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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    I'm using FM2015 to generate PDF's for a 350 page user guide. All images (about 100) are Illustrator files linked by reference.

    I have to use "Save Book As..." to generate PDFs since we use CMYK colors and "Print" only generates RGB.


    The distiller settings for images are Bicubic downsampling to ZIP, 100 ppi (any smaller and the image quality is unacceptable).

    Resolution for the rest of the doc is 100 ppi.

    Fonts are set to embed all (which I have to set for the different fonts to render correctly).


    The resulting file size is 18MBytes. The similar format from InDesign (used before FrameMaker) was 5MBytes.


    I have tried saving the PDF as postscript and then regenerating PDF, which makes the file smaller, but removes the links from the TOC, Index, etc.


    Does anyone know how I can get the file size down without sacrificing functionality in the final PDF?


    Thanks in advance

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    in my FM document there is one page which contains the table, this is the only page which is horizontal oriented.

    In FM everything looks proper but when I generate PDF from this document, the page with table has changed size (more squared) and table is cut.


    Could you please help, do you have any idea how to save this document as it is in fm?

    thank you in advance.

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    I hope you can help me. I want to insert images from Adobe Bridge into FrameMaker by using drag and drop. This seems to work, but it doesn't use the function "copy by reference". Is there a setting I have to choose?


    Best regards,



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    (Using FM2015 on a Windows10 machine)


    I have *no* idea why this happens.

    I have a book that I print to PDF and also publish to html5.

    The published html5 includes an icon to open a pdf location (to view the 'original' pdf) -- let's call that PDF "Foo.pdf".


    I found that if I had Foo.pdf open in Acrobat while I was publishing my html5, an image from the fifth doc in my book would overwrite the Foo.pdf. (That is, on-screen I would see the image in Acrobat for foo.pdf. Weird. Close the pdf without saving and reopen --- image is there. So, it's overwriting and saving the pdf.)


    Fine, I'm under deadline, I can deal with that -- just don't have the pdf open (and figure it out later).

    Well... I just generated html5 again and... an image from doc7 overwrites a *different* pdf that I had open in Acrobat.


    SO... does anybody have any idea why this could be happening?



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    I've been using FrameMaker 2017 for the past several months without any issues. As of yesterday, the software will not start—either indirectly by clicking on a FM file or directly through the Start menu. There have been no changes to the system, and I am using a standalone home copy.


    I need to be able to open documents. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • 04/25/18--02:29: Add textframe in framemaker.
  • How to add textframe with pagesize in framemaker using extendscript ?

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    Wir können Framemaker 8 unter Windows 10 nicht aktivieren.

    Gibt es eine Möglichkeit außer der automatischen Internetaktivierung?

    Alternative Proxyservereinstellungen?

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  • 04/25/18--06:29: Character format overrides
  • I am a new Framemaker user, using Framemaker 2015.


    I wanted to see what Framemaker would do if I did "update all" on a character tag in the character designer while there were character format overrides in the text. But I wasn't able to create an override and I don't understand why....


    Here's what I did:

    - I have a character style called Emphasis which is AS IS except for the angle which is "italic"

    - I applied the style to a sentence using the character catalog

    - I highlighted two words in the sentence

    - In the character designer for the Emphasis style I noticed that the fields were no longer "AS IS"...they reflected the properties of the highlighted text instead

    - I changed the weight to bold and hit "Apply", expecting to create an override. The two words I highlighted changed to bold.

    - But when I do a Find/Change looking for "character format overrides" I don't find any overrides.                


    I'm wondering why this isn't considered an override....? Any ideas? Is it because the style weight is "AS IS"?


    As I said, I'm trying to see what FM does when I do an "update all" on a character tag while there are overrides in the text. I am expecting FM to come up with a dialog asking if I want to retain or remove overrides....but I can't seem to create an override to test this!  I'd appreciate any opinions... thanks.

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    With Structured FrameMaker, doc files rarely open where I want them to. I was hoping the screenX and screenY properties would do that, but they seem to just modify the frame in the activedoc. I'm tired of dragging files constantly, or un-burying them from beneath the toolbars.


    In my case I have a really wide screen, so I have a main doc location on the left, my open tool bars in the middle, and then when I need it, I have a second document open on the right. If I can figure it out, I'd like to add some shortcut keys to force the windows to open in one or the other of those places.


    Any hints?


    Thanks for any help you can give me!



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  • 04/25/18--12:52: book level operations
  • I'm wondering if there is a way to do a couple of things across all the files in a book.....

    1. If I want to define a new paragraph tag, can I define it for all the files in the book at once? Or do I have to define it in each file individually?

    2. Can I define and assign master pages for all the files in a book at once? Or again do I have to do it individually for each file?





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    Hello, all.


    I am using FM 2015 in a Win 10 environment.


    Here is a detailed explanation of a table format using a paragraph tag that employs "frames" in a wonky way, icons, and the reference page. The explanation leads to this question: why do certain warning icons disappear from my .chm output?


    Our documents contain notes, cautions, and warnings. Each has an associated icon:


    NCW Examples.jpg


    The Note, Caution, and Warning formats are actually tables:





    Each table is a separate table format.


    The Note, Caution, and Warning icons are integral to three paragraph formats: zzNote, ZZCaution, and ZZWarning. Each of these paragraph formats employs an icon graphic that is stored on the Reference page. These icons are treated like "frames," even though they are in fact graphics.


    As an example, the Warning table uses the zzWarning paragraph format in the left-hand cell. It supplies the hand graphic as a frame. It is called "Warning" and is named "Warning" on the reference page:




    On the Reference page, the Warning "frame" is actually this graphic. I typed the word "Warning" underneath the graphic, but the graphic itself is also named "Warning" (if you click on it, you see that name). Here are all three as they appear on the Reference page:




    So, the table uses the ZZWarning paragraph format in the left-hand column to populate it with the warning icon:



    Whenever I insert a Warning table in a .fm file, the exclamation icon appears in the left-hand cell, and the two rules appear in the right cell. (They are attached to a "WarningText" paragraph format that calls those frames from the Reference page.)



    So, when I publish a .chm from the .fm file, I get both columns of the Note, Caution, and Warning tables. In the case of the Warning tables, I get the rules above and below the text, which are also stored on the Reference page. They behave as expected. But the icons disappear.


    Why do the icons drop out?


    All suggestions gratefully received.



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    A fascinating new request from a colleague, about making .pdfs that are ready for the Acrobat "Read out loud" function. Aha! I thought; set the language in the style definitions, generate a tagged .pdf and Bob's your uncle …


    Or not :-{ I've explored the output .pdf, and while the language settings from the FM styles appear to have survived the journey, Read out loud delivers the entire text in English despite the language setting.


    Hints and tips on this new-to-me topic will be very welcome!

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    I have a requirement to call the variables like, Chapter Title Name? can I get a solution?

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    How do I delete all text frames in framemaker using extendscript ?

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    I would like to use dita for structured authoring; however, I still do not understand how I can customize the layout of my output.  For the PDF output, I cannot change any character style or images on the reference page. Which template is applied and how can I modify it? Same question for the HTML5 output.  I know that I can make changes in the CSS. But a dita hazardstatement becomes a bulleted list in the HTML output with typeofhazard, consequence, and howtoavoid as bullet points. Changing this via the CSS would not be an elegant way. BTW how can I define that FM will use always a particular CSS without creating a new one each time I publish my document?

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    How do I select all text frames in framemaker using extendscript ?

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    Adobe FrameMaker 8 is not working on windows 10 OS. Please help us to resolve the issue.

    We have already try some setting like compatibility mode but no luck.

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  • 04/27/18--05:22: Inserting a Variable
  • Is it possible to insert a variable in mailto functionality?

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    The links in my TOC break as soon as a subscript or superscript appears in the line of text.


    I tried copying the marker at the beginning of the line of text and adding it to the subscript/superscript, but nothing changed. I also tried adding the marker to the (normal) text immediately following the subscript/superscript, and still nothing changed. Lastly, I tried adding the marker in both of these places, and still could not get the link to work past subscript/superscript.


    Does anyone know of a workaround that I could try?

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  • 03/27/18--02:55: Background transparency
  • How do I retain background transparency when importing an image into FM?

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