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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    A typical marker window looks like this:



    Can I create a custom marker with a window that would like more like the below? Please ignore the grid; this image is a mocked-up marker type done outside of Framemaker.


    I'm using FM 12 by the way.


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    I'd like to have my source png images retain their original size in the HTML output. They are scaled in the frame doc. 


    I'm sure this is a common question, but the only forum post I found suggested a method which does not work. See Are there already experiences with FM 2015, scaling images to its original size in HTML output . The answer suggests there was a bug that was fixed.


    After reading the post, I updated Framemaker. Version now shows I see the same behavior as before the update:


    • Set width and height to 0pt:  Images don't display. According to the post, this is the correct behavior. However, the docs are incorrect if that is so. Bug.
    • Set size to 100%: Images are scaled to the size in frame and both width and height attributes have pt setting in the HTML output.
    • Set nothing: same result as above (the 100% setting).


    So, the question is how to I get the HTML output to not set any width or height or style attributes on the image so that they appear the original, 100% size?



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  • 11/16/16--13:01: Internal Error
  • Internal Error 13054, 18700660, 18700954...

    Does anyone know what this means? In my document I have many MathFlow equations.



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    I have a PDF signed doc that wont go thru the email


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    FrameMaker 2015 Version

    Windows 10 Pro Version 1607


    I have a new FM manual based on a tried and true template. Changes from the standard template include migration to Open Sans as the primary font (to match the UI for the software this manual covers) and some frame and text fill colors to match company logo.


    When I use the Save to PDF function, color output is fine, but there is no bold or italics applied to text in the document. These text effects were applied with individual character styles for each.


    When I use the print to PDF or print to file and generate the final PDF in Distiller (using the same job options I've always used), the italics and bold fonts are fine, but the colors are way off on my blue headings and filled frame boxes. NOTE: I used the same color values in color definitions for the heading and fills that are used in the company logo file (in the header), but the blue is drastically off. The logo is CMYK and I have the values. I used the same values to create a custom color definition for the font/frame fills.


    Image of page attached. I generated the PDF and then saved to .png for upload here. The Heading 2 at top of page, and the chapter name in the blue box in margin, should match the blue in the nucleushealth logo.


    Again, when I Save to PDF, the colors are fine, but I get no bold or italics (called Bolded and Obliqued in the Open Sans font).



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    I am working on FrameMaker V12. I want to link the icons with the text given on the same page. The purpose is to highlight the text in a defined color while clicking onto the icon. Please help. Thanks

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    Using FM 12.0

    I'm a coder so coding is not the issue here. It's just my lack of familiarity with FM ExtendScript and the art of the possible.


    I want to create a script that


    1. Inserts a marker of a custom type called Editorial Changes. We can safely assume that this marker type (Editorial Changes) exists already.
    2. Displays an advanced marker window: Please see the mock-up window below. Studying sample scripts such as SnpCreateCheckBoxRadioButtons.jsx, I know I can create something like that window, so that's not an issue.
    3. Once the user has finished filling the fields, I want to capture the data and store it inside the marker field, say as an XML snippet.
    4. Later on, when a user selects a created marker of type "Editorial Changes," I want my script to intercept that event, grab the XML content from the marker and display my custom window with all these fields.


    Does the sequence outlined through steps 1-4 doable via an ExtendScript? If you've done something like that and have a script lying around, would you mind sharing?




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    Has anyone successfully integrated TCS with a Continuous Integration - Automated Documentation program?


    As our software developers are building their code, they are submitting information artifacts, in MarkUp format, into a GitHub repository. We manually access the information, groom it in FrameMaker, and  manually update the repository file.  Has anyone developed an automated solution for this process?

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    I have a MacBook pro running Windows 10 with parallels (all most recent versions). Framemaker 12 works much better than it did in bootcamp, as drivers were always a problem on my MacBook and there was no ability to copy and paste between OSX apps and FM, nor could Framemaker store its files on the OSX side - where backups were easy. I have no problem printing on FM, but I cannot get a good pdf save from FM. I have tried "save as pdf" which appears to lock up the FM application. I also have tried using the pdf printer option and printing. That works fine so long as hyperlinks are not selected, but if they are, it creates a tps file but no pdf. If I try to create a pdf using distiller on the OSX side, it gives me an error message.


    I have tried changing Parallels to not enable OSX applications, so that the conversion will not default to the OSX side, and I have Acrobat DC on both the Windows and OSX sides. Has any one used Framemaker successfully on a virtual drive and converted to hyperlinked pdf? I have TOC and index hyperlinks and a few URL hyperlinks to external sites in the FM document. Thanks.

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    Hello all,


    I've searched and searched the forum to find a clue to my dilemma, but have had no luck.


    This is a related to a previous post about formatting a Heading1 with a black background and white text in front. I have successfully figured that part out (as a table cell with Heading 1 inside of it). So here's part II:


    I need the numbering in front of the Heading 1 to look like this:


    14.1 Heading 1 Title Here      -----> the format of this IS Heading 1 where 14=chapter number, and 1=Heading 1 number


    I'm trying to accomplish this with auto-numbering, but it appears that there is no way to get H1 paranum in there. Here are some I've tried:



    <$chapnum>.<$paranum[Heading1]>       ->but these do not appear to be allowed in autonumbering at all.


    Also tried two separate Heading 1 paragraph styles:

    <$chapnum>.<n=1>      ->paragraph named Heading1=1; that part works

    then in Heading 1

    <$chapnum>.<n+>         -> that doesn't work; obviously the two paragraphs are not connected



    Can I create a variable that will do this, and insert it in a cell before the Heading 1 text?

    Chapter&Heading1Num = <$chapnum><$paranum[Heading 1]>

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  • 11/18/16--23:30: about downloading
  • problem while intialising  after downloading

    ill get struck beacause of application initialisation error

       and also i tried downloading the flah player by the link mentioned the adobe forums

    i successfully downloaded and initialised even after that

    when i opened the online lecture video

    it was unable play  mentioning that

    Flash version 9,0 or greater is required

    You have no flash plugin installed

    Download latest vesion here


    currently i have uninstalled as per procedure

    iam using 32 bit mozilla

    please help to get rid of this problem

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    I used FrameMaker till 2005 and was pretty good at it.

    Now I have purchased FM 2015 for some work I am doing.

    I have some questions about whether and how I can perform certain actions on an entire book or most of it.

    This is probably pretty basic stuff for experienced users.


    1. Can I control line numbering for an entire book? Both turning it on and off and controlling it (e.g., color)

    2. Master page propagation. I want to make changes to master pages and have those changes apply to all the files in the book. Is there a way to exclude certain files from that?

    3. Similarly, I want to define new character formats and have them appear in the catalogs of all the files in the book.




    Shalom Bresticker

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    Here's a weird one: updating a book with Frame 2015 (; the doc has several settings of conditional visibility, plus a couple of imported mifs that are also conditionally visible. While updating, I got an unresolved cross-reference error out of one chapter. The link in the error file went to the first page of that chapter, not to the erroneous cross-reference. Searching for unresolved cross-references produced no results, in the body or master pages. I set the conditional visibility for that chapter to "show all" and updated the book again. I got the expected errors for inconsistent show/hide, but no errors for unresolved cross-reference. I set the show/hide back to the correct settings, updated the book again, and got no errors.


    This solution scares me - what do I do if it doesn't work? Is there a better answer?

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    Where are the templates stored? I would like to move our team templates into the templates folder so we can get to them easier, but I can't find it.

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    There used to be a way to generate a Graphical Map of the EDD (a utility by but this no longer exists. Would anyone know if there is a way to print out the content of a Structure view? Or even a third party product that can be used to do this?

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    Dear friends,


    It's quite easy to set up a new character format with 'all AsIs', but I have not found the necessary ingredients to set up one with particular properties:
    a) name = superscript:     all AsIs, but superscript
    b) name = highlight:         all AsIs, but a colour (from the standard set)
    Hence I had the idea to call the Character Designer by means of F-codes.
    Well - it opens, but I do not see how to set the dialogue to "All AsIs" - because the user normally has its cursor somewhere in the document and the really defined properties are only seen if the cursor is outside the document.
    So far I'm here:

    function DefineCharFmt (sName, oDoc, bProperty) {
    var charFmt = 0, fcode = [],  msg;   msg = "Character format '" + sName + "' does not exist in catalogue\nShall it be created?";  charFmt = oDoc.GetNamedCharFmt (sName);   if (!charFmt.ObjectValid()) {                   // does not exist in catalogue    if (confirm (msg, false, "Confirm new character format")) {      charFmt = oDoc.NewNamedObject (Constants.FO_CharFmt, sName);      if (bProperty) {                          fcode[0] = FCodes.CHAR_DESIGN_CAT;       // Open Charactr designer to set the property
    //      fcode[1] = FCodes.CHAR_DESIGNKIT_RESET;   // nothing to do with Set AsIs          Fcodes(fcode);      }      return true;    } else {      return false;name    }  }  return true;
    } //--- end DefineCharFmt 

    Maybe I need to put it the other way round:
    Instruct the user that for the proper function of the script the xxx character formats must exist in the catalogue and be set up accordingly...
    Createte the needed character formats in the catalogue - only "AsIs" and instruct the user to set them up properly to see the effect in the document.



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  • 11/23/16--06:55: Unicode bug?
  • Usually I have found FrameMaker's Unicode support to be pretty good, but today I wanted to use a character in the "Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols" range (effectively just an italic serif capital I, to indicate current in an engineering expression) and it didn't appear to work...

    I found the character using the "BabelMap" careware utility, Paste-specialled it into Frame, and applied Microsoft's Cambria Maths font to it... and Frame still stubbornly just displayed it as a "?".


    This Unicode range was introduced in 2001! I'd have thought Frame would support it by now... /sighs/

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    Hi, all.


    My book file converts to PDF successfully if RGB is selected but fails when CMYK is selected. Unfortunately, RGB colors are distorted and CMYK colors are correct.


    I will re-establish the colors as RGB values if I have to, but that affects other single-sourcing output ...


    Any advice?



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    I have a FM file that I need to set the text to a specific CMYK colour (90-0-49-0).

    I have set this colour in FM, however when I print my PDF file - the CMYK values are changed.

    I understand this is because FM runs the file through the Windows printer driver that converts to RGB.


    Is there a fix for this issue in the more recent versions of FM?

    If not - does anyone know how I can get FM to produce a PDF without changing my CMYK colour values?


    I am using FM 7.2.


    Thank you.

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