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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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  • 04/17/16--09:39: Debugging dialogues - how?
  • I have a rather complicated dialogue and want to use the step-by-step walk-through to check variables etc.

    As soon as I press a button in the dialogue the related code in the callback routine is run - no chance for step-by-step operation:

    • Set a breakpoint at the beginning of the callback routine
    • Have a breakpoint close to the end of the dialogue-setup code
    • Tip-toe further (F11) until dialog is presented
    • Click button
    • I now expect the execution halts at the brakpoint within the callback routine, but this is not done.
    • I know, that i'm in this routine, because an alert is performed if present.
    • But after the alert theres is no chance to use stepping (F11).

    Is this as designed?

    To illustrate: this is the dialgue


    and this is the callback routine for the button ==> (next)

    I have set a breakpoint at line 2 which is not used at all.

    win.p0.g3.btnNext.onClick = function () {      goCurrentMarker= GetMarker (oDoc, sMarkerName, "next", goCurrentMarker) ;      win.p0.sMarkerContent.text ="";      gsMarkerText = goCurrentMarker.MarkerText;      win.p0.sMarkerContent.textselection = gsMarkerText;    }


    Yes, I test routines (e.g. GetMarker) ins separate text-scripts (see my other post of today), but the dialogue is different environment and hence must be tested again (as I have learnt).

    Do you have any ideas how to debug dialogues whithout placing numerous alert/console statements?


    Klaus Daube

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    FM- I encounter the same problem as it was reported in january. MIF washing did not help.

    It happens with all documents which where orginally created with an older FM-version (≤ 12).

    It is however not a problem for new documents, into which I have imported ALL formats from the failing one.

    1. File > New > Portrait
    2. Import all formats from existing file
    3. In exiting file select all contens of flow
    4. Copy into new file
    5. Update the master page usage in new file
    6. Close the existing file
    7. Save new file with the name of the existing one.
    8. Close FM and reopen to check new file.
    9. TAB handling OK now

    So, Stefan, what the heck is going on here?

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    Dear experts,

    I'm down in the object store and have found a marker. I want that the user sees in the document, what I have found.

    The problem is: how to come from an object to a TextSelection and TextLocation? All I have found goes the other way round.


    currentMarker = GetFirstMarker (doc, "#calc"); // this does its job
    doc.TextSelecton = currentMarker;              // no error, no effect
    doc.ScrollToText(...);                         // requires TextLocation


    I have studied more than one diagram of the DOM but still don't see through the fog.


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    Hi Experts,


    I have a bunch of XML files in a folder. What I'd like to achieve is that, I'd like to iteratively load the xml using a StructuredApplication and save it as an FM file. I've been able to sucessfully load the XML file but I'm having difficulty in saving it as an FM file.


    Here is the code that I've written so far:


    if (sourceFolder != null){ // If a valid folder is selected

        files = new Array(); 

        fileType = "*.xml"; 

        files = sourceFolder.getFiles(fileType);  // Get all files matching the pattern 

        if (files.length > 0) { // Get the destination to save the files 

            destFolder = Folder.selectDialog( 'Select the folder where you want to save the converted XML files.', '~' );

            for (var i = 0; i < files.length; i++) { 

                // Set the options for opening the XML file.

                var openParams = GetOpenDefaultParams();

                var j = GetPropIndex(openParams, Constants.FS_OpenAsType);

                openParams[j].propVal.ival = Constants.FV_TYPE_XML;

                j = GetPropIndex(openParams, Constants.FS_StructuredOpenApplication);

                openParams[j].propVal.sval = "XML snpsbook";

                j = GetPropIndex(openParams, Constants.FS_FileIsOldVersion);

                openParams[j].propVal.ival = Constants.FV_DoOK;

                j = GetPropIndex(openParams, Constants.FS_FontNotFoundInDoc);

                openParams[j].propVal.ival = Constants.FV_DoOK;

                j = GetPropIndex(openParams, Constants.FS_FileIsInUse);

                openParams[j].propVal.ival = Constants.FV_DoCancel;

                j = GetPropIndex(openParams, Constants.FS_AlertUserAboutFailure);

                openParams[j].propVal.ival = Constants.FV_DoCancel;

                var  returnParams = new PropVals();



                sourceDoc = Open(files[i].name, openParams, returnParams);  // Return the document object



                // Function to save .XML file to .FM extension

                var saveParams = GetSaveDefaultParams();

                var returnParamsp = new PropVals();

                // Replace the .xml extension with .fm

                var k = GetPropIndex(saveParams, Constants.FS_FileType);

                saveParams[k].propVal.ival = Constants.FV_SaveFmtBinary;

                saveAsName = (/\.[^\.\\]+$/,".fm");

                var saveInFile = Save(saveAsName, saveParams, returnParamsp);  // Save as .fm file

                saveInFile = new File ( destFolder + '/' + targetFile);

                saveInFile.close();  // Close file


            alert('Files are saved as FM in ' + destFolder); 

        } else { 

            alert('No matching files found!!!'); 



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    Sometimes cells in a table will be blacked-out. It looks like it's doing some sort of inverted highlighting.


    Sometimes the content can be copied and pasted, other times it says the clipboard is empty.


    Not sure what the cause is. It's happened with tables imported (Copy into document + import map) from Word. But I've also noticed it with tables made from scratch in FM.


    Anyone know what's causing this?

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    Hi All,


    From MS Excel, how can I import 10 Cells into the Framemaker Table, where I already have 10 empty cells.


    Also, is it possible to copy multiple Rows or Columns from MS Excel (or MS Word) into the Framemaker?



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    When I insert a change tag a paragraph is inserted into the document along with the change tag. How do I prevent this form happening?

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    I had Framemaker 10 installed on my previous computer and apart from requiring a FM10 Licensing Updater solution, had no problems with it. For several weeks, my computer was acting up so I got myself a new computer. I deactivated Framemaker 10 on the old computer and then proceeded to install it on my new computer. I kept Framemaker 9 on my old computer and brought it over to my new computer without any problems. Now it is not accepting the serial number of the Framemaker 9 application when it did before. Has anyone experienced this problem and found solutions?

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    I've been using a number of PNG files for some time with no issues and everything has been smooth. Now going back to these files, pages the previously opened very fast now take a very long time (a number of minutes, not seconds) to render the graphic. This also has slowed PDF creation of those pages to a crawl as well. I'm using Framemaker 10 on Windows 7. Has anyone else had this issue or discovered a fix to this problem?

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    Using Frame 12 and Acrobat DC 2015. When Saving as PDF, my last two books ( a chapter and Index) do not show up as bookmarks in the PDF. They're fine in the TOC. Using same pargraph style ( in all books for chapter title. TOC seems to have something invisible where the bookmarks should be - note the continuation of the line at the bottom.


    Missing bookmarks.PNG     Missing bookmarks2.PNG

    If I add bookmark manually for Index, and drag it to the bottom, it's more obvious that there's something there. I can work around it by adding the two bookmarks just below the last one, but it still leaves a tail at the end. And I have to remember to add them each time I save. Any ideas? - Thanks in advance. Len

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    Upgraded to windows 10 and I cannot get my framemaker 7.1 to install, is there a fix for this issue?

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    Whenever I connect to the FrameMaker with the following command in the local machine: F_ApiStartUp(nullptr) it is connected randomly with one of the FM instances running. How can I make it to connect always to the active FrameMaker instance, the one the user uses?

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    I am switching to FrameMaker 2015 and one part of the work process is .mif files parsing. So, when I save file as MIF 7.0 and as MIF 2015 there are some differences including character sets. For example, “ (left double quotation mark) is presented as \xd2, and ” (right double quotation mark) is presented as \xd3 in MIF 7.0 and “ (e2 80 9c) and ” (e2 80 9d) in MIF 2015. And others, like ... (three dots) and … (one symbol e2 80 a6).

    I have already modified the parser but maybe the right approach is to specify FrameMaker to use standart set - on opening FM or on saving MIF. I use extend script, so I my abilities are greater than using FM's open and save menus but I did not find suitable options or separate functions.



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    We have structured documents and we make a crossrefences to elements inside document.

    We know how to create reference to element using its ID.


    But we want also to make a reference to text part of elements.

    See highlighted parts in picture below:



    But this text part has no ID attribute. So how can we make a crossreference to this part of element?


    Thanks for any info.

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    Has anyone experienced this problem?


    Installed FM 12 on new Windows 10 PC. Toolbars, Status bar are corrupted

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  • 04/21/16--11:33: Broken bookmarks
  • I saved a Frame 10 book file as a pdf and the bookmarks did not generate properly.


    The secondary bookmarks are not nested under the primary bookmarks. For example, the bookmarks for heading 1 and heading 2 Frame file content do not display "indented" under the Chapter Title bookmarks.




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    I had an issue with Acrobat DC and in trying to resolve it killed my Acrobat XI Pro installation.


    I tried to reinstall Acrobat XI Pro, but it wouldn't take my TCS 5 serial number.


    I cannot find the TCS 5 installation to download. It is not in my various Adobe profiles (although I registered it). Can someone point me to the TCS 5 installer, so I can download it and fix my Acrobat issue?





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    I'm hoping I can explain this clear enough, I know I'm missing something, but I'm completely stumped.


    Here is the symptom:

    • When working in structured view, selecting an element and then using the keyboard shortcut for copy (Ctrl+C) does not work. I get a beep. While the right click menu - Copy does work. Same applies to the keyboard shortcuts for cut, copy, paste, and even the delete key.
    • If I click on the desktop, then back to the structure window on an element, it will work one time. For example I can copy the element. Then I have to click on the desktop and back in the structure window where I want to insert the element.
    • Another odd behavior is that when this occurs, pressing a single key on the keyboard has the same result as using the Alt+key, but there is no underscore in the menu letters. For example, pressing V drops down the view menu as if I pressed Alt+V. The underlined letters in the menu for the shortcuts do appear when I press the Alt key.
    • UPDATE: When the Structure View panel is docked, keyboard shortcuts work. When the Structure View panel is undocked or iconified and expanded, the keyboard shortcuts do not work with the script enabled.


    The ExtendScript automates inserting multiple "Model" elements with a specific alpha-numeric value in the "ModelNumber" attribute. There can be anywhere from 1 to 100 or more unique models inserted. The document is a parts manual. Each manual has a list of models it covers, each assembly can include all or any combination of models, and each part in that assembly can contain all or any combination of models applied to the assembly.


    When the user inserts, pastes, or double-clicks on a specific container element, a window opens with a list of all the available model numbers that can apply. The user checks off those model numbers to include and then clicks a button to insert a "Model" element with the "ModelNumber" attribute value set for each model the user checked off.


    The ExtendScript monitors FA_Note_PreMouseCommand, FA_Note_PostMouseCommand, FA_Note_PostInsertElement to determine the location in the structure and document, and the type of mouse action to determine whether it should load the model numbers to check-boxes and open the window.


    A menu is created when the script runs with some commands to refresh the list model numbers, looks for invalid model numbers and generates a report, and enables/disables the notify so the window doesn’t open and doesn’t actively read/load the list of model numbers. The enable/disable command utilizes the check-mark to indicate whether it's enabled or disabled.


    When the script is disabled, keyboard shortcuts work fine.


    What would cause the keyboard shortcuts to not work, yet mimic the Alt key being pressed? The window, the menu, the notify functions?


    Why would the Structure View panel being docked or undocked have any impact on the keyboard shortcuts? Or how would that conflict with the model window?


    Any help or direction will be greatly appreciated.


    Trent Schwartz

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    I use the character style zzBoldNumber in my Numbered 1 paragraph style to make the numbers bold. I was outputting HTML5 from FM12 and it worked fine. Here's the HTML output:


    <p class="FM_Numbered_1"><span class="FM_zzBoldNumber">1.</span>Select a location for your PLAY:1. </p>


    I upgraded to FM 2015 and now the numbers are not formatted correctly. They are the wrong font family and they are not bold. Here's the HTML output:


    <p dir="ltr" class="FM_Numbered_1">Select a location for your PLAY:1. </p>


    Notice that the <span> tag is missing.


    I have tried mapping the zzBoldNumber style to a variety of styles, but the result is the same.


    Seems like a bug to me.


    Any ideas or suggestions?

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