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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    I tried to learn more about text insets in FrameMaker. This is what happened:


    • I've linked a simple module file into a container file
    • Then I selected and deleted the inset in the container file.


    "Warning:" is an entry in the paragraph tag's Autonumbering. So far - so good.


    • Now I tried to change the paragraph tag of the first line. But nothing happened. The line still keeps the Autonumbering and, of course, the whole tag:


    • I deleted the Autonumbering Format on the Numbering sheet of the Paragraph Designer and deactivated Autonumber Paragraphs. But the f*** Autonumbering is still alive:



    Is it me who's wrong? Or is this another FM bug?




    This was just a very simple test. Anyone out there, who is seriously using text insets in FM, and is NOT thinking about suicide or killing FrameMaker?

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    Hallo Community,


    ich habe ein Problem bei der Ausgabe in HTML5.


    Wenn ich im FrameMaker 2017 ein Bild einfüge und dann das "Dokument" als HTML5 ausgebe, klappt alles wunderbar. Sobald ich aber im Framemaker im

    verankerten Rahmen des Bildes etwas über das Bild lege, bspw. einen Pfeil oder eine Beschriftung, dann wird das Bild so stark runtergerechnet und komprimiert, dass es unleserlich, verschwommen und unbrauchbar ist. Nehme ich die Overlays wieder weg sieht es wieder gut aus.


    Weiß jemand woran das eventuell liegen könnte und wie ich da Abhilfe schaffen kann?


    Danke schonmal!

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  • 02/19/18--00:29: Unusable images in HTML5
  • Hello community,


    i have a problem with FM 2017.


    I want to export a FrameMaker document to HTML5. I am using images in anchored frames with annotations and symbols, like arrows. Both, the image and the annotations, are in an anchored frame.


    The HTML5 export downscales all my images with annotations and arrows, so they are not usable anymore. They are so pixilated, you can´t identify anything.

    When i am removing the annotations etc. the images look nice.


    Is there anyone who can help me?


    Thank you!

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    I normally insert a paragraph break, (the table title paragraph tag is set as a run, left-justified) and then right-justify the variable by hand, so that the variable is on the same line as the title and ends at the right edge of the table header..


    Is there any way to set this variable to right-justify automatically using Framemaker 2015?



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    I am getting the following error when I try to link a ditamap from RoboHelp 2017:


    "Condition indicator for domain-ui-d is inconsistent".


    This error appears on the FM console. Not much help available on net. Anyone who knows what this error means?


    PS: I do have Adobe TCS and aware that linking ditamap works with TCS only.




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    Driving me crazy.  How do I get a table to span both the text column and the side-head  in DITA documents????

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    Hi, I am using the TableTitleLOT paragraph tag to correctly align page numbers with leader dots for any tables titles that are longer than one line. 


    After finding helpful advice on the forum, I set the maximum word spacing to 325% and the minimum word spacing to 275% and the optimum spacing to 100%, and I added two tabs between <$paratext> and <$chapnum> to right align the page numbers on the second line.  I set the TableTitleLOT tag with right-aligned, square leader dots; however, the leader dots change from square to round when I add the second tab in the paragraph tag (in either reference or body pages).  I could live with round leader dots, except now the short title and the long title have different leader dots (see attached screenshot).  I really want the same style of dots for all table titles, long and short, so the LOT has a consistent look.


    Does anyone know why the dots change when an extra tab is added?  Thanks, Emma.


    extra tab LOT.png

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    I really like some of the updates for FrameMaker 2017. Overall, it's working better for me than 2015. However, I've had the following scenario happen twice now. I thought that it was just me at first, but I'm 98 percent certain that this is something else.


    I went to update a book file. When the book finished updating, it generated an error report that had a bunch of broken cross-references to a single chapter. When I looked at the book file, the normal FM document icon had turned gray and featured a question mark (as though the file had been deleted or had been moved). I opened the folder containing the chapters only to discover that my chapter had vanished. It's nowhere to be found.


    My IT department probably assumes that I'm deleting stuff on accident and blaming the software, but I was working on the file in question earlier today and did not delete anything from that folder.


    It's possible that the file vanished earlier and that I didn't realize it until the update, but it's also possible that something is going wrong during the update.


    Has anyone been having a similar issue?

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    I am currently working a manual in structured FM 15 and have a table style formatted through my template. Every table loses its last row separator upon save. I can manually go into the XML view and change the last row separator value to 1 from zero but upon save it goes back to zero. Any idea where this would be coming from? I converted my template into a mif file to see if there were any outliers in the table formats and I can't find anything. Attached is a screenshot of my structure view as well as where my table is losing its ruling. Last row separator.PNG

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  • 02/22/18--04:09: Timeout caused by loops
  • Hello guys, its me again.

    While trying to fix the startup problems, I encountered a completely new bug.
    My script runs perfectly when started in ExtendScript Toolkit. I am using infinite loops for socket operations, which can be broken under certain conditions (e.g. wrong request params etc.)


    I am receiving following error when my script is being started from FM:



    The line mentioned above always varies - I repeat: the script runs well when being started in ExtendScript Toolkit.

    I guess that the troublemaker are my infinite loops, but unfortunately I need them just the way they are.

    How can I tell FM to disable this timeout?


    Thanks thanks thanks.




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  • 02/22/18--08:50: Condition Tags - where used
  • Hello,


    I am looking at a file (.fm) and I see that there are Condition Tags within.  The names of these tags however, lead me to believe they were carried over from a different book and are irrelevant to the book I am working on.  Now, I can delete all of these tags, but would like to first see if they are being used.


    Is there some way to do this?



    Many thanks.

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    Hi all,


    I have recently installed FrameMaker 2017 and am unable to runs scripts.

    From the FrameMaker menu I have tried File > Run and nothing happens.

    I have also tried to create a new script by going file > Script > New Script and nothing happens.


    I have looked in the start menu and Adobe Endscript is not there, which used to be packaged with FrameMaker 12 to create the scripts.


    Is Adobe Extendscript required to be downloaded and installed to run scripts inside FrameMaker 2017?

    Is there a work around to run scripts inside of FrameMaker 2017 without Adobe Extendscript.



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    I created a tagged PDF document from Framemaker, but the Adobe accessibility checker still says there are

    still issues with the document.  Part of the results are shown below, how do I fix these ?


    Page Content

    Rule Name Status Description
    Tagged content Failed All page content is tagged
    Tagged annotations Failed All annotations are tagged
    Tab order Failed Tab order is consistent with structure order

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    I'm posting this question here after an e-mail discussion with Design Science's tech support. I have been starting to work with FrameMaker again after quite some time. I have installed a fresh 2017 version and wanted to evaluate the MathML equations. I am not able to print any of these equations (I get an error "some of the imported graphics cannot be printed" from FrameMaker) and if producing a pdf file  the equations render with squares for +/- and equal signs...




    As I said, this happens using an out of the box new install on a Windows 10 system with no settings changed (latest Framemaker update applied). I was wondering whether anyone was experiencing similar problems or has an idea what might be wrong here.




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    I can't make a new map, or add files to an existing ditamap, or open files from a ditamap. Do I need to reinstall Frame?

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    I'm working with the trial version of Framemaker and I downloaded the FDK.  I'm running VS2017, and I can't get a good build.  I started with unresolved external symbols for printf (for which I found an answer to add legacy_stdio_definitions.lib; to the project's linker input, and an unresolved reference to __declspec(dllImport) which I cannot find.

    What do I need to do to get a build for these samples so that I can properly evaluate the usefullness to our organization, please? 



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  • 02/28/18--09:02: Run-in Paragraph?
  • I have a run-in paragraph tagged (highlighted below), but how do I get it back on the same line as my previous bold heading?  When I delete a space to bring it back up, the tag changes back to the previous bold heading's tag:


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    Hi all,


    I need to fetch the frame anchor object attributes to prepare a list of text attributes.

    Anchored Frame > Object Attributes > Text Attributes.


    I tried following

        F_ObjHandleT  hGrfObjId = F_ApiGetId(FV_SessionId, docId, FP_FirstGraphicInDoc);    /* Traverse list of graphics, anchored frames. */    while (hGrfObjId != NULL)    {        UIntT  uType = F_ApiGetObjectType(docId, hGrfObjId);        if (uType == FO_AFrame)        {            F_AttributesT attribList = F_ApiGetAttributes(docId, hGrfObjId);            for (UIntT i = 0; i < attribList.len; i++)            {                F_Printf(NULL, "Attribute %d: %s ||| %s.\n", i, attribList.val[i].name, attribList.val[i].values);            }        }        hGrfObjId = F_ApiGetId(m_doc.getDocId(), hGrfObjId, FP_NextGraphicInDoc);    }

    All seems to be inline as per fdk but I never get anything in from F_ApiGetAttributes(). It always returning len = 0 and val = null.

    Am I missing anything here? If this is not correct way of extracting attributes, please suggest me right way.


    Thank you.




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    I use fm11 and I would like to know if we can avoid that fm generate many .cgm files during a .xml generation





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    I'm importing high resolution *.tif screen shots into FrameMaker 12 but after I create the PDF they come out low resolution and blurry. Examples below. I've been doing this a while and never experienced this before.


    I tried changing the Print settings as well:


    Original .tif image


    Image in PDF @ 100%

    Image in PDF @ 300%

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