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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    Hi all


    I use object style designer in unstructured document  but It does not working  in structured document


    can I use object style designer in structured document (DITA)?


    Thanks in advance

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    I have the following situation: I've been publishing books in Responsive HTML5 for some time. It was working perfectly well. Now, the process hangs up in the post-processing stage. I have no idea what could have gone wrong. The only thing I have been changing is the .h file.


    Please help! I will be thankful for any piece of advice.

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  • 09/03/18--22:45: select text from paragraph.
  • Hi,

         I want to select particular text from particular paragraph.So how to select paragraph and text using extendscript for framemaker? Please suggests if any ideas.





    Thank You.

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    I may be getting the terms wrong, but I am wondering if it's possible to insert an element in the footer or a FrameMaker template. I would like if possible to have my document number pull from the ditamap, rather than having to manually override the the document number in the master page of my template file. Is it not possible to add a reference or a variable to the footer, then have it populate from content stored in the ditamap?

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    Hi, everyone!


    I'm new to this forum and fairly new to the concept behind Framemaker, so please bear with me.


    I am currently using Framemaker 10 at work, in order to create structured books. Before creating the HTML version of these books, I have to save them as XML.

    Unfortunately, when I'm trying to save one of the book files as XML, Framemaker "freezes", then becomes completely unresponsive. Windows eventually tells me to close the program.


    When I look in my XML folder, I see that the files in my book have been saved as XML (individually), but the book source file is saved as:







    It saved the book file like this every time I tried saving it as XML.


    This is the first time I've encountered this issue, and I don't know what to do. I don't see any unresolved cross-references, no validation errors in the book.


    Why would Framemaker not save this book as XML, but it saves all the other files?

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    Hi all. I'm new here and new to scripting. Been reading a lot and watching some videos but it still hasn't quite clicked. I'm am trying to write a script that will apply a hypertext marker to a specific paragraph format, and customize each marker with a specific newlink command based on the contents of the paragraph. For example, the following paragraph, which has the format CaptionFigure, would need a hypertext marker called newlink f3 to correspond with Figure F3:


    Figure F3. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec non pretiu


    Figure F4 will have newlink f4, Figure F5 will have newlink f5, and so on.


    There are sometimes up to 50 or 60 figures in a document, thus I’m looking to streamline it with ExtendScript. I found this code to apply a marker to a paragraph format in the forum (thanks mrsjackharkness) and modified it, and it works great. Now I need help with the next step, to customize the marker.


    var doc = app.ActiveDoc;

    var flow = doc.MainFlowInDoc;

    var tframe = flow.FirstTextFrameInFlow;

    var pgf = tframe.FirstPgf;

    var target1 = doc.GetNamedObject(Constants.FO_PgfFmt, "CaptionFigure");

    var target2 = doc.GetNamedObject(Constants.FO_PgfFmt, "CaptionTable");


    while (pgf.ObjectValid())   {

    if (pgf.Name == target1.Name)   {

        createMarker (doc, pgf, 0, "Hypertext", "Newlink f");


    else if (pgf.Name == target2.Name)  {

        createMarker (doc, pgf, 0, "Hypertext", "Newlink t");


    pgf = pgf.NextPgfInDoc;


    function createMarker(doc, pgf, offset, type, text) {

        var tLoc = new TextLoc(pgf, offset);

        var marker = doc.NewAnchoredObject(Constants.FO_Marker, tLoc);

        var markerType = doc.GetNamedObject(Constants.FO_MarkerType, type);

        marker.MarkerTypeId = markerType;

        marker.MarkerText = text;

        return 1;



    Any advice will be much appreciated. Please and thank you!


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    In my Asian language manuals, the tab leader dots in the LOF are square if the figure title ends with a Latin character, and round if it ends with an Asian character, as before 111 and 116 below. If I manually add a space after the last Asian character in the LOF, the dot becomes square, as before 118 below. In the chapters, all the periods are square.




    If I add a space to the end of the figure titles in the text, the dot will be square in the LOF only if there's an index marker after the space. (This might be true with other markers, but I didn't test them.)


    I'm thinking that the hex code of the character before the leader tab determines the shape of the leader dots. If single-byte, the dot is square, if double-byte it's round. My work-around is to either add spaces manually after the figure titles in the LOF or add a space and an index marker (also a space) after each figure title in the text.


    Any thoughts on a better way?

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  • 09/06/18--06:58: Common Text and Graphics
  • Three framemaker documents are in development with each containing a subset of common text and graphics.  I need a recommended strategy how to setup the documents to pull the common text and graphics in from a common location.

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    How to save the information put in a PDF with Sign and Fill?

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    FM's Welcome Screen is a customizable HTML document. The bulk of the Welcome Screen consists of tiles that a user can click to create a new document; different tiles use different templates. An example of how a tile is defined in the HTML source is:


    <a href="http://fm-welcomescreen/?cmd=newdocument-portrait" class="createTile basicPortrait" title="Portrait">Portrait</a>


    Note that the values of the href and class attributes somehow select the template to use and the appearance of the tile. I would like to modify my Welcome Screen to replace the existing tiles with those that use the templates for a specific project. Is there a way to change the values of href and class to customize a new tile? If not, is there another technique I can use?



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  • 09/06/18--08:25: Pod for Text Insets
  • This is an added question to my previous question. The framemaker documents are structured.  Can a text inset be used in a structured document?

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    Hi there,


    After using unstructured Framemaker for 10+ years, I have a new need to learn to author in the structured environment. I'd love to find a decent 2- or 3-day training class where I can do some hands-on work and dig into structured authoring with DITA/S1000D. Any recommendations? I'm open to online, in-person training, or conferences that might be valuable.

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    Hello All,


    The main objective is to share the e-learning videos incorporated in the docs which will be shared to a cloud platform. So, I am looking out for the option to embed video in DITA.


    Is it possible to embed Adobe Captivate HTML/SWF output file to DITA? If it is possible, then please outline the steps.


    By doing some research I got to know that we can add Video, Audio, and Embedded HTML Resources in DITA Topics. For now I am thinking to create the courses, and publish them as a video. Then embed the video to Dita topics. Please suggest if my thought process is correct and I would be able to achieve the desired objective.


    Looking forward to some quick suggestions.




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    I have enabled the Auto Save option in the General section of preferences and set it to save every 2 minutes. However, there are no auto saved files being created. In FM 2017 they would appear in the same directory as the .fm and backup files but there don't seem to be any files created in FM2019. Are they being saved somewhere else or is this function not working correctly?

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    My IT folks reinstalled FM, and now the Ctrl+ combos don't work. Is this a configuration problem? We've reinstalled before without issue.

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    can you please tell me which Tool I use for FrameMaker  Plug-in development.

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    Check this image out:

    line indent.png

    See how the one character format has the lines extending to the edge of the page, but the one under does not?

    Where does one control this depth?  I cannot for the life of me figure out what governs this distance.

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    I want to open .fm files and save to .dita within extendscript. I tried some example from the forum but they don't open my .fm files.




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    FM 2019 just quit abruptly. I dug but haven't found an error log text file to send. I checked in C:\Users\myusername\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\FrameMaker\15.


    Where do these error logs get put in FM 2019?


    Thanks and have a great weekend,



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    In our custom application we have a function to save files in older versions formats using the FDK.


    I am using the latest FDK to save a file from v2019 to v2017. I use the "FV_SaveFmtBinary140" definition to save the file in binary format. Run the process but file cannot be opened with v2017.


    If I use the same function with "FV_SaveFmtBinary130" instead, it saves the files into v2015 format correctly. We have done this since v11 in the same way between consecutive versions.


    Am I missing anything? Has something else changed in the latest FDK or something missing?



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