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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    I'm converting legacy docs to DITA. The conversion process is failing when there are multiple flows in a document. Even though I tried to set all the flows to the same flow using the menus in Framemaker, during the conversion process some rogues flows turn up. Many of the flows are often quite tricky to find.


    Is there a script to set any all flows in a document to the same flow?





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    I have several files where I need to find/cange the same text . It is possible to find/change text in several files at the same time in Adobe Framemaker? Many Thanks


    Message was edited by: JSM (Discussion successfully moved from Community Events to Adobe FrameMaker)

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    Is there a way of converting autonumbering to manual numbering in FM 2017?

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    In unstructured Framemaker 12, when we select all of the documents in a specific book, they used to all open as tabs of the same Window. Most of the are now opening in individual windows apart from the last five or six which appear as tabs in a single window.


    Nothing was changed in the book document or the files themselves. And this only occurs with one book.


    Any thoughts?

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    Everytime I try to create my PDF file the TOC appears within an other section buut I want it as a first level bookmark and my LOF and LOT as second level within the TOC


    Thank you

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    Dear all,

    Having discovered that in FM-14 the multi-code commands do not work correctly, I thought to bypass this flaw by a script. However, also this is not working correctly. With the change that the view properties are no more document settings, but session settings, things might have been mixed up. oDoc.ViewOption (e.g. oDoc.ViewBorders) seem to be read-only now (until FM-13 they were read/write). Hence I need to check and then toggle:


    // test ETBSubstituteLostCommands.jsx
    #target framemaker
    // With View > Options set Grid lines, Borders, Text Symbols, Rulers and Graphics to ON
    var   oDoc = app.ActiveDoc;
    Console ("Initial setup:\t"   + oDoc.ViewBorders + " " + oDoc.ViewTextSymbols + " "                              + oDoc.ViewRulers  + " " + oDoc.ViewGrid + " "  + oDoc.ViewNoGraphics);
    SetAllOff ();
    Console ("SetAllOff:\t\t" + oDoc.ViewBorders + " " + oDoc.ViewTextSymbols + " "
                                  + oDoc.ViewRulers  + " " + oDoc.ViewGrid + " "  + oDoc.ViewNoGraphics);
    // result Initial setup:    1 1 1 1 0
    //        SetAllOff:        1 1 0 0 1  Borders and text symbols not cleared!
    function SetAllOff () {
    var oDoc,
        cmd1 = app.GetNamedCommand ("ViewBorders"),       // these are all toggles    cmd2 = app.GetNamedCommand ("ViewTextSymbols"),    cmd3 = app.GetNamedCommand ("ViewRulers"),    cmd4 = app.GetNamedCommand ("ViewGridLines"),    cmd5 = app.GetNamedCommand ("ToggleGraphicsDisplay");  if (!app.ActiveDoc.ObjectValid()) {    alert (localize (gsMsgNoDoc));    return;  }  oDoc = app.ActiveDoc;  if (Doc.ViewBorders == 1) {    Fcodes ([cmd1.Fcode]);                        // => set Borders      OFF  }     if (Doc.ViewTextSymbols == 1) {    Fcodes ([cmd2.Fcode]);                        // => set Textsymbols  OFF  }  if (oDoc.ViewRulers == 1) {    Fcodes ([cmd3.Fcode]);                        // => set Rulers       OFF  }  if (oDoc.ViewGrid == 1) {    Fcodes ([cmd4.Fcode]);                        // => set Gridlines    OFF  }  if (oDoc.ViewNoGraphics == 0) {    Fcodes ([cmd5.Fcode]);                        // => set Graphics     OFF  }  return;
    } // --- end SetAllOff


    I have reported this as bug FRMAKER-2807


    If this is not a bug, but a programming error of mine - please give me a hint!

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    I received a set of files from a coworker who is using Framemaker 12, but I am unable to open these files using my version of Framemaker 12.  We are both on Windows machines and both using FM 12. 


    Although appears to be a FrameMaker document, it can't be opened with this release of the product. 


    There are no updates available to FM 12 that have not already been installed.


    Any ideas why I can't open these files?

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    Hello! I searched this forum for a while, so sorry if this has been asked before. If I'm using FrameMaker 2017, do I need Robohelp to generate Context Sensitive Help (CSH)?



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    I'm in Fm2017, and using an EDD to apply a prefix "Note:" before note elements. When I apply this to my main .fm file some notes show up correctly, and others have the prefix "note:" without the initial capital.


    I've searched the EDD and can't find any references to "note:". I've also checked the paragraph formatting, and there's no auto numbering applied.


    Any ideas?

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    Monthly payments under a 1 year plan seem to be the only subscription option.  How can I subscribe and just pay once a year?

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    I'm generating responsive HTML5 from a DITA XML source and am experiencing a bug:

    -Files that I imported into my ditamap from a different folder are not showing up in my HTML5 output.


    Would appreciate any help here:)



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    TCS 2017 comes with Captivate 9, but now that Captivate 2017 has been released, how can I install Captivate 2017 as part of the suite?

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    Hi all,


    I have been a framemaker user for years on and off. I want to use the MIL-STD 40051-1C/2C DTD. How do I configure FM 2017 to use the dtd and stylesheets.


    I have downloaded all required files from: I can't import or start using them. I don't even know if FM 2017 can use the mil spec style guide anymore. Can somebody help explain how I would go about using the mil spec structure to write technical manuals? I need work packages. PMCS, operator work packages. Please help! I am using the structures already built into framemaker. I am just not happy with the output. I want more of a military style workpage for maintenance procedures. I have used FM with this mil spec before, but somebody else had already configured FM to use mil spec as a template. So I am at a new company and want to produce nice technical manuals. I have searched the web and have found nothing all day, I tried various methods from other users to no avail. Please help.


    Thank you!


    Wayne Evans.

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    I want to be able to open all of a book's files (which do have missing fonts) so that I can import all of the paragraph and character styles from a file that already has all of the fonts mapped correctly. Currently when I try to do an import the program says (for every file) file cannot be opened due to missing fonts.


    I do not want to manually map 10 fonts in 25 files. I can't be the first person to run into this dilemma.


    I just know someone out there has the answer. (Deep sigh.)

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    Friends and gurus: I encounter a very strange situation!

    The following script works correctly. The functions are called by a button.

    #target framemaker
    var gasETBViewSettings = [];                      // save the user settings
    var gsETBMsgNoDoc   = { en: "No document active!",                        de: "Kein dokument aktiv!"                      };
    // alert ("ETBToggleViewsA really entered");
    function SetUpMenu() { // ==== Define the menu - even if not used =================================
    var sLabelEditing, sLabelPrinting, menuLocation, cmdDoc1, cmdDoc2;
      menuLocation = app.GetNamedMenu("ETBdummy");    // Required, even if not used  cmdDoc1 = DefineCommand (1, "EditingDisplay",  "Document Editing Display [ETB]",  "\!qqe");  cmdDoc2 = DefineCommand (2, "PrintingDisplay", "Document Printing Display [ETB]", "\!qqp");  UpdateMenus();
    } // --- end SetUpMenu
    function Command(cmd) { // ==== Respond to menu/TB command ==================================
    alert ("ETBToggleViewsA command " + cmd + " entered");
        switch(cmd)  {        case 1:      SetEditingDisplay();      break;        case 2:      SetPrintingDisplay();      break;    }
    } // --- end Command
    function SetEditingDisplay () {
      alert ("SetEditingDisplay entered"); // of course there is more in here
    function SetPrintingDisplay () {  alert ("SetPrintingDisplay entered"); // of course there is more in here


    But if I insert the following after line 11, then the script does not work anymore (it is loaded, but the Command function does not issue the alert etc.).

      sLabelEditing  = { en: "Document Editing Display [ETB]",                     de: "Ansicht für Dokument Bearbeitung [ETB]" };  sLabelPrinting = { en: "Document Printing Display [ETB]",                     de: "Ansicht für Dokument Drucken [ETB]" };


    It doesn't work either if I place the following after line 06:

    var gsLabelEditing  = { en: "Document Editing Display [ETB]",                     de: "Ansicht für Dokument Bearbeitung [ETB]" };
    var gsLabelPrinting = { en: "Document Printing Display [ETB]",                     de: "Ansicht für Dokument Drucken [ETB]" };


    I have similar constructs in various scripts with no problems so far.

    What is going on here?

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    How to run a FrameMaker script by invoking FrameMaker and the required script from an external program?

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    Hello experts FM,


    I have a text issue. I have a book with 10 *.fm files.

    I would need the text from different *.fm files to be fluent, without page breaks in between. Is that possible? Is it possible also on older versions, like 8 or 9?


    Thank you for your help,


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    I really need the File > Publish option to publish my DITA book. It's not there!

    I see I can generate DITA OT output, but want the multi-channel publishing options from the File menu that I keep reading about.


    i'm using FM 2015. Can't tell if it's full FM or XML Author.


    And what's up with File > Print missing. I wonder what else is missing from this and other menus!

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    Buongiorno a tutti,

    la presente per chiedervi aiuto sul software FrameMaker 2017.


    Quando tento di utilizzare la funzione "Save Ad Pdf" mi appaiono questi errori:

    -The Selected PDF Job Option does not exist in the current installation. Either create this Job Option on select an available Job Option. Continue ?

    Se seleziono ok mi compare questo nuovo messaggio:

    -FrameMaker could not find Adobe PDF printer instance, which must be installed to excecute Save as PDF command.


    Ho provato a creare l'instanza/stampnte/convertitore pdf, reinstallare il programma, creare e copiare in varie cartelle i file *joboptions ma i problemi persistono.


    Inoltre quando tento di utilizzare la funzione help (topics) non mi carica nulla, rimane la finestra con i quadrati che caricano senza dare alcun risultato neppure dopo diverso tempo (il pc è collegato alla rete e naviga normalmente.


    Vi ringrazio in anticipo per il supporto e inserisco sotto la "traduzione" in inglese.

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----


    Hello all,

    when i select "Save As Pdf" with FrameMaker 2017 appears to me these mistakes:


    -The Selected PDF Job Option does not exist in the current installation. Either create this Job Option on select an available Job Option. Continue ?

    If I press ok this message appears:

    -FrameMaker could not find Adobe PDF printer instance, which must be installed to excecute Save as PDF command.


    I created a printer instance and install/reinstall the software but che issues persist.


    Other problem it's the help don't loading.


    Thank's for reply and sorry for my english.

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    Hello all,


    I have stumbled across a bug that has apparently been present in FM since version 7.1 and nobody ever noticed. I guess I am the only one doing this crazy stuff then. Here is the bug description:


    When writing a text-only element out to XML that contains a marker (which is NOT a conditional text marker), FM introduces a newline character immediately following the PI. I found this when using a custom marker to mark the paragraphs that have a change bar in FM. I know that the @status should be used to drive the change bar but the customer does not have these attributes and was not allowed to make changes to the EDD or DTD. When reading the XML back into FM and removing the markers (using them to set the change bars in the right locations again), there were extra spaces (the newline characters in the XML). The only workaround I could find is creating an event handler script that opens the XML as text file, either after writing it out or before reading it back in, and replaces all newline characters by spaces. This might cause other problems but the XML files were pretty small, so those problems did not appear in my case.


    I am posting this so that you know that, in these remote corner cases, you might get observe strange behaviour with white space appearing where it should not be. In such cases, open the XML in a text editor and check whether newlines were added after your PIs.





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