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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    1. I am using FM 9 and Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended. Operating system is Windows 10.

    2. Last week,  FM files would no longer convert to PDF. I did some research and it seems that the latest update to OS10 created this problem. I was given a temporary solution that worked: uncheck the Convert CMYK Colors to RGB box.  My first question is whether anyone knows if this bug is being addressed. I cannot find any indication on the Web.

    3. The next issue arose several days later and I'm not sure if it's related to the one above. When I try to convert book files, I get the error message: Setting file read error in PDFX4 2008 Joboptions/Check compliance out of range. (see attached screenshot). Any idea of how I can deal with this one? I tried recreating the book and I tried reloading Acrobat. Neither worked. I have not tried reloading FrameMaker. Individual files will convert but not book files.


    Thanks in advance.


    PDF Error Message.png

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    I use FrameMaker 2017 Release and  want to publish directly from FM.

    My book has a TOC and an Index file, but they don't appear in the HTML5 output. What shall I do?

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         How can I connect FrameMaker 2017 to Sharepoint 365

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  • 06/05/18--00:25: Error in Framemaker.
  • 04:Jun:2018 04:08:00 ERROR [com.exception.GeneralRunTimeException] - <Exc. obteniendo factoria LC -> ALC-DSC-031-000: Remote EJBObject lookup failed for ejb/Invocation provider>

    04:Jun:2018 04:08:00 ERROR [com.exception.ServicioException] - <Exc. obteniendo factoria LC -> ALC-DSC-031-000: Remote EJBObject lookup failed for ejb/Invocation provider>

    04:Jun:2018 04:08:00 ERROR [com.utilidades.InicializacionServlet] - <Adobe Document Inicializando: Finalizado -> Error Exc. obteniendo factoria LC -> ALC-DSC-031-000: Remote EJBObject lookup failed for ejb/Invocation provider>

    04:Jun:2018 04:09:17 INFO [com.srv.EjecucionTareasServlet] - <No se chequea clusterFM>

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  • 06/05/18--01:48: Impression impossible
  • Bonjour,

    Soucis avec les impressions dans FRAMEMAKER depuis la mise à jour Windows 10 1803, impossible d'imprimer sur une imprimante CANON ou avec adobe PDF. Message erreur " impression impossible car l'imprimante par défaut n'est pas compatible avec FRAMEMAKER. (Impossible d'interroger la commande escape 765).

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    I am using unstructured FrameMaker 13 to create machine user manuals. The machines have units that are used multiple times throughout the machine in different sections. We organize our FrameMaker book manuals the same way our machines are organized, so we have a section for each machine section with the documents that cover the units in each section. Some unit documents must be present in more than one section of the book as shown below:


    Machine Section 100

         Unit A document

         Unit B document

         Unit C document

         Unit D document


    Machine Section 200

         Unit A document

         Unit G document

         Unit C document

         Unit X document

         Unit F document

         Unit G document


    The problem is FrameMaker doesn't let me import the same document twice into the book, so I can't list the documents I want in each section as shown above. To get around this, we developed a separate book section for these documents and removed them from the machine sections. We direct our readers to this separate book section to find the documents missing from the machine section they are looking at. This is confusing for our readers and annoying for us.


    1. How could we fix this issue in unstructured Frame?

    2. Would this issue be eliminated if we migrated to structured Frame?

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    Is there any way to update xref's in a ditamap without opening individual dita files?

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    I work in a technical publication department as a system admin.  A case has come up where a customer is going to take over the authoring of their own manuals.  Giving the current authoring systems incompatibility (Legacy XPP) with the destination authoring system (Customer uses FrameMaker) I need to ask the subject question.  I don't know anything about FrameMaker.  However, we regularly generate PDFs and make extensive use of Acrobat Pro.  I'm looking for a transition path and I'm thinking that since PDF is a creation of Adobe, I'm wondering if FrameMaker can import and edit PDF files.  As I said, I know nothing about FrameMaker so I may be WAY off.  I've done a bit of searching in this forum and perused the programs features but I only found information for creating PDFs.


    Thanks in advance,



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    Are you able to create a cross-reference or hypertext to a RoboHelp file in a FrameMaker file?



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    since the ADOBE Support in India is not able to help on this, I hope to get help here:

    I have set up my structured FM documents to use Dita1.3 templates (only edited the already existing templates in the ...Structure/xml/... folder) which works as expected for .pdf-output. All is nicely generated as specified in the template.

    However when publishing the HTML5-output, these element and font settings are all ingored and only a distinction between bold and normal is visible.

    With FM2015 this worked without a problem with the normal Webhelp option.





    Can someone help and say if I am missing to import the settings into any output template?


    I am stuck with this issue since weeks and cannot find the fix.



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    Hi there,


    Once again I am in a battle with this HTML5 output.

    The old webhelp generation was so much better and more reliable!


    When generating HTML5 output, conrefs are not displayed at all while the rest of the document is visible.

    It shows only empty elements (ul bullet points).

    Generating a .pdf out of the same content works fine.


    This could be related somehow also to my other topic: Structured FM publish output into Responsive HTML5 does not use Template settings

    as specific elements are just not displayed correcltly, even though the source is all correct.


    Anyone knows what the problem could be?

    The document is valid and no obious mistakes can be found.

    The only thing i can think of, that the parser now moans about multiple element tags marked with an ID within the same source document.

    This was possible to use without parser messages with 2015 now with 2017 its moaning about it.

    But then why does the pdf output work fine???


    Any ideas or workarounds?




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    I am facing a strange issue while converting Ditamap file to Book file.


    I have created a Ditamap file as shown in the following screen:



    One particular XML file (highlighted XML file in the screenshot)which is used as chapter's main page, when converted to Book, is not getting converted to a folder. Except for this file, all other XML files are fine as shown in the following screen.


    All the other XML files which are used as main chapter pages are getting converted to folders. Because of this group formation (Group 1 in the above screenshot), the whole hierarchy and the chapter and topic numberings are getting affected. I am using the option Save Ditamap as Book 2017 with components while converting Ditamap to book.


    Right now, I am using a workaround where I am deleting this group, inserting a new folder, linking the appropriate FM file to the folder to get the hierarchy right. Yes, this is a cumbersome and annoying process as I have to follow this cycle in each product release.


    I don't know whether I am missing something here or this is a bug. Please shed light on the FM conversion mechanism of Ditamap to book.


    Thanks in advance.


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    I have knowledge in programming. But I find it difficult to find some solved framescript examples in the net. Could anyone of you please suggest some framescript learning resources?

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    Hello all,




    • Existing manual that needs many changes.
    • Source provided will be copied from a Word document into existing FM files.
    • The word document has paragraphs that are in Times New Roman.  The FM files are in Arial.



    What I've been doing up to this point, is copying a paragraph at a time from the Word document into the FM file, then changing the font for the paragraph.


    Question - is there a more efficient way?



    Many thanks in advance.



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    preferably with the references appearing in the order they appear in the book and them be able to refer to them in the text in different formats:

    1. see [3]

    2. refer to [3] 1114002-EB

    3. see [3] 1114002-EB SCANTER 4000 Series Power Rack


    I have used Latex with bibtex before and would like something similar, there you have a list of references with identifiers and them refer to them and compile a list of references.


    Is that possible in Framemaker 12?


    Thank you


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    Ok Hi at first.

    I made myself a script that copies a selected document in a book to the save of the book and replaces the old one in the book with the copy. So i don´t change the Standard.

    Most of my dokuments have a lot of text insets in it.

    And here is the problem. Unfortunatly when the document gets copied it changes the text insets sources to a different location near the new save.

    Is there any way to tell the inset that the source is fix and not depending on the save location of the dokument?

    Thanks for your help.


    PS maybe i could change the script so that it doesnt copy the file but opens and saves it in the new location. Maybe this works.

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    I have a book file. In chapter 8 there is a list of references used within the book. Within the book there are cross-references to each paragraph in chapter 8.


    My question is, does anyone know of a plugin or tool that will check for "unused" references in chapter 8, meaning the paragraphs that are not linked to a cross-reference.


    Thank you!

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    Hi All,


    We have existing template in our Framemaker. We have different type of elements (LIST1, LIST2, LIST3...TO LIST7). For LIST1 to LIST3 we have formats already defined.


    Now we need to add formats for LIST4 and LIST5 . Can any one help to edit the template.

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    I have just installed FrameMaker 2017. It will allow me to open or create a book file, but as soon as I try to open an existing FM file, or create a new one, it freezes.

    In the case of an existing file, it reads the file enough to tell me there are unresolved cross-references in it, but freezes before it can display the file at all (white screen). I have to shut down the application manually, so I never get a log file. I found out (by accident) that it does actually open the file if I give it enough time: I timed it to 2 minutes 28 seconds.

    I'm running FM on Windows 10, but my Documents folder setting is good in the registry (saw this as a solution on other forum posts).

    Also, not sure if this is relevant, but it's also really annoying: I can't switch out of structured framemaker view. So, in the Preferences dialog, I switch to basic view and it tells me to shut down FM for the changes to take effect. I do that, but as soon as I look in the Preferences dialog again, the option has been switched back to structured framemaker. Even if I don't shut down FM and just close the dialog, the option is still "wrong" when I open the dialog the next time.

    Grateful for any advice! I've been using FM for 20 years, last version used was 12.

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  • 06/09/18--01:56: "Namespacing" scripts
  • Dear all,

    In post Resources for learning framecript Rick says:

    6) FrameScript functions are local to each script and not shared in the global FrameMaker session like ExtendScript's functions are. (Yes, I do namespace my ExtendScript scripts to avoid this, but it is not necessary with FrameScript.)


    How is namespacing done?

    • Prefixing global variable names with an abbreviation of the script name?
    • ???

    Awaiting some enlightenment ...


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