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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    A rather unusual issue: I can't log in this forum using the Firefox browser.


    Firefox is up to date. No adblocker. No disturbing add-ons or plugins.

    Whenever I try to log in, I get a white screen.

    Chrome and Opera work fine, but I don't want to use these browsers.


    Are there any special settings to use the forum with Firefox?

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    Hey gang,


    I have a document with a multi-page table that needs to be inserted as a change page. The table starts at Sheet 4 and runs through Sheet 9. Is there a way to edit the <$tblsheetnum>variable to start at 4 rather than 1, or do I have to insert a text block with an autonumber style in the caption?


    Can any of you hoopy froods help a brother out?


    Thanks in advance,



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    Per my supervisor's request and as a part of continued education credits, I am searching for a training class on how to structure manuals. Specifically orations and procedures manuals. I have yet to find one in my search. I have already taken classes for FrameMaker as well as a technical writing class. The technical writing class was more geared towards the business side of technical writing, such as proposals, memos, etc.


    If anyone knows if such a class exists, please let me know. I thought someone here might know. I appreciate the help. Thank you.

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    I imported a Word doc for a client into FM 2015. Then he had me make changes  and save as a revised doc and wants to see the changes. when I try to compare I get a dialog that says documents need to have uniquely named flows. How do I do that so I can compare the two?FM compare error.jpg

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    I have created a template that uses the font Garamond. Every time I generate a document with this template, Framemaker 2017 uses the Font Adobe Garamond Pro instead of Garamond. However, I need my documents to use Garamond. How can I prevent this automatic font replacement?

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    After updating Windows 10 (version 1083 6/5/18) when I print to FrameMaker I get the following error:


    Cannot print because selected default printer is not compatible with Frame Maker (cannot query escape 768).


    I was also not able to Save as PDF but I read in an older post to set the job options to CMYK and that works.  So I have to make a PDF to print from FameMaker 11.

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    We use a custom font to insert UI icons into our Frame source files. When I use "Save as PDF" to create the PDF output files, the icons do not show. I see blank spaces where the icons should be. Creating PDF documents from Frame with the Adobe PDF printer and Distiller worked fine before Windows 10/1803.



    -MS Windows 10, v1803

    -Frame 2017

    -Custom truetype font for icons (.ttf)

    -Embed all fonts

    -Use document fonts

    -Custom font shows in the Font Pod properly


    I tried explicitly embedding the font. That had no effect. Subsetting the font did not help either. Adobe PDF/Distiller approach broke with Windows 10/1803. I am looking for a way to get my icons to show in the PDF file without rolling my system back to Windows 1709 (or is that 1708?). Everything is fine in Frame. Just the conversion to PDF is missing my icons. As usual--deadlines loom....

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    App to script for framemaker in,is it possible or not ? Please Suggests if any ideas.

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    Brand-spanking new version of FrameMaker 2017 installed, and on brand-new computer.


    OK, technically, 13-inch 2017 core i5 MacBook Pro w/ 16GB RAM, 256GB HDD, running macOS High Sierra, Parallels, Windows 10 Pro, and demo version of FM (to test, plan to subscribe). I increased the amount of memory available to Windows in the VM from the default 2GB to 6GB.


    In a way, this turns out to be an extension of the "crash when printing to PDF question" I asked awhile back. I have 2 books that I inherited. Both have "missing font" issues, but at present, the substitution being made is simply a minor variant of he original and doesn't change anything significant, so I've ignored it. (Even though I save both files and books, the substitution never actually gets saved and I get the message every single time. Annoying.)


    When I try to do anything at a book level with either of these books, FrameMaker crashes. That includes printing, updating tables, and searching (so far).


    So I did a little test. I created a new book, added a couple of chapter files with some lorem ipsum content, and added a TOC file. I then did a book-wide search. No problem.


    I went back to one of the two books I've been working in. I decided to start a book-level search from the beginning of the book, and I found something interesting. I found the text in the TOC file OK and the LOF file OK, but when FM tried to open the first chapter file to look, that's when it crashed.


    I then opened just the chapter file and did the same search, but limited it to just the document. Everything OK.


    I suspect that the "missing font" dialog, which I have never directed to stop showing, might be the issue here, or maybe just that there's a "missing font" issue at all.


    I'm a bit reluctant to actually direct that dialog to stop showing because I like to know what's going on with my work, even if it is annoying. I can't think of anything else that might be causing this because this is pretty much the basic difference between the two books.


    Any thoughts or ideas on how to resolve/fix this are appreciated. Actual fixes > workarounds.

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    I've just started looking at FrameMaker XML Author as an editor for DITA. The font used in Author View is very hard to read as it's very light and thin. Is there a way to change the font to Arial or another sans serif font. You can change the font of XML View, but not Author View. ! I've tried zooming in but it hasn't helped. Here is a small sample of what it looks like at 100% zoom.

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    Many of my equations are coming out this way.




    They look perfect in the document and when saved as PDF.  I am using MathFlow.  Anything I can do to fix this or ?

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  • 06/13/18--11:20: Assignment of master pages
  • Simple Issue: Put a side head on the body pages


    • Create a new (blank) document.
    • Switch to the master pages.
    • Select the main text area:

    • Open the text frame properties.
    • Check 'Room for Side Heads'.
    • Click 'Apply'.

    The master page looks like this:

    • Switch back to the body page.
    • Assign the master page to the body page.

    It still looks like this:



    Additionally, one has to switch to the Column Layout and check again 'Room for Side Heads':

    Why this double work? Is it a bug?



    Changing the sequence will do it in one step: 1. Check 'Room for Side Heads' in the Column Layout. 2. The master page has been changed automatically!


    What did I miss?

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    We are publishing a large (1000 page) document. The document contains links to external pdf files. Pages with the links were imported from MIF files. The MIF files contained the statement (openlink ../drawings/xxxx.pdf). When the full document gets published, the openlink command ends up as (../../../drawings/xxxx.pdf). For some reason extra ../ are added to the creation of the links. We are using nested book files. If we just publish 1 page of links, everything works (../drawings/xxxx.pdf). We publish the entire section we get (../../drawings/xxxx.pdf) and the entire document gives us (../../../drawings/xxxx.pdf) any ideas?

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    I have inherited a Framemaker document that has a lot of cross references. These cross references have the format set as Title_and_Page (the cross reference displays the heading and what page it is on).


    When I make any changes to the document these page numbers soon become out of date. It would be extrememly useful if I knew a way of updating all cross references in a document and still keeping the formatting. I have tried updating them using the Edit menu - Update Rerences option but this just replaces them with plain text, which is not what I want.


    Is there a way of updating these cross references and keep the Title_and_Page formatting setting?


    I am using structured FrameMaker 10.



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  • 06/14/18--09:58: 2017 dowload problem
  • My company bought 6 or 7 licenses for Frame 2017 to upgrade out version 11 and 12s. The first license was downloaded to a laptop running Windows 7.

    When I opened the program, the screen didn't fully resolve:

    But it looks fine when an existing file is opened (double-clicked). The second installation was on a desktop running Windows 10; same problem.

    Has anyone reported this issue?

    Any suggestions for a fix?

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    Just downloaded update 4 for Framemaker 2017 and on many menu bars the text with icons disappeared. Is there any way to get the text descriptions to appear alongside the icons? Or maybe they were never there and I just thought they were, it's been a few months since I had a FM project. I seem to remember you could choose to have text with the icons. Thanks.

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    The graphics tool bar is unusable in the latest UI iteration, so I need to revert to a previous version. I have a subscription. Thanks!


    Frame developers: please stop tinkering with the UI!!! At least give the option of changing to a different UI. Nobody likes having to re-learn a new interface four times a year, and figure out how to get all their settings back to the way they had before the update! This last UI change is the final straw for me. No longer will I try to sell FM to a new client. I cannot in good conscience foist such a problematic tool.

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  • 05/23/18--08:48: Xref or Linked Maps
  • Has anyone experienced this behavior when working with XRef's? When I insert an Xref or open a map that has Xref content the initial Cross Reference menu displays, when I click External Xref button FrameMaker begins to cycle with no response, then I get an Authentication prompt, when I click Cancel it continues to cycle for some time until it finally shows the DITA External Xref screen. This behavior only happens when I initially open the application, after its been opened and cycles once I can insert Xref as usual.


    5-23-2018 10-46-23 AM.png


    FrameMaker 2017 - Structured

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    Hi all,


    I'm having a difficult time absorbing how FrameMaker 2017's support for DITA keys works.


    I have a top-level map:


    <map xmlns:ditaarch="">

    <title>Put Book Title Here</title>

    <mapref href="keys.ditamap" format="ditamap"/>

    <topicref .../>

    <topicref .../>



    that references a lower-level "keys" map, where all the key definitions are kept:



      <keydef keys="var1">

        <topicmeta><keywords><keyword>This Product Name</keyword></keywords></topicmeta>




    Then I reference these keys in my topic files:


    <topic id="mytopic" xmlns:ditaarch="">

    <title>My Topic Title</title>


      <p>VARIABLE VALUE: <ph keyref="var1"></ph></p>




    When I open a topic in the editor, the variable name is blank:



    When I save this topic as a PDF, or when I save the top-level ditamap as a PDF, the variable value is not shown.


    So next I also open the keys.ditamap file, then go into the Keyspace Manager:



    I'm sure what I'm actually supposed to *do* here, but I select the key map, ensure "Update Reference..." is checked, and choose OK.


    But that doesn't do anything. The key value isn't shown in the editor, nor is it shown in the output, whether generated from the topic file or the top-level map file.


    The only time the variable value is shown is when I generate output using DITA-OT (Structure > DITA > Generate DITA-OT Output). Otherwise, as far as I can tell, FrameMaker 2017's support for this simple keyref scenario is broken.


    What am I missing?

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    Just downloaded update 4 for Framemaker 2017 and on many menu bars the text with icons disappeared. Is there any way to get the text descriptions to appear alongside the icons? Or maybe they were never there and I just thought they were, it's been a few months since I had a FM project. I seem to remember you could choose to have text with the icons. Thanks.

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