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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    I'm creating a cover for a user guide and I'd like the image to cover the entire page. Currently,  when I print the pdf, I have about 1 cm of white space around the entire image. I tried manually resizing the image in Frame. I also, tried to configure bleed settings in File > Publish. On the Marks and Bleeds tab, I tried changing the bleed to 2p0 all around, but I'm not familiar with these settings. Please let me know if my description is clear enough.



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    Hi all,

         how to use Constants.FF_FIND_USE_REGEX with find() method..

    i want to find regular expressions in framemaker document using script


    please help

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  • 01/05/19--09:39: Graphic properties of arrows
  • <knit picking on>

    When drawing with FM tools a line or other open object can get arrow tips. Their style can be selected. My favorite looks like this


    Since long I have notices that the real image of an arrow does not correspond to the properties of the object. Now I have checked this:

    This arrow was set up with these properties:

    ArrowBaseAngle = 90°

    ArrowLength = 786432 (= 0.423 cm)

    ArrowScaleFactor = 16384 = 0.25

    ArrowScaleHead = 1

    ArrowTipAngle = 16°

    ArrowType = 3

    BorderWidth = 1310720 = 0.706 cm = 20 pt


    However, measuring the arrow tip shows an ArrowLength is 2.35cm = 66.7 pt. 120pt (due to a line thickness of 20pt) would be 4.2333cm (what the property claims to be!)

    To set up a particular (user defined) tip appearance:

    ➔ how to set the ArrowLength to really get it 12 pt long (for 1pt line thickness)?


    Of couse i could take the approach common to students: introduce a factor sigma (propertional faction to the result of the neighbour)...

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    Frame 2017. Preparing guide to convert to help.

    I set conditions, updated guide.

    The Console pod was open.

    After the update the following message appeared many times.


    " (661882): Condition settings must not change between <XRef> and <XRefEnd>."


    Does it mean anything?

    Should I do anything about this?

    The files work OK etc.

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  • 01/07/19--01:18: Open FM2017 file in FM2015
  • A contractor sent me FM file created in FrameMaker 2017. I have FrameMaker 2015. I cannot open these files. We no longer work with this contractor, so I cannot ask him to save the files in an older version or as MIF.

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    Best wishes FM friends


    I'm using FM 12 and testing FM 2019 (version

    I'm worried about the result obtained when regenating my PDF.


    In FM 2019, the registration marks aren't at the same place as in FM 12 (both image are same size)

    In FM 2019, i have the registration "bullet" but the crops makrs disappears [I tried print to AdobePdf, in .ps and with Publish menu (the last one is worst, no marks are shown]


    Anyone know why isn't the same ?


    The source file is a 175mm x 240mm size, the PDF generated is a 210mm x 297mm (A4)


    At the end of my post, you will find and image where i merge both version :

    In blue is FM12 version

    In red is FM2019 version

    FM 12 FM 2019
    old-RegMarks.jpg new-RegMarks.jpg



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    I'm working with TCS 5 and want to find out if TCS 8 is a nice-to-have or must-have.


    How do I have to install TCS 8 to be able to test the new features so that the existing TCS 5 remains unchanged.


    Is it only a check box within the installation wizard or should I test the new version on another PC?

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    Does anybody know how to update ?

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    When FrameMaker 2017 is in structured mode it takes about 2 minutes to startup. There is a grey screen with the built-in hourglass pointer. In non-structured mode, the loading time is around 10-15 seconds (FrameMaker 2015 did not do this). Has anybody experienced this? How would I go about troubleshooting it?

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    Since about a month ago I can't use my pdf-printer/editor anymore. I have been in contact with Adobe's support a few times about it but they can't help me.


    I'm not sure which product it is, I've had it for years and never had any problems. I think it might be the Adobe Acrobat XI Pro, as part of Adobe Technical Communications Suite 4. I also have the Technical Communications Suite 17 and a few updates of FrameMaker since then.


    Is there any way I can get my pdf-editor back working again, or do I have to buy a new application?


    Hoping for help!


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  • 01/08/19--12:19: FrameMaker Update Process
  • FM2019 Update 2 is (finally!) available for manual download, and I've updated my installation, having previously downloaded and installed Update 1. Now that we have the files, I have to advise my colleagues on updating, and I have a question: Is it necessary to install both updates separately/sequentially, or is it sufficient to just install Update 2 (IOW, does Update 2 include all the Update 1 changes)?

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    Hi guys,

    I hope you can help me with this, I have trouble when saving my documents. I have the new FrameMaker 19 Version (structured) and everything is working well for me. But when my colleague saves a document the location of the schema is written in a place where it shouldn't and the whole document is destroyed. We have the exactly same setup and use the same schema from the same location.


    I'm out of ideas, why that is happening.


    Here an example:


    When I save the document, the xml file looks like this (which is fine)


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


    <?Fm ShowAll False?>

    <Kapitel ID="CEGCIIJF" language="DE"





    When my colleague saves the document, it looks like this (and it destroyes my document)


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    <!DOCTYPE Kapitel SYSTEM "file:///M:/Vorlagen/FrameMaker/Schema.xsd" [



    <?Fm Condition Hidden AsIs NO_OVERRIDE hide AsIs?>

    <Kapitel ID="CEGIBBFE" language="DE"




    Any ideas?


    Thanks in advance.

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    Does anyone know why, after HTML5 output, my listed numbers are serif but all my text is sans serif? Thanks.

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    The last few weeks I've noticed that I cannot use the character palette. When I click Insert > Character > Character Palette, all that happens is that the Insert entry on the menu bar is deselected. The same thing happens with Hex Input. I checked all the other items on the Insert menu, and they all work. I've tried a number of suggestions provided on the FrameUsers list, including trying to change screen resolution (tricky, I'm already at the highest), moving to using the laptop screen only, variations on the Windows+Shift+arrow keys ... nothing works. I thought briefly it might be a corrupted program because Frame was giving me some odd errors when I closed it, but I've reinstalled with all updates, no longer get the errors on close out, and I'm STILL not seeing either the palette or the hex input.


    It isn't a TERRIBLE issue, since I've already created variables for most of the non-standard characters (mostly fractions) that I use and know keyboard shortcuts for most of the rest, but even so, it WAS working, now it isn't, and I don't know why.



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  • 01/10/19--06:12: Insert page in FM
  • I can't find the do you insert a blank page into a FM book?

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    I have applied conditional tags to show/hide a certain section within my document. This section includes images as well. However, when I "show" this section, the anchored frame, not the image border, appears in a thick black box, yet this anchored frame was set to invisible when I set the Conditional Tax.

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  • 01/10/19--07:42: FM 2019 crashes / locks up
  • Good Morning,


    We are using 64-bit FrameMaker 2019 v13.0.5.547 (second update applied).


    FrameMaker locks up constantly - it just stops and becomes non-responsive. Nothing pops up to say that FrameMaker stopped working, or any other notification. I have to manually shut it down.


    I thought it was just when I tried to create a .pdf, but most recently it happened when I was scrolling through a .fm document.


    I looked through the forum and saw a few variations of this, but nothing that offered a solution. If there is one, please point me to that string and I'll close this one.


    Thank you for any input or guidance you can give.

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    I am using Framemaker 2015 (Verision 13) and paste special no longer works. Nothing happens at all, it does not even paste the text. This feature is especially helpful when pasting text from other sources. Has anyone else encountered this and do you have a solution.

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  • 01/12/19--05:21: Konvertierung nach Indesign
  • Hallo Ihr Lieben,

    ich habe folgende Aufgabe (Problem sagt man nicht mehr - hört sich so negativ an)

    aber Spaß beiseite


    Es gibt einige FrameMaker Dokument, die jetzt aus unterschiedlichen Gründen nach Indesign konvertiert werden sollen.


    Hat jemand da Erfahrung, oder kennt jemand einen (leicht) gangbaren Weg?

    Freue mich auf Anregungen oder Hilfen


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    Dear all,

    In the good old days of 'large computers' I had an Exit routine which allowed me to terminate a Fortran program and return to the OS without the need to maintain a return chain to the top of the program structure.

    I'm really missing such a thing in ESTK (or elsewhere in JS). Condition in this script can be entered only if the script has been started in ESTK - not via the menu in FM (menu appears only if document is active). So the situation may not be that dramatically - because a person doing so must be at least (as I am) somewhat familiar with ESTK and know how to proceed. Nevertheless I'm looking out for principle escape function.


    Throwing an error

    function IniFMGraph () {
    var oDoc = app.ActiveDoc;   if (!oDoc.ObjectValid()) {  // may be just the Welcome screen, but no FM document    alert ("IniFMGraph\nNo active document!\nCan not place a diagram.", "FMgraph [DDD]", false);    throw new Error ("Script stopped");  }

    opens ESTK at that place and uses the status line for a message.

    Is there a 'catch' method for the upper-most function (main) - or even a method to leave the script without further cluttering the screen?

    I do not have a deep enough knowledge of event handlers...


    Any ideas?

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