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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    Dear friends,

    Collecting variables in the order of their creation works fine for me:

    function GetVarsInDoc (oDoc, aDocVars) { //=== Fill the doc variables array with all found vars in Doc ======
    var oTR, oVar, sVarName, sValue;  aDocVars.length = 0;                            // clear array for new build up  oVar = oDoc.FirstVarInDoc;                      // the variable in the text  while (oVar.ObjectValid()) {    sVarName = oVar.VarFmt.Name;                  // name of the variable    sValue   = oVar.VarFmt.Fmt;                   // contents of variable    oTR      = oVar.TextRange;                    // the text range of the variable    aDocVars.push (new oVariable (sVarName, sValue, oVar, oTR));    oVar = oVar.NextVarInDoc;  }
    } //--- end GetVarsInDoc


    When walking (do you have a better term) through the collected variables the display jumps between body and master pages and the first few variables are all on the master pages. This jumping irritates the user. Hence I want to collect the variables in the order as they appear in the document (will jump only once to the master pages) - same as when using the Find dialogue with Any Variable.


    The following, however, does not do anything at all - what is wrong?

    function GetVarsInDoc (oDoc, aDocVars) { //=== Collect variables in the 'natural' order ===========
    var findParams, oPara, oTRnew TextRange(), oTxtLoc1, oTxtLoc2;  oPara = oDoc.MainFlowInDoc.FirstTextFrameInFlow.FirstPgf; // Start at the beginning of the document  oTR.beg.obj =  oTR.end.obj = oPara;  oDoc.ScrollToText(oTR);        //  test - nothing to see  findParams = GetFindParameters (2, null);       // Get the find parameters for finding any variable  InitFA_errno ();                                // reset - it is write protected (function not shown here)  oTR = oDoc.Find(oTR.beg, findParams);           // and do an initial find to get started.  while(FA_errno === Constants.FE_Success) {    oDoc.TextSelection = oTR;                     // set up the text range
    // here code is required to come from oTR  to the variable object for storage    oDoc.ScrollToText(oTR);        //  test - nothing to see    InitFA_errno ();                              // to be used to track the progress of the find and replace    oTR = oDoc.Find(oTR.end, findParams);         // prepare for next find  }
    } //--- end GetVarsInDoc

    This is a stripped down version:

    function GetFindParameters (iType, sSearch) { //=== set up parameters for various find actions ====
    var findParams, propVal;  findParams = new PropVals() ;  switch (iType) {    case 2: // ---------------------------------- find any variable      propVal = new PropVal() ;      propVal.propIdent.num = Constants.FS_FindObject;       propVal.propVal.valType = Constants.FT_Integer;       propVal.propVal.ival = Constants.FV_FindAnyVariable ;       findParams.push(propVal);       return findParams;    default:      return null;  }
    } //---  end GetFindParameters


    Who can give me a hint?


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  • 12/15/17--00:34: Speichern in der Version 10
  • Kann ich mit der Version 2017 auch Dateien für FrameMaker 10 abspeichern?

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    Our business is changing operating systems.

    We are currently on Windows 7 and use FrameMaker 11 to generate PDFs.


    Will FrameMaker 11 run on Windows 10?

    Will FrameMaker 11 have experience issues with Windows 10?


    Kind regards,

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    I have some files, created in FrameMaker 11 that my company wants translated into two other languages.  The translation company uses FrameMaker but cannot open these files, or MIF files in either version 7 or version 11 format.  Is there something that needs to be done to prepare these files for a FrameMaker instance that uses another native language?

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    I need to inverse footnote reference numbers and punctuation. Does anyone know how to identify the footnote reference with Regex? InDesign uses ~F, but that's not working in FrameMaker.



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    Issue: I do have big problems, creating Registration Marks in FM 2017.


    This is my current procedure for creating Registration Marks (I rely on Matt's book.):


    1. Create a new blank document. Check the paper size: Format > Page layout > Format. My document size is A4 (21 x 29,7 cm). Fine.
    2. Open the print setup dialog: File > Print Setup. Check the paper size again: A4. Fine.
    3. Click Properties to open the Adobe PDF Document Properties dialog. Navigate to the Layout tab. Click Advanced. Check the paper size again: A4. Fine.
    4. Click OK (3x). The Print Setup is finished.
    5. Open the print dialog: File > Print. Click Normal for the Registration Marks type.
    6. Open the PDF Setup in the print dialog. Navigate to the Settings tab. Click again Normal for the Registration Marks type. To preserve extra space for the Registration Marks, set the Page Size to 24 x 33 cm. Click Set.
    7. Back in the print dialog, uncheck Print to File. Click Print.
    8. FM pops up a message in German: 'Registermarken passen nicht auf das Papier im Drucker. Fortfahren?' (In English: 'Registration Marks don't fit on the paper in the printer. Continue?') Click Yes.
    9. A PDF is created: A4 without Registration Marks.

    An attempt to improve:

    1. Open the print setup dialog again: File > Print Setup. Set the paper size to A3 (29,7 x 42 cm). This is much bigger than 24 x 33 cm. Therefore, there should be enough extra space for the Registration Marks.
    2. Open the print dialog: File > Print. Click Print.
    3. No more warning messages, a PDF is created, but still in A4 and still without Registration Marks. Grrr.



    • Starting with an easy one: Is the Registration Marks type Western now called Normal?
    • Why are there so many ways to set the page size? What's the difference?
      • In the FM page layout dialog
      • In the printer setup dialog
      • In the Adobe PDF Document Properties dialog (2x)
      • In the PDF Setup dialog
    • Why does the distiller remove any extra space (i.e. containing the Registration Marks)?
    • Why should I increase the page size in the PDF Setup and then uncheckGenerate Acrobat Data? (Matt's book)
    • Why should I click two times the Registration marks type? (Matt's book)
      • In the printer setup dialog
      • In the PDF Setup dialog
    • Where are my Registration Marks? Where did I go wrong?


    I really love difficult functions, that don't work.

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    Issue: The quality of the German translation in the FM 2017 user interface isn't good enough.


    Sometimes the German translation in the FM 2017 user interface sounds strange, surreal, is hard to understand or simply wrong.


    Here are some examples:


    • Format > Document > PDF Setup > Bookmarks: Bookmarks Expanded through Level function
      • Im deutschen FM heißt es: Lesezeichen erweitert durch Ebene.
      • Besser wäre: Lesezeichen erweitert bis Ebene; oder noch besser: Lesezeichen angezeigt bis Ebene.


    • Format > Document > PDF Setup > Bookmarks: Articles: Thread by Text Frame / Thread by Column
      • Das ginge schon in Englisch besser: PDF Text Flow: Thread by Text Frame / Thread by Column
      • In Deutsch versteht das aber niemand: Artikel: Bahn durch Textrahmen / Bahn durch Spalte
      • Besser wäre: PDF-Textfluss: wie durch Textrahmen vorgegeben (Standard) / wie FrameMaker-Textfluss


    • Format > Document > PDF Setup > Tags: Format > Dokument > PDF-Einstellungen > Typen
      • Tags wird hier mit Typenübersetzt. Formal ist das richtig, in diesem Kontext aber unpassend. Denn sonst müsste Tagged PDF erstellen ja auch mit Getypte PDF erstellenübersetzt werden.
      • Ergo: Tags sollte an dieser Stelle auch im Deutschen Tags heißen.


    • Format > Document > PDF Setup > Links: Missing or doubled words in the German translation
      • 2. Absatz: Der 1. Satz ist unverständlich (Wörter zu viel / zu wenig).
      • 3. Absatz: generieren generieren


    • Paragraph Designer > Advanced sheet: Max. Adjacent Hyphens
      • Im deutschen FM heißt es: Max. nebeneinanderstehende Bindestriche. Das ist falsch. Die Bindestriche stehen nicht (waagerecht) nebeneinander, sondern (in mehreren Zeilen) über- oder untereinander.


    • Paragraph Designer > Pagination sheet: Widow/Orphan Lines
      • Im deutschen FM heißt es: Absatzkontrolle. Was zur Hölle ist eine Absatzkontrolle?
      • Schon mal was von Schusterjungen und Hurenkindern oder Witwen und Waisen gehört?


    • Pod Undo History
      • Im deutschen FM heißt es: Verlauf rückgängig machen.
      • Hier hat der Übersetzer offenbar den Kontext nicht im Auge gehabt. Er interpretiert Undo als Verb statt als Teil eines Substantivs.
      • Besser wäre beispielsweise: Verlaufshistorie.


    • usw.


    Geht es nur mir so - oder (war und) ist Framemaker immer noch eine sprachliche "Herausforderung" für seine Anwender?


    How is the quality of the user interface in the other FM languages?

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    1. Open the PDF Setup: Format > Document > PDF Setup.
    2. Select the Settings tab.
    3. Now you can select/deselect the option Generate PDF for review only.


    Someone out there, to explain me this function? In simple words please. Thank you.

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    Hello all,


    May be I am missing something very basic here. But I am confused on the procedure of importing an image into FM by copying into document.


    Whenever I am importing an image, a pop-up window prompting for graphic scaling is shown. My first doubt is to choose which option in this?


    After reading through some of the posts, I started to keep the DPI 72 DPI and always used to keep the scaling in obeject properties 100%. But, at first, I didnt realize that the DPI and scaling are interdependent. So, after closing the FM file, when I re-open this, the scaling and the DPI were changed automatically!! Dont know how and why??? Is this any internal mechanism by which FM is auto adjusting itself the object properties or is it a bug?


    But, if I import the image by reference, the DPI setting window won't appear at all. So, is this setting automatic when it comes to image import by reference?


    I am not even sure whether I am following correct procedure here... Any help/ link to any other posts where this has been correctly addressed would be appreciable.


    Additional query: Which image format is best to use in user guide (PDF) and Webhelp (HTML responsive)?? Please help me out in this regard.


    Thanks in advance,


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    For FM 2017.

    This is the screenshot of error log. I am not sure how it happened. What could be possible reasons of getting such error?

    I have not manually moved any DITAVAL file. Not sure if that is moved automatically.

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    An equation that has a fraction inside of square brackets fails to render properly when I create a PDF.


    Here is the MathML code:















    It looks as it should in the MathFlow editor and Frame WYSIWYG editor, like this:


    But when it is saved as a PDF it looks like this:


    By the way, if I use the same code but use parentheses instead of square brackets, it looks fine. If I have other things in the brackets (not fractions) they also render fine in PDF.


    I am using FrameMaker 2017 ver. and MathFlow ver. 2.0c.


    Thanks for your help.

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  • 12/19/17--01:05: FrameMaker-Schnittmarken
  • Hi

    Meine Kollegin in ich Arbeiten mit FrameMaker 2015 (vorher FrameMaker 10). In der alten Version konnten wir Schnittmarken einstellen und diese Einstellung finden wir jetzt nicht mehr. Kann uns jemand helfen?

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    Is there a way to get a hypertext link to cover text that is multiple lines such as in a box on a flow chart, as shown in the top box in the picture attached? Currently the link is only on the word 'PHYSICAL'.





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    Hi friends,


    using framemaker script ,


              I want to take pdf file as input.         

              Then I want to copy all text from pdf and paste into framemaker using script.

              then save the framemaker file


      Is it possible ?

      if it is possible please help me friends....

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    I'm currently using Framemaker 2017 at home, and some of the people at the company I work for are using Framemaker 12.  If I save my work as an .fm file, will my coworkers be able to open them in Framemaker 12 with document formatting intact?

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    My issue: What's happening and what should happen, when I press the 'Reset' button in the Character Designer


    1. Create a blank document.
    2. Open the Character Designer.
    3. Create a new tag, i.e. 'RedBoldTest' -> All settings: 'As Is' + Color: 'Red' + Weight: 'Bold'.
    4. Press 'Create Style'.
    5. Change a property of 'RedBoldTest', i.e. Size: '24 pt'.
    6. Press the 'Reset' button.

    The style 'RedBoldTest' is deselected (no more style in the Character Designer) and all Properties are set to 'As Is'.

    That's not what I expected.


    What should happen when pressing the 'Reset' button?

    1. The actually selected style remains in the Character Designer.
    2. The Size: '24 pt' (and only this property) is resetted to 'As Is' (the original value in the style).
    3. The other properties (Color, Weight) are not affected.


    Am I right or wrong?

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    My issue: Wrong display of a character override in the status bar


    1. Create a blank document.
    2. Open the Character Designer.
    3. Create a new tag, i.e. 'RedTest' -> All settings: 'As Is' + Color: 'Red'.
    4. Press 'Create Style'.
    5. Fill in some characters on the page, i.e. '1234567890'.
    6. Select a few characters, i.e. '567'.
    7. Character Catalog: Apply 'RedTest'.

    So far - so good:



    1. Select a character, i.e. '6'.
    2. In the Character Designer, change a property of 'RedTest', i.e. Size: '18 pt'.
    3. Press the 'Apply' button.

    In case of a character tag override: "An asterisk displays next to the character tag name in the status bar." (Matt Sullivan's 'Working with Content'). But no asterisk appears in my status bar:



    Who is wrong? Adobe, the book, or me?

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  • 12/20/17--22:17: scrollbox Multiple selection
  • Hi.


    Is it possible to set scrollbox on a  custom dialog to multiple selection?

    If it is, please tell me how to do it.


    Thank you.

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    Hi Friends,


         I need to copy all the texts from pdf and paste into framemaker without lossing formats using script.


         Is this possible or not.

         Please help me..

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    Issue: I'd like to remove extraneous (unused) colors.


    1. Create a new blank document.
    2. Add some custom colors.
    3. Save the document as MIF file.
    4. Open the MIF file.


    The added colors are still part of the color definitions: View > Color > Definitions.


    Is a MIF wash the wrong approach?

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