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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    Is it possible to buy a licence for version 11?

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  • 04/29/16--02:52: Cannot execute script
  • I am trying to use ExtendScript for the first time (with FrameMaker 11, from TCS 4), but the script cannot be executed (very basic script example from the  Adobe "Introduction to Scripting" guide).

    The error message says "Cannot execute script. : Target Adobe FrameMaker 11 provides no engine for debugging"

    I tried it with other applications of the TC Suite: same error message

    Do I need to install another application/module? What can I do to make it work?

    Thank you


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    With track changes on in FM 2015 Unstructured, a colleague and I (2 instances on different machines and different books) are experiencing an odd error: the Conditional Text display does not match the definitions. In both instances, it is only in Chapter 1


    Inserted text is expressing white text/white highlight instead of green/underscore.

    Deleted text is expressing white text/white highlight instead of red/strikethrough.

    Conditional text settings are the default settings for track changes.


    I've tried:

    • Re-importing the conditional text formats from a chapter in the same book that is not affected by this, as well as from Chapter 1 of our template book.
    • Turning track changes off, then on again.
    • Deleting the conditional text format

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    Hello ,


    I have just opened an old (FM12) file in FM13 and all the Graphic Frames have a black border set around them.


    All the settings are set to 'None'.


    The only workout at the moment is to set the frames to white, but I don't fancy doing this over a few hundred files.


    Any ideas?

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    I'm seeking some ideas on how to troubleshoot an error I received in Framemaker 10:


    MIF: "(null)" (1053289): Multiple anchors for the same table, frame, or footnote.

    MIF: "(null)" (1053289): Multiple anchors for the same table, frame, or footnote.

    MIF: "(null)" (1053289): Multiple anchors for the same table, frame, or footnote.

    Graphic file can not be replaced with Text file.


    From what I can tell of this error....somewhere in the .mif file, FrameMaker is saying that there is more than one frame with the same number.

    At least that’s the way I read the error above.

    There are no tables or footnotes in the document, so it must be a frame somewhere. Any tips on how to troubleshoot where this might be?  I've scoured the internet for help, with no luck or further understanding.  My file this error occurs in is 1250 pages so it would take a while to go page by page to figure it out.


    Thanks for any insight.

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    I have a book file that I generated a few years ago on FM 7 or earlier, but now am using FM 10.  The file comes up OK, but I cannot edit it because it says that "I do not have permission".  How do I get permission to edit and save this file? 

    Earle Fox

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    Hi gang,


    I've got a simple question that is oddly vexing.  I have some page inserts that need to have a "dot number" added to the page number, e.g., 1-1.1, 1-1.2, 1-1.3, etc.  I currently use the <$chapnum>-<$curpgnum> for page number; I just need to add .1, .2,  etc, to the end.  There has to be a simple variable for this, right?  If not, how do I create a variable that does it?


    Thanks in advance,



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  • 05/03/16--22:16: SGM file
  • Canmot open the sgm file in framemaker latest version. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  • 05/04/16--01:43: FrameMaker
  • Wie kann ich bei FrameMaker die Laufweite eines Textes ändern?

    Wie kann ich den Abstand zwischen einem Wort und / spationieren (z.B. Woche/)?

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    This question concerns FM2015 / DITA 1.2


    When I in insert an image then FM automatically inserts appropriate width/height attributes according to the dpi that I select. However, when I change the image size after that by clicking and dragging a corner (as you usually do), then FM removes the width/height attributes and instead inserts a scale attribute.


    Is there a way to avoid this? We need width/height attributes.


    I am not sure if I need to look into the r/w rules, because as long as I don't touch the image the width/height attributes remain. it is only during manual changing of the image size that FM removes them.



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  • 05/04/16--04:49: Finding text with variables
  • I am facing the following problem:


    I have a paragraph that I want to replace some text from it.


    Say that I want to search for text "Hello world my friend Jonathan Foyl" and replace it with some other text.


    When I use the function F_ApiFind in order to find the text it does not work because the "Jonathan Foyl" is a Frame Maker variable!


    If it is just simple text then the F_ApiFind works successfully and it finds the text.


    How I can handle this?

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    I am using FrameMaker 12 with the latest Solidworks Professional PDM content management system.

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  • 05/05/16--12:56: FM 12: Automapping failed
  • I am using FM 12 to generate Responsive HTML5.


    All the actions I'm describing take place here:



    I assumed that I would be able to map any paragraph style from my original FrameMaker template to an equivalent Output style. Here is what I have tried:

    1. The mapping seemed obvious enough, so I initially manually mapped a few items that were easy, like my H1 to Heading 1.
    2. Then I realized that many of my original template paragraph styles did not have equivalents in the Output styles list.
    3. I reread the FrameMaker 12 documentation and clicked Paragraph at the top of the Styles panel, selected the Automap Paragraph Styles checkbox, and clicked Save.
    4. Filled with hope, I then clicked the original template style, say Bullet2, that  I wished to map.
    5. Alas, the Output Style field said [Automapping failed. Add StyleName to the CSS].
    6. I then reread the documentation some more, exported the styles from the original FM template to a .CSS, and then imported that new .CSS back into the project (in other words, clicked Export Styles, waited a reverent moment, then clicked Import Styles).
    7. Repeated Step 4. Same result.


    What am I missing? How do I map FM styles to a style for the Responsive Help output?



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    Hi all,


    We're on Frame 2015 working in a structured environment. We get this odd pop-up when updating and creating a PDF intermittently. We think it's tied to a specific book, but are not positive:




    "Entry AutoMnemoniseMenu not found in maker.ini; FrameMaker will use the default value: AutoMnemoniseMenu= On 


    Do you want this default value added to maker.ini?"




    This entry is already in our maker.ini file. Whether we click No or Yes never matters, but this pop-up is preventing FrameMaker from closing and interfering with our automated conversions we run nigntly.  Has anyone seen this?


    Thanks much,

    Shelley Hoose


    Sr Docs Developer

    Rogue Wave Software

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    What am I doing wrong?


    When I publish Microsoft HTML Help in FrameMaker 2015, the build process never picks up my context-sensitive Help map (.h) file. Instead, it always generates the default " !Generated!.h" file.


    In the log you'll see a comment like this for each one of my TopicAliases:

    HHC3015: Warning:

    An alias has been created to "1712help\1712_Configurator_Dialog_Boxes\Alarm_Points_Dialog_Box.htm#CSH_13" but the file does not exist


    I've uploaded the log and my CSH map file and settings (.sts) file to this URL:

    Dropbox - CSH


    Here are the facts:

    • The name of the source book is, and the map file is 1712help.h.
    • After I created all the TopicAlias markers in my book, I used the !Generated!.h file as the template for my map file.
    • The #define statements in my map file are in the same order as those in the the !Generated!.h  file.
    • The ID numbers in my map file are the ones the developers gave me.
    • My CSH map file, my settings file, and the source book are located in the same folder on a network drive.


    Thanks in advance for your help,

    Gray C

    Temecula, CA

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    I am having trouble getting the edited sts file to work. Last month, I unzipped it, made a minor edit, re-zipped it, changed it to the .sts file extension and it works fine.



    This week, I copied the working sts file and made a minor edit. Now, I can't get it to work. When I select this sts file from the Settings File drop-down in the Publish dialog box, the message "Failed Parsing Setting File" appears.


    It fails even if I simply unzip/rezip the working sts file. No changes to the contents of the Settings file, just unzip, rezip and it fails. 



    Maybe it's something about how I'm unzipping/rezipping? I might have done it differently a month ago. Do you change the sts file extension to .zip before you unzip? Do you use the zip or 7z utility or something else to unzip? To re-zip? 


    I've tried all variations with no luck. I'd appreciate any help! Under a deadline...of course!


    FYI, FM Creating HTML5 ouput.

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    Is anyone else having problems using Windows Explorer through TCS 2015 to process PDFs?

    I am using TCS 2015 on a 64-bit Win 7 box with 32 GB RAM.

    My workflow includes using Windows Explorer shortcuts to create PDFs from .fm files using either/or "Convert to Adobe PDF" or "Convert to Adobe PDF and EMail".

    Using either of those commands in Windows Explorer results in the error "There was a problem sending the command to the program", "the program" apparently being either/both FrameMaker 2015 and/or Acrobat DC (or Adobe PDF/Adobe Acrobat Distiller DC).

    FrameMaker starts as it should, and the file loads as it should, but apparently when FM calls Acrobat, it can't start as it should.

    I am a week out from a critical deadline of an internal workflow document discussing that exact functionality.

    If anyone knows the answer, it would be of GREAT interest to me...



    (Related screen shot below...)


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    Per default, FM only offers the strict task model. Is there a way to use the new general task model specified in DITA 1.2?



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  • 05/09/16--09:00: Move Chapters within a book
  • I am using FM 10, I have a book with 20 chapters.  During the edit process I found tat some of the chapters are out of order.  How can I move the entire chapter either up or down within the book

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