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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    I need dashed lines in a table, so I have inserted them using the graphics tool and drawing dashed lines where I want them.  They look fine in FrameMaker, but when I print a PDF version, the dashes have tiny downward "hooks" at the beginning of each dash.  How can I prevent this?

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    The TOC which I have now with me does not have any leader lines and while I tried to change the way it looks, by going to the reference pages and adding new tab stops with left, right with leader lines.

    Now when I go to the body pages I don't see the update happening automatically, instead I had to enter the "Tab" before each page number in TOC.

    Tried by updating the whole book, but still it doesn't fetch me the desired result.

    Please help me with:

    where am I going wrong

    the probable solution


    Screen Shot of the current TOC:

    Screen shot after editing the reference page and pressing the Tab key on the body pages accordingly:





    I am using FM unstructured.





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    FRAMEMAKER 2017, Unstructured

    I need to pick up the value of a previous paragraph tag and put it on the following page, along with some symbols and text. I would like to set this up as a paragraph tag, if possible.


    For example, top of page 1 has the title "TITLE A". On page 2, I need to place "< TITLE A continued >" (using downward triangle symbols in place of the angled brackets I've shown here). Then, say page 5 has a title of "TITLE B", on page 6, I need to insert "< TITLE B continued >" - preferably with one or two clicks which will automatically change A to B and insert the symbols. Please see attached example. Any help would be appreciated as doing it manually with a cross reference is prone to error. Thank you.

    repeating para tag.png

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    I am looking for the same "page break" function used in Word but for FrameMaker to insert and jump to a blank page in the document.

    It must be so easy but I can't find it.



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    FM2017 / Win 7 / DITA 1.2


    Setting up output templates for a DITA application.


    Decided that I'd like to include the chapter title in my running header so that it would read "Chapter 1: Chapter Title"


    So in my chapter output template, I edited one of the running header variables to accommodate. I believe it was Running H/F 5, which is already <$paratext[paratag]> and I filled in my chapter title style, which is head.0.


    So basically, what I'm hoping to get is Chapter <$chapnum>: Running H/F 5 (<$paratext[head.0]>) (obviously, with the correct values in place of the building blocks).


    I test with some content, it works in the template, I remove the content and save the template. For good measure, I made sure that I also updated the variable in the other templates I use for book building (Title, TOC, Index).


    But now, when I output my map (book with FM components), what I get is Chapter <$chapnum>: with nothing further. I check the variable, and it has reverted to <$paratext[paratag]> without the specified paratag.


    Why doesn't the variable definition stay with my template? I don't want to have to manually update it every time I output a book.

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    I have received this XML file from someone and when I open and validated but I am not able to see any images in the Structured Framemaker, though when i see the XML source, i can see the image tags.


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    <!DOCTYPE uni-doc PUBLIC "-//Alcatel-Lucent//DTD UNIDOC-DTD 1.0//EN" "unidoc-dtd.dtd" [

    <!-- Begin Document Specific Declarations -->

    <!ENTITY ENT1_f-Interfaceimplemented1_default.jpg SYSTEM "Graphics/f-Interfaceimplemented1_default.jpg" NDATA JPEG>



    <!-- End Document Specific Declarations -->



    <figure ID="ac1010239"><stem>The following figure shows an interface

    implemented in a script and the link between the action and the


    <title>Interface implemented in a script and link between the action

    and the interface</title><!--MMO resource relative URI: ../Graphics/JPG/f-Interfaceimplemented1_default.jpg-->



    <graphic entity-ref="ENT1_f-Interfaceimplemented1_default.jpg"





    Any idea what's wrong here?

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    I have just downloaded the TechCommSuite updates an I am running FM 2017 on Win10 64-bit.


    How can I rotate the graphics toolbar so that is is horizontal instead of vertical. Dragging it to the toolbars attaches it, but it is still vertical and so takes up half the screen?




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    For a work in Adobe FrameMaker I have to use some characters out different code pages of a font. (z.B. Griechisch and Cyrillic). In the fonts tab i have those fonts with diffrent options like bold or light. I can see also those fonts with Greek or Cyrilic, but there are grey and i can't choose them.


    So what have i to do that i can use all code pages of a Font in Adobe FrameMaker? Can anyone please help me



    Windows 7

    Adobe FrameMaker 2015

    Aktiv Grotesk (Font)

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    Can anybody help? This has been happening for the past two days whenever I try to update a book. It seemed to crash when encountering a cross-reference, which I deleted, but it still thinks it is there and continues to crash. I sent the log file to, and I also found something in this forum that sounded similar, but there were no specific instructions on how to fix it -- something to do with structured versus unstructured? I am on Windows 7 Pro. Thanks!

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    HI All,


    Having quiet a bit of issues with FM12: Created a Book, with crash, it created Recovery Files as shown in the image below:


    Now I am starting with new Book.

    When I add these files, It does not add to the book (no message, nothing).

    When I rename the files and then add to the book, I get message Not Recognized Format.


    I would appreciate any response. Thanks.

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    Hi All,


    I am adding TOC to the Book and then during Book Generation, I am having File Locked By User error.


    Before generating a Book, I have deleted all open or locked files in Windows Explorer directory.


    Getting Number of Errors as shown in the images...

    These were the Errors

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    Hi, I am quite new to DTD, and EDD, including read/write rules and things.

    The problem is, now I have made a application ready with an EDD based on a DTD, then applied it to an XML file.

    (I am using ver2015)


    The XML file goes...



    Then displayed as...





    However, the result I want is...



    So I tried read/write rule...




    line break is 1000 characters;



    However, still the bad line break is inserted after </termA>.

    Could please anyone help this situation?

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    Is Acrobat Pro DC compatible with Frame 11? I'm in an office with a number of Frame 11 licenses. Sys Admin just updated our Acrobat to Pro DC and we're having persistent problems with both applications.

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    I have a number of Word documents that use a bulleted style. This style is mapped to a FM paragraph format that uses bullets and the mapping works well when I import the text. However, at the same time, FM seems to create a character format for every paragraph that contains a bullet, so that I end up with hundreds of character formats, named Bullet1, Bullet2, etc. These don't seem to have been applied anywhere in the FM document. The styles don't exist in the Word doc and there is no manual formatting, only the paragraph style that includes a bullet. Why is this happening and how can I prevent it? This is driving me NUTS!

    PS: FM 2015 at Version (Patch 5).

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    I was forced to use the new 2017. I have tons and tons of docs to convert from one template into my FrameMaker template. Before the 2017 version, I was able to change the name of a style (e.g., "Normal" to "Body"), so when I applied my template, all the tags would apply perfectly and take the task of me having to apply the same style thousands of times within a doc---ummm, what happened to the Update All button in the Paragraph Designer?! My God, you can't remove this---you will cause me hours/days/weeks/months of extra work. Please someone, please tell me this is not GONE. Also, the online help mentions nothing about this.

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    How can I save all the files of a book at one go rather than Shift+Control, with the help of any extended script or so?.

    It would be of great help if there is really an option to save all the files at 1 shot.

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    In Frame 12, I drew an oval shape to circle some text, and moved it to back so the text would show. When I no longer needed it, I did Ctrl Z to undo it. Then I went back to adding text saving along the way. I printed out my doc and saw remnants of the oval shape. Apparently I did not erase the oval in its entirety. Now I can't "grab" or select the object/graphic to delete it. Any idea how I can select the oval for deletion? Since I moved it to back, is it hidden forever?


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    I got the xml files, which are used with Arbortext XML Editor 5.3 in DITA, it has all the DTDs and styles files. I want to use the same XML files in FM to work with either in structures or unstructured way, I'm novice to structured FM. When I open XML file in FM it ask to choose Structured Application, I have chosen DocBook, Xdocbook but not getting it what i want it displays as simple plain text without any style, formatting, and images.

    Arbortext XML.png

    I just want the same look and feel of Arbortext some changes here and there i can manage though. I need to know what exactly I need to change, attaching the screen shot of XML file and file which opens in FM.

    FM 2015.png


    What can I do to use existing XML in FM 2015 or 2017.

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    I am using FrameMaker 2015. I tried the File> Publish feature, and selected WebHelp as the output.

    Everything seems to be working as expected, except for the Contents tab in the WebHelp output. Instead of the hierarchy of books and pages according to the heading levels, I have a flat list of topics all using the page icon, like this:

    (Ignore the heading information in the titles - I added that to help track what was going on.)


    I've hunted around for any TOC settings with no luck.

    I tried to find which file I could manually edit to change the layout and had no luck with that either.  

    (I am familiar with this feature in RoboHelp. In FrameMaker, there is no feature to edit the TOC.)


    How are the heading levels created in the TOC, and how do I change it?




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