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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    We purchased two server licenses for version 8 FM Server Unix back in 2009. What would we need to do to migrate these to Win V12 of server?


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    I generated a pdf file using Adobe FrameMaker 11. After the pdf is generated, the title field in the Document Properties window (File > Properties) displays as "Untitled" instead of the original file name. How do i retain the same title name as the file name?

    Please help.

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    Hello ,


    FM11/TCS4, W7.


    Recently FM will not print to pdf if the document contains too large graphics.


    I place a graphic in an anchored frame and if a large portion of it is cropped by the frame, FM comes up with the old 'Cannot print some imported images. Click OK to continue.' Clicking OK just brings up 'An error occurred while printing.' and the job cancels.


    The only solution is to crop the illustration in an external program.


    Any one else experienced this?

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    Upgraded from Frame 8 to Frame 11, three books print to PDF just fine, one won't. Frame crashes. If I use 'Print' it gives me a log file, but 'Save as PDF' just crashes, no log file. Individual chapters won't print either. Similar to EMTtechwriter's problem, but even worse since chapters won't print. Any clues? Thanks.

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    We just ran afoul of the issue described here:



    With the Frame 12 install corrupting our previously installed version of Acrobat Pro 9. Now we are poised to follow the instructions there, which indicate we need to uninstall FM, uninstall Acrobat, reinstall Acrobat, then reinstall FM.


    We have Acrobat Pro 9 and would prefer not to upgrade at this time. So, before we start jumping thru these hoops, can anyone confirm that FrameMaker 12 is in fact compatible with Acrobat Pro 9?


    Thanks in advance for your time and help.

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    Hi all,

    This just started in one document.

    My step numbers are not resetting. Usually, if I have a set of steps, then a new section with a heading tag like h1, h2, or h3, the next time I use my step paragraph tags, the steps start at 1. Now, after a new heading tag, the steps just keep incrementing. Not in the whole document, just parts.


    I inherited this template. All steps are step1. The autonumber format for my step1 is S:< >< ><n+>\t


    In a related problem, I use step2 for a, b, and c steps between the numbered steps. That tag is doing the same thing. In one section they go a, b, c. Two heading tags later, they go d, e, f. The autonumber format for my step2 is F:< >< >< ><a+>:


    For troubleshooting, I've saved the file as MIF, and saved it back again. As Art suggested in another post,  I looked for a culprit in between the sets of steps and found nothing.


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  • 01/24/14--08:37: FM 12 & MathFlow
  • 1: cost of MathFlow?

    2: Can MathFlow math be inserted in graphics/drawings?

    3: FM 12 -- can I use the license on two computers, both my desktop and the laptop?

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    I have downloaded the TCS 5 trial verison for evaluation purpose. i am trying to open my existing FM11 files in FM12 but it gets to "Not Responding" mode.


    The FM11 doc has plain text in various formats and nothing fancy.


    Can somebody please help?


    Thanks in advance.



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    I am evaluating TCS 5, as an upgrade from TCS 4.


    I don't see the RoboHelp menu, which I can use to apply DHTML effects. Is it moved to some other place? The Help still refers to RoboHelp menu. 31aee1b1342288940d-7fc0.html


    Please advise.



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    I am currently evaluating TCS5/ FM12 as an upgrade from TCS4/ FM11.


    In TCS 4, I could create an ISF file that contains my FM-RH style mapping and use that file in FM to publish the WebHelp. Now in FM12, I don't see the option to assign the ISF file. Instead, I need to start all over, first pull up the CSS file that contains the custom styles I added in RH, and then create a STS file which stores my style mapping.


    Is there any other way out? I have about 70+ styles, mapping and testing them again would be a crazy task!


    Thanks in advance.



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    Hello fellows,


    I wonder if there is a way to automatically apply a certain condition to a specific type of a paragraph/character thru an event script.


    Thank you in advance!

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    I have a an annual TCS subscription.


    I've downloaded TCS 5.0 now, but it doesn't seem to recognise my Adobe ID as as a valid sign in and requests a serial number.


    Any ideas?

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  • 01/27/14--03:18: ElectroPubs no more?
  • Hello ,


    Having just 'upgraded' to FM12, I am re-installing my plug-ins.


    Unfortunately most have been wiped off the company server so I went to ElectroPubs website to download Clean Import, and it seems they have disappeared.


    They must be somewhere, right?

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  • 01/27/14--06:43: Issue with FM version 11
  • Hello,

    We at MacGregor are having problems opening a larger file (20699KB) using FM version 11. An error message pops up (could not upload it here for some reason..). The exact same file can be opened using FM 7.1 (the older version), without any problems.We have to scale down the file alot to be able to open it in FM 11.

    We all have good computers, so that's not the issue causing this.

    What’s the reason for this issue and how can it be solved asap?



    Thanks in advance!


    Abbe Al-Delemi

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    I'm looking for a solution that will allow us to integrate fields in a Chapter Review-style question area where users can comment their answers (instead of using StickyNotes). It must disallow printing/copying etc to meet content protection requirements. I've dug through all of my options and can't seem to find any viable method without allowing the "Edit Content" option which allows users to copy the content.


    We're currently using FrameMaker 9 but will be jumping to TCS5 soon.


    As an example, we would want something like the following question, which exists in a FrameMaker document, to be commented on:


    2. Which DID/DNIS mapping is recommended for mapping a single extension?






    Thank you in advance for any assistance with this.

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    I am using FrameMaker 10, Unstructured. I have created a book with a number of chapters added. Each chapter is also prefaced with its own TOC file (in brief, because of legacy issues), but I have also autogenerated a main TOC for the front of manual that was supposed to pull in the Heading 1 and Heading 2 chapter headings and page numbers for all chapters.


    An issue that I have encountered in this main TOC and have not been able to figure out why and how the number 1 or 2 is displaying after the page number.For example, I've formatted the page number on the master  to include chapter and page number (i.e., 1-3). But this number 1 or 2 has been pulled in from I don't know where, so I can't delete it. I've been working in the reference pages but I just cannot find where this number is coming from. I've checked page number variable in the master pages and it seems okay (<$curpagenum>, so it's: 1 - #, with 1 being the chapter number [I know I can use a variable for the chapter number instead of entering it manually, but I'm trying to quickly work through some legacy issues and resorted some manual fixes instead of changing file names, boo me]).  Is it a variable or some auto-generated element, or is it because of all the TOCs, or what?




    Hope someone has encountered this and can help. Thanks. C

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    I keep getting the "Internal Error" with the same file in both FM9 and FM12: 12004, 14782452, 15332691, 15227491.

    It always tells me there is data to be sent to Adobe located at C:\Users\Stalley\AppData ...  , but there is no such folder anywhere on my hard drive.

    It happens when I try to save a particular file or All files in book.

    Just tried it again and got 9004, 5229184, 5282600, 5283068

    I am in desperate need of help with this.

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    FM 11 checked into Vasont and then turned into a PDF via the DITA OT


    We are using a combination of conversion tables and a few scripts to convert our legacy documentation to DITA. In some books we have a significant number of hypertext links. Currently the hypertext links are coming across with a page number and we don't want the page number.


    Example of what we get::

    General on page 6-1 - Where you enter the name of blah blah

    Code on page 6-4 - Where you create the code stuff

    Preview on page 6-8 - Where you can view a preview of other stuff


    Example of what we want::

    General - Where you enter the name of blah blah

    Code - Where you create the code stuff

    Preview - Where you can view a preview of other stuff


    Note that we are using the OTK to generate our PDFs as required by our parent company. We convert our FrameMaker files, validate them, check them into the Vasont CMS, and create the PDF from the CMS.





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    I've installed framemaker 11 on windows 7, unstructured works as it should but when i turn on the structured function everything looks weird. Some things are huge, like the scroll bar. And others are teeny tiny, like the structure view and element windows. When i minimize or maximize the window some parts disappear, it's like the window moves down and to the right, out of the screen. Also the menus are double, so it's really hard to do anything really.... this isn't a problem in the unstructured framemaker. Can anyone help me, or know any one that could?



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    I have a use case where I need to create a User Guide using unstructured FM9. Some of the content is already in two seperate distinct FM books each with their own cover page and TOC. Other content has yet to be created.


    Is it better to have a single book and organise the content from the exisitng books into folders, or create a book for each of the existing and new sections and merge them into a parent book. I should add that I will be the only person adding / editing content. Thoughts? Best practice?

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