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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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  • 02/15/17--04:44: JPEG and FM 2015
  • Importing Jpegs into FM does not work. They show broken or ragged or not at all. No problems with Tifs resulting in very heavy documents. Any solution?

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    Hi there


    When using FM 2015 to open all chapter files in any FM 8.1 book of our legacy documentation, FM crashes after executing the task (Internal error). FM first says conversion will take place, then opens all files, goes into "not responding" and crashes. Crash is not on one particular file or book.


    Books open fine in FM 2015 on other machines.


    Tried the following:

    • checked software updates: OK
    • de-installing/re-installing FM2015: no result
    • opening chapter files one by one, still crash after last file opened
    • If colleague opens the files and saves them as FM2015 files, I have no issue opening them, so I guess something goes wrong doing the conversion.
    • I do have full admin rights on my machine and on the maker.ini.
    • only workaround no is to open the recovery files afther the crash and save them as originals, but this is not an option considering the large number of files in the books


    I can send the error report FM generates upon crashing.






    Message was edited by: Jeff Coatsworth All refs changed from FM2017 to FM2015

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    Hi all,


    is there any Plugin, similar to the "Duden-Korrektor"? We need a grammar checking tool / plugin, which is working with FrameMaker 13. Any ideas?


    thank you in advance.


    Best regards,



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    How do i deactivate the software  and do i need to do anything else when instaling on new PC.  I have serial number etc





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    Why can't I seen dialog box options in FrameMaker 12 when my screen text size is set to medium (125%)?

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  • 02/16/17--09:18: Running header problem
  • I'm using Windows 7 – FrameMaker 11 – Unstructured

    I have a book with several chapters, and each chapter has several files in it. I’m trying to get the chapter title to run across all the files in that chapter.  Many previous authors have worked on these files, and some even set the Running H/F 1 thru 4 variables as plain text to get them to work.  I’m going through and standardizing this.


    I place a Header/Footer 4 marker at the chapter title in the first chapter file.

    I use Running H/F 4 in the master page headers of all the subsequent files in that chapter.

    All Running H/F 4 are defined as <marker2>.


    Most files properly show the chapter title, but some are blank. I can’t figure out why there are still a couple of files that won’t pick up the marker2.

    Any suggestions on what’s wrong and how to fix this?



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    I recently installed a trial copy of FrameMaker 2017 on my computer. I opened a DITA 1.3 map from FrameMaker 2015 and tried saving it to PDF, I receive the message: There was an error opening this document. This file cannot be found.

    I then created a very simple three topic map in DITA 1.3 and also DITA 1.2 and receive the same message.

    I then tried to publish the maps to Responsive HTML5 and receive the message: Failed to publish. Check if JRE is installed. I have no idea what JRE is and how to find whether it is installed or not.

    I look forward to finding a solution. Thank you!

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    No further details than what was stated in the question.

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    In FrameMaker,  when saving a book as PDF, the "PDF Setup for Selected Files" window shows up as displayed in the enclosed image. This is cropped such that I cannot enter values that are hidden. In particular, the "Height" for the page cannot be modified, something that I need in this case (it's defaulting to 11").


    I cannot resize the window. Hitting "CR" will at least perform the next action of creating the PDF.





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    I just upgraded from 2015 to 2017 FM - and the lowest 3rd of my welcome screen is always missing.


    I did a complete uninstall/reinstall and it didn't seem to fix the issue.


    All other features seem to work as expected - it just looks ridiculous and I can't use the shortcuts from that portion of the welcome screen...


    2017fm welcomescreeen.PNG


    Anyone know what's going on here or how to fix it?

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    Dear all.

    FM- on Windows 7 x64.

    From time to time it suddenly happens that CTRL+c or any other CTRL shortcut does not work. The function can be persoumend via context menu etc. In other applications they work. I have not tested, whether also the ESC, x, y shortcuts do not work in these situations - but may be.

    The effect can be provoked by switching to some applications (for certain: Pinnacle Studio) and just switch back to FM.

    The only cure is to restart FM.


    Does anyone else have such experience?

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  • 02/18/17--07:07: Unable to create Window
  • Dear friends and experts,
    Until now I always had at least one document open before I started my script. Now I first started the script (File > Scripts > Catalog > scriptname > Run) just after FM start. The effect described also happened in the past during debugging and I attributed it to forgetting to unregister etc. But now I just 'work' with the script.
    The following happens randomly after having open one or more documents.
    As soon as I want to open a panel (via shortcut or from the menu) the script reports

    Error Message      : Unable to create Window
    Script, Line#   : E:\_DDDprojects\FM-calc\FMcalc\FMcalc_dialogC.jsx,  14

    The referenced script line is this or similar:

      wPalC  = new Window("palette", goTxt.wPalC, undefined);

    Each test is a separate start of FM, then starting the script, then opening the first document.
    Test 1:  One document open; error after first invocation of panel
    Test 2:  5 documents open; after each open invocation of panel OK
    Test 3:  One document open; error after first invocation of panel
    Test 4:  One document open; error after first invocation of panel
    Test 5:  Open FM and just leave it. This requires at the next start to search for the script.
    Test 6:  4 documents open; after each open invocation of panel OK


    What I have found so far on this problem is of little help:,

    The only reasonable information is given here:
    «Unfortunately, this is a bug in Adobe's script engine known to users of PSE and Photoshop and the total remedy hasn't been found yet. As a rule, this problem resolves itself after several computer re-boots. However, if in your case the problem persists, the author can suggest the only solution - using the action based version of "Elements+" »


    This reflects my experience of randomness.
    Any other ideas how to cure the problem?

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    I don't see it in my preferences. Anyone else see it in

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    How about everyone else? I can still set my presets up to 1600%, but can't manually type a value into the box.

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    Hi all,

    I am currently working on some updates to a project I originally did in Frame12.

    It was just an ordinary bunch of Frame files, with a fair few screenshots (PNG format), that were output as HTML Help (CHM files) using the Publish command.


    I still have all the original source files (and the .sts settings fill and .htt template file).


    I tried opening one of the chapters today in Frame 2017, where it looks fine, nothing wrong... until I do File > Publish... the CHM output has every single graphic missing! Replaced by a blank line.   

    There's no error message that I can see. If I view the Log file, each of the PNG files I was expecting in my output is mentioned by name.


    I then tried going back to Frame 2015 and doing File > Publish there. ...  there result is not as bad, but still basically awful:  all the PNG screenshots have been resized, so look fuzzy.  One graphic (where a PNG is in an anchored frame with some text annotations added) comes through with the anchored frame blank and empty.


    So basically, it seems Frame 2015 broke things a bit, and Frame 2017 breaks them totally!

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    I would like to setup automatic comparison between documents in TortoiseSVN, but I would need some way to do it from the command line.


    The TortoiseSVN settings window looks like this for other file types and I would need some way to specify to document paths and file to open them with. Does the FrameMaker.exe provide any command line parameters?



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    I recently updated my Adobe products and now I am receiving an error in FrameMaker 2015 that states "To execute "Save as PDF" command you must have Acrobat Distiller version 5.05 or higher installed." and it will not produce a PDF file for my Book.  In looking in the Adobe site, I see no way of getting the Acrobat Distiller 5.05 version.  Any thoughts on how I should proceed, before I remove and reinstall the software?


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  • 02/21/17--08:01: FrameMaker - mirroring files
  • We are a group of authors creating and updating user manuals in Framemaker, but working across to sites.

    All necessary files are located on one server and for authors in that location, there are no performance issue.  Authors located on the different server experience serious file lags and delays working with books.


    Does anyone have a suggestion to overcome this problem - to give improved Framemaker performance for all?



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  • 02/22/17--01:36: svg incorrect width
  • When importing svg graphics into Fm2015 using the svg2pdf.dll filter all grapchis are getting the same width 152,4 mm. Anything wrong in the filter?

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    I'm trying to plan for the best way to single source or reuse our content. Most of our content is different but we have login instructions for our applications that are the same for all apps. That's the easy part. We can write those instructions in a separate document and use it when we build the books for each app or use a text inset. But we also have applications where a unique transaction ID is selected when logging in. How do we write common instructions for all these apps where only the transaction ID is different? I was thinking we could use a variable in a text inset, but it seems like each name-value pair is unique and I can't define a list of values for the Trans ID. We would need to maintain many separate variables? We could create an inset leaving the transaction ID blank, then convert it to text and change the transaction ID, but we want to single-source our content in case the login steps change--not just reuse it.

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