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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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  • 02/06/16--22:36: Lightroom 6
  • Installer kann nicht ausgefürt werden

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    Is there a definitive list of which versions of the Tech Comms Suite are compatible with Windows 10?


    I'm currently running TCS 4 on one machine and TCS 2 on another (both Windows 7, currently). It seems every other bit of essential software I own is now compatible with the exception of TCS... but I can't upgrade to TCS 2015 at the moment on both (it may happen ... I keep nudging) as the decision is up to my clients, not me. As an aside - I went to a training course with TCS4 on a laptop that had been upgraded to Windows 10, and for the short amount of time I used it there, it seemed fine...


    Any guidance appreciated.


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    I'm evaluating Framemaker 13 to use as a DITA publishing tool. Is there a way to add comments to the XML files through the WYSIWIG view or is that only possible through the XML view?



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    I have a problem with opening a chapter. Whenever i try to open it, Framemaker stops responding, and i have to close it. I tried opening the chapter from book and individually as well. please help

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  • 02/08/16--12:39: Problem with Mathflow
  • In FrameMaker 2015 (update 2) Math formulas that are inserted using latest MathFlow is well displayed, but not printed at all. A warning message is displayed on printing saying "Cannot print some imported images, Click OK to continue". A grey rectangle is presented

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  • 02/08/16--12:53: image positioning
  • Hi All,

    Is there a way to position an image (snap to grid, x-y coordinates, or centering) on say a cover page?

    any help appreciated,


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    Hi all,


    From FrameMaker 13.02.433, I cannot produce PDF with embedded MP4 if the documents are imported by reference.


    Both the Save As PDF, and Print (to .ps, using the Adobe PDF print driver) options fail.

    • Save As PDF hangs (whether or not it might process eventually, I kill the process after 15 minutes)
    • Print (to .ps) yields the poster in the PDF, but no ability to activate the MP4.

    Stefan, is this a bug, or am I missing something?



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    I make changes in master page of a dita topic file, but whenever I restart FrameMaker2015, all the changes disappear, why? Anyone please answer!



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    I am generating responsive html5 output from FrameMaker. How do you add the tag <meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow"/> in FrameMaker so it appears in the <head> area of the .htm files in responsive html5 output? So far, I can't find a way to do it in the FM UI. Is Find/Replace in another tool , such as Notepad++, my only option?

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    In FrameMaker Book, what's the difference between Save as PDF vs Save Book as PDF ?

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    The Excel charts are saved as PDF and then imported into FrameMaker 2015, into pre-made frames. The frames act as placeholders until the PDF pages are imported. Is there a way to automatically scale the PDF pages to fit into the pre-made frames upon import?

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    Good Morning,


    Since there are two ways to make a TOC:

    a. Add TOC

    b. Special TOC for document


    Our component manuals have a cover, toc, body, and back cover.

    Our product manuals are set up by section, and have the toc, and body. Of course a cover and back cover.


    So my question is what is the difference in using one or the other toc:? We also have to have bookmarks and links in the toc?


    Just thought I would get the real reason behind which one is used for what.





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    I just updated to patch #2 based on other crash-related posts, but I'm still crashing. I've got a landscaped file, book minimized to the left, one file open, and a large referenced Adobe Illustrator file almost filling the page. The size of the AI file is 1.65 MB. Frame seems to have trouble repainting the page. Very slow. The crash comes when I try to copy and paste a small text box from one spot to another. Frame hangs, I see "not responding" in the title bar, and then it crashes closed. I looked for the %appdata% crash log file referenced in another discussion but can't find it. How can I fix/avoid this?


    Susan Colm

    Hypertherm Inc.

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    I work in Framemaker 2015. When I convert a document to pdf, some of the insertion points come across to pdf as tiny black dots. These only show up in the pdf document, not the FM file. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get rid of this? Right now I can highlight each point and change it to plain text to get rid of it, but if there is nothing there in FM it gets frustrating to have to randomly get rid of black dots that might show up in the pdf. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  • 02/10/16--18:08: Direction markers in FM 2015
  • Hi All,


    I know from before the direction markers are hidden permanently in FM but I found out during working in FM 2015 that is not hidden permanently, its appeared with some fonts so I have to select it and apply another font like Arial to make it hidden.


    Can we fix this issue in future by make it hidden permanently with any font?


    Thanks in advance.

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    I am facing problem in inserting Xref in the document that Xref is linked to the Figure in different document. I am not getting the logic how this can be established using Extend Script. Please guide me how this can be done. If possible, please share the example Script.

    Thanks & Regards,


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    Is there any possibility of creating a drop-down hotspot in FrameMaker 10. I have a document of 1000 pages and it would really help if I can create such links. Please check the image for better understanding.



    Any other ideas would also be of great help.



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  • 02/11/16--00:36: database
  • Hi.

    I have created a Master Book, see example below, containing all the resources needed for our publications.

    The idea is to have the Master Book open and simply drag the source needed, as an inset, onto an empty page to create a new book.

    The process should be the same as the following steps, File>Import>File and then navigating to the source.

    Is this possible?


    At this stage I can only copy and drag a file from the Master Book to the new book. But the problem is that the files are still separate files.




    Drag FM Files as insets.png

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    I'm currently using the 30 day trial for FM 2015, and when i create a pdf, postscripts come out as normal size (circa 300mb), around what i would get from FM 11. If i need to do any changes in the pdf through Acrobat however, and need to run a postscript (embedding bits etc) again, the file size inflates up to around 4GB, taking about half hour-45 mins to generate. Sounds like a acrobat issue at first but i've done the same using a FM 11 file and all works as nomal, leaving me to believe its a FM15 issue. Print settings file has been carried over from 11 to 15 as well, and all settings seem to mirror each other, and when doing a usage audit in acrobat everything seems to line up.


    Any ideas?

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    Does anyone know the purpose of the appendix and appendices elements in a dita bookmap file?  They seem to generate exactly the same .fm files as chapter elements when saving the dita bookmap file as a book with component files. What I really want to know is how to save a ditamap or a bookmap as a book and have some of the topics be formatted as appendices instead of chapters.

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