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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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  • 02/11/18--13:14: Times New Roman Baltic
  • I have FrameMaker 2017 installed on Windows 64-bit Virtual Box. Times New Roman is installed on the system, but is grayed out on the Character or Paragraph Designer. The default appears to be Times NewRoman Baltic. It doesn’t happen on another system with similar characteristics. Suggestions on how to restore TNR. Times NewRoman appears in other applications.

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    Hi, all.


    I am using FM 2015 on a Win 10 system.


    I like the browse sequence option, but unfortunately, it uses filenames instead of generated chapter numbers and titles. The filenames are less informative for an end user, and the numbering also goes out of sequence because I use conditional text to mask certain files in different outputs. So, the browse sequence filenames, which have numbers for my convenience in keeping them straight, do not line up with the chapter numbering in the help TOC.


    Is there a way to get the browse sequence to use chapter autonumbers and titles?





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    In FM 2015, I can no longer insert a strikethrough iota into an equation.

    • I have a defined special character, but when I insert it the strikethrough kills the previous part of the equation.mathelement.png
    • Previously, I could go into Start/stop string and do this. But now the strikethrough in the tool bar is greyed out, and selecting it in character designer does nothing. Furthermore, if I start the string, select "i" and change the font to symbol to get an iota, the insert string will not end, and the quotes are displayed in the equation!
    • This used to work in my older FrameMakerstrings.png

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    I would like to import the text from a table in word to a FM template. I do not want the table. I wish to take the text only, and map the formats to the appropriate FM template formats.


    Is this possible?


    Here is a sample:






    Body Text


    Body Text

    Exercise: INSERT Exercise title

    Body Text


    \u  Bullet Text

    1.       Numbered text


    Exercise: INSERT Exercise title

    Body Text

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    Will FrameMaker 7.0 install on Windows 7 Pro 64-bit? Will it install on Windows 10?


    If this is not in the correct area of the forum, please move it. I am new to this forum.

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  • 02/13/18--05:42: FrameMaker > XML
  • Hi,


    I am exporting fm document to xml using following code


        IntT index;    F_PropValsT params, *returnParamsp = NULL;    F_ObjHandleT activeDocId = F_ApiGetId(0, FV_SessionId, FP_ActiveDoc);    params = F_ApiGetSaveDefaultParams();    index = F_ApiGetPropIndex(&params, FS_FileType);    params.val[index].propVal.u.ival = FV_SaveFmtXml;    StringT fmFilePath = "C:\\store\\newFM.xml"    F_ApiSave(activeDocId, fmFilePath, &params, &returnParamsp);    F_ApiDeallocatePropVals(&params);    F_ApiDeallocatePropVals(returnParamsp);


    Able to get xml file successfully but it ignores text frame and convert anchor frame to an image.

    Is there any ways to get these too as part of xml text?


    Thanks in advance.


    Best Regards,


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  • 02/13/18--08:00: SVG buggy
  • Having issues with svg files exported from illustrator.


    When I import the svg file into an anchor frame publish to html the svg graphics turn suddenly freakishly large or very small. In addition, when I add a hotspot to an anchor frame with svg content the hotspot won't work, which I had noted in a earlier thread.


    jpegs seems to work fine as does ai files, both in size and hotspot functionality.


    It's just the svgs.


    Are there any special considerations importing svgs from illustrator or for importing in framemaker?

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    In MIF, here's the definition of a condition that FrameMaker applies when you add text with Track Text Edits turned on:




      <CState CHidden>

      <CStyle CUnderline>

      <CSeparation 10>

      <CColor `Forest Green'>

      <CAndCondition >



    Does anyone know what <CAndCondition > means? It's not explained in the MIF Reference.

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  • 02/13/18--13:15: Unwanted text wrapping
  • A paragraph seems to have a set height, because any text added to the end of it jumps to below the following table.



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    Can I convert unstructured to structured files in FrameMaker12?

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    I am writing an plugin for Framemaker that needs to capture text as it is entered by the user dynamically in order to check if any similar segments have already been entered using an author memory database. Is there any way that I can do this using the Framemaker FDK or Extendscript? Looking at the documentation there is no obvious way of doing this.

    Thank you in advance

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  • 01/15/18--19:34: bilingual document
  • I did a bilingual document,
    I created two colums with two textflow (A for English on Left Side, and B, for French, on Right Side).

    Now I need to generate 2 separate tables of content ;
                      Table of Content of A Part (English)
                      Table of Content of B Part (French)

    How should I proceed?


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    In the Custom Ruling and Shading pod, Under the "Apply Ruling Style" section, what does the option "From Table" mean?

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    I would like my HTML default landing page to be the first page of the first chapter - how can I change it. I looked at the options in the dropdown menu and it's just a list of certain types of files. Can I enter a specific page?

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    I have a new subscription to Framemaker 2017. The software installed just fine. I didn't register the first time the software started. The online help says I can by using the Registration option in the Help menu. When I opened the software again to register it, the Registration option was not in the Help menu.


    How do I register a subscription purchase for FrameMaker 2017?



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    What is the hidden secret here?

    1. The script is copied from a desktop-subdirectory into FrameMaker Startup by mans of an installation program.
    2. The script is manually copied (using File explorer) from the desktop-subdirectory into FrameMaker Startup.

    Starting FM after case 1 executes the script twice !

    Starting FM after case 2 executes (as expected) the script once.

    I have cut down my script to something manageable and did the tests with this stub.


    // FMdict_test.jsx ------ UTF-8 ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    #target framemaker
    ShowDictInfo ()                                   // At start of FM inform about the User dictionary
    SetUpMenus()    // inactivate for debugging       // Establish menu item to get the information also later.
    function SetUpMenus() { // =========================================================================
    // This function MUST NOT be named DefineMenu - because this is a reserved function!
      var sDictMenu  = "Dictionary information";  var sShortLbl  = "ESC q d i";  var sShortCut  = "\\!qdi";  var menuLocation = app.GetNamedMenu("FileMenu");  var cmdDoc       = menuLocation.DefineAndAddCommand(1, "FMdict_DocInfo", sDictMenu, sShortCut);  cmdDoc.KeyboardShortcutLabel = localize(sShortLbl);   UpdateMenus();                                  // refresh and actually make the new menu appear 
    } // ---  end SetUpMenus
    function Command(cmd){
      switch(cmd) {    case 1:     ShowDictInfo();     break;  }
    } // --- end Command
    function ShowDictInfo () { // === Alert the dictionary information ================================
    var appdata    = app.UserSettingsDir;             // %appdata%\Adobe\FrameMaker\<version>
    var FMdictDir  = appdata.replace (/Adobe.*/ , "D+DD\\FMdict");
    var iniFile    = FMdictDir + "\\scripts\\FMdict.ini";
    var title      = "FMdict — Dictionary information";
    var currentPrj = "current Project"                // GetIniValue (iniFile, "currentPrj");
    var currentDir = "current Directory"              // GetIniValue (iniFile, "currentDir");
    var text       = "The User dictionary was loaded from \nFMdict project:\t" + currentPrj + "\nLocated in:  \t" + currentDir;  if (currentPrj !== "NONE") {                    // must fit with FMdict    alert (text, title, false);  }


    the installation routine is a compiled AHK (AutoHotKey) script which uses this statement:

      FileCopy, %installDir%\scripts\*.jsxbin, %FMtarget%, 1

    This expands to

      FileCopy, C:\Users\Klaus\Desktop\InstallThis\scripts\*.jsxbin, C:\Users\Klaus\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\FrameMaker\14\Startup, 1

    Parameter 1 allows to overwrite an existing file.


    After deleting the target file I repeated the experiment with the command prompt:

    Copy C:\Users\Klaus>copy C:\Users\Klaus\Desktop\InstallThis\scripts\*.jsxbin C:\Users\Klaus\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\FrameMaker\14\Startup

    This copied script also hits twice!


    Find the jsxbin here - it shoud be the same if you 'Export as Binary' the above script.


    A very bewitched situation...


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    I defined our corporate-approved colors in a library using Adobe Illustrator. Is there a way to use this library of colors in FrameMaker? I haven't had any luck bringing it in or in finding anything that says I can. I'm hoping that there's a hidden feature that I just haven't found yet in FM2017. I'm using Adobe Illustrator CC, if that makes a difference. Thanks!

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    I keep having trouble with change bars staying in the document - it's very random. FM17 and I am all patched up. I shouldn't have to go page by page to make sure the change bars are removed.

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    When I start a service manual for a new product, I would like to have dialog boxes open that asks for specific information to define the variables of the template. Is scripting what I am looking for and able to do this? I extremley little experience with Framemaker 2017. Thank you.

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    I have clicked on View-Reference Page and scrolled to the page that pertains to the formatting of the Table of Contents. I make my changes..(Bolded, added a tab, etc). I click on View-Body Page to return to the Table of Contents of the book. I save the work and the click Apply Update to Book. The Table of Contents does not change to what is on the reference page. I have no experience with scripting or the coding that is on the Reference Page. How do I get the changes I made on the Reference Page work?


    Thank you.

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