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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    I have hundreds of documents with conditional text in FM12. When changing to FM 2015 all the tables became XXX around each cell.


    First I found this helpful, because I can see that the table uses a conditional tag (in FM12 I haven't seen easily, that the table has conditional tag).


    Second I found this XXX in the print. That makes no sense to me.


    Is there a possibility to stop these XXX in the print?


    I prepared two pictures:


    In this sample you can see the condition tag *comment* is over the second line and separately also on the word "Condition".

    When I want to use the condition tag to show the word "Condition" in a special look, I can use the style, color and background to make the difference viewable.


    This is the concept of my documents. I produce schoolbooks with content for students and/or teachers, and everything, that is for the teacher only should be marked in a separate color. Until now, I made this coloring with the condition tag, because I can show it to the teacher and don't show it to the students.


    Easy thing. But now, this whole concept doesn't work anymore, because of these XXX around the cells.


    Is there a method or a way to keep those XXX away from the table?


    The only thing I have found, is to "not show" the condition tag view. But then my example looks like this:


    Now, the cell looks good, it's free from XXX, but now, I can't see anymore any style, color or background from the condition tag, which makes no sense in the upper exemple.


    Please help me, because it's a lot of work to rebuild all the content. We have to change all paragraphs with condition tag to paragraphs with color and condition tag.


    I don't see any sense in those XXX aside from a little help in building documents, but why should I want to PRINT such ugly XXX around my tables????


    Or why should I coloring my condition tags, when I can't print them anymore????

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  • 12/15/16--13:07: import custom table ruling
  • Hi,


    I am creating new table types and would like to import the new definitions to all the other files in the same book. Everything imports fine except for the custom ruling. I notice in the Import Formats dialog that there is no special checkbox for custom shading and ruling, but I did check Table Formats. However, although the names of the custom table formats do get imported, the actual configuration of each custom format does not get imported to the other files. Any idea what I need to do to get this to work?


    Thank you!



    FM version: 2015

    Platform: Win 8

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    Hello all,

    Is it possible to change the main title of the responsive HTML 5 output? I'm using the Azure_blue default layout, but I'd like to change the size of the title in the output as it's too big.


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    I try to figure out how to increase the indentation of the child topics in HTML output (via the publish pod). Until now without any success.

    I would like to get in my topic tree in the HTML output like this:


    parent topic A

    • child topic A of parent topic A
    • child topic B of parent topic A

    parent topic B

    • child topic A of parent topic B

    parent topic C


    First question: Is this possible with the out of the box solution by the FrameMaker 2015 publish pod?
    Secound question: If yes which way I should try? Submaps? Relationship table ?


    When I try to create a responsive HTML5 help from the example book "Personal Spaceship User Guide -" (C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\AdobeFrameMaker2015\beispiel\UserGuide(Arabic,English,Hebrew)\English) there I will get child topics in diffrent levels. Those child topics came from the mini TOC.







    Any hints?



    Thank you



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    I am using FrameMaker 2015. The book is 6 books combined for a Robohelp java output. I keep getting this erro:

    Cannot include FrameImage information for an imported image. Try closing other applications before saving.


    How do I fix this error?

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    Does anyone have an idea why my TOC is not generating with the words "Table of Contents" at the top? I've never encountered this before. This is a new template and I haven't done anything I don't usually do.



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    I am working with FM 2015 on Windows 10. I just unzipped a project file containing my .fm and image files for a book that has previously displayed perfectly. Now when I open the front and back covers, which include photoshop images, the .psd files display as a page of tiny dots.


    Only .psd files display as dots. .ai and other graphics display as expected. Other than the fact that the files were zipped and then unzipped, nothing else should have changed.


    Can anyone help??? Aside from the fact that this is driving me insane, I have to get this PDF updated TODAY.




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    Hi everyone!

    I am trying to get an answer for this question.

    I am working with ExtendScript, and with After Effect.

    I have a script like this one:

    var comp = app.project.items.addComp('test', 1920, 1080, 1, 30, 25);

    var layer = comp.layers.addText('C');

    What I am trying to do is to create shape from text by code in extendscript and then to get the path of the shape to array

    that will contain the points of the path also in code.

    I am sorry but i am beginner.

    is there an easy way to do that?

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    We just created a new template and all of a sudden when we import the new layout to a current document, i get empty pages and no matter what i do, i cannot delete them. They are added every time i save a file or refresh the book.


    Please HELP

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    In my table of contents in the book pdf generated in Framemaker 12 the chapter names in the content column work as hyperlinks, but not the section numbers and page numbers. They do work in heading 4 and 5, but not in heading 1, 2 and 3. My table of contents consists of a content column, section column and page number column. Only the content column is a hyperlink and I would like also the section numbers and page numbers to work as links.



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    I've taken up learning ExtendScript to tackle some common problems in my workflow.


    My current project is to write a scrip that applies white rules to the columns in table heading rows.


    So far my script can select the top (heading) row of the appropriate tables. But I can't figure out what the commands are for applying ruling. I've searched through every piece of documentation I could get my hands on, but there doesn't seem to be extensive material written with the beginner in mind.


    Here's the script so far (Note: the counter and the alerts are just there so I know everything is working as I go along):


    //target the active document

    var doc = app.ActiveDoc;


    //target the "first" table

    var table = doc.FirstTblInDoc;


    //number of tables to edit

    var numberOfTables = 0;


    if(table.ObjectValid() == true)


        while(table.ObjectValid() == true)


            if(table.TblTag == "WithHeading")



                alert("The table '" + table.TblTag.toString() + "' will be edited.");


                //select the top row of the table

                table.MakeTblSelection(0, 0, 0, table.TblNumRows - 1);

                table = table.NextTblInDoc;





                alert("The table '" + table.TblTag.toString() + "' will not be edited.");

                table = table.NextTblInDoc;







        alert("No more tables.");



    alert(numberOfTables + " tables will be edited.");

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    I am working on FrameMaker V12. I want to link the icons with the text given on the same page. The purpose is to highlight the text in a defined color while clicking onto the icon. Please help. Thanks

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  • 12/26/16--05:29: mscvr110.dll
  • Last week I purchased Adobe FrameMaker 2015. The program that I downloaded worked fine. Then, I did update 5. Since then when I try to open the program I get the message "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\MSCVR110.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program and using the original installation media........" I reinstalled the original program and it worked fine. Then, I did the update. Same happened again. I have only had my Windows 10 computer for a week and it is up-to-date with the Windows program. I have already the download of the Visual C file and it did not fix the problem. It was a very expensive to personally purchase FrameMaker and I need it to work. This seems a common problem for Adobe programs - why? What else can I do to fix it?

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    I'm having the same issue Adobe FrameMaker 12. I have repackaged the application and Adobe FrameMaker application installs fine but for some reason this one continually fails with the CustomAction CADeploy failing with error code 1603 on uninstallation. I've tried packaging on a freshly built or reimaged machine along with two others. The packager just will not successfully execute the MSI itself using command line.

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    WebWorks throw this warning for each .fm file when generating CHM:

    [Warning] Object reference not set to an instance of an object.


    and the output is almost an empty chm file without any content inside.


    Can someone help on this ?


    Webworks ver.: 2016.1

    Framemaker ver.: 12

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    How do I create a document using the Variant format? What edition is this available in?

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    I have a document at the moment that has 3 different types of list in it, numbered, alphabetical and Roman Numerals.


    I started with the numbered list using <n=1>.\t and <n+>.\t , this worked fine 1 through 5.


    I then did an alphabetical list it just started from 'f', I forced this to restarted using <a=1>.\t and <a+>.\t to rectify this and it did 'a' to 'c' fine.


    But then when I start the numbers again using <n+>.\t it has started at 4, not carried on from the last numbering as 6.


    What am I missing here that will make it follow on from the old numbers?


    Reluctant to force restart from set numbers because that defeats the purpose of having these styles and would have to do it many more times.

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    I have created an image in Adobe Illustrator. There is no background. However, when I import the image into a table cell that has a colored background, the image shows a white background. I have made sure that the background is eliminated, and saved it as AI. I have also exported it with the "transparent" feature selected, using both AI and PhotoShop, into PNG format.


    When the AI file is imported into AI, there is no background. There is no background when I use other programs, such as Word. There is only a problem when using FM12.


    How can I import a graphic without FrameMaker adding the white background?

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    I have two separate types of TOC for these documents, one for the book, and others for the chapters,
    Unfortunately, the TOC FOR the book is showing up as it's own chapter, which is absurd.

    I don't know why it wants to show as Chapter 1, is the the TOC.
    I have removed numbering from the TOC document. The next chapter has been set to show as number 1, both starting page count and chapter count.


    I am clearly missing something.

    Please assist and direct, if you know what part I am missing.

    (yes, I have done document and book numbering here, and none of them are changing the problem, as you can see)


    Thank you very much for any advice!TOC Problem.JPG

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    I've been trying to figure out how to update the BookTitle and PartNumRevDate element tags (using Structured Frame) but am getting nowhere. I've tried:


    • Selecting the tag, then selected Elements | Edit Attributes, but the dialog that appears doesn't show the existing string [book title/part num] nor does it let me add the new book title/part num as an attribute of the tag.
    • Selecting the book file, then update these attributes in Structured View, but the new book title and part number were never updated in the BookTitle and PartNumRevDate element tags .
    • Selecting the file, then selected File | File Info attributes and that didn't change/update the elements either.


    Has anyone else experienced this problem, and if so, how did you resolve it?




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