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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    We have purchased Adobe Acrobat Pro from a company called Tech Soup. We are a non profit agency so we could purchase at a reduced price.

    Originally we had a copy of AAP installed on another computer here in our office but needed to uninstall it so we could use the install on a new computer.

    After installing on our new computer the registration keeps saying is already used.

    How can I get around this issue?

    thank you.

    Aleta Shecker

    Supports, Inc.

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    How do you repeat a figure title with multiple sheets in structured frame:  EX: Fig 1 (Sheet 1 of 3)

    I cannot find any information on how to do this in Framemaker.  I assume you create a internal ref for the title, but I have no idea how to do the sheets.

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  • 05/01/17--11:23: CMS
  • Hi Everyone,

    So after many years as a Lone Writer, my company has made a few acquisitions. Now my team is outside the main office and it's time to get into a cloud-based storage system that everyone can access files from outside the corporate LAN.


    We use unstructured FrameMaker (2015) and ePublisher Express 2016.1, so I'm looking for a system that would allow anyone to "check out" a book and edit/publish it from anywhere.






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    Is it possible to insert a reference/hyperlink in one FrameMaker document to a section in another FrameMaker document (e.g. Refer to section 2. in document "B") whereby if the section changes in the second in the second document, the reference/hyperlink will be updated in the first document?



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  • 03/31/17--18:32: Documents under folders
  • Why does each document get its own subfolder in the tree?

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    I have a document that uses Adobe Garamond Pro, and one paragraph style which calls for angle = italic.

    The font is not greyed out in the Paragraph designer, and the document displays correctly on screen.

    When I use Save as PDF, the paragraph with the setting angle = italic is rendered in Courier (or some other typewriter font) with bizarre kerning.


    What's going on, and how do I correct it? Let me know if you need extra information.

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    I'm copy/pasting some blocks of text from .fm files into another environment for testing, and I've just realised that I'm ending up with more in the clipboard than I have on screen – because there is conditional text in the .fm source with the condition set to Hidden. Any easy way of preventing this? it would of course be easier for me if I could just paste what I see …

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    I have an FDK client that was developed in FM 12. While I did not test it extensively in the original release of FM 2017, it seemed to work. With the patch installed, it does not initialize (the "Cannot initialize API client ..." alert appears when I launch the patched FM 2017). Other older FDK clients initialize successfully with the patch.


    What has changed that would affect some clients but not others? Does this one need to be recompiled?

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    Running FM2017. Copying and pasting between two documents. Switching between the two is becoming increasingly problematic as it is almost constantly crashing now. This happens regardless of what two documents are open.

    Additionally, a document pulled onto a separate screen look like this...It can only be minimized or maximized and can not be re-sized using the corner arrows.

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  • 05/03/17--11:06: TOC error
  • In a FM2015 book file, the generated TOC show all subheadings in the previous chapter. How can this be corrected?

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    An XML application defined in an application definition file such as, can include a TransformationFile subelement. How and when is the specified transformation file used?


    Transformations defined in code view can be associated with the default or a custom transformation file or with specific XML application. How and when is this information used? And is the association of an application with a transformation stored somewhere? If so, where?



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    When I select a script from the FrameScript menu, a dialog box should appear where I can select a language to change the text inset flows in my document. This used to work on my machine, and it works on my colleague's machine, but the dialog box no longer pops up for me. But the box must be somewhere because if I press Enter, the script runs as if I selected the first option on the list.


    I was on FM 10 when the problem first occurred. I've since installed FM 2017, but there's no change. The box still doesn't pop up.


    Help? Thanks in advance. This has stumped both myself and our IT department.

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    I'm trying to find the best solution, the easiest solution but i suspect i will have to make a new template form scratch.

    i want to resize (from 210*297 to 210*140mm)?


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  • 05/08/17--04:56: FM 2017 missing menu bar
  • I have been using FM 2105 on a virtual windows machine through my mac, but have just bought a laptop to be a dedicated FM machine and have FM2017 downloaded. All linked to the dropbox files, all looks good.


    When I open a book, it shows all the files in the book on the left. Then when I open one of the files, the top menu bar with File/edit/view/xlst/window/help disappears. Nothing I can find an get it back.


    Then when I shut the file, they remain invisible until I click on the </> button whereby they all come back.


    I can't edit any documents as I need that menu!


    What's going on (or what have I missed!).

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  • 05/08/17--12:51: Focus after Find
  • Using Adobe FrameMaker 12, I notice that after locating an item using the FIND menu, the text is highlighted, but the focus is not returned to the text window. Rather, the focus remains on the FIND dialog box.  Is there any option that can be set such that FIND restores focus to the window in which the text was found?

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    I am generating a PDF using Print Book.


    Pagination is set to...

    Double Sided

    1st Page Side: Right


    The first page should be the cover, so when it's flipped, the next page should be on the left.


    In the PDF, the first page is on the left, which throws off the formatting of the subsequent pages.

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    Hello, we have recently upgraded to Frammaker 2017 from Framemaker 10. In Frame 10 you were able to drag and drop graphics directly from Adobe Bridge and have them "Import by Copy" into an anchored frame. With Frame 2017 the graphic only comes across as "Import by Reference".

    Is there a setting that can be changed to have the graphic "Import by Copy" using the drag and drop method from Bridge?

    When doing many graphics, it's a bit long winded going through the File-Import-Graphic and then select the file and remember to check the "Import by Copy" check box each time.

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    I have the commutication suite 5.0 installed. I use the frame maker version since 1,5 years. Since this week I have display problems with the user interface.




    I unistalled and installed only frame maker. The version was installed and everything looked good. Then I searched for updates and installed the version and the problem recurred again.

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    Running FrameMaker 2017 v14.0.1.406 on a Win 7 desktop PC, I've had 3 or 4 instances while editing body text in an unstructured document when the selected text will not be highlighted, but may inadvertently change font size (when all I was attempting to do was select it for editing). The font size changes have ranged from obvious (and far too much), while in other instances, they appear completely imperceptible (CTRL + Z to undo). Has anyone else run into this issue? Thanks!

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    I copied a framemaker book and the files. The copied book is stored in a new location on my HD.  I noticed that when I updated the files in the new (copied) book  the same files in the original book were also updated.  So I renamed all the files in the copied book file and added them to the new book, then deleted all the files I copied first.  Now my new book contains files with new names.  Problem occurs  when I update the new book, I get errors as it references both the original book and the copied book location.  How can I delete the reference the system has to the original copied files?

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