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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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  • 11/24/16--04:46: code framemaker overzetten
  • Waar kan ik de installatiecode van framemaker 11 vinden zodat ik deze op een andere pc kan gebruiken?

    Ik heb een  nieuwe pc gekregen en wil framemaker opnieuw installeren

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  • 11/24/16--10:44: Marker path truncating
  • I'm using gotolink/newlink to create custom cross-references. It's working just fine for all but two of my documents (the error message is telling me that the document doesn't exist). Upon inspection, it looks like the "gotolink..." is truncating (omitting characters from) the path. This is my best guess as to why it's not working. The path is, otherwise, precise.


    Any help would be appreciated.



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    I have successfully changed looks of topics, tasks etc,. with following instructions in the site below:

    [Guest Post] “Customize FrameMaker 2015 DITA Templates for your Corporate Design” by Bernard Aschwanden – TechComm Centr…


    However, when I save a whole document as PDF (The top tag is bookmap), the all the changes I made for the templates are discarded.


    I edited the following templates in a same manner as editing topic and other templates, but did not bring out the change into the PDF either.






    How can I customize looks and feel of PDF made from dita bookmap data ???

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    When I try to work together with my colluague in Germany, we can exchange the .fm file via dropbox. But then FM can't find the images and saves the file at the end without them.

    Opening the file on my pc I see only grey frames instead of the pictures. As it is a catalogue with hundreds of pictures, it is impossible to put them in again one after the other.

    Is there any possibility to avoid this problem?

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    Is there a reason why animated .gifs don't work in FM or publish to pdf? & will they in the next version of Tech Comm suite?

    I'd like to use short explainer .gifs in FM (don't think silly video Facebook stuff, think sensible short explainer video, but lighter weight) and at the moment I'd need to export to .pdf and have the animation work, with control over auto-start or not (mostly not). It doesn't seem to be possible now as the 'gifs don't animate in FM or when converted to .pdf. But it seems such an obvious thing to want to do? Am I missing something?


    I really don't want to have to do manual changes in Acrobat for a 500 page document.


    Oh and Is it likely there'll be a new version of TechComm suite any time soon?

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  • 11/28/16--10:08: master page footers
  • I need to expand the size of the footer, on the master page. the default is set for 1 line. How can I increase the footer to display 2 lines of text

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    My List of Figures in Figure 1 - 1 text, Figure 1 - 42 text

    My Captions are Figure I - 1 text, Figure II - 1 etc


    I either need to have captions numbered from previous section of LOF to be divided by Section.

    Any advice?


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    Framemaker is constantly crashing when I try to edit settings for responsive html5, or when trying to publish.  I get a critical error and have to close the program.  Is there something that I should be looking for in my document it seems to hold happen to certain chapter of the book I am working with and sometimes it happens when I just open up Framemaker.

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  • 11/29/16--17:48: FM is corrupting my files
  • FM is corrupting my files when I save a book, leaving temp .fm files, sometimes losing the .fm completely. FM also crashes when I do book updates. It's happened on three separate projects, all using very different templates. All unstructured. I'm on Win10. I've replicated the problems on all three of my Win10 machines, a Surface Pro 3, a Surface Pro 4 and a desktop. I recently rebuilt my Surface Pro 4, so it's completely clean and standard. My projects are stored in Dropbox, but the problem also appears when located on the local disk. No idea what's going on. Help!

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  • 11/30/16--02:08: Display on/off quirks
  • Dear experts

    (FM- I have discovered a strange behaviour:
    In the following order the location is not restored after the actions. It seems that SetDisplay destroys it:

      SetDisplay (false);  savedTR = goCurrentDoc.TextSelection;
    // Do a lot of things (loop) on various places in the document  RestoreTR (goCurrentDoc, savedTR);  SetDisplay (true);

    In the following order things work as expected. Cursor location is restored.

      savedTR = goCurrentDoc.TextSelection;  SetDisplay (false);
    // Do a lot of things (loop) on various places in the document  SetDisplay (true);  RestoreTR (goCurrentDoc, savedTR);


    The two functions are

    function RestoreTR (oTargetDoc, oSavedTR) {
    // actions may have left us on a reference page
    var bodyPage = oTargetDoc.FirstBodyPageInDoc;   oTargetDoc.CurrentPage = bodyPage;   oTargetDoc.TextSelection = oSavedTR;   oTargetDoc.ScrollToText(oSavedTR); 
    } //--- end RestoreTR
    function SetDisplay (bWanted) {
      if (bWanted) {                // switch ON    if (app.Displaying === 0) {      app.Displaying = 1;    }  } else {                      // switch OFF    if (app.Displaying === 1) {      app.Displaying = 0;    }  }
    } //--- end SetDisplay


    What may be the cause of this?

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    My Problem is, that it´s not possible to convert  a "table of content" of an unstructured-document into a PDF/X-1a:2001 file. Everytime I try to convert, The system stops at the end without a new PDF - but following report i9s create:


    <PDFX ISO="15930-1:2001" COMPLIANT="false">


    PDF/X Compliance Report


    1.  Content


       [Violation] Annotations were found inside the BleedBox, TrimBox, or ArtBox on the following pages:

          Page 3, Occurrences: 30

          Page 4, Occurrences: 35

          Page 5, Occurrences: 35

          Page 6, Occurrences: 6


       Violations: The total found in this section was 106.


    2.  Summary


       Warnings: The total found in this document was 0.

       Violations: The total found in this document was 106.


       This document does not pass PDF/X-1a:2001 compliance checks.




    %%[ Warning: Did not pass PDF/X compliance tests. No PDF file produced. ] %%


    How can I convert the FrameMaker Dokument into a PDF/X-1a:2001 file?

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    I am working on a medical device user manual, 3-columns per page, and there are many warnings and precautions that are set up as tables so that a caution icon can appear to the left of the Warning/Caution text in the first row. Subsequent rows are a different para format.


    I need these tables to extend to the bottom of a column before breaking, which is not the behavior I'm seeing. Can anyone help? I'm having the same problem with some of my other paragraph styles.


    So they look like this:

    Row1 Col1 <cool caution icon> Row1 Col2 WARNING -> para format for these both set to orphans=1, no keep with next/prev set

    Row2 - columns are straddled and the specific warning content may go on for 10-15 lines since it is a 3-column format. -> this para format set to orphans =2, no keep with next/prev set.


    The table itself has orphan rows = 2, but this is clearly not what is happening. table break issue.JPG

    Can anyone think of any other reason these are not breaking properly? Thanks in advance!!

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    We would like to purchase "Adobe Framemaker 11". Where can we purchase it from ? Adobe website ?

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  • 12/01/16--04:41: Default PDF page size
  • I'm using structured FM2015 DITA 1.2.


    All the templates (and other fm files) in the following folders and sub folders are set to A4:


    • \Structure\xml\DITA\outputTemplates\
    • \Structure\xml\DITA_1.2\app\


    When I print (File>Save as PDF) an individual topic, the PDF print setting dialog opens with width 210.0 mm  Height: 297.0 mm, which is what I expect.


    When I print a ditamap, the PDF print setting dialog opens with width 215.9 mm mm  Height: 279.401 mm, which translates as US Letter (8.5" x 11'').

    When I switch to document view, and view the page layout, the map opens using the correct template (A4).


    The PDF job settings are set to A4.


    It is easy enough to change this to A4, in the PDF Print Settings dialog, however, I'd like to know where the US Letter size is coming from.




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    Hi, all.

    It seems that some settings we make in the Publish Settings do not travel with the settings file (or anywhere else in the project files). Can that be right?

    This is the situation: We use FM 2015 to save to PDF and output to .chm format.

    When we generate .chm files, we need to override our H1-H4 heading formats because they are right-aligned as side heads for the PDF. We need them to be left-aligned in our online help topics.


    1. I go to the  Publish/Settings/Edit/Style Mapping window, select one of the headings, such as H1,
    2. I click the Edit Style button and select Block.
    3. I set text-align to Left.
    4. I save the change.
    5. I put the entire working directory onto our shared drive, and my fellow tech writer copies the files to his hard drive.
    6. When he generates .chm help, the left-aligned setting does not come through. The same H1-H4 are still right-aligned.

    It seems impossible that the setting overrides are not stored in the settings file, but they don't seem to be. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what is going on?

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    Dear friends and experts!
    To avoid one (or more) of the special effects reported in this forum Klaus Göbel proposes to unregister the script when it is closed. But: when is the script closed?

    I did not get a formal education in interactive programming, hence I have no real clue about the process: what is calling what. My programming experience is in procedural languages starting with Fortran in the 1960ies.

    Please point me to a document describing all this - the Scripting Guide does not tell. And of course JavaScript books don't either.
    The only sample script using Notify is FM_Suppress_Alerts.jsx and this is absolutely simplistic.
    My understanding is this:

    • Starting the script registers it - 'purchases' a watch dog (IMHO not the same as registering an FDK client).
    • After starting the script it establishes the menu and configures the watchdog called Notification.
    • Within FM there is a nother watchdog barking at (the cat) Command when a menu item is selected.
    • Command calls the appropriate routine and then sleeps again (return tells the watch dog: have done!)
    • Notify is waked up on special events and calls appropriate routines (return tells the watch dog: have done!)
    • After a user has performed a menu selection and the the requested functions have been performed: where are we in the script? At the end of Command? At the end of main (that's really unreasonable).

    The main structure of my script is this:

    // --- Windows ID must be set outside the dialogue function to be available for Notify functions
    var wPalC  = new Window("palette","FM-calc : Handle #calc Markers",    undefined);
    //... also wPalS and wPalDS  main ();
    function main () {
      SetUpGlobals ();                                // all global variables and constants  SetupFMcalc ();                                 // get inital data -- debug to be set explicitly  SetupNotifications ();                          // notification trigger 'Change document' etc.  // --- During development switch between the two following statements:  SetUpMenus(); // uncomment for real work  //DebugMenu (); // comment for real work - debugging does not work with menus
    #include funGlobals.jsx
    //... more includes
    function SetUpMenus () {   //...
    function Command (cmd) {   //...
    function SetupNotifications () {   //...
    function RemoveMyNotification() {   //...
    function Notify (note, object, sparam, iparam) {   //...
    //--- now follow the functions directly called from Command
    function OpenHelpFile ()
    function DoFMcalcInSelection()
    function DoFMcalcInDoc () 
    function DoFMcalcInBook () 
    function HandleCalcMarkers()
    function HandleSeriesMarkers()
    function HandleDocSettings()
    //...And all the others which I want to have in this module

    In the past I had the call of RemoveMyNotification in the call-back functions for the Cancel/Exit buttons in the panels. But now I guess that the best place would be at the end of the Command function: After anything has been done.
    But: SetUpNotifications is within the main function and will not be executed anymore after the script has been started the first time.

    I need a better insight, sigh!

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    I'm considering a new laptop purchase and have to decide between Windows 7 or Windows 10. I'd prefer Windows 10, but have to be sure that FrameMaker 9 will run okay (it's our dept. standard and upgrading isn't an option). Is anyone running FM 9 with Windows 10?




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    I downloaded the trial version of FrameMaker 2015. When I run the installer, I get the message "adobe extractor has stopped working." After I close the dialog box, Windows give me an exception message "EOleSysError in module Framemaker_13_LREFDJ.exe at 0078171. The specified module could not be found." How do I get this to work?

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    I can't find reference to this question anywhere on the forum, in the online help, or the printed help, so perhaps the answer is so easy that people don't need to ask??


    I have moved the location of a book file with regard to it's fm files. So, now that the file names show with the ? icon next to them when I open the book, isn't there a way to tell FrameMaker to look in a different folder instead of adding all of the files again?


    Thanks in advance! If there is a way this will make my Friday!



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    I have a few old documents (~150) that are having issues. When opening these documents one graphic file cannot be found. I know this file was not checked into our source control system, therefore it's missing.

    I can see the name of the missing file, for the moment I skip the dialog and continue.

    I don't have the file (since it was not checked in) so I want to delete it from the document and insert a new one.

    If I run a LOR/Imported Graphics I see file is located on page 42. If I navigate to that page I don't see the expected gray box to indicate the missing file.

    I run the script below and I get that the file is located in an unanchored frame, that I cannot see.



    Is there a way to select either the graphic or the unanchored frame in order to delete it? Thanks for any ideas...


    var oDoc, oGraphic, oFrame;
    oDoc = app.ActiveDoc;
    oGraphic = oDoc.FirstGraphicInDoc;
    if(oGraphic.ObjectValid()){    //good to go     while (oGraphic.ObjectValid()) {         //         if (oGraphic.type == Constants.FO_Inset){             oFrame = oGraphic.FrameParent;             alert(oGraphic.InsetFile + "\n" +;         }         oGraphic = oGraphic.NextGraphicInDoc;         }

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