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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    I have xml files in which the pagination is set by means of an attribute. The value of this attribute must be read and applied to the paragraph format in FrameMaker during the import of the xml files. I assume this must be dealt with by means of the read write rules. But how?

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    I am opening an XML file with a schema declaration.


    <Mnl xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation = "file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Adobe/AdobeFrameMaker2015/structure/mnl/mnl_schema.xs d"

        xmlns:xsi = "">


    When I make a change and save the XML file xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation is duplicated, and it appears as


    <Mnl xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation = "file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Adobe/AdobeFrameMaker2015/structure/mnl/mnl_schema.xs d"

        xmlns:xsi = "" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation = "file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Adobe/AdobeFrameMaker2015/structure/mnl/mnl_schema.xs d">


    In the XMLApplication defined, I have enabled namespaces to not write the attributes but that doesn't help.


    I have tried removing the namespaces declaration when opening the XML file but that doesn't help and the issue persists.


    I believe I am missing a small setting to disable Framemaker to not duplicate the schema location.


    Please advise.

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    I'm trying to download the Framemaker trial. I've tried with and without the Adobe DLM. With the DLM, the download never starts (sits at 0%). Without the DLM, clicking the two download links doesn't result in anything happening. For reference, these are the two download links given:



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    Hello. I'm using fm2015 in Win 7 environment.

    I created a table with single 1-point rules throughout.


    I then applied a double 1-point rule to the bottom edge of the Heading row. I did this in Custom Ruling and Shading, and then when I saw that I could apply that rule directly in the Table Designer, I applied it there.


    I've saved it every which way, but the double rule is never saved. I get the uniform 1-pt rule throughout.


    What am I missing? I'm sure I used to be able to do this.



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    I'm trying to get rid of the unavailable fonts message. I've deselected Remember Missing Fonts in the preferences, saved the file, and reopened it. The messages still appeared. I tried restarting FrameMaker and also saving the file as MIF and resaving as a FrameMaker file.


    Any ideas what I can do to get rid of this message? I created a list of fonts, and the missing fonts aren't listed. If they're used on a reference page, I don't care. I just want the error message to be gone.

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    Framemaker 2015, Windows 10


    I'm attempting to update old FM documentation. The file has been updated several times by various people, most of whom are long gone from the company that owns  the docs.


    I'm used to an interface where, when you click on a graphic, the object property information gives all the info on that graphic.


    Below, I've clicked on the graphic. The marquee has lit up tight around the graphic and re-sizing handles have appeared (arrow). The Object Properties readout tells me it's an imported graphic (A), but gives no clue to the source of the graphic (B).



    Below, I've right-clicked on the selected graphic and moused to "Select All in frame." The marquee has jumped up AND is for the most part is not connected to the graphic (arrows). But now the Object Properties readout tells me not only is it imported (A), but also the name of the referenced source file (B).

    This puzzles me.


    AllInFramHilIte 2.jpg

    It also puzzles me that, when I right-click on the graphic and mouse to "Object Properties," (below) an Object Properties dialog (left) pops up that is completely different from the Object Properties readout to the right. Why are there object properties that don't show up in the right-hand Object Properties readout?


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    Hi, I have a very unusual problem. The last three Fridays around 3pm or so, when I get ready to go home for  the day, I try to save my work. I get the FrameMaker window that says the file name does not exist. I look in the folder and the file is gone. I put an IT ticket in. I come in on Monday, the file is back in the correct location, and all is well. The next Friday the same problem occurs, same time, and day of the week. I asked a senior IT support person to check out the problem by coming over to my desk. I take screen-shots of each step as I close out my FM file, and put in another IT ticket. By the time I get ready to go, the file shows up in the folder around 5pm. So I proved, I'm not crazy.....the senior IT person witnesses the problem. The IT group has no real answers. That's two times, two Fridays around the same time. I decided to work off of my laptop desktop. In the preference area of FrameMaker, I had chosen both an Automatic Backup on Save and Auto Save Every 10 minutes options. Last Friday the problem occurred again. I was able to see my file in the book this time and it was locked. There is no other person who is using the file, there are only two writers that have FrameMaker and the second writer is already at home and she uses a different book then me.


    When I started here over two months ago the laptop I received, the hard drive was reformatted. The contract company who supports our backups said  "We believe there is two items that were at play here, but only one is the culprit. It is our belief the problem is related to FrameMaker lock files. The lock files are caused by either someone abruptly closing or forgetting the application is still opened and when they logout for the day it crashes the application. FrameMaker recommends that if the program reports a lock that it should follow the procedure below. If the procedure below is not followed the file is removed. Then the DFSR (distributed file system replication) does its job and recreates the missing file by replicating the file from the other server."  The contracting IT person gives an explanation of a lock file, there is no need to add it to this problem description. I do not agree with the explanation, as far as I know no one else is using the file.


    My coworker has a laptop of the previous writer who is no longer with the company. I took her place and id from Adobe CC. She said her hard drive was reformatted. With Adobe Creative Cloud we have separate log in ids. Is there a setting in FrameMaker that can be causing this problem? Any suggestions? Can this have anything to do with using the template that was created by the other writer? Thanks, Richard

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    I have used a shortcut, on previous versions of FrameMaker, that shrinkwrapped an inserted graphic and automatically applied a thin, black border to the image, in one step. This was a huge time saver, and eliminated tons of infernal mouse clicking. During a FrameMaker absence, I lost the shortcut. I've torn the Internet apart and read more shortcut cheatsheets and bloggy links than I can ever count, to no avail. Using Esc,m,p comes close, as this shrinkwraps the frame to the image and places it in the upper-left corner of the container (in my use, a single-row table for figures). But I still cannot find the shortcut that also applies what I think was a 1-point border, so you don't have to use the graphics tools to do it. Did they eliminate this feature?  :*-(  Best. Shortcut. Ever.

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    If yes, how?

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    I have selected All Open Docs and attempted to edit the variable and then update all system variables. FM only updates a single file - so why have a selection for All Open Docs?

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    When I start a new document use the File menu>New>Document a I select a template from the template (from the default FrameMaker template directory); the default directory is AdobeFrameMaker11/Templates. Somehow the default directory has changed to the last directory where I saved a document. It never did that before. I can't find a preference where the default template directory can be set or changed. (I wonder if a win10 update might have affected things).

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    I want that the clipboard content will be always insert as Unicode.

    I have changed the "ClipboardFormatsPriorities=UNICODE TEXT" in the maker.ini but nothing happens.

    Is there a other way to insert the clipboard content automatically as UNICODE without using the menu "insert special".



    Best regards


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    Dear experts,
    In a script inserting a marker I had a typo on line 08:

    function InsertMarker (oTtextRange, sMarkerName, sMarkerText ) {
    var j, textLoc, marker, markerType, thisId, thatId, lenMarkerArray;  textLoc = oTtextRange.end;                      // inserted at end of selection  markerType = GetMarkerType (goCurrentDoc, sMarkerName); // Get the specified marker type.     if (markerType.ObjectValid ()) {       marker = goCurrentDoc.NewAnchoredMarker (textLoc);       marker.MarkerTypeId = markerType;           // properties of marker      marker.sMarkerText = sMarkerText;       thisId = marker.Unique;                     // to find it in the updated array  }
    // ...

    Line 08 should read:

    marker.MarkerText = sMarkerText;

    Hence the marker was inserted with empty content.

    It seems that an invalid property is just ignored. Are there no checks for invalid properties?



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    I am trying to create a custom variable that will display my custom paragraph tag ChapterTitle text in the header of my master page.


    The definition of my variable is <$paratext[ChapterTitle]>   (although I've tried 72 other variations with no better luck)


    The name of my variable is ChapterTitle.


    When I insert this variable in the header, what it displays is:  <$paratext


    Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I CAN create a variable for the text of a particular paragraph tag, correct?? (I know there is a built-in chapter title variable, but I have dozens of .fm files that use this custom paragraph tag and I would rather not have to change all of them.) Built-in variables work, so it would appear that I am defining this incorrectly.


    Thank you in advance!!!!


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    Hi All,

    Am using ATCS 2015.

    Going through various forums,  I know that there is a script to save FM Book to PDF.

    Similarly, is there any script to save a Ditamap to FM Book with Components?


    Any help is much appreciated.




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    While installing FM 7.2 receiving the 'GetDiskSpace Failed' error. Please Suggest some solution how to resolve it.

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    We are setting a book in FrameMaker 11 that has hundreds of inline equations. One of the problems we are running into is the punctuation after an equation. In particular, periods and commas are too far away from the equation. The last time we set the book we opened the equations and put the punctuation inside the equation. The author is not happy with this approach as it could compromise the equations.


    Is there a way to kern the punctuation and the equation as you would with 2 individual letters? It doesn't seem to work on equations.


    Thanks in advance.

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    Newbie to FM (well, not exactly, as I used in on a Unix machine long, long ago).


    Framemaker 2015


    Is it possible to use the Word style-to-?tag? mapping (not sure of FM's terminology) to ease content development?


    That is, working from an existing FM file with an array of paragraph and character stylizations, can I create styles in Word whose style names correspond exactly to those in the existing FM file? And will the conversion neatly and simply turn the Word content into the correctly-styled FM result?

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    Hi All


    We are creating bookmark link for Russian characater which which link directly to the website. we could not able to view the russian character when we use postscript option. Please anyone can help for this issue



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    I've just imported a ~150 topic help file into FrameMaker. Each topic is a separate .fm file (usually short) that starts with a Heading 1.


    I'd like to divide those .fm files into chapter segments, insert a chapter-title .fm at appropriate points, and print the resulting book file like a regular book. The TOC organization and file lengths look like this:


    Ch_01_Overview of the
       imported .fm file 1,  (1.2 pages long)
       imported .fm file 2, (1.5 pages long)
       imported .fm file 3,  (3.1 pages long)

       imported .fm file 4, (1.2 pages long)
       imported .fm file 5,  (3.1 pages long)
       imported .fm file 6,  (0.7 pages long)
       imported .fm file 7,  (1 pages long)

       imported .fm file 8,  (0.2 pages long)
       imported .fm file 9,  (4.2 pages long)
       imported .fm file 10,  (0.9 pages long)
    I want each chapter to start on a new page, but I want all the .fm files within the chapter to print after each other continuously with no page breaks between them.

    I've experimented with Groups and Folders, but in both instances, file I put inside the group or folder still printed at the top of a fresh piece of paper.


    Is there a way to do this?



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