need to open everything I worked on back to our original FrameMaker 11 version since we are not purchasing just yet. I tried to open the updated document in FrameMaker 11 but it says "it can't be opened with this release of the product."

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  • 04/27/17--11:39: Extract Index Markers
  • In Framemaker, can the product keyword that is stored in an index marker be extracted with an association to the models or parts# it references?

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    This behaviour is completely new to me... I have a book and its twenty chapters open in Framemaker.

    Do a Find (ctrl+f) for a string. Each time I get a hit, I press <shift-f7> to jump into the text and make corrections.

    Then I click 'find' again.


    If no more instances of the string are found in the current document, Frame is now *closing* the document (prompting to save changes if any were made) when it goes to the next doc in the book.


    Have I somehow flipped an option that controls this behaviour, or is this actually broken?



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    Hilfedateien sind nicht zugänglich. Ich bekomme immer eine Fehlermeldung bei diesem Link:

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    I have an XML file, which I want to generate a Framemaker (tried with both 11 and 2017) document out of it. The following extract shows only the issue-related part:


    XML-File (CrossReferenceExample.xml):

    <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>

    <!DOCTYPE Root [

    <!ELEMENT Root (Section)>

    <!ELEMENT Section (Paragraph*)>

    <!ELEMENT Paragraph ANY>







    <!ATTLIST HRef sourcefile CDATA #IMPLIED>




        <Paragraph>Hello <XRef type="Cross-Ref" text="world-link"/>world.</Paragraph>

        <Paragraph>Here is the link: <HRef format="Page" refid="world-link"/></Paragraph>




    Read/write rules (
    element "HRef" {

          is fm cross-reference element;

          attribute "refid" is fm property cross-reference id;


    element "XRef" {

        is fm marker element;

        marker text is attribute;



    Application definition:
    Application name:    create_reference_example

    Read/write rules:


    Import procedure:

    File -> Open:  CrossReferenceExample.xml

    Use Structured Application: create_reference_example -> ok

    => Alert CrossReferenceExample.xml contains unresolved cross-references. ... -> OK

    File opens, XRef seems to be fine, but:


    HRef shows "<WHITESPACE>", where as "page 1" would be expected, because the format was selected as "Page".

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    I have got the Trial version of Framemaker 2017 and wanted to open a MIF file someone sent me but I keep getting the convert window up and when I click OK I get a message telling me it is impossible to open the file. Have tried another MIF file and the same thing. I thought this program opened MIF files?

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    I'm using unstructured FrameMaker 2015.  Some of the documents in the book I'm working with contain Mini TOCs.  The Mini TOC in one document is not updating when I add or delete sections in the document.  The sections changes update accurately in the Main TOC.  In the Update Book dialog box, the Mini TOC check box is selected.  Any ideas how to fix this problem?

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    I am trying to print a framemaker document to a postscript format.  We used to use version 7.1, and now are at version 13.  Many of our framemaker files have an include statement which was supposed to reference postscript code produced by a different program that was inserted into the document.  This is the following code in the framemaker file:

    /showpage {} def

    #include "s:/DIRECTORY/SUB_DIR/FILE.cps"



    Our previous version of framemaker used to insert the actual code from the 'FILE.cps' into the printed document but now this no longer happens.  I have opened up the old and new versions of the output postscript format documents in text windows and seen that this is the case.  This leads to distilling errors when converting to a PDF because the #include statement seems to not be supported by that (even though #include command isn't even supposed to be in the (PS) document.

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    I am experiencing 2 issues.


    1. The "Next" and "Previous" buttons don't always work right. Sometimes it skips a topic or they don't appear at all.


    2. The page I am on should be highlighted on the left panel but often, the very first page is highlighted instead.


    Anyone else experience any of this?





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    I'm creating a directory-type document in 6 languages, that has multiple sections. The headers of each section need to display the section title in all 6 languages, so I've created 6 Running H/F variables that pick up the section title in each language, on the first body page of each section. However, I don't really want the 6 different language versions to appear in the main text of the document, I only want those text values to be picked up by the Running h/f variables and displayed in the page headers.


    My work around at the moment is to make the section titles on the body pages tiny and white (2 point text on 2 point line space, font colour white) so that they are not visible in the printed output, but are still visible to the Running H/F variables, but this creates a large space on the first page of each section where these 6 "invisible" lines of text appear.


    Does anyone know of a smarter way of doing this please?

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    I've created docs in  FrameMaker 2015 that developers want to export into Sphinx. Is that possible, and if so what is the best way to do that?




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    I have a set of steps that I am referencing via conref.  In the source document there are no <data></data> tags.

    But every time I conref to the source document the results inserts those tags, the xml line in my resulting file (not the source file) looks something like this:

    <taskbody><steps conref="blahblahSourceMaterial"><data></data></steps></taskbody>


    This always creates a validation error that the data tags are empty, but I can't find anywhere that indicates they're required when using a conref -- this seems to only happen when I conref the Steps element. I seem to be able to delete these tags in the destination file and it works fine, but it's frustrating to do this.  Is this a bug, or am I missing some knowledge here about how to appropriately conref steps?


    Additional note, the <data></data> tags also never display when View > Element Boundaries (as Tags) is set in the WYSIWYG view.

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    Good Morning, Everyone,


    I'm experiencing a little trouble trying to come up with a solution for a small conditional logo  that must be placed in the headers for half of my printed manuals. For specific products that my company sells, certain emission standards must be met. These are represented by a mandated logo that must appear on each page of printed manuals.


    That brings me to the current challenge. I can't use anchored frames (which can be conditionalized) in headers and footers. Does anyone know of a work-around that might work?




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  • 05/23/17--08:57: Conversion fichier .fm
  • Bonjour,


    Nous souhaitons pouvoir convertir les données FrameMaker en données Word, le format RTF 1.6 permet d'avoir un fichier que l'on peut ouvrir sous word.


    Cependant lors de la conversion on perd pas mal de contenu comme les hyperliens et la mise en page aussi est dégradé.


    Est ce qu'il y aurait une solution pour conserver les informations de mise en page ou de pouvoir exporter dans un autre format en vue de pouvoir l'ouvrir ensuite avec Word ?




    Théo GRASSET


    Ingénieur Stagiaire REEL

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