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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    I exported a file into HTML5, but the resolution of all pics in the file become very low...

    When I exported into PDF, it was okay. So I guess it should be setting of Publish functionality. If you know how I can set up, please let me know!!

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    Hello - I generated a CHM file and the Search is not working - as shown here, I type in the word INSTINCT

    which is clearly in the document, but nothing is found.  How can I get this fixed ?  Thank you.


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  • 05/20/16--10:39: Editing EDD rules
  • Hello FrameHive,

    I am interested in editing the underlying the underlying structure of a generic EDD. More specifically, I would like to add nested formatting and structure rule options to a context rule. For example, in my table definition I want to make the InitialStructurePattern rule context sensitive, as shown below:

    I know that I have seen at least one tutorial video from Tom Aldous or one of the other greats that mentions the file that defines the underlying EDD structure, but I can't pinpoint it in the FM folders. Does anyone know where this file is located?

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    Will FrameMaker 8 work on Windows 10, 64-bit system? Will I still be able to edit files/books and create PDFs?


    Also, okay suggest best alternatives, if interested.




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    Hello everybody,


    if I want to convert back a FM file into a MIF, is it sufficient to rename the file extension or must be done through the "Save As" function of FM.

    A) What is the difference at the end?


    The simple renaming worked perfectly for us. A customer calls and said that the "Book Update" do not working anymore.

    B) What is the problem or what could be the cause?


    To convert multiple files at once is not possible with FM12

    C) Does anyone know of a script or tool to convert multiple files simultaneously?


    Thanks for notes and

    best regards

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  • 05/23/16--10:29: FrameMaker 12 and Windows 10
  • Does FrameMaker 12 work with Windows 10?

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  • 05/23/16--13:21: unavailable fonts
  • I am having a "unavailable fonts" problem. I am developing a template for Users' Guides, using unstructured Frame12.


    My company uses "Metric" as its company font; the entire metric family (Metric Black, Bold, Light, Medium, Regular,  Semibold, and Thin) are all installed correctly and all fonts are available in the font list.


    In the font pod, none of the fonts used in the files are unavailable. They're all from the Metric family, Courier New, and Symbol. None of these fonts show that they are missing or have been replaced with something else.


    When I go to update my generated files in the TOC, I get the error that FM cannot open the file because of unavailable fonts.


    I have tried everything I can think of, including saving each chapter as a MIF file and changing back to a FM file. The last time I shut down and went so far as re-booting, the FrameMaker console showed a number of replacements... which make no sense.


    What could possibly be going on here?


    1. Font Pod

    2016-05-23 12_35_01-.png


    2. Book Error Report

    2016-05-23 12_36_01-Book Error Log - HPE Frame

    3. FrameMaker Console

    2016-05-23 13_09_48-FrameMaker Console.png

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    Hi in my FMClient I have the following method for checking if API is alive: bool FMClient::IsConnected() { return F_ApiAlive() > 0; } After I connect to FM with F_ApiStartUp the IsConnected method returns true. However, If the user closes the FM application then this method still continue returns true. How can I check if the FM application is alive and the FMClient is connected with it? Should I run and test an API call? e.g. Try to get the current active document or something else?

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    However, 5 pages in I cannot add any additional text. Page Break command does not go to new just seems fixed at 5 pages. I did change the first page from 2-column to single column because two columns were not needed. But now I cannot add any additional material into this one "chapter". What the heck is wrong?

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  • 05/24/16--11:43: Custom Fill Pattern
  • Hey gang,


    Is there a way to create a custom fill pattern for FrameMaker?  I'm working on an emergency procedures manual and the pages have a heavy diagonal line pattern framing the content around the border of the page.  FrameMaker's diagonal Fill pattern is what I want, but with a 10-pt stroke (see below).  I don't know any way to do this other than to create the frame I want in another program and import it as a graphic.  Any ideas?



    Fill Pattern_small.jpg

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  • 05/25/16--03:55: AddText does not add
  • You know, my favorite errors ar typos... but I have not found any in my codet. So I hope You see my error.

    • I have settings stored in paragraphs of a reference page and want to replace them from contents of an array.
    • At line 6 fo the code snipped the alert displays that replaceString contains 5 lines.
    • Leaving debug mode after line 7 displays that the current content is selected
    • However, after performing line 9 nothing is inserted - the paragraph is empty


    // var tr is defined in a subroutine
    var replaceString  = "";
    for (j = 0; j < gasUserVariables.length; j++) {  replaceString = replaceString + "\n" + gasUserVariables[j];   // \n gives new paragraphs
    alert (replaceString);
    targetDoc.TextSelection = tr;                 // some ¶s excluding last ¶-mark
    targetDoc.Clear(0);                           // delete selected content
    targetDoc.AddText(tr.beg, replaceString);     // insert the text from the array

    Where is my mistake?


    BTW: in the function where I set up the selection I need to reduce FV_OBJ_END_OFFSET by 2 to exclude the final ¶ mark from the selection (snippet only):

    var tr = new TextRange();  tr.beg.obj =  oPara;                            // text range starts at the first found para  tr.beg.offset = 0;  while (oPara.ObjectValid ()) {    pgfFmt = oPara.Name;    if (pgfFmt == type) {                         // must not be interspearsed with other pgf formats      tr.end = new TextLoc (oPara, Constants.FV_OBJ_END_OFFSET - 2);       oPara = oPara.NextPgfInFlow;      continue;    }    break;  }  return tr;

    I'm working in FM-13.

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    Since I have updated to CorelDRAW X8, the illustrations suddently are shown as wireframes in FrameMaker. I import the illustrations as "objects from a file", as I ude to do. How can this be - and would it help to update FrameMaker also and what version should I choose?


    I realy hope, someone are able to help me
    Thanks in advance /Eva

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    I am using FrameMaker 2015 and our documents are stored on a network.

    When I copy text from one document to another that contains graphics that are imported by reference, the graphics maintain their original link, which can get very messy if you do a lot of copying/pasting from documents in different locations.

    Is there a way to move these graphics into the new location when you copy the text?

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    G'Day guys,


    So as the topic header states, we have a 4 volume document, 400+ pages that I'm told were originally created in Framemaker. We have to make amendments to this document as it doesn't contain all the material we need it to, however, we don't posses the original Framemaker files - only .PDF versions. My question is are we able to reverse engineer this document by using Framemaker somehow?


    It consists of a working navigation menu / contents at the beginning of the document and this is the main issue we are having trying to edit it in word. When we add a new page to the document it doesn't adjust page numbers. footers etc etc because we have lost this in the conversion from .PDF to .doc/.docx


    I hope this makes sense, any extra info needed let me know. I just want to find out if purchasing a copy of Framemaker could allow me to make this ammendments myself or if I'm going to have to pay a page designer to rewrite this document.


    Thanks in advance


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         I take over to maintain the document that is implemented by FrameMarker today, so I download the trial version to see if I can edit this document before I decide to buy formal version. but I found the .pdf converted by trial version is different to original .pdf...


         I am wondering if this issue happened only on trial version and it will work fine on formal version?


    BELOW is original .pdf



    BELOW is .pdf converted by Trial Version

    converted by trial version.jpg

    Thank you for your feedback in advance....

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    Hi! I'm quite new to structured framemaker and I'm considering migrating legacy unstructured documentation to XML. In legacy documentation along with ordinary tables I have Note and Attention messages in a table format:


    The icon is a paragraph format with a Frame above Pgf., and the table has shading

    When I generate a conversion table, framemaker creates only one set of elements for table cells, rows, etc. I'm a bit confused about how do I handle those tables both in conversion table and in EDD file so that I can save the converted file to XML, then load it and get the same table format? I would appreciate any advice. Thanks!

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    This is a new install of FrameMaker on a VDI environment to allow me to work remotely. However, we have not been successful and getting the PDF function to work properly. I have checked every setting, set the Adobe PDF printer as my default and still it will not produce a PDF. However, I can PDF in Word and Excel, just not in FrameMaker. Below is the error that I receive in Distiller:

    Distiller Error.PNG

    Any suggestions?


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    I have a conversion table generated for a group of files I am trying to structure. I want to be able to apply the conversion table with Extendscript. The script I have doesn't save any converted file. I am not sure why is it not saving the file. I was under the impression that the "Structure Generator" should create the new file. If this incorrect.


    Here is the code I am trying to use.

    var myFile = File.openDialog ("Select File to Convert");
    var myCT = File.openDialog ("Select ConversionTable");
    var CT = openFile (myCT.fsName, 0);
    applyConversionTable (myFile.fsName, CT)
    closeFile (CT);
    function applyConversionTable(fileName, CT){
        var doc= openFile (fileName, 0);    var name = fileName.replace(/[\w\.]+$/,"")     CallClient("Structure Generator", "InputDocId " +;    CallClient("Structure Generator", "RuleDocId " +;    CallClient("Structure Generator", "OutputDocName " + name);    CallClient("Structure Generator", "GenerateDoc");    closeFile (doc);
    function openFile( fileName, visible){
            var i = 0;    var doc = 0;        var openParams = GetOpenDefaultParams();    var retParams = new PropVals();        i = GetPropIndex(openParams, Constants.FS_AlertUserAboutFailure);    openParams[i].propVal.ival = false;    i = GetPropIndex(openParams, Constants.FS_MakeVisible);    openParams[i].propVal.ival = visible;    i = GetPropIndex(openParams, Constants.FS_FileIsOldVersion);    openParams[i].propVal.ival = Constants.FV_DoOK;    i = GetPropIndex(openParams, Constants.FS_FileIsInUse);    openParams[i].propVal.ival = Constants.FV_ResetLockAndContinue;    i = GetPropIndex(openParams, Constants.FS_FontChangedMetric);    openParams[i].propVal.ival = Constants.FV_DoOK;    i = GetPropIndex(openParams, Constants.FS_FontNotFoundInCatalog);    openParams[i].propVal.ival = Constants.FV_DoOK;    i = GetPropIndex(openParams, Constants.FS_FontNotFoundInDoc);    openParams[i].propVal.ival = Constants.FV_DoOK;    i = GetPropIndex(openParams, Constants.FS_RefFileNotFound);    openParams[i].propVal.ival = Constants.FV_AllowAllRefFilesUnFindable;        doc = Open(fileName, openParams, retParams);        if (doc.ObjectValid() ===1){        doc.openedByScript = true;    }    else{        PrintOpenStatus(retParams);    }    return doc
    function closeFile(doc){
        Constants.FF_CLOSE_MODIFIED = 1;    var res = doc.Close(Constants.FF_CLOSE_MODIFIED);

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    I have taken over some documentation from an individual with no training in FM.  They made multiple AutoNumbering paragraph styles, and it is a mess.

    Going through their documents manually to find all of their AutoNumbering formats is quite time consuming.


    Is there a method to just pull the AutoNumbering formats and formatting data regarding such?

    Heck, even just a list of the Paragraph Styles they made that use AutoNumbering would be a good start.





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    Hello everyone.

    I'm newbie in ExtendScript FrameMaker, and it seems a great tool!

    My problem is that I have a folder in which I have full subfolders.

    In this subfolders, I have structured ".fm" files in which, I would like to import a format and edd ...

    I can't.

    Someone could help me for the beginnig?

    Thank a lot

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