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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    I am using Framemaker 2017, I insert a table in a ditamap, set the table format to relatable, but the added table is a simple table.

    And I cannot add topicref in the table?

    How to fix this problem?

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  • 12/05/17--04:42: Deactivate FM8
  • Ive got this problem with deactivation FrameMaker 8. Could you please advise?

    It seems that is impossible to deactivate as there is no longer available the website for old version.


    Thank youu

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    I'm using FM 15 version and I'm having numbering issues.


    This is my dilemma and I realize I must be missing something somewhere.


    I have a set of figures and tables that must be inserted into an existing document behind the existing figures in consecutive order, starting with 146. I thought that I could use the formatting-


    Figure <$sectionnum>-<n=146>: 


    for the first figure and then the following figures should show autonumbering like-


    Figure <$sectionnum>-<n+>:


    But that has not worked. Is there something I'm missing here?



    Leanna Gable

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    I am trying to install FrameMaker from  a USB drive, The files were (both) downloaded from the Adobe site, and when I run setup, it gets through having me sign in, and enter the serial number, then asks for the disc to be inserted?  What am I doing wrong here?

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    Is it possible to do at least one (or both) of the following?


    1. Remove in a single doc several conditions? Currently I do the following:

    • Open the document
    • Open the conditional tags pod
    • mark and delete every tag individually


    2.  Some of these unused tags (they were imported to the document, but are not used) exist in many documents (hundreds).

    Is it possible to remove a condition from several documents in one shot?


    Thank you.



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    In Framemaker 2017, how do I convert a document where two Paragraphs appear as one PDF Bookmark? In a document created with a table structure, we require the Paragraphs in column 1 and 2 to appear as one bookmark in PDF (i.e. Item # and Item Name).

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    I'm using FrameMaker 2017 and ExtendScript. In my EDD I have an element that has its content defined as INTEGER. It also has an allowable range defined, in this case it's 'From 2 To 11'. This all works just fine in the EDD and in the structured documents.


    When I try to handle the data range definition through ExtendScript there is no way to get the ElementDef.AllowedDataRange. It is mentioned in the scripting guide, but is not available in the ESTK. Any thoughts before I post a bug report?



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    I have document in Framemaker 2017 Unstructured.

    I convert it to HTML 5 using the publish feature

    Anchored graphics which only holds one image, converts correctly

    Anchored frames which hold both an image AND some text boxes do not convert at all. The conversion process merely leaves blank spaces.

    How can I make it work, so these anchored frames which hold text AND graphics convert correctly?


    Best regards


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    For anyone using FrameMaker 2017 and CGMs for their graphics, when you publish to PDF, is the text in the CGM graphics searchable in the finished PDF?


    We have been looking at using FrameMaker and are curious what other's experience has been with CGMs and publishing to PDF before we decide to use the product.



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    In Framemaker 12, I suddenly have lost the ability to use the "Paste Special" option. I see the option in the Edit menu, but when I try to use it, nothing happens. Regular paste seems to work fine, but I use Paste Special all the time! Any ideas on how to fix this annoying situation? Thanks!

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    I am using FrameMaker 2017 with the latest updates on a Windows 10 machine. Randomly when I try to open Object Properties it locks up FrameMaker requiring Task Manager to end the process. I try to constantly save so that I don't lose too much work, but invariably when I forget to save before opening Object Properties is when it decides to crash. Is there a workaround or a fix for this or do we have to live with this unbelievable inconvenience?

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    Hi group


    When I do Edit > Update Book, I see that Show Element Boundaries (as Tags) is switched on again, which is not the idea, of course.


    Is anyone else seeing this? I'm using 14.0.2.





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    I seem to be digging deep into areas of FrameMaker's ExtendScript Object Model that don't get much attention.


    In an EDD it is possible to define the auto-insertions that happen when you add a new element to a structured document. The auto insertions can be InsertChild or InsertNestedChild. I need to handle these insertions dynamically according to element context. Unfortunately this seems to be impossible with ExtendScript.


    In an ElementDef there are two relevant properties AlsoInsert and AlsoInserts. The first is an array of Stings and the second a Typed Val. It is not clear how these should work together to match the possibilities of the EDD structure. Has anyone made this work? I had a look at the FDK documentation but it's not very helpful.


    The FDK and ExtendScript documents seem to be giving different information which is unhelpful. The FDK reference does not include a definition for an equivalent to AlsoInserts.


    Any ideas greatefully received.




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    Hi group


    When I do Edit > Update Book, I see that Show Element Boundaries (as Tags) is switched on again, which is not the idea, of course.


    Is anyone else seeing this? I'm using 14.0.2.





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    I'm evaluating FrameMaker 2017 via Trial Version. We're currently on v11. The goal is to use the HTML 5 output to replace or add in conjunction with our PDF output for a large process manual. I can process and complete a small book contain 5 files, but when I try to run anything more, it locks up at the "post processing..." step. I found the working temp folder and it appears to convert all images and Framemaker files, but the job will not complete even when left running overnight. There is plenty of RAM and hard drive space available on the pc while it is running. Is there a limitation to the number of files that can be processed in the trial version? If not, are there settings that I can change to help it finish?




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    Dear experts,

    To be able to navigate to any variable in the document (used on any page type) I first collect all information about the variables. The arry elements are built by the prototype function (is this the correct term?)

    function oVariable (sName, sContents, oVar, bUsed, bSystem, oTr, sPageType, iPageNr, sPageName) {  this.Name     =  sName;                         // Name of variable  this.Contents =  sContents;                     // Contents of variable  this.VarObj   =  oVar;                          // Var object in document  this.VarUsed  =  bUsed;                         // User var is used in document  this.IsSystem =  bSystem;                       // true for system variable  this.TextRange=  oTr;                           // textrange of this occurance in the doc  this.PageType =  sPageType;                     // BodyPage or ... where var was found  this.PageNr   =  iPageNr;                       // for BodyPage  this.PageName =  sPageName;                     // for the other types
    } //--- end oVariable



    In a loop through the variables I fill the global array of objects, which works fine.

    For the following don't worry about the goFMc prefix: it is the name of the global object holding all stuff.

    function GetVarsInDoc (oDoc) { //=== Fill the doc variables array with all found vars in Doc ======
    var bIsSystem, bIsUsed, oPage, oTR, oVar, index, iPageType, sPageType, sVarName, sVarContents;  goFMc.aDocVars.length = 0;                      // clear array for new build up  oVar = oDoc.FirstVarInDoc;                      // the variable in the text  while (oVar.ObjectValid()) {    sVarName = oVar.VarFmt.Name;                  // name of the variable    sValue   = oVar.VarFmt.Fmt;                   // contents of variable    oTR      = oVar.TextRange;                    // the text range of the variable    bIsSystem= (oVar.VarFmt.SystemVar !== Constants.FV_VAR_USER_VARIABLE);    bIsUsed  = UsrVarIsUsed (oDoc, sVarName);    goFMc.aDocVars.push (new oVariable (sVarName, sValue, oVar, bIsUsed, bIsSystem, oTr, null, null)); // array element    oDoc.ScrollToText(oTR);                       // Go there to get page type    oPage = oDoc.CurrentPage;    sPageType =;           // BodyPage, MasterPage, RefPage [Rick Quatro]    index = goFMc.aDocVars.length - 1;            // use current array entry    goFMc.aDocVars[index].PageType = sPageType;    if (sPageType == "BodyPage") {      goFMc.aDocVars[index].PageNr = oPage.PageNum;    } else if (sPageType == "MasterPage") {      goFMc.aDocVars[index].PageName = oPage.Name;    } else if (sPageType == "RefPage") {      goFMc.aDocVars[index].PageName = oPage.Name;    }    oVar = oVar.NextVarInDoc;  }  goFMc.nDocVars = goFMc.aDocVars.length;
    } //--- end GetVarsInDoc


    To get to the first variable in the document I have the following function in the dialogue:

    function ButtonFirst () { //=== Go to first variable in document ==================================
    var bSystemVar, iVar, jVar, oVar, sName;  iVar =0;                                        // index in doc variable array  goFMc.indexDocVars = iVar;                       // keep for other nav buttons  oVar = goFMc.aDocVars[iVar].VarObj;             // first item in doc variable array  sName = goFMc.aDocVars[iVar].Name;  bSystemVar = goFMc.aDocVars[iVar].IsSystem;  DisplayVariable (goFMc.oCurrentDoc, iVar);      // can be on any page type
    // ...
    } //---  end ButtonFirst


    Relevant data (the ingredients) from goFMc.aDocVars[0] for DisplayVariable is

    Name     =  Running H/F 1
    Contents =  <$paratext[0chapter-title]>
    VarObj   =  // Var object in document
    VarUsed  =  false   // User var is used in document
    IsSystem =  true
    TextRange=  // textrange of this occurance in the doc
    PageType =  MasterPage
    PageName =  Left


    The user normally start on the body pages, while many variables can be on the master pages and even on the reference pages. Hence the display should switch between the various page types. However, in my test case the variable is on the first master page - but the display is still the current body page.

    My question now is: why does DisplayVariable not jump to the appropriate page type and show the selected variable?

    After executing ButtonFirst I can manually switch to the master pages where I see the variable selected on the very first one.

    function DisplayVariable (oDoc, iVar) { //=== display the indexed variable ========================
    var oTR;  oTR = goFMc.aDocVars[iVar].TextRange;  oDoc.TextSelection = oTR;  oDoc.ScrollToText(oTR);
    } //--- end DisplayVariable

    When switching manually to the last master page before I use the button then the display is correct.

    But how can I make the function automatically go to the relvant page type?

    I have the necessary ingredients, but no recipe...

    Any ideas are welcome


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    By default, Framemaker opens documents as tabs. With Framemaker 2017 (FM, when I drag a document tab out of a tab group into into a floating window, the new window is always opened very small (approx. 300 by 250 pixels), and, making things worse, resizing the window is not possible. Also the commands Fit Window To Page and Fit Window To Text Frame are not functioning, which, in effect, makes the floating window unusable.


    On the same machine, I do not see this problem with Framemaker 10 or other programs providing similar functionality so I think that this is not a Windows problem but specific to Frame 17. Uninstalling and reinstalling Frame did not resolve the issue.


    Any ideas on how to fix this annyoing behavior are highly appreciated. Thanks!

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    I am running FrameMaker 2017 on Windows 10. Since I upgraded to Windows 10, I've noticed (sometimes) as I'm closing book files, the files close, but it (the book file) is still displayed in my FrameMaker window.

    This can be resolved by closing and re-opening FrameMaker. But why should I have to do that?

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    I have placed a table and now I need to place a png image right next to it that will extend beyond the master page text boundary. can you advise on how best to do this?


    see the images below for reference...


    this is what I currently have...

    Capture 1.PNG


    this is what I need...

    Capture 2.PNG

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    I want to apply a character format (italic, blue) to all fm-xref elements in a composite fm doc generated from dita files. I can't apply text formatting in the EDD to the fm-xref element. (I can apply it to the xref element, but this doesn't affect my fm doc.)


    How do I solve this?


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