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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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  • 05/30/16--04:34: Sidenotes for each paragraph
  • Hi all,

    I have a question about how to implement HTML-like sidenotes.


    Here is my attempt to create a sidenote in FrameMaker (using Side Head-Alignment option). As you can see, the sidenote is colored into olive color:



    But I want this:



    In the start of my post I call it "HTML-like sidenotes" because it may be easily made by HTML tables.


    May be you ask me, why I want such thing? The answer is:

    That's because sometimes every paragraph has it's own sidenote, and so, I want to see a clean visual relationships between each paragraph and it's sidenote, i.e. Paragraph1--Sidenote1, Paragraph2--Sidenote2, Paragraph3--Sidenote3, and so on.


    Has anybody succeeded in making this?

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    I have recently updated to FM 2015. When I open an older FM11 file (DITA 1.2) and export the EDD then I cannot import it any more even if I have made no changes.

    My assumption is that the EDD structure might have changed in FM2015?


    Addition: The error message also appears when I try to import the EDD into any other file, also a newly created document.

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  • 04/26/16--20:17: No input
  • FrameMaker 12 - Files already created now do not accept keyboard input. What gives?

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    Hi together,


    Is it possible to save FM2015 documents in MIF 9, 10 or 11?


    Für den Export in unsere Übersetzungssoftware ist es erforderlich, Dokumente in diese Formate abzuspeichern. Leider bietet FM2015 das nicht an. Wie kann das gelöst werden?




    Danke und viele Grüße

    thanks and Kind regards


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    I have been using my FrameMaker version 10 for several years on the same PC, but some weeks ago I couldn't open FrameMaker and it showed the message that the max number of computers were activated.


    What can I do? There is no other computer in our company that is using my serial number. We are two persons here working with two different licenses. Never had such a problem before.


    I tried to find a solution in the internet, but couldn't find any helpful answer. There is no other computer that I knew of using the same serial number.


    Has anybody of you had the same problem?

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  • 06/01/16--12:57: Working with images
  • How do I do the following when editing a book in FM 12:


    1. Replace images in an Images folder?  When I attempted to replace them with new images by the same names as the previous ones, the document that references them kept crashing when I opened it and did not show the images.


    2. How do I add new referenced images to an Images folder?  Some of them will need to be renumbered. If I do all of this in the Images folder, will the document automatically reference the new images?


    3. How do I resize an image and the graphics container?  I am able to drag the image from the corner to resize it, but not the container.


    4. How do I replace a chapter in a book?  If I just drag in the new chapter and delete the old one and click "Update Book," will that work?

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    I am facing the following problem:


    Suppose that I have the following paragraphs in FrameMaker:


    This is a sentence. And   (simple line end)

    also there this sentence. (paragraph end)


    This is a sentence. And   (hard return)

    also there this sentence. (paragraph end)


    This is a sentence. And   (simple line end)

    also there this sentence. (hard return)

    But there is also this sentence (paragraph end)


    This is a sentence. And   (simple line end)

    also there this sentence. (hard return)

    also there this sentence. (hard return)

    But there is also this sentence (paragraph end)


    What I want is the following:


    Get the whole paragraph text where the insertion point of the cursor is.


    However, when hard line ends exist I want to change behavior.


    Here is the behavior for the above paragraphs:


    For the first paragraph example if the cursor is either in first or in second line I want to get the whole paragraph.


    For the second paragraph if the cursor is in the first line I want only the first line. And if it is in the second line I want only the second line.


    For the third paragraph if the cursor either in first or second line I want both first and second lines to be retrieved as single text. Also if the cursor is in the third line I want only the third line.


    For the fourth paragraph it works like the third paragraph. And if the cursor is in the third line I get only this one.


    Could you please provide some code with FDK in C++ to start with?


    It is a brain teaser.

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    FrameMaker 11 was crashing on my new Windows 8.1 laptop, so I upgraded to FrameMaker 13 (2015), but the problem only got worse. I can usually work in 1 file successfully, but if I open a second file, I get this error with no option but to close the program: . I've checked for viruses and nothing but the laptop and Windows has changed. Is there something in Windows 8.1 causing this?

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  • 06/02/16--13:07: Rename ElementDef
  • In a structured document, is there a way to remane an ElementDef. I want to search for some specific names and rename them.

    Example code:

    var doc = app.ActiveDoc
    var elem = doc.MainFlowInDoc.HighestLevelElement;
    if (elem.ElementDef.Name == "some_string"){     //Change the name of the ElementDef here


    I am assuming I need to use the SetProps function, something like this.

    var props = elem.ElementDEf.GetProps();
    var i = GetPropIndex(props, /*Constants.something_to_get_the_name*/ ) //need help here I think.
    props[i].propVal = "some_new_string"


    Is it possible to do this?



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    In FrameMaker, we can use openpage name.pdf:1 and a link will be created that is  looking for a PDF named name.pdf that is in the same directory as the main PDF. We can test all the links to the separate PDFs, then attach the separate PDFs to the main PDF after that, but we have to manually link (using Adobe Acrobat) to the now-attached PDFs.  Then later if we have to re-generate the main PDF, we can use Adobe Acrobat Pro to move those manually added links to the new PDF and they work - so the manually added links must have the separate PDF names included - however, FrameMaker does not currently support adding hyperlinks (in FrameMaker) to separate PDFs that will be attached to the main generated PDF, as far as I am aware. Does anyone know a method to automate linking to attached PDFs?

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  • 06/03/16--00:48: visio 2013 import error
  • hi,


    But it is currently using the VISIO2013 version, as described below, garbled When you import a visio file from frame maker has occurred.

    Although the character was turned into a vertical is cracked all, this is a problem that occurs in the version of 2013, and to wrote the 2003 version wrote the 2013 in the past for the same reason. (current version : framemaker 9.0)



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    As far as I can tell, in a map you can define a key to reference a topic:


    <keydef href = "Concepts/c_access_control_policies.xml"

        keys = "access control policies" type = "concept"><topicmeta>

    <navtitle>Access control policies</navtitle></topicmeta></keydef>


    For entire topics this is fine: I can then use they key "access control policies" whenever I need to reference this topic.


    However, I'd like to be able to reference an element within a topic. For example, have a topic that lists all the standard terms and phrases; each of these elements would have unique IDs etc. In the map, I'd then create keydefs to reference these elements. So far, I've been unable to do this.


    I can easily create references to these standard terms and phrases via conrefs, but each time I want to create a conref, I have to go through the process of locating the file etc. I would have thought that keys would be easier.


    Any help gratefully received.



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    I'm trying to migrate legacy unstructured documentation to a structured format. That legacy documents contain a lot of discretionary hyphens. Those are written to XML as ordinary hyphens, which is terrible =) Is there a way to remove those at any stage? Maybe with conversion table, or EDD or read/write rules?

    Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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    All of a sudden, some people on our team cannot generate TOCs in FrameMaker 2015, while others still can. We could all generate TOCs without a problem until this week (at least, this week is when we noticed the issue). Are there any known issues with the 3.1 update that was released in April (I believe)?


    When we select Add >> Create Standalone TOC, FrameMaker creates a TOC file and adds it to the book, but the file is completely blank. When we try updating the TOC file, nothing happens. When we try to create/update TOCs with other books and templates, same thing.


    Other folks are able to create/update TOCs with these same files. We haven't been able to determine what the difference is that's causing the issue.


    Those of us with the problem all seem to have FrameMaker 2015 version installed. But at least one person who has that same version installed can create/update TOCs. (We're all on Windows 7, 64-bit.)


    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance,

    jason nichols

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    FrameMaker 2015 trial version closes automatically when more than one FM file are opened at the same time.

    Could it be a trouble due to the trial version? We are not sure to buy two FM licenses if this problem persists in the complete FM 2015 version.

    Thanks a lot

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    Dear friends,

    Yet now I can not reproduce the following situation in a short test script:

    1. A document is opened and the script looks for existence of a Reference page "FM-calc"
    2. If found, skip to step 4
    3. If not found, such a reference page is copied from a template
    4. Work on the reference page: replace some paragraphs.
    5. The user does no see that the script has worked on the ref page and invokes a dialoge
    6. This dialog inserts a marker at the current location
    7. The marker is inserted in the reference page where the work has been left

    How to go back to the current body page (which is the first one)?


    Just placing

    var pgf = goCurrentDoc.MainFlowInDoc.FirstTextFrameInFlow.FirstPgf;

    prior to the insertion of the marker does not do the trick.

    Normally the user woud place the cursor into the document at a specific location and then invoke the dialog: this works fine.

    But this dialog stays open when the user changes the document.

    In the new document there may be no reference page and hence the script creates one.

    The user click outside the text frame (illegal location for marker insert) - This can be handled with

      if (!goCurrentDoc.TextSelection.beg.obj.ObjectValid()) {    alert ("Please place cursor in document text flow or select something!");  return;  }

    But the for the switching back from the work on the ref page I have not found a solution.

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    Hi, I have a 7 page document, that should be 8 pages, but the text at the end of page 7 does not flow onto page 8.

    If I paste in the text, it get's squashed up at the end of page 7 instead of flow to the next page.

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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    When I upgrade FM 11 to 13, do I need to leave 11 on my computer? I'm having crashing issues in 13, but when I uninstalled 11, I lost my licensing for 13.

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    We have just upgraded from FM 11 to FM 2015. We write exclusively in structured mode and use Dita 1.2. Our graphics are about 90% in .png format.

    All of our graphics were correctly sized in FM 11, but after importing the files into FM 2015, they have lost all of their scaling. Not only that, but when we do scale them, they still take up three pages in the file: one for the title, one for the graphic, and one (just for good measure it seems) after the graphic.

    We could manually resize each one, but since there are over 900 of them, this will get monotonous, tedious, boring . . . time consuming.

    Why are they resizing, and what can we do about it?


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    How can I open or convert old v5.5 frame maker files on my Mac? I have heard this is possible but seem to be running into dead ends?

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