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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    with frammaker 11, after translation we import a ANSI_table back into Framemaker. loding the edd and template over it, the ANSI table still has the layout of a standard TableA. so we have to manualy convert each ANSI_table to its correct ANSI_table layout.


    is this a problem of RW-Rules ore something else?


    the RW-rules lok like:

    cccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc ccccccccccccccc

    /* ***************************************************** */

    /* **      ANSI Sicherheitshinweis-Elemente                ** */

    /* ***************************************************** */

    element "Sicherheitshinweis_ANSI" {

    is fm element "Sicherheitshinweis_ANSI";

    attribute "Cols" is fm property columns;

    attribute "Cws" is fm property column widths;



    element "ANSI_table" {

    is fm table element "ANSI_table";

    fm property columns value is "3";

    fm property column widths value is "2.5cm 10.2cm 2.5cm";


    element "ANSI_Tabellebody" is fm table body element "ANSI_Tabellebody";

    element "ANSI_Tabellereihe" is fm table row element "ANSI_Tabellereihe";

    element "ANSI_Tabelle_Inhalt" {

    is fm table cell element "ANSI_Tabelle_Inhalt";



    element "ANSI_2SicherheitsstufenTitel" {

    is fm element "ANSI_2SicherheitsstufenTitel";

    attribute "ANSI_Sicherheitsstufe" {

    is fm attribute "ANSI_Sicherheitsstufe";

    value "Gefahr" is fm value "Gefahr";

    value "Warnung" is fm value "Warnung";

    value "Vorsicht" is fm value "Vorsicht";

    value "Hinweis" is fm value "Hinweis";

    value "Sicherheitsanweisung" is fm value "Sicherheitsanweisung";



    element "ANSI_SicherheitsstufenTitelBalken" {

    is fm element "ANSI_SicherheitsstufenTitelBalken";



    element "ANSI_SicherheitsstufenTitelInhalt" {

    is fm element "ANSI_SicherheitsstufenTitelInhalt";



    element "ANSI_1Gefahrensymbol" {

    is fm element "ANSI_1Gefahrensymbol";

    attribute "GefahrenArt" {

    is fm attribute "GefahrenArt";

    value "ANSI_Stromschlag" is fm value "ANSI_Stromschlag";

    value "ANSI_Dampf" is fm value "ANSI_Dampf";

    value "ANSI_HeisseFluessigkeit" is fm value "ANSI_HeisseFluessigkeit";

    value "ANSI_HeisseOberflaeche" is fm value "ANSI_HeisseOberflaeche";

    value "ANSI_Quetschen" is fm value "ANSI_Quetschen";

    value "ANSI_Giftig" is fm value "ANSI_Giftig";

    value "ANSI_ESD" is fm value "ANSI_ESD";

    value "ANSI_GefahrAlgemein" is fm value "ANSI_GefahrAlgemein";



    element "ANSI_3Sicherheitsbeschreibung" {

    is fm element "ANSI_3Sicherheitsbeschreibung";

    attribute "Ort" {

    is fm attribute "Ort";

    value "Im_Kapitel_Allgemeine_Sicherheitshinweise" is fm value "Im_Kapitel_Allgemeine_Sicherheitshinweise";

    value "In_anderen_Kapitel" is fm value "In_anderen_Kapitel";



    element "ANSI_GefahrenQuelleFolge" {

    is fm element "ANSI_GefahrenQuelleFolge";



    element "ANSI_Massnahme" {

    is fm element "ANSI_Massnahme";



    element "ANSI_4HinweiseSymbol" {

    is fm element "ANSI_4HinweiseSymbol";

    attribute "HinweiseSymbol" {

    is fm attribute "HinweiseSymbol";

    value "Handschuhe" is fm value "Handschuhe";

    value "Brille" is fm value "Brille";

    value "Netztrennung" is fm value "Netztrennung";

    value "HaendeWaschen" is fm value "HaendeWaschen";

    value "Algemein" is fm value "Algemein";



    element "ListInANSI_Table" {

    is fm element "ListInANSI_Table";

    attribute "Ort" {

    is fm attribute "Ort";

    value "Im_Kapitel_Allgemeine_Sicherheitshinweise" is fm value "Im_Kapitel_Allgemeine_Sicherheitshinweise";

    value "In_anderen_Kapitel" is fm value "In_anderen_Kapitel";



    element "ListInANSITablePunkt" is fm element "ListInANSITablePunkt";



    cccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc cccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc



    best regards



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    Hello all,



    My question follows on the last question (Re: Spread (FM10) <-> letter spacing (FM2017) )


    • Structured FM
    • XML-file
    • EDD
    • MIF


    I have 3 HF/R on the same line. The first two I don't want to show because these are for the HF/R titles above the text box (here "Asfalt" and "Emulsiebehandeling, bitumen". The first and second are hiding via color Red and via <FDX -100%> (via MIF).

    The third "Schadebeeld:" must start at the side line (intent 0). But as the images shows there is space before the third title. 

    the space is reserved so the text start with an indent. See also below.

    How can I tell FM2017 not to do that?! FM10 has no problems with this.


    First HF/R


    Second HF/R(not used in this book but in the dtd required; is empty)

    Third HF/R


    I use the same values for the paragraph formats.

    Line space = 10,678 pt, fixed

    Direction: Inherit

    Edit in MIF: <FDX -100.0%>

    When the text starts, the space (red arrow) is still there.


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  • 04/24/17--08:24: FM initialisation sequence
  • I want to understand why the ordering of menu entries does not work for commands defined in ExtendScripts. It was reported in the old bug base as Bug#4110544 (this can no more be tracked). Hence I issued bug FRMAKER-2752. It turns out that even the following does not work (at the end of the menu):

    «-- in StartUp folder ETBSaveAsOld.jsx defines these commands: ETBdocSaveOld, ETBbookSaveOld with label, shortcut and shortcut-label --»<Modify ETBbookSaveOld <Description Save book as old version [ETB] >><Order BookFileMenu.ETBbookSaveOld> <After BookFileMenu.SaveAs>><Modify ETBdocSaveOld <Description Save document as old version [ETB] ><Order FileMenu.ETBdocSaveOld> <After FileMenu.SaveAs>>

    This can be because of the wrong assumption that the menu is interpreted after the script has been interpeted and new commands have been defined.

    The script does not create errors and it installs a menu item at the end of the FileMenu and BookFileMenu. With the above appendix in the menu I want to move the menu entry to a more appropriate place.


    For better understanding I tried to get the sequence of intialisation tasks from the Welcome screen of FM-13 (FM-14 seems to provide less information). Albeit this runs fast on my machine, I had captured it with SnagIt (some items are just 1 frame long!):

    Doc Preferences

    But this does not reveal the sequence in which commands and menus are set up. In which sequence are the following tasks performed?

    API clients (probably to be located before step 2 in the above list. FrameScript will define new commands

    Read Startup folder (may define new commands) - IMHO also here a client (ESTK ?) is involved

    Localisation: read workspace (menu and tool bar files)

    What does  step 9 (LoadConfigFile) do? Does this read the customUI.cfg file and hence modify the menues read in step 2?


    Is my assumption of processing sequence just wrong or is the process broken at another place?

    Of course this can only be answered by Adobe or an expert with experience in deep sea diving...

    Klaus Daube

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    Bonjour à la communauté

    Est-ce que l'un d'entre vous aurait conservé une version PDF de l'aide de FrameMaker version 7 ?

    Merci de la partager.

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    Why aren't the Table of Contents, List of Figures and List of Tables from the book file published in the Basic HTML output?

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    I work with 1ks of tables and when I insert a header when I delete the empty row, the fonts go crazy.

    I've shown this to FM TS. Here are the steps:

    1) Add a heading row

    2) Move the heading column names in the heading row

    3) Click in the row you just moved.


    This happens at least 1 out of 5 times.


    Also, there is a guaranteed crash if you create too many table headers.

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    I have FM15. In the past, I was importing files as .tif but now I'm required to import them as .eps.  The files are being converted (exported) by using AutoCAD (as .eps).  When I go to import, I get nothing but a grey box and "Cannot display some imported graphics.  The image will appear as gray boxes".  How do I get the file to import?  I don't need to do any editing to the files once its imported.  Any help is appreciated

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  • 04/25/17--15:02: blacked out photos
  • when I open a doc the photos are mostly if not all blacked out?

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    I am using Framemaker 2017 working with unstructured Frame documents built in Framemaker 2015.  The documents use anchored frames to contain images from a PPT file that are paste as Linked Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Objects.  When this is done in Frame 2015 the PPT slide including the text all stay in the anchored frame.  When I try the paste special> paste as Linked Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Object the text from the slide looks like it has escaped the frame, while the background image is in the frame.  When I move the slide and resize it inside the frame I can get everything inside the frame to look correct.  Is there a way to have the paste as link resize the image so it fits in the frame?


    PP-PTR-4-25-2017-3.25.05 PM.png


    I have tried saving the slides as .png files and inserting the image, but I have to manually resize each image to get it to fit in the frame.




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  • 04/26/17--02:43: error postscript-File
  • Hallo together,


    we use FrameMaker Version 11 for our cliche and create a ps-file for the manufacturer.


    We use the this printer:

    But now, if we try to import this ps-file in another program, we receive a error message, like this



    or this


    If I created a ps-file (same printer) in another program (Macromedia FreeHand) i can import this file with no problems.

    So, i have no idea, what the problem is.

    Can anybody help me?


    Thanks a lot


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    Hello. FrameMaker 10 and Acrobat xi have stopped wanting to play together --  all of a sudden (an acrobat update?). Sometimes I can't even print to .ps -- won't make a .ps file. The platform is Windows 10.



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  • 04/27/17--06:00: Replace Element by Element
  • Hello,


    When opening XML in FM, sometimes, FM can't apply correctly the EDD to my document.

    Example on a book of 1.500 pages there can be around 20 superscript text that are display as normal normal text.


    The only way i found is to forced FM to apply the EDD correctly by forcing him with Searching&replacing the <sup> element.

    Or faster, replace the HighestLevelElement on each chapter (element call <CHAPTER>)


    Would like to do it with a script (so i can add it to my open book script ... there are around 10 script at the opening of a book

    I can select all the doc, get the HighestLevelElement name, can delete it or warp an element around it but can't replace the element by it self?


    var vCurrentDoc= app.ActiveDoc;
    var vFlow = vCurrentDoc.MainFlowInDoc;
    var vPgf = vFlow.LastTextFrameInFlow;
    var vFirstPgf = vFlow.FirstTextFrameInFlow;
    var textRange = new TextRange();        textRange.beg.obj = vFirstPgf;        textRange.beg.offset = 0;        textRange.end.obj = vPgf;        textRange.end.offset = Constants.FTI_PgfEnd;        vCurrentDoc.TextSelection = textRange;
    var vElement = vFlow.HighestLevelElement;
    var vElemDef = vElement.ElementDef;
    var vReplaceElem = vCurrentDoc.GetNamedElementDef(vElemDef.Name);
    // vReplaceElem.Delete() or WarpElement();


    So how to eaplce an existing element by itself?

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    I try to reinstalled FM 2015 after it crashed several times. FM 2015 worked fine for several months, I made some books with it. Than, from one day to another it didn´t start anymore. Now it says that I do not have a full version and I connot open my books anymore that I made with FM 2015. Even new download and reinstall doesn´t chance the situation. It prentends that I do not have a full version, but I have!!!. Support cannot help but says that the activation is correct for FM 2015 Full version. SN is correctly filled in.


    It seems strange, that after deinstalling, new download and reinstalling he still knows my old projects, but when I want to open them, he says that I have to buy the full version. Is there any .ini file that the desinstallation doesn´t kill, so that even after a new installation FM is confused???


    So what can I do??? I must continue my work.


    Thanks for helping me


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  • 04/27/17--11:39: Extract Index Markers
  • In Framemaker, can the product keyword that is stored in an index marker be extracted with an association to the models or parts# it references?

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    I use conditional tags to apply automatic updates to headers and footers using variables. The conditional tag is applied to a paragraph based on what the paragraph tag is. The condition displayed is dependent upon where it is located in the hierarchy. For instance, let's say the RED conditional tag is higher than the BLUE conditional tag, which is higher than GREEN conditional tag. I apply the RED conditional tag to the paragraph that has the Red paragraph tag applied.


    Could I use a script to search for the paragraph tags (e.g., Red, Blue, Green)  and apply the corresponding conditional tag? I would also want to ensure that no other conditional tags are applied to any of the text in each paragraph. Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you in advance!






    (Red) This paragraph uses the Red paragraph tag and has the RED condition applied.

    (Blue) This paragraph uses the Blue paragraph tag and has the BLUE condition applied.

    (Green) This paragraph uses the Green paragraph tag and has the GREEN condition applied.



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    Here's an example. None of this is italic in the Framemaker document. But when I save to pdf, Every instance of Adobe Garamond Pro Bold gets converted to italic. But it's only the bold - the regular survives intact. In the past it's happened with other fonts. Illumination?





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    I was installed FM12 (licensed) in my laptop. Due to physical damage, i swapped hard disk to standby laptop. Then the trial version of FM12 is started. After getting my original Laptop, i connected same hard disk and tried to launch FM12 and other Adobe applications. All the applications are converted to trial and asking for license activation which i don't have (lost). Please help.


    Best regards,


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    Hi everybody,


    I have an issue with a rather big script.


    Here is what the script does:

    1. it runs over a *.ditamap and rearranges the many *.xml files into a few *.fm files for a new *.book
    2. a is added into the *.book
    3. TOC and index are generated and included as well
    4. formats and definitions are imported from a into to book.

    The script works fine until there is more than one FM instance running it, i.e, until I use FrameMaker Publishing Server 2015, which runs a few FM instances simultaneously.


    Here is what goes wrong:

    1. FM instance 'a' imports from any other FM instance running
    2. the import is not applied on every *.fm file of the book.

    Result: the books have the wrong titles pages, sometimes also the wrong footer and colors.


    The script is ExtendScript and does not contain any app.ActiveDoc.

    During the run, files are generated under \AppData\Local\Temp, could the mix occur due to a dissociation issue with those files?

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    Hi together,


    I want to do the following workflow for our documantation.

    We have to send a complete documentation for each product we sell.

    Every product has its own serial number, this numer is on Title sheet, and also in the footer of every page.


    The only Output I will need is a pdf File.


    I am new to the documentation and also to framemaker. So I am thinking about DITA,...


    1. Title sheet
    2. TOC
    3. operation manual in different languages (english, german, france)
    4. material certificates (external pdf file located in a folder and names with serial numer, for example 14046987.pdf)
    5. Standard  Certificates (can be an external pdf, or included in the Framemaker document)
    6. leak test protocoll (external pdf file located in a folder and names with serial numer, for example 14046987.pdf)
    7. List with accessories stuff,...


    Some of the parts will be also in use for different Products.

    This is the reason, why I am thinking about DITA, Structured Fm Documents,...



    Can you give me some feedback or ideas?

    My primary issue is to load the external pdf via serialnumer (serialnumber will be a variable)



    Ist there a option to automated output, so I can Say please generate Documentaion for each of the following 20 Serialnumbers?



    Thank you in advance.

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    I have tried several icon graphics. For the glossary tab, I set it to false in the edit option and it still shows up.

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