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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    Hello all,


    I want to do something like this in FM 2017(this is copied from Word - note the bullet styles):



    Ia this possible and if so, I want to be able to employ this throughout all of our documents (i.e. perhaps some style/template).  Would someone be so kind as to offer direction and or topics to read?



    Many thanks in advance



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    one of our customer wants an extract of all tables of the delivered book we created.

    I found the possibility to create a list of tables, but i just get some kind of an index, not the whole tables.


    Is there any possibility to create a new document (semi-)automatically with all tables of a specific element type from a whole book?


    Thanks a lot!

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  • 05/31/18--09:01: Menu bar missing options?
  • Menu bar missing Format, View, Special, Graphics and Table options for one picky .fm file? The complete menu of options (File, Edit, Format, View, Special, Graphics, Table, CMS, Window and Help) DO appear when viewing most .fm files, but for some reason DO NOT appear with the picky .fm file?

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    Dear community,


    What bothers me is the page numbering in the toolbar of the PDF Reader. In my documents, the TOC is Roman numbering and the rest is Arabic numbering, however the toolbar does not display iii (3 of 900) nor 1 (20 of 900) for the first page of the first chapter. Instead it displays 3 (3 of 900) and 20 (20 of 900) although "Use logical page number" is checked in the preferences.


    The documents I publish are made from a *.book with several components:

    • First component: Title page with copyright
    • Next component: Table of content
    • Following components: The chapters and an index


    I suppose I have to set some sort of properties somehow somewhere in here:


    book.PDFPageHeight = 297 * 185771;
    book.PDFPageWidth  = 210 * 185771;
    var comp = book.FirstComponentInBook;
    while(comp.ObjectValid()) {    var openParams = GetOpenDefaultParams ();    var i = GetPropIndex(openParams, Constants.FS_UpdateXRefs);    openParams[i].propVal.ival = Constants.FV_DoOK;    var doc = Open(comp.Name, openParams, new PropVals());    doc.PDFBookmark = true;    doc.DocAcrobatElements = false;    comp = comp.NextBookComponentInDFSOrder;
    var params = GetSaveDefaultParams();
    var index = GetPropIndex(params, Constants.FS_FileType);
    params[index].propVal.ival = Constants.FV_SaveFmtPdf;
    var pdfDocInfo = new Strings();
    pdfDocInfo.push("XXX GmbH");
    book.PDFDocInfo = pdfDocInfo;
    book.Save(pdfPath, params, new PropVals());


    I checked the value of "comp.FirstPageNum" for all the components. The value for the first component with a chapter is "1" as it should be.


    Best regards,


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    is there a good tutorial on creating apps with framemaker 2017?

    I am new to app creation, so I need to understand the basics and the processes.

    Best regards


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    Hi All,


    I am using FM12.

    I have one DITA Map with two Topic file.

    Each topic file contains an image (with Figure Title on top) and Cross-reference.


    When I individually print file to PDF, Figure Title and Cross-reference links works fine.


    But when I print Dita Map File to PDF, Cross-references links do not work.

    Also, Figure Title is printed below the Images and Cross-references Text is not updated according to Figure Numbers.


    Any help will be appreciated on this matter.

    Thank you.

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    I'm building a multi-document book -- a manual for a piece of equipment -- and I just discovered that I need to add a few more sections in one of the documents to explain a few more procedures.

    My document is left to right on the pages.  I know I'll have to redo the TOC, but I'm OK with that.


    I need to add a 2-page spread in a few places to add these procedures and corresponding images.  I cannot for the life of me here figure out how to add two pages in the middle of my document to do this, I'm going to have to do it a few times for the few procedures extra I need to add.  I tried carriage-returning to give myself some space, but I have anchored frames with images and details all over the place and that didn't work.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  • 06/27/18--11:52: Need Tutorial NJ
  • Hello,

    My company needs someone to come and give specific tutorial for creating templates. Be able to answer questions and give feedback for template making in FramMaker.

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    I set up a list of figures, and it works fine.  But when click the list entry, the figure's link displays at the top of the screen.  Unfortunately our figures are above the link in the document.  This means the figure can't be seen unless the I scroll up the document. 


    This wouldn't be a problem, I suppose, if our links were above the figures.  But that's not in our style guide.


    Is there a way to make the link display lower on the screen, so the figure can be seen right away?

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    When placing .svg in FrameMaker 2017 they appear bad and they print bad. Is there a setting FrameMaker that needs to be set to handle .svg. The fonts are loaded?

    thank you

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    I have been trying to add consistent indentation to my headings in TOC as seen below. H1 headings are a topic and H2 heading are the subtopics. The image below is a Microsoft Word document.Capture22.PNG

    The same I need to mimic in Adobe FrameMaker but it just isn't happening. Here's what I end up with:


    I have tried adding tabs and editing the reference page, but the H2 heading ends up at the right side or either looks horrendous. Can someone help me with this?

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    I want to add a section to the end of each chapter in a book and I want that section to meet the following criteria, if possible:

    • I want the text background to be shaded 10% grey - I can to this by applying a 'paragraph box' on the 'Advanced' tab of the paragraph designer: by inserting a text frame and colouring it; by inserting a table and colouring it.
    • The sections consist of multiple paragraphs - and I don't want unshaded areas between them. This rules out shaded paragraph boxes, which although they go from margin to margin don't include the spacing at the top and bottom of the paragraphs.
    • I want a clear coloured 'margin' around the text... no words bumping into the top or bottom of the shaded area. This rules out text boxes - the first line of the first paragraph doesn't apply the "spacing above". However, text boxes are best for the next criterion, as although I will need to resize the final box if I don't want unnecessary grey, everything else is automatic.
    • I want to be able to resize the boxes as the text above them is edited and have the text flow from page to page. This rules out tables - I can use them by splitting the content across rows - 1 row to a page - but although the table moves up or down appropriately, the chances of having to manually copy/paste content from one row to the previous/next is high. However, tables are best for the previous criterion as I can set an inner margin on the cells.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? (Note: this is a book, not a manual... so once it's been sorted out once, it won't need to be done again. If the only answer is a very manual process, I'll have to do that - but it would be good if you could have a "top margin" in a text box. Or can you, and I've just not worked out how?


    Thanks in advance,



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    My company is new to outputting this way, and we own both options, so we are trying to figure out which is better for us. What are the differences in formatting options?

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    (Using Framemaker on Windows 10. Checked if any Frame updates are pending -- none are listed.)


    Win10 insisted on loading an update today and when it did, I encountered the issue where Print Book won't work when I choose the Adobe PDF printer. Annoying, but I can live (for now) with saving the Book as a pdf.


    However... I just tried to Publish the book to html5. This was working the last time I tried it (a month ago).


    Now... when I publish to html5, images are not being published:

    - if they have any annotations using tools from the Graphics Toolbar (e.g. lines and text lines).

    - if they are .ai files

    - Note - These were the first two types of images that I found aren't publishing - I haven't checked other image possibilities yet.


    [edit: Changing the Publish Settings (the .sts file) - Image Settings makes a bit of a difference. I de-selected 'Use Distiller to Generate Image' and republished. Non-vector image formats (e.g. .png, .jpg) generate (with or without annotations), but at reduced quality. Illustrator (.ai) images still do not publish.]



    To be sure that I hadn't done anything incorrectly, I went back to the files that I had saved when I last published this book, and generated using the exact same steps as before -- and those images aren't publishing.


    So... the problem is new (to me at least). Is there a known issue of this type, possibly related to the Windows update having occurred?

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    (Win10 + FrameMaker 2017

    Following on from my publishing issues earlier yesterday, I decided to see if using Frame2017 would yield a better result.


    It .... didn't.


    Now when I publish the book to html5, I get prompted to view the output. Click the option and the browser opens and... displays the following message in italics and nothing else: "There is no topic layout page in this screen layout"


    I've googled in vain trying to figure this out.

    I made sure:

    - my selected Settings file is correct.

    - the Settings file is using the correct .slz file in Manage Layout on the Publish Settings 'General' tab.

    - the Settings file has imported the correct CSS file in Manage CSS on the Publish Settings 'Style Mapping' tab.


    Has anybody seen this happen before or know what step I'm missing?



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    I have a bunch of color images in my FM document.  Is there a way to easily make them grayscale, so they will display on-screen and in hardcopy in grayscale?  I don't want to have to do it in the process of printing or PDFing the document.



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    I was able to generate PDF files a few months ago from FM 2017. However, after Adobe CC updates (it claimed that my enterprise license was not valid and forcing me to uninstall and reinstall). I could see Adobe DC Pro in my computer


    When I save as PDF, FM goes to busy for awhile but nothing happens after that. Is there a log that I could for error messages?

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    This is the second time I have signed up for a subscription to The Technical Publication suite. Both times, I cannot access my serial number. It does not show up in the serial number column under my products. Where is it? Why is it so hard to get my product installed?

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    How can I import and activate a .gif  file into FrameMaker 10?

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    Is it possible to generate an XPS file from FrameMaker, which also contains Bookmarks?

    Printing to 'MS XPS document Writer' does result in an XPS without Bookmarks.

    In MS-Word you can use Export to XPS and select Options, Buttons; this result in Bookmarks in the XPS-file.

    Gert Zwart, Technisch Consult Zwart

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