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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    I have a few questions about scaling a JPEG (or other raster file) in FrameMaker.


    One of the other technical writers at my company, who joined our company recently, thought that the sizes of our PDFs were pretty large. He thinks that this may have something to do with the size of the JPEGs in our FrameMaker files. When we started looking at JPEGs in FrameMaker files that I created last year, I became confused.


    Here's what I am seeing. Let’s suppose that I want to import a JPEG that is 5 x 2.5” at 300 ppi. I set the W x H x ppi in Photoshop and crop the JPEG.

    I create a 5 x 2.5” anchored frame in FrameMaker. Then I choose to import the JPEG by reference into FrameMaker.


    When FrameMaker imports the JPEG, a window appears to ask about scaling. I choose to scale the graphic at 300 dpi (I'm a little confused about why this isn't ppi, but that's perhaps a tangent).

    I assume that the JPEG should be 5 x 2.5” in the document. In essence, I don’t want the dimensions or resolution to change when I import it.


    However, when I select the Object Properties window, I see that the image is scaled at 24 percent with 300 dpi (again, I thought ppi had to do with scaling, not dpi).

    If I change the scaling to 100 percent, my JPEG is now roughly 21 x 10” with unknown dpi.

    If I want to shrink the JPEG back to 5 x 2.5", I can select 300 dpi from the dropdown (again, I am confused as to why this isn't ppi).


    My coworker suggests cropping JPEGs to a smaller size (in this case, 3.54 x 1.76" at 300 ppi), importing those JPEGs into FrameMaker, and then using the scaling to increase the physical dimensions of the JPEGs on the page.


    I have three questions:


    1. Would my coworker's suggestion reduce the size of the PDFs without reducing image quality?


    2. Why is FrameMaker showing the scaling on JPEGs as 24 percent when I import them? Shouldn't that be 100 percent?


    3. Shouldn't scaling be affected by ppi settings, not dpi?


    Thanks in advance for help.

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    I created a framemaker document with the following content:


    Body text before frame

    First line of text frame in anchored frame


    Last line of text frame in anchored frame

    After Frame


    When I export it to HTML ("Save as" -> HTML) the contents of the anchored frame are converted into an image. The following is the code I get (leaving out the HTML headers) - note the IMG:


    <TITLE>Heading</TITLE></HEAD><BODY><DIV><H2 class="Heading1"><A NAME="pgfId-473591"></A>Heading</H2><P class="Body"><A NAME="pgfId-929642"></A>Body text before frame</P><P class="Body"><A NAME="pgfId-929663"></A> </P><DIV><MAP NAME="Test_Export-1"></MAP><IMG SRC="Test_Export-1.gif" USEMAP="#Test_Export-1" ALT=""></DIV><P class="Body"><A NAME="pgfId-929653"></A>After Frame</P></DIV></BODY>


    Framemaker is also generating the Test_Export-1.gif image - with the contents of the frame. How do I instead export the contents of the text frame directly in HTML (either inside a single celled table or just inline with the text)?


    I'm a beginner in using Framemaker - so please forgive if I'm missing something very basic. Thanks for any help!




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    I have a FrameMaker document that is displaying our company logo that is located on the master page, on one page only, 21, it has the text around it so it looks like it's been anchored. I've tried deleting it and re-adding it but it doesn't work.


    Any ideas anyone? Is this a known bug? I'm using FM version 10.


    Thank you.

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  • 04/13/18--14:18: Change Page Size?
  • I have a 25 x 19.5" size document, and I'm attempting to scale down the width to 10" (to 10 x 19.5"), but every time I do, I receive the "Resulting columns would be too narrow" error below:

    I'm sure I need to adjust column layout settings, but I don't know what I need to do to get the desired result.  The document is two pages, with page 2 being the backside of page 1:



    Anyone know how to fix this?

    Thank you!

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    The following shortcuts do not work:


    • Ctrl + F5 (Show/Hide conditional text)
    • Ctrl + F7 (Select same condition tags)
    • Ctrl + F8 (Select same character format)
    • Ctrl + F10 (Select paragraph)
    • Shift + F2 (Go to previous view)
    • Alt + F5 (Anchored frame)
    • Alt + F6 (Toggle between document windows)
    • Alt + F7 (Copy conditional text settings)
    • Alt + F8 (Copy character format)
    • Alt + F9 (Copy paragraph format)
    • Alt + F10 (Copy table column width)


    Were they deleted in FM 2017?

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    The cross reference is displayed twice in Published Responsive HTML output. Even though the content is coming properly when you generate a PDF.


    When i Checked the attributes of the cross reference the ID is coming twice, however i am not able to remove the ID. When i remove one ID, save and close the document. On opening the document again, the ID comes back.


    Please refer to attached screenshots for clarity. Thanks in Advance!!!


    3rd point in below image has a screenshot from published output.

    Conref Issues.png

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    Hallo zusammen,


    schon immer müssen wir FrameMaker-Benutzer (Version 12) in unserer Abteilung jedes Mal manuell diesen Haken entfernen, wenn wir etwas ausdrucken wollen:



    Weiß jemand, ob es dazu irgendwo eine Einstellung zu setzen gibt? Im Menü "Bearbeiten" > "Voreinstellungen..." ist dazu leider nichts zu finden.


    Vielen Dank schonmal und freundliche Grüße,



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    I'm using FrameMaker 10. My PDF TOC links aren't working. When I go the page and click on the chapter pages, I receive an error message "Cannot find the file named C:\Users\Username\Documents.... Make sure file exists."  I tried replacing my  file from another book with a working TOC, that didn't work. Any ideas?

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    preciso fazer o downgrade da versao 2017 para 12, comprei o software corretamente, mas ninguém atende no canal de atendimento.


    tem algum telefone rápido ou documento (tutorial) de como fazer o downgrade.



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    Using Framemaker 12 trying to open file and it crashes giving me a log.  I need to know if this file can be saved.

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    "Package" feature does not include Insets or Fonts folders is it does in other Adobe applications. Is there a cure for this?


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    I have a book file that has one appendix file ("Appendix A: Event Codes"). In the appendix, the word "Appendix" is tagged Chapter.num new, the letter "A" is tagged Chap.Num, and "Event Codes" is tagged Appendix name. My TOC file is set up to include paragraphs tagged,, Head1, Head2, and Index Title.    


    In the generated TOC, the appendix appears as "Appendix Event Codes: Event Codes" instead of "Appendix A: Event Codes." I tried adding the Chap.Num tag to the list of paragraphs included in the TOC, but that didn't work. Does anyone know what mistake I'm making?


    Thank you,


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    I am working with DITA in FrameMaker 2017, I have a question concerning the use of a stepsection element in a task topic.


    I am trying to use the stepsection element nested in a steps-unordered element to introduce an unordered list. But the result is not what I expect to be.

    My structure view looks like this :







    But as a result, the paragraph is bulleted and is considered as the first element of the list.


    The same stepsection nested in a steps element works fine since I am able to add a simple paragraph above the steps to introduce the procedure.

    My structure looks like this :







    As a result, the paragraph introducing the list is not part of the numbered list, as exêcted.


    Could anyone tell me if there is Something wrong with the structure of my unordered list?


    Thank you in advance for helping.


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    Hi Adobe Customer Care,

    I reported to you about the issue that tracked changes cannot be accepted properly. I made changes with FM Track Text Edits enabled. After accepting all changes, I found some parts I had deleted with change tracked were not deleted after all changes were accepted:

    Version with changes tracked:

    Version with changes accepted:


    The deleted parts could be accepted properly only when I selected a small scope, for example, the paragraph.


    You asked me to upgrade my FM to the latest version. I did that but the problem persisted.

    You asked me to copy the content to a new file. I copied content with changes tracked to a new file where Track Text Edits was disabled. It seemed that the problem disappeared. The texts above showed a final version and looked ok in the new file.

    However, tracked changes jumped out of the version that looked final unexpectedly from time to time.


    Track Text Edits is very useful for showing updates and document reviews.

    I hope that the bugs can be corrected in the near future.


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  • 04/18/18--13:40: FrameMaker on a Mac?
  • Is the FrameMaker subscription run online? Does this mean I can use a Mac to access it?



    Thanks, Joyce

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    i have 2017 framemaker ,but my friend uses 2015 version ,he wants to open files which i created,i tried savinf my file in save as=> format also .but he unable to i am looking for suggestions!


    good day

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    Wenn wir bei einem Arbeitsplatz im Framemaker die Option als PDF Datei speichern auswählen wird nur eine .ts Datei in dem Verzeichnis erstellt, mit 0 KB.

    Als PDF drucken funktioniert zwar, aber das ist nicht das selbe Ergebnis.

    Wir haben bereits Framemaker und Acrobat neu installiert, ohne Erfolg. Das Ergebnis ist immer nur die .ts Datei.

    Was können wir tun?

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  • 04/20/18--00:42: Hypertext commands
  • FM 2017 allows the insertion of 26 different hypertext commands: Insert > Hypertext.


    Some questions belonging to two commands:


    Message Client

    The text field of the Hypertext pod shows: message

    Why not "message openfile filename" as in previous FM versions?


    Multimedia Object Link

    The text field of the Hypertext pod shows: command value

    Why not "multimedia objectId type command value" as in previous FM versions?

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    I'm using FrameMaker 12.

    I have a book with 17 files (one is a generated TOC). Every file has tracked edits and now I need to accept all the edits (redlines) in all the files to make a "clean" book. I also need to retain the redlined copy in addition to having a clean copy of the book. What is the best, most efficient way to do this? Do I Save as or copy the book to another folder and then accept the edits in all the files separately? Do I need to delete all the files from the book first and then add them back?

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  • 04/23/18--12:25: Change bars FM vs Word
  • After dozens of years using FM in numerous companies, I'm at a loss as to how to convince my current company that using FM's automatic change bars is a better way to go than "drawing in" bars via the graphics tool. I've explained everything I can think of, but it's not convincing management.


    In Word, they say, one can paste in  change bars easily, whereas using automatic bars in FM seems too slow and inefficient. The main problem is two "versions" of change bars. Not only does the current version of the manual require change bars, but it also requires change bars from the previous version -- and the front matter page that lists change pages has to include "change 1" and "change 2" bars.


    Company is feeling that Word is better in most regards. As a Technical Writer, I KNOW this is NOT true ... FM is a publications tool, versus Word being just a word processor, etc., etc., etc., etc.


    Anybody not worn down by trying to make this argument have any ideas about how to explain that "pasting in" bars via graphics tool (as one does in Word) is not a better way to go? Each argument I can think of is falling on deaf ears.


    Thank you.

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