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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    I am using Framemaker 2019 (p393 build) and the CMS feature to check documents out of AEM. When I connect to AEM (through Framemaker), FM 2019 crashes.  The pop-up is showing error "Adobe FrameMaker 2019 has stopped working"


    This occurs with both AEM version 6.3 and 6.4. Can someone check? This seems to be a bug in FM 2019.




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    I have Frame 2017

    1. Setting up a new book

    The company likes to have all heading numbered  1.2.3, 2.2.3, 3.3.3  etc

    Restarting at each chapter

    The headings work in the book

    How do i get the heading numbers to appear in the TOC?


    2. I want the front matter not to appear in the TOC . How do I do that?

    3. Appendices - should appear in the TOC - how can I make them?




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    I've been customising our HTML5 colours to suit the corporate palette, but have come across some text that I cannot change the colour of.

    I've highlighted it with a big red arrow. It's the check box on the Search (Desktop) window in the layout customiser. Does anyone know where to find this colour value?HTML5 Search.jpg

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         I didn't understand the following code in extendscript for framemaker. what is the purpose of findParams[0] and findParams[1]. And why we have to choose  findParams[0].propIdent.num = Constants.FS_FindText; and  findParams[1].propIdent.num = Constants.FS_FindCustomizationFlags; Difference between findParams[0] and findParams[1]. Please explain this individual code.


    var findParams=new PropVals ();

    findParams = AllocatePropVals(2);  

    findParams[0].propIdent.num = Constants.FS_FindText;  

    findParams[0].propVal.valType = Constants.FT_String;

    findParams[0].propVal.sval = searchString;

    findParams[1].propIdent.num = Constants.FS_FindCustomizationFlags;

    findParams[1].propVal.valType = Constants.FT_Integer;  

    findParams[1].propVal.ival = Constants.FF_FIND_USE_WILDCARDS; 

      findParams[1].propVal.ival =16;






    Thank you.

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    Conditional tags have been created and formatted for style and color, and work exactly as they're supposed to between all documents.


    Suddenly, the conditional tags in one particular document stop formatting correctly. They appear when I move from the Hide to the Show screens of the Show/Hide Conditional Text dialog box and click Apply, but they're default font, no color, no underline (as originally formatted).


    All the conditional tags behave the same way - no style or color formatting. When the tag is moved from the Show to the Hide screen of the Show/Hide Conditional Text dialog box and Apply is clicked, they disappear from the body of the text, as they're supposed to.


    Can anyone please explain what happened to the style/color of the conditional tags, and how to fix this issue?

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    I am using unstructured Frame version and documents with text insets of other full documents so that I can use the same document multiple times in the same book. When I PDF the manual, a blank page shows up at the end of each document with a text inset. I don't want to have to delete these blank pages every time I PDF a book.

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  • 08/28/18--13:37: Export Figure Title
  • I need to populate a 2 column spreadsheet ( table) with the figure number and the object property.  Currently, this is happening manually.  I'd like to have a automated way to export this information.  Is the a mechanism or script available to do this?

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    Hello Team,

    We are using Frame Maker 2017 on Windows 10 OS. While working on file getting below error.

    (Frame Maker 2017 has detected a serious problem and must quite giving internal error 14044, 26170801 etc..)

    Can you please help us to resolving above given error.


    Also note that we are using FM 12 version on same system. Is there any conflict between two FM version.

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    When drafting the framemaker document, the images were embedded.  Now I need to change this to be a imported image.  With the object properties shown below, can the dpi readily be determined?


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    Just tried to install the new Framemaker 2019 and the new Robohelp 2019 trials.


    Both fail to install error 183. I uninstalled and reinstalled Creative Cloud app and did not help.


    Framemaker 2019 install always fails at 79% done.


    I have turned off antivirus software.

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    I am trying to install Framemaker from the internet, but I get a message when clicking on the install .exe file that it may be corrupted and I should download it again, and I cannot install. Each time I re-download, the same thing happens. Any help on how to solve/circumvent the problem would be greatly appreciated.


    Many thanks!

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    We have a software manual authored in FrameMaker DITA. We are looking at around 250 pages once output. We are having trouble with generating a PDF. It either takes was too long, or then does not even manage to finish compiling. I understand this may take some time, but what is realistic here? Are there better publishing solutions for FrameMaker DITA? This is yet another frustration with FrameMaker. It just does not seem to be very robust when doing anything moderately complex.

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    I've tried several times, but the upper part and lower part of the images is still blank in the pdf file generated. It is full in the fm document. Can anyone help me with this? Many thanks.

    Below are just the case. The first screenshot is the pdf file generated, the second screenshot is the fm documentin fm.PNG


    saved as pdf.PNG

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    In FM2017, when you clicked on a search result in HTML5, the text would highlight in the body of the document.

    In FM2019, this no longer seems to occur, has anyone else seen this? Is there a new hidden setting somewhere?

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    I would like to put an image next to the chapter sections in the table of contents would this be possible in some way other than just dragging the pictures over the table of contents? It is difficult to have the images align correctly. You can see that by dragging them they look slightly off and I am looking for a way to fix this.

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  • 08/31/18--12:44: Internal Errors
  • I have a couple users getting Internal Errors 14034, 20554030, 20560368, 20560550 when using Framemaker 2017. One is on version and the other is on Does anyone have any idea as to what I need to do to fix this?


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  • 09/01/18--01:11: PDFing with the new FM 2019
  • Just did a PDFing speed test.


    On an old machine with FM10, the PDFing of a 200 pages book took more than half an hour.

    With the new FM 2019 the PDFing (Strg+P) only took 8 minutes.


    But the new PDF renderer in the pub pod seems to be even faster: 4 minutes.

    In a second run with the new PDF renderer, the PDFing of the same book took only about 1 minute! How could that be? Does FM buffer any content?


    On monday, when I'm back in the office, I will test a really really big book with 1000 pages.

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  • 09/02/18--05:38: Saving as PDF not working
  • I am using FM 2017 on a trial basis to prepare a single-chapter document (that is, not a book). When I try to save as PDF, the Save Document dialog appears and I select how and where to save the PDF. Then, the PDF Setup dialog appears. When I click either Set or Cancel, FM does not save the document as a PDF.


    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I bought several Adobe programs (Photoshop, Lightroom...). I can't find them in the apple store or the IOS store. How do I download them?

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    Error: Attribute 'Hidden' is not declared for element 'BitFieldsPostTableDescription'

    I keep getting this error even after declaring the attribute in the EDD and generating a new dtd file. I also updated my file with the new element definitions.


    Any ideas what is causing the error? Is something missing?



    Element (Container): BitFieldsPostTableDescription

    Allgemeine Regel: (<TEXT> | Para)*


    Name: Hidden Auswahl Optional

    Auswahl: Yes | No

    Voreinstellung: No


    Elementabsatzformat: Body

    Wenn Kontext gleich: * < Register[Hidden="Yes"]

    Vorgegebene Schrifteinstellungen

    Farbe: Red

    * < BitFieldsPostTableDescription[Hidden="Yes"]

    Vorgegebene Schrifteinstellungen

    Farbe: Red


    Keine zusätzliche Formatierung.



    <!ELEMENT BitFieldsPostTableDescription

                         - -  ((#PCDATA | Para)*) >

    <!ATTLIST BitFieldsPostTableDescription

                         Hidden    (Yes|No)  No >

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