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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    Been getting an error when trying to load an MIF file in FrameMaker.

    The log shows this error ->Internal Error: 10014, 9331838, 9337973, 8023382

    it is not easy for someone to understand what is the issue.

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  • 08/29/16--01:27: Active links in FM
  • Hello to all,

    I'm doing the layout of a catalogue which have many order codes inside tables.

    I need to create a PDF file with active links that redirect to the order code on the client website.

    The document is unstructured.

    Do you know if it's possible to insert the links into FrameMaker document?

    I wouldn't insert the links manually into the PDF file since the catalogue is 1600 pages...


    I need to create the PDF file with bookmarks but the titles that have to shown are variables in the master pages.

    How should I set the "PDF setting" when I create the PS file?


    Thanks in advance for your support ;-)


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    I am currently trying to import a Word file of 235 pages, but there have been a few issues. The most pressing problem is that when I import the word file all the body paragraphs are split into many different paragraphs. I cannot discern whether FrameMaker2015 is creating empty paragraphs automatically within the new document or if it is an issue with the Word source file.


    Has anyone else run into a problem like this? I also cannot import and select the "remove empty paragraphs" button without the import crashing. I am unsure if this is related to my problem.


    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

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  • 08/30/16--06:46: wildcards and empty lines
  • After importing a .docx file – well, sometimes we have to do these things – I was hoping to find empty lines with the (relatively) familiar ^$ wildcard, but all this is managing to locate is empty table-cells. Any hints?

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  • 08/30/16--11:26: Converting to HTML5
  • In FrameMaker 15, I am publishing a Responsive HTML5 output. When the output generates, it adds an extra book level. So, if I want to view my topic called introduction, I have to select the Introduction folder, then the topic for Introduction. Is there a way to remove having to select the unnecessary folder? Each framemaker file should display as its own topic in the html5 file.

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    Hello fellows,


    Let's say I have a function that includes a variable as follows:


    opendoc = Open(<doc_name>, openParams, openReturnParams);



    I'd like to use opendoc in another function to import file formats from a file into opendoc.


    Is there a way to make opendoc global and accessible from another function?


    Thank you for your responses in advance!

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    Hi all,

    on the Computer of a colleague we can open DITA files directly from a map by simply double-clicking them (or right-click -> open). On my Computer this does not work. It is really painful to open the files individually from the file System, does anybody know a fix?



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    Hi all,

    when I open the template files directly (in the Structure\xml\DITA_1.2\app\technicalContent\template folder), I can insert cross references correctly and the dialog displays the crossref styles to select -> see first screenshot.


    However, when I open an XML topic or create a new DITA topic in FM (over the DITA menu), then a slightly different dialog is displayed. The crossref styles are missing, only the option "DITA default format" is available ->see second screenshot.


    What can I do to be able to get the style selection when working on topics? The UI view I use is "XML/Structured").





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    I'm using FM 11. When I draw shapes inside a graphic frame, I need to apply a black border to each and fill them with different colors. I used to do this all the time using the fill and border icons on the graphics toolbar. Now, if I fill the shape with color A and apply black to the border, the fill changes to black. If I choose a border color first and then click the fill, the border changes to the fill color.


    I have tried setting the border or fill to NONE before I apply the other one, but the result is the same.


    Can someone help me with this? If I've botched a setting, I'd love to know so I can fix it.





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    Using FM2015 Publish to HTML5 Responsive: I'm trying to create output that represents programming code, so the characters and spaces should be fixed-width. Any suggestions on how best to do this?


    I created a simple test FM doc that contains some fixed pitch text which is supposed to be programming code. Eg:

    I created a paragraph format named "SourceCode" and applied it to the programming text. It uses a monospace font "Consolas" and tab stop every .5 inch. Note the tab stops used in the source code for indentation.


    In the publish-settings, I mapped the "SourceCode" para format to the HTML "PRE" tag.

    When I publish to HTML, the indentation is messed up:


    This is what the HTML markup looks like. I drew a box around the weird span that is generated to represent the tabs:

    Why is that span in there? Why does it use inline styling to override the font family and size? How are tabs supposed to be handled in the publishing output?


    Ideally it would just omit the extraneous span and just output some number of space characters using . Is there a way to control this?


    If I change the settings to not map the SourceCode para format to PRE, and instead use "Use Source Style"


    Then this is the HTML output:

    Which also contains the unwanted span, plus unwanted inline styling for the font-family. Why didn't it put the font-family into the FM_SourceCode CSS class?


    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

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    I have built our TCS6 package using CCP.  I am attempting to deploy through SCCM to Windows 10 machines.  I have not had any problems with previous versions following the Adobe procedures. 


    I am thinking that there is either a compatibility issue with Windows 10 or a problem with how it was packaged.


    I attempted to install the package locally on a Windows 10 machine with no success.


    Any advice?

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    When I Print to PDF, the table works fine.

    When I Save as PDF, the content is generated but it is invisible.

    This was first seen in and it persists in

    These are simple tables, with no conditional text, text insets, variables, strange para or char formats.

    MIF-washing did not fix it.

    I saw it last night on my machine in Boston, and reproduced it this morning here and on a different machine with a different file by a different writer in Hyderabad, India.

    Displaying image.png

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    We are  using unstructured FrameMaker 12 on a Windows 7 platform.


    We have three uses for 1 pixel horizontal lines: table rows, underscores for hypertext, and horizontal lines on the top and bottom of notes, cautions, tips, etc. The one-pixel lines for the notes and cautions are maintained on the Reference page (like the horizontal line that separates footnotes at the bottom of the page, which we don't use).


    We also use conditional text. Right now we have five conditions—all indicated by a different color—not counting the default "black" that represents text that has a universal audience. Due to business reasons, we leave the conditional tags (colors) visible even in our published output.


    In all cases described in this post, we are viewing the PDF at 100% magnification.


    When we publish to PDF, this is what happens to the thickness of the 1 pixel horizontal lines:


    • The hypertext underscores remain 1 pixel when for the black text with no condition indicator. However, the hypertext underscores for conditional text are *always* 2 or 3 pixels thick.
      • If there are two hypertext links within the same blocked condition, the underscore for one of them might be 2 pixels thick, and the next one might be 3 pixels thick.
      • If a hypertext link wraps around to the next line, the underscore might be 2 pixels thick on the upper line, but 3 pixels thick when it wraps to the next line.
    • The horizontal lines that set off notes, cautions, tips, etc., usually publish to PDF as 2 pixels thick, regardless of whether or not it is conditionalized.
    • The horizontal lines in tables do not seem to change in thickness.


    The thickness change indicated by the first two bullets happens regardless of whether we publish to PDF using Acrobat Pro, or using the other PDF tool that is preferred by our company. So, the issue does not seem to be a PDF tool issue. It seems to be the way FrameMaker hands off the content to the PDF tool.


    Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone know if there is a way to make these horizontal lines 1 pixel thick in PDF output?


    Thank you in advance!

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    Hello all - newbie FM user here - training on the job!


    I've been given the task to update an existing user document.  This document is a .pdf file and was created by saving from Framemaker (not sure what version of FM- perhaps 10).  I have FM  Anyway, I open the FM book and one of the contained .fm files.  I create a frame just at the end of a section in the .fm and it creates the frame on a new page.  I then drag the .gif into the frame and adjust the size.


    Then, I perform Update to the book and save as .pdf.  When viewing the .pdf, all I see is a blue square where the .gif should be.  I can save the image to Word and it looks fine.


    Next, I drag the same .gif into another frame (another page), perform Update and save as .pdf.  I can see the image this time.


    I've also performed the opposite.  Taken a .gif that displays correctly and moving to the frame/page I created and it will not show in the .pdf.


    Did I do something wrong when creating this new frame/page I wonder?


    Also, just to mention.  Part of my troubleshooting also involved saving the .pdf as  I've tried saving as High Quality - RBG and CMYK as well as Standard RGB and CMYK.


    Thanks so much in advance.

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    I'm stumped on this one, but as a newbie to FM, I'm easily stumped.

    I have a full page graphic that may be in an anchored frame. Right above it is a caption.


    It's a screenshot, and I need to replace that screengrab with an updated one.


    If I delete the original graphic, the frame collapses and I don't seem to be able to select within that frame any more. If I just import the new graphic, it goes into a separate area and when I try to move it to anywhere near the original frame, I get an error message, something to the effect that with an anchored frame, I have to use some sort of special procedure.


    I'm used to programs (such as Word), where a graphic can be selected, right-clicked, and a new graphic placed, same size, same parameters.


    Is there any way to swap in Framemaker?

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    Dear Team



    I'd like to reinstall FrameMaker8 on my computer (Windows 7 system). However, after I uninstalled the software and installed it on the same computer, I can no longer open FrameMaker8 and got this error.



    Internal Error 8004, 6965356, 4565475, 5303539. FrameMaker has detected a serious problem and must quit.



    After consulting the support team, I used the Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool to remove installation records and reinstalled FrameMaker8, following the instructions here at Use the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems . Unfortunately, this didn't work. I still cannot open FrameMaker8.


    Would you please help me with this issue? Thank you very much.


    Best regards



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    Hi, all.


    I have imported ~100 .html files into Structured FrameMaker 2015. These files contain ~300 graphic images, total, which FM imported at 72 dpi. I would like to convert them all to 110 dpi. Is there a way to do it through one batch process? (If it requires a plug-in, I'm all for it.)



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    This is an issue that we've only noticed since the last big round of Adobe updates, but when distilling a PDF from Framemaker (using Distiller XI Pro, v. 11.0.179) little tick marks/dashes appear appear where some tabs are located with the Frame file.  When viewed in Acrobat Pro, they are actually This is a consistent issue with every distillation that was not an issue prior to the past several weeks.  There don't seems to be any font or incompatibility issues.  We are using the same fonts and settings that we've used for years and years.  Has anyone come across this issue, and if so, reached a resolution for it?


    Thank you.



    Jay Shaw

    Administrative Rules Analyst / Publishing Specialist

    State of Idaho, Dept. of Administration

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  • 09/06/16--16:39: Convert FM to PDF for me?
  • Hi,


    I have a some old framemaker files and I was just wondering is someone would mind just converting them to PDF for me? There are about 6 files.


    These are manuals that I wrote several years ago for a company that no longer exists so there is no IP issues.


    Alternatively, is there anywhere I can download FrameViewer from?


    Thank you


    Kind Regards,


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    We met the error display like the following picture:



    And the right order should be “Power-on self-test (Post)”. How to avoid this problem?

    And is there any direction function can use in character format setting ?


    Thanks in advance!

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