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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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  • 07/03/18--06:18: Indenting Text Quotes?
  • I'm hoping someone can help.

    I'm working on a project, and they would like the first paragraph of a single text quote left un-indented, but the second paragraph to have "normal" indentation.

    I haven't been able to find a way to do this, as changing indentations with the ruler/other workarounds seem to only affect the top/first paragraph in the quote.



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    I tried searching this out and did not come across anything. If I create two small pages, let's say the first page is Warranty information and can be used across 20 product lines. I create a new page about Testing Information, this can be used across 5 product lines. When I place these pages into a book format and print, how to I get them to flow onto one PDF page?


    Should I add the first 1/4 page to the book then import the second 1/2 page? I am using FrameMaker 2017 unstructured template.




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    I am looking at using the Hazard Statement elements as part of the DITA framework. I like the idea of assigning the applicable attribute type (danger, caution, warning) and having the banner change automatically. For example, when you chose type: danger, it pulls up a red banner with a warning symbol.


    Here is my question, where and how to I change how this banner looks? I like the idea of having the banner populate by simply assigning the type attribute, but I would like to change the color, symbol and placement of text. I can't for the life of my figure out where Framemaker keeps or pulls this graphic from.


    I know I could use the hazardsymbol element and insert my own symbol, but this takes away from the functionality of having DITA "lock down" which symbol goes with which type of hazard statement.


    Please see attached example.


    Hazard Statement.jpg

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  • 07/04/18--00:31: Attributes (Default values)
  • Optional attributes may have default values, required attributes may not. Why not?

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    I want to subscribe monthly (purchase option) framemaker.


    It is possible in (US) but there is no subscribe option in korea (


    How can i do this?

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    Hi All,


    I wonder if a FM scripting solution could be developed to update text insets in a FM template file.
    The scripting solution must have similar functions as those of "Import text flow by reference" FM command and be able to check Master page name. If some conditions are obeyed, header or footer of each page must be updated.
    What are the scripting functions to use if available?

    All ideas ans suggestions are welcomed.



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    Hallo zusammen,


    ich möchte in FrameMaker mittels Adobe PDF ein PDF ausleiten. In FrameMaker wurde die Seitengröße auf DIN A5 ausgelegt.


    Problem ist nun, dass bei den Eigenschaften des Adobe PDF-Druckers "A5" nicht vorhanden ist:


    Zumindest scheint es so ... Wenn ich nun über "Hinzufügen" das Format A5 manuell eingeben will, dann erscheint folgende Fehlermeldung.

    Weshalb kann ich das Papierformat A5 nicht auswählen, obwohl es in dem System vorhanden zu sein scheint?


    Viele Grüße,


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    I have some documents in FrameMaker 2017 and I am experimenting with publishing them as html5/app. They contain tables though, and the tables do not resize dynamically to screen like the text does, when I do the conversion. This makes publishing to both print and html5 awkward because the tables look narrow in print but ok on the phone/tablet. Have I misunderstood something basic here?


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    FrameMaker doesn't use "#" as a variable number of characters in the search. What can I use?

    Thanks in advance.



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    Happy Friday!


    This is a simple problem, but for some reason it's still beating me.  I am not a FrameMaker Samurai yet, more like a brown belt, if that helps!


    Here's the scenario:

    I have 70+ Figure Titles with images right above them throughout the document, and in my Appendix section, I created a neat little Figure Reference table with the Figure Titles (Figure X-Y) in one column, and the description in the other column.  What I want to happen is for the user to click on a figure Title and be transported into the document where the title is placed at the bottom of the page, allowing the image to be viewed.  What's happening now that I don't know how to fix is that the target shows up at the top of the page when you click the link to it, so the image is on the next page above, out of sight.


    What setting am I missing here? 


    Happy Friday everyone!

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    I am having trouble using an SVG in a document.  FrameMaker seems to mess up part of the SVG when I import it.  Below is a picture of the SVG in FrameMaker and in Chrome.  It displays correctly in Chrome.  Any help or advice to make this work would be much appreciated.  FrameMaker SVG Equation.PNG




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    Element menu enhancements

    A lot of new commands have been added in the Element menu to help you work more efficiently and

    easily with structured elements. In addition, a shortcut key is assigned to all of these commands to

    help you perform tasks quickly. A list of commands in the Element menu along with their shortcut

    keys is given in the following table: ...


    Either this doesn't work the way I want it to. Or I don't work the way Adobe wants me to.


    I place the cursor at an insertion point in the middle of an element (in this example before est):

    I select the command Element > Ausblendung von Element und Gleichrangigen umschalten (in the english version it is called Toggle Element Collapse All Siblings). This is what happens:

    In one of Matt's books, the command is explained: Select element containing the insertion point. That's what I wanted to do and what FM has done. So, Matt is right, Adobe is wrong.


    The shortcuts are irritating, too: Adobe FM help: Esc E X (works),Matt's book: Esc h E (doesn't work). So, Adobe is right, Matt is wrong.


    Anyone else having problems with the new element menu enhancements in FM 2017?

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    Dear experts

    With FM-14 (2017) I have discovered the following:

    Any of the 4 backups ($HOME\backup_2017.0.1, …2, …3, …4) contains only the following items:

    sub-idrectory in backup-dir contents
    fminit\ configui\, workspaces\, ➔ no dll
    structure\ sgml\, xml\,,
    TemplatesWithAdobeFonts\ structre\

    Although fminit does not contain any backed up dlls, dlls have been exchanged in the process of updating. For example, fmres.dll:

    build date size
    361 2017-01-18 2'842'752
    406 2017-04-10 2'842'752
    425 2017-06-14 2'843'784
    500 2017-11-19 2'844'664
    511 2018-03-08 2'836'992


    Now my questions (to Adobe) are:

    • Where is the installation (update) log located?
    • How can an update be undone with such a rudimentary backup?
    • How are the dlls of a previous build reconstructed, if not available in the backup?
    • Does an FM-update place information also elsewhere (then the backups)?


    Some insight into these mysteries are welcome!

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    Sorry about this question but I am a newbie to Adobe FrameMaker so, here goes -


    Let's say I need to create a software installation/user guide in FrameMaker. I need the output in various formats obviously - PDF, online help, and so on. Can an unstructured document created in FrameMaker be used to generate different formats or do I need to create a structured document using DITA/XML?


    Also, how does the formatting in structured documents work in FrameMaker? Any insights would be appreciated. I am currently getting the hang of DITA, and it sounds more practical to use it since my current and future projects call for it. 

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    When we do HTML5 from FrameMaker, the hypertext links don't work. When we do Frame to PDF and then from PDF to HTML5, the hypertext links work. Is this something that is covered in the training or how do we get the hypertext links to work?

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    I've updated FrameMaker 2015 and found an error when I tried to print a pdf (not able to update book).
    FrameMaker cannot generate PDF after Windows 10 April update (1803)

    Pictures below.

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    Hey gang,


    I have a document with a multi-page table that needs to be inserted as a change page. The table starts at Sheet 4 and runs through Sheet 9. Is there a way to edit the <$tblsheetnum>variable to start at 4 rather than 1, or do I have to insert a text block with an autonumber style in the caption?


    Can any of you hoopy froods help a brother out?


    Thanks in advance,



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    How do I change the format off all paragraphs in a document with specific characters without effecting the rest of the paragraphs above or below the targeted paragraphs? Frame 11.

    If I paste Bullet format I get this extra paragraph:

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    Hey gang,


    I have a document with a multi-page table that needs to be inserted as a change page. The table starts at Sheet 4 and runs through Sheet 9. Is there a way to edit the <$tblsheetnum>variable to start at 4 rather than 1, or do I have to insert a text block with an autonumber style in the caption?


    Can any of you hoopy froods help a brother out?


    Thanks in advance,



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    I need to convert .fm to .png file.Please let me know how to do it?

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