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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    Hi folks,


    well, I have a few little questions and would be glad to hear what the experts out there have to say about 'em. ;-)


    Basically, we are producing huge telephone directories using FrameMaker (all tests in this message have been done with a demo version of 2015 and 2017). Think about several hundred pages, each having two or three columns and very small text, plus a lot of graphics. Traditionally, we've been using an application written by us that creates a MIF file, which we then open in FrameMaker, save as a native MF file, and using pre-created master pages, various custom api clients / extensions, as well as manual formatting, thus finally making it look like a real phone book.


    Now, we've decided to have a look at structured FrameMaker in order to decide if that would offer a worthwhile route to switch to. After all, the data we work with is highly structured, and we even already have native XML capabilities in our database, so we thought: Let's see if instead of going the MIF route, we could also get our data into FM by means of XML.


    As it turned out, that did work. But ... well ... it worked very slowly! And the main question is, basically, if this is expected and the route via XML / structure is probably not the right way for us to look into, or if we are doing something wrong.


    To be more precise, one has to take into account that the XML we feed into FrameMaker consists of very many elements with very little content. So, we don't have a <paragraph> construct that contains several thousand characters, but instead what we have looks more like:







              <street>Test Street</street>



              <city>Test City</city>




    Now picture about 80000 of such "person" entries, plus some additional stuff, in a 40 MB big schema-based XML file. In order to open the XML, FrameMaker needs 30 - 45 seconds. The same data, without structure in a MIF file we've generated, opens in less than ten seconds.


    There's even more trouble: First, the good news is that once the XML data has been saved as a native structured FM file, that FM file can be opened much more quickly, almost instantly! But when we import the formatting information from a different document into that structured FM file, well, it's wait time for about 30 - 45 minutes. In contrast, importing the same formatting information into an unstructured FM document that "started its life" via our traditional MIF route only takes a few seconds.


    Of course, such big wait times are not really what we'd want. It's entirely possible that the structured route is not the right one in our case anyway - in fact, we don't need structure per se and we just thought we'd experiment with structured FM / XML a bit. It's entirely possible that we will continue our traditional MIF route, which has worked well for us for years. But I'd still like to hear what the pros think: Is such a behavior concerning the delays / slowness expected with XML data of the kind we are using? Or should things in theory work much faster and we are probably only doing something wrong?


    Thanks in advance and greetings to you all!



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    Hi All,


    I have a chapter with about 100 or so graphics, they are all Imported and linked to some Folder.


    Is there a Shortcut Way to convert all the Imported Graphics into Embedded Graphics???


    At the moment, I am looking at the Insets Panel with all the graphics files and then

    1. Selecting each grphic One-by-one
    2. And then, re-importing
    3. And then, re-selecting a Graphic File (in the Import Dialog Box)
    4. And then, Copy Into Document by re-selecting a Replace Button
    5. Then repeating all the steps for the next graphics


    I thought there might be an easier way. Would appreciate any insight.


    Thank you.

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    When I try to switch between WYSIWYG vie and Author view in FM 2017 (Structured), the document closes and the Welcome screen appears, deleting any changes. Is this a software glitch?

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    how can I decrease the gap between pages as shown on the screen capture image below...?





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    Browsed the FM 2017 announcements, and even though there seems to many nice additions and fixes I can't seem to find the important bullet about importing text-formatted files (md, commonmark, rst or such). Nor any mentions about source-code (Github, Mercurial, Svn or such) or Cloud-storage such as Dropbox/OneDrive/GDrive etc integration. Odd. I hope I'm just overlooking something here...

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    I am opening a pagemaker document (.pmd) using trial version of Framemaker 12.0. It opens and is fantastic. I then convert this file into a html as that is my goal. Now I see lot of other text in the converted html. I do not see these text in the Framemaker window when I open the .pmd file. Where can I uncover these hidden texts?


    Another problem that I am facing is that the conversion order gets jumbled on its own. I am not sure if there is any numbering that the Framemaker follows in doing the conversion. But I see the heading at the end of the article. How to rectify this and get the document right after conversion to html?


    I would like to know how to copy a frame with text inside and paste it in another framemaker document. This means I have opened an existing .pmd file in Framemaker. Now I open a new blank file and try to copy a frame with content and place it in the new blank document that I opened. How do I do this?


    Sorry for asking multiple questions in one thread. As all these are closely related to the issue that I am facing, I have raised this in one thread. Will be grateful to your answers. Thanks in advance.



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    I try to create function for remove documents in structure view and have problem. When I create funciton, were I want to stop dragging document in structure view by using F_ApiReturnValue(FR_CancelOperation); I stoped the drag action, but document in my book list disappear. This document shows only when FM is reopened.

    I have already tried redisplay for book, deselect element range, but it doesn't help.

    Are there any other options?



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    Please, Oh Please!!!!!
    Why is there not the capacity to have a book-wide variables list? That is, why not have variables contained/defined in the Book file. When working with very large books comprised of many chapter files, having the variables list defined on a chapter file basis is a giant PITA! If I want to add or modify or remove a variable on a book-wide basis, I have to go through 20+ chapter files. It is SO VERY EASY to get chapter files in a book out of sync variable wise. Over the course of years, and half a dozen revisions, and multiple authors touching each chapter file, the variables lists become a freaking MESS! Old, residual junk in one file, not in another. Variable definitions changed in one file but not in another.

    There MUST be a way! (I can think of several - like have a variables list in each file, but if you are working with a book, create a composite/master list from each file in the book and attach it to the book file). Not rocket science.

    This file-by-file variable list business is a really Enthusiasm-for-FrameMaker Killer.


    (Does anybody from Adobe even read these comments?)

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    I am trying to import html code into FM and keep the indented format. Anyone know how to do so without losing the original indented format?

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    Hi All,


    I have Opened a Book in FM12 which was originally written in FM7.


    All Chapter Files are as expected, they have icon of Chapter File.

    However, all TOC/LOF/LOT are also have icon of Chapter File.

    When I update the Book, it does not show any TOC/LOF/LOT.


    Is this normal? Does it require recreation of TOC/LOF/LOT?



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    How do I create ANSI z535 compliant messages in our machine manuals using the <hazardstatement> and <messagepanel> elements in structured FrameMaker 2015? 


    Using unstructured FrameMaker, I created ANSI-compliant messages easily by defining the needed style sheets for NOTICE, CAUTION, WARNING, and DANGER.

    ANSI Z535.JPG

    Using DITA in structured Frame 2015, the results don't display in a manner compliant with ANSI. 


    Can I achieve the results I need by modifying the EDD?  Should I use a text inset (ugh!)?

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    Hi All,


    I am facing a peculiar issue when I import Corel X8 version files into FM12.

    All the open 'curves' are getting closed with unwanted lines.

    corel issue.PNG

    The process I follow is File > Import > Object > Create from file...

    Please let me know if any of you have faced a similar issue and if is there a solution to this issue.





    PS: I was using Corel V12 till recently and never faced such an issue.

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    I am getting annoying behaviour with the "Replace Font" pod on my dual monitor Frame 2017 set up.

    Firstly, I have the Fonts pod open, with a list of all the fonts in my document.

    If I double-click a font in that list, it opens the "Replace Font" pod...

    but then, if I drag the Replace Font pod onto my 2nd monitor (out of the way of my document), it collapses, only leaving its title bar. The only way to reopen the pod is to click the button to reduce it to an icon, then click the icon to reopen the pod again.


    Is this a bug? I've tried half a dozen other pods and I can drag them onto my 2nd monitor fine, without them collapsing to their title bar only.

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    I am getting "Document uses unavailable fonts. To reformat the document using available fonts, click OK." How do I reformat using available fonts? Thanks!

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    I'd like to create a semi-transparent text box so that the background image subtly shows through the text box without affecting overall readability of the text.


    I read an older forum post that indicates it cannot be done, however, I'm hoping that is not the case now.  When I look at the Help related to Text Frame Properties > Fill, it looks like I might be able to use Tint to get a transparent effect, but that doesn't seem to work (I must have misunderstood).


    Please advise.





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  • 03/09/17--14:33: Table Numbering
  • I have a document wherein the table numbers are out of sequence and I cant change them nor edit them. These are numbers that are automatically assigned when you put in a new table. However, I copied pasted a table from another document and it may be carrying over the properties from the original document. What do I do?

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    In the Responsive HTML5 output, when I perform a search, the results which show up in the left pane are simply a list, all called "Training Guide" with the text <Put your header content here>. When you click one of these results the search criteria does show up correctly in the right pane.





    Two questions:



    1. How do you edit "Training Guide" to instead list the correct chapter of the content?



    2. How do you edit the text to, in the words of the software "Put your header content here?



    Any further insight on this is appreciated.

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    I’m using DITA and I want to move the figure title below the

    I tried to change the general rule of the Element <fig> in the
    EDD like this:

    (figgroup |
    dl | parml | image| lines | lq | note | hazardstatement | object | ol | p | pre
    | codeblock | msgblock | screen | sl | ul | data | data-about | fn | foreign |
    unknown | simpletable | fm-xref | xref), (title)?, (desc)?*

    After this change it is possible to insert the element <title>
    after the element <image>.

    But when saving the XML-document after the changes I get the
    following XML parser message: (Document Instance): Element title is not valid
    for the content model

    What’s going wrong?

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    I’m using DITA and I‘d like to create hazard statements.

    In which files can I define the styles? In the DITA templates
    or in the EDDs?

    Is it possible to create the hazard statements as tables?

    Which steps must be done?

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    When creating a book of several imported pdf's the ctrl find does not find any words.

    If I open a pdf alone that was imported into that book then ctrl find works 100%



    Thank you in advance

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