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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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  • 10/18/16--12:00: Help with crash in FM13
  • I've tried to send the following error code to, but it keeps bouncing back as undeliverable. Has anyone else run into this crash and happen to know what would be causing it?






    === Header Begin ===

    Internal Error: 13014, 24060910, 24063901, 24068518

    FrameMaker 13.0.1 for Intel


    Window System: MSWindows

    Operating System: Windows NT 6.1 ( 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1)

    Generated on: Tuesday, October 18, 2016 1:45:02 PM

    To file: C:\Users\microt\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\FrameMaker\13\FrameLog_16.10.18_13.45.02.txt

    Locale: English

    Current Mode: Maker

    Current View: WYSIWYG View

    === Header End ===

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    Ich habe beide Suites im Büro auf dem Rechner und würde gerne die TCS 3.5 zuhause mitnutzen. Kann ich diese problemlos zuhause installieren. Oder muss diese im Büro dann jedesmal deaktiviert werden?

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    Can anyone tell me why I am getting the white space between my Heading 1 paragraph box and the line below? I've tried everything I can think of (including removing the fixed paragraph line height of 10.5 pt) and cannot get the two to meet.





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    I am using FrameMaker 10 and I want to add a capability via an EDD that uses an Attribute to control the display of a change bar for a text range.

    I have had success doing this for other font settings such as Underline, but when I try to use the Change Bar font setting the attribute will turn the Change bar on, but will not turn it off.



    Element (Container): Revst

    General rule:    <TEXT>

    Attribute list

    Name: Document-Revision     String     Required

    Name: Revdate     String     Required

    Name: Rev-Status     Choice     Optional

    Choices:    Current, Superseded

    Default:    Current

    Name: Source-Data     String     Required

    Text format rules

    If context is: [Rev-Status = "Current"]

    Text range.

    Font properties

    Change bars: Yes

    Else, if context is: [Rev-Status = "Superseded"]

    Text range.

    Font properties

    Change bars: No


    As I said, this works fine for underline, but fails for the Change bar.

    Is this issue a known bug?

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    My document contains hundreds of numbered lists which are all unique lists (series). Framemaker Help (2015) tells me to format text as numbered lists by:

    Display the Numbering properties of the Paragraph Designer and enter a series label in the Autonumber Format box if you need more than one autonumberseries in the document.

    A series label consists of any single printable character followed by a colon (for example, S:).


    However, if I have hundreds of lists, once I've worked my way through the alphabet and every other single printable character, does that mean I've run out of series labels for that document?


    I've worked my way through upper case and lowercase letters, and am starting on numbers and symbols but I can't see a way I can label more than say about 80 series of numbered lists before I run out of unique single characters.


    Is there a limit?

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    I'm working on a document that has several imported graphics. One in particular, is a PDF that was pulled in from another location in our document repository. I need to know exactly where this file came from, when I select the file and open the Object Properties pod, the "Referenced File" location is blank. I've also generated a list of imported graphics but (1) thie PDF file does not appear on the list, thought I know for a fact that it was imported, and (2) the files that do appear in this list do not show the entire path, just the first couple of folders with a "..." before them, indicating there is more to the location that I can't see.


    I need a full list of complete paths for ALL of my referenced files, including this one. Can someone please tell me how to find this?


    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

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    Does anybody knows, where i can get the Graphic2Dir data, for the Elm/Frame Script Tool ?

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    We use FrameMaker 12 and a couple of users have noticed that after they make a PDF, the links in the TOC go to the wrong page.


    Anyone know what is causing this, and how to prevent it from happening?

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    Hello all,


    I've a book with several, files.  I've updated one of the files - adding a new Heading 1 and some body text.  How do I get the TOC to now recognize this new bit?


    Many thanks




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  • 10/24/16--13:15: How do I save PDF settings?
  • How do I save PDF settings for bookmarks and tags or edit the defaults so I don't have to select them every time I save a book or file as a PDF?

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    Hello all,


    I've searched and searched the forum to find a clue to my dilemma, but have had no luck.


    This is a related to a previous post about formatting a Heading1 with a black background and white text in front. I have successfully figured that part out (as a table cell with Heading 1 inside of it). So here's part II:


    I need the numbering in front of the Heading 1 to look like this:


    14.1 Heading 1 Title Here      -----> the format of this IS Heading 1 where 14=chapter number, and 1=Heading 1 number


    I'm trying to accomplish this with auto-numbering, but it appears that there is no way to get H1 paranum in there. Here are some I've tried:



    <$chapnum>.<$paranum[Heading1]>       ->but these do not appear to be allowed in autonumbering at all.


    Also tried two separate Heading 1 paragraph styles:

    <$chapnum>.<n=1>      ->paragraph named Heading1=1; that part works

    then in Heading 1

    <$chapnum>.<n+>         -> that doesn't work; obviously the two paragraphs are not connected



    Can I create a variable that will do this, and insert it in a cell before the Heading 1 text?

    Chapter&Heading1Num = <$chapnum><$paranum[Heading 1]>

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    I am using FrameMaker 10 and I am trying set up a Page Date frame that flows from page to page.

    The frame is high enough for only one line. i.e. is only large enough to contain one date. The date is to be entered either manually from the Body Pages of using a variable. Pressing enter once while in the Page date frame should take you to the next page where the next date is entered, and so on.

    I am using Left, Right and First master pages and I have added the page Date frame to each of the master pages using the following settings.



    The main content frame uses Flow A and the Page Date frame uses the Flow PageDate.


    However, I find that when I am in the body pages, the the Page Date frame does not appear to flow from age to page. Pressing enter in the Page Date frame adds a page immediately following with a blank content frame that is disconnected from the document’s structure. When I use Customize Text Frame for the main content frame on the page it shows that it is using Flow A and Autoconnect like the rest of the document, but it is clearly disconnected.


    To further confuse the issue I have another file where this works almost perfectly (It doesn’t work on the first page).

    I have tried copying all the formats from the document that works to no avail and copying the Frame from the document that works to the other document fails as well.


    By the way the history of the file that works is worth noting.


    It was originally autogenerated using FrameMaker 11, imported into FrameMaker 2015, exported to mif files, imported into FrameMaker 10 and saved as a FrameMaker 10 file.


    The other file(s) are all manually created FrameMaker 10 files.


    Any ideas?

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    I have structured documents that have a body style text left justified and to the right of that an anchored frame with photo and callouts.


    When I publish as HTML5 the images appear like steps going up! How can I format this content so that it looks like the original. See attached.


    frame format.jpg


    HTML5 output.jpg


    I have tried to create a two column table with the text in the first column and the anchored frame in the second column but its hard to select the anchored frame, photo, AND callouts and insert in cell.

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  • 10/25/16--05:35: DITA Hotspots
  • I am using FrameMaker 2015 to create DITA 1.2 xml files



    I am trying to create hotspots on images:



    <imagemap><image href = "../Maps/_images/lifecycle_partition.png"

    scale = "40" />



    <xref outputclass = "fm:" keyref = "access_control_policies">Access

    control policies</xref></area></imagemap>



    However, the image does not have a hotspot and the text "rect", "2,0,53,59" and "Access Control Policy" appears under the image.


    The text appears on the Document View, PDF and HTML5 outputs.


    When I try using the Hotspot mode in the graphic tools, I get a warning on save of:


    Framemaker does not support DITA multiple graphic object in a single frame.


    So, how do I create hotspots using FrameMaker DITA?

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  • 10/25/16--15:10: Templates
  • Anyone know of any templates for manuals or software design docs.  Basically I need something that can be used to give to software developers to populate.  This doc can be used to write user manuals and other customer facing documents.

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    We are having issues when exporting FM (2015) files to MIF in that when the MIF is viewed in Notepad the content is displayed out of order with how it appears in the FM file (i.e. text that appears towards the end of the document in the FM file appears at the beginning of the MIF). How does a MIF determine where within the file content is displayed (i.e. by style, time of insertion, etc)?

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    Hello all,


    I've recently stepped into a role where I will be doing the customer facing and technical documentation for our company.  I am by trade a Business Analyst and have up to this point always used Word and other MS Office tools to create documentation.  I have so far only had to modify existing FM documents and it has not bee too difficult.


    I would doubt there will be any training $ in the budget, so I am left to use resources such and this forum in order to learn.  This no doubt, will be challenging at times.


    Questions like:

    "Structured" vs. "unstructured"?

    Anything required when working on documents created using previous versions (I've v 12 and many if not all of our legacy documents were created in 9 or 10).



    More to come I'm sure.


    Many thanks in advance.

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    I've got some kind of setting applied that is moving the start position way to the right?  How can I fix this as it is showing up on all of the 'right' master pages?



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  • 10/26/16--10:49: Where are my leaders?
  • Hello all,


    I've done some research, but cannot find a solution that works


    FM12 - some of the leaders in my TOC are gone from the previous version.



    The hunt continues...

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    Hi Gang,


    I'm relatively new to the world of FrameMaker - so please forgive me if this is a silly question...  but I am trying to figure out a way to insert a table that has a mix of paragraph alignment within the rows and columns.


    The paragraph alignment for most of the tables in my document are simple and are handled by one of three attributes: alignTableHeader, alignTableBody and alignTableFooter. The user selects "center", "left" or "right" for each attribute and the EDD applies the proper paragraph format to the text.


    However, there is one table (our LEP) that has the paragraph alignments shown below:

    Header 1 - align left Header 2 - align center Header 3 - align center
    Cell content - align left Cell content - align right Cell content - align center
    Cell content - align left Cell content - align right Cell content - align center


    The attribute alignment variables don't work in this case because it applies a single alignment to each section (header, body and footer) - and in this case the header has two alignments and the body has three.


    I attempted to get around this by creating a new table style in table designer, formatting paragraph alignment in the cells and then updating the table style. I then wrote a context rule in the EDD that ignores the formatting that is normally applied by the attribute selection (which I have verified is working)...  but it seems that the table designer and paragraph designer are independent and paragraph styles are ignored. All paragraphs align left.


    I am trying to design a system where the users don't have to apply styles manually to the structured document...  but I am not sure that it is possible to do that in this instance (unless the team will allow me to change the formatting on this table).


    Any suggestions would be appreciated!




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