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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    Hello everyone!

    Please help me understand what I need to do if I want ... tables of the same type in my XML document keep different column widths.


    1) I use FM 2017 and have a book with XML files, so I use a DTD and EDD files to design my document.

    2) I added to  EDD a new type of table and updated DTD.

    3) As a result, I can add this new table in a document, but I cannot save widths of columns. If I close the document and reopen it, the widths of columns have default settings which I set in structure template for Table format. I cannot predict what column widths I will need for future tables, so I would like to be able to adjust the width of the columns for each individual table and save these settings after closing the document. How can I do it? Is it possible?

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    I'm not sure if this has to do with our IT company moving us all to a new server, especially since the FM files are local to my machine. However, the last couple of weeks I've noticed that FM asks me if I want to close files without saving them, even if I've only opened them without making changes. When I click Yes, everything closes ok, but the next time I go to open the book or the individual chapters, I get a message that the files are locked. Sure enough, when I check, the .lck files are still there. They weren't closed.


    This is getting to be a bloody nuisance. I don't know why FM is suddenly asking me if I want to save files I've made no changes to, and I don't know why it isn't clearing the .lck files. I want BOTH of these things to STOP. Does anyone have any ideas?

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  • 01/14/19--07:46: Color table lines
  • I want to create a table with red lines; how do I do this? I'm on Frame 2019. I also want to create one box in the table with red lines, which would be similar to the table with red lines.

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    As of September of 2018, there was suppose to be a fix for FrameMaker Internal Error 15004. Is the fix available and where do I go to download? Thanks.

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  • 01/15/19--05:02: Simple find and replace text
  • Hi Experts,


    I am trying to do simple find and replace script. My task is explained below:


    find: some text in english


    replace: translated unicode text non-english language


    I have number  of paragraphs to be replaced.


    Any advice how to do this using FrameMaker script since I am good with Adobe Indesign scripting I am new to Adobe FrameMaker script.


    Thanks in advance




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    I'm attempting to update my book and save as PDFs.


    When attempting to Update a book or "Save as PDF" I get the error messages below:


    When Saving as PDF:



    When Updating Book:

    I get an error report, but also the windows prompt error, and FM randomly creates separate TOC/LOF/LOT files unstructured.




    This just started happening, I have no idea what causes this.  I've tried updating Framemaker, restarting, and googling this issue, but no information is found. I am working with Adobe Framemaker 2015, version

    If anyone is familiar with this issue, help would be greatly appreciated as this prevents me from getting any work done.  Thank you!

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    Is the <steps-informal> element still undefined in FM 2019?

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    I'm a bit deep in the weeds here, and not entirely sure I'm going about this the right way.


    Overall Goal: Be able to use XML/Structured Framemaker to generate Word versions of current publications directly from Framemaker, rather than Framemaker -> PDF -> Word.


    Problem: I'm trying to import elements from an EDD generated from the NISO STS v1.0 tag library. The EDD, which i generated from the corresponding DTD, is 200+ pages long, and Framemaker (2015 and 2019) both crash every time I try to import elements from the EDD into a fresh document. I assume this is a memory issue, but I have no idea how to proceed. Maybe there's an easier way to accomplish the overall goal (stated above)?



    Running Windows 7 Pro, SP1 (64-bit)

    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4570 CPU @3.20 GHz

    8MB RAM

    Framemaker 2015 (

    (also tried it in a trial of FM2019)


    I've posted the framelog from my my recent crash (using Framemaker 2015) below.


    === Header Begin ===

    Internal Error: 13054, 5134708, 5135002, 8277901

    FrameMaker 13.0.5 for Intel


    Window System: MSWindows

    Operating System: Windows NT 6.1 ( 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1)

    Generated on: Wednesday, December 12, 2018 12:44:20 PM

    To file: C:\Users\[xxxxxxxx]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\FrameMaker\13\FrameLog_18.12.12_12.44.20.txt

    Locale: English

    Current Mode: Structured FrameMaker

    Current View: WYSIWYG View

    === Header End ===



    [Edited by moderator. No need to post all of the stack dump here. Please send the console log file to ]

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    Does anybody know how can I add a space in the end of the table cell with extendscript.


    I have object of the cell and want to get the text/string and add a space in the end.

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    I'm pretty sure that my question is related to Master pages. I'm trying to set things up so that my back cover appears on the right page and a blank page appears on the left. Currently, I'b getting the opposite, my back cover on the left side and followed by a blank page on the right side.


    I've been playing with master page usage and also tried creating a Custom Master page but so far, nothing changes my layout.


    Thank you in advance.

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    Which platform would you prefer for writing technical documentation? Windows, MacOS, or Linux?

    Let us know and make your vote in this poll on Twitter:

    Not on Twitter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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    Hi there


    A very wierd issue about conditional text.


    I have this example text: three paragraphs and the second one with very big font size and marked as conditional text.




    I hide the condicional text and FM 2019 inserts a conditional marker with the size of the previous paragraph!!




    As you can see, there is a lot of room among the three paragraphs.


    Is there a workaround for this?


    Thnaks a lot for your time

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    I am looking for an Online tutor for Framemaker 2019 running on Windows 10


    I need to write a 50 page User Manual for a PC with custom hardware and software


    I have experience writing 500 page operations manual using MS word many years ago, and hope that Framemaker is a good documentation creation platform


    I am in the European time Zone, but no problem working with someone in US


    Will pay upfront via PayPal ahead of each session


    email me at

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    Trying to get updates for FrameMaker 15.0.2, when I launch the Set-up.exe file the dialog window image doesn't allow me to enter a response. It appears as follows and I cannot resize the window to gain access to the contents of the window in order to click on whatever response is buried there.






    The same issue when using the Help/updates...

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    ../ExtendScript Toolkit.exe" -run exampleScript.jsx


    Does anybody know how can I disable this ? or is there any good way to run the extendscript in non interactive mode.

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    I am opening XML files which may have large tables that force the page layout to landscape. But as the table location is just the anchor and not the entire table contents, only the first page on which the table occurs is getting the landscape format. When I apply the master pages via the menu, this problem is corrected. So I tried to call that function after opening the file, but there is no effect. Does anyone have experience with calling the ApplyMasterPages function from a script when opening the file ?


    Here is the event handler code that fires when opening an XML file. The ProcessTables( ) function takes several layout attributes and applies them to the table properties, so applying master pages has to be done after that, as the layout changes may affect the number of pages spanned by the table.


    ProcessTables( oDoc );

    var oCmd = app.GetNamedCommand( "ApplyMasterPages" );

    Fcodes( [oCmd.Fcode] );


    This does not do a thing on the opened document. But when I take the last two lines and put them in a new script and execute that, the result is what I need it to be. So why is the code not firing when I call it in my event handler ? Any ideas ?



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  • 01/18/19--05:24: "across all" + autonumbering
  • Not sure whether I've forgotten how to do this, or in fact never done it before :-}

    Page after page of reference information … styles with autonumbering for the blue labels, style with "across all columns and sideheads" for the bold black numbering.


    Either of these by itself works like a charm, as shown over 'spacious' – but I'm wondering whether I can make the two styles work together and deliver something like the example over 'compact'.

    Thanks in advance for any tips.

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    I am using FM 2017 and have found that when I print documents containing graphics, the print time is sometimes unusually long. 


    Most of our graphics are referenced PDFs, and none are particularly large (i.e.. most are under 1MB).


    Currently I am trying to print (to PDF) 6 pages of a manual section, containing about 5 graphics, each of which are under 100KB.   The print job has been running for about 30 minutes.


    Is there an adjustment or update that would address this?

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    I am unable to either print a FrameMaker 2017 book or save as PDF. Can I get some help? URGENT!

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    My team just updated to FM 2019 Version 15 and now the "Symbols" button in the toolbar does not work for any of us. It is grayed out. The pull-down from "Insert" works, but we want the button to be functional to insert symbols. How do we turn this on?

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