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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    We would like to change the formatting of the Note. We are able to update and save the font for the note itself, but not the word "Note." Is this possible?

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    Does anyone know why, after HTML5 output, my listed numbers are serif but all my text is sans serif? Thanks.

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    Sure there have been studies, but for whatever reason wasn't finding it on the web.


    How prominent is xml/structured authoring in technical publications across the country?

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    I'm using FrameMaker 2019 and I'm encountering a strange issue. When I generate the TOC for my book, all entries in the TOC are duplicated, meaning the elements are listed properly and then they are all listed again. The first set of entries includes right tab top and leaders, then immediately following this, everything is listed again, this time without the leaders or tab stop.


    The only thing that I can think of that might be related is that I recently started getting unavailable font errors every time I update the book. TO remedy this, I had to replace courier with courier new in my template. I don't see how the two could be related, but its also a recent problem.


    I'll continue to troubleshoot it, but if anyone can think of a reason as to why this might be happening, I'd appreciate it.

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    Does anyone have a regular expression for how to add a comma to a column(s) of numbers in FrameMaker? The columns are 4, 5, and 6 digits mixed.

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    I upgraded to a new windows 10 laptop. I have Framemaker 13 installed. When I attempt to navigate within a document, the program freezes and can be unresponsive for 20 minutes or more. There is almost no CPU usage when it is not responding, though my laptop fan goes into high gear when FrameMaker freezes. It is basically unusable and I am at a standstill. FrameMaker worked fine on my older 6 year old laptop.


    I've tried hiding graphics, renaming the preferences folder, installed all updates. Please give me some ideas.

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    Using DITA XML, I'd like to put a table within a table. Framemaker tells me, I'm not allowed to do:


    But the DITA Specification tells me, a table within a table is allowed:


    What did I miss?

    Or is the DITA XML Integration in FM 2019 incomplete?

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    In an earlier Frame version, it was easy to copy/paste a table to an Outlook message and preserve the table format, with a simple copy/paste. This is no longer possible in Frame 19: it copies the table as plain text, it does not preserve the table or bullets, etc. I set Outlook Format Text to HTML, and still no go. I recently upgraded from Frame 15 to Frame 19.

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    I have to create 500+ pdf books for some automotive documentation.. Each PDF is having little bit changes compared with other pdf. I want to keep one single framemaker to generate all pdf files. If i am creating each framemaker files for each updation it make so many work loads even though the changed content is  common to all pdf's...So let me know is there any way to generate multiple pdf by single framemaker..

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    I set up the number for the chapter so it shows the letter A:



    However, the TOC is still referencing it as a chapter. How do I get it to say Appendix A in the TOC?

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    I have a chapter where I used Keep with Next on the Pagination tab to keep some information together, which moved it onto the next page in FrameMaker. Everytime I create a PDF of the document, though, that information is being moved BACK to the previous page and I wind up with a blank page at the end of the chapter. In frustration, I finally put FrameMaker into two page mode and PDF'd only that file, and watched in disbelief as the PDF process, right in front of my eyes, moved that information I'd wanted on the next page onto the previous page in FrameMaker before completing the PDF, then put it back on the next page!


    I'm going to use Insert Page Break as a work around, but I'd like to know what is going on here.




    Windows 7, fully patched

    FrameMaker 2019, fully patched (as far as I know)

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    Hi All,


    I am trying to create pdf manuals using Adobe Framemaker directly by importing xml files.

    Below are my steps:-

         1. Importing XML to FM.

         2. Saving the manual generated as PDF.


    The manual should have well formatted text.I have a well defined xml with numerous tags and images.

    Question 1: I am not able to format the text from the xml in FrameMaker. How to format the contents in Framemaker?

                             After importing all the contents gets left aligned.

    Question 2: Are there any other wayout to format the manual content except using the top ribbon in framemaker?

    Question 3: Is it possible to do all the formatting in the xml itself. And when we import that to FrameMaker, all the formatting remains as it?


    Thanks in advance.

    Awaiting Response.



    Arpit Gupta

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  • 12/10/18--06:23: webworks related
  • Hi

    I was originally working on a VDI with Framemaker 12 and Webworks 2017.1

    Life was good.

    Recently, I moved to VMWare fusion with Frameaker 15 and Webworks 2018.2 and I am unable to generate online help, as webworks seems to stop halfway. I tried to increase the memory on VMWare, but no use so far.. Did anyone have similar problem and can you advise me on how to fix this?

    Thanks a bunch for any help.

    I did ask Webworks.. and waiting for their response.

    They gave me a patch to install and that didnt work. I tried to downgrade to 2017.1 and I still get the same problem.




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    We were able to adjust the text and text color/font, without affecting the color of the bullet. However, we can't seem to duplicate this action. These are the settings where it is set up correctly:

    We must be missing a step but can't seem to figure out what that is. We change the text of the bullet to be blue as well, but here it says multiple.

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    We are trying to Update Style for all cross-references, including those next to a bullet.


    At first the hyperlink shows up as our default text:

    We want to change the font to be blue and underlined each time we create a cross-reference, without changing the default text or bullet:

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    My group -- me and four colleagues who edit/publish technical proposals and reports -- has recently upgraded from FM10 to FM2019 (as part of TCS2019), and we're noticing some "new" things... but, of course, we don't know how new they really are, since our upgrade was such a huge step change. Two things in particular are causing (admittedly minor) headaches, and we'd love to have solutions/workarounds:


    • Importing multiple PDF pages as graphics: The cost proposals we publish require that we import into page frames multiple pages of cost and price data reports, which come to us as PDF outputs from our pricing system. In our FM10-based workflow, after importing the first page, subsequent iterations of File>Import>File would select the previous file by default, so that we only had to specify the page number in the dialog and click Okay; now, while subsequent calls go to the correct folder, the file itself is no longer selected by default, meaning that each page requires a couple extra mouse clicks to import. Not a big deal in each case, of course, but over time the extra clicks can add up, and in any case, my colleagues are frustrated that they can't do it the way they're used to. Is there a fix for this (a setting somewhere we can change, perhaps?), or are we just stuck with the extra clicks?
    • Selecting long strings of text: A couple of my colleagues have complained that when they click and drag to select pages-long stretches of text (e.g., in the process of converting imported tab-delimited text to tables), FM2019 often crashes. I had not noticed this myself, because I typically don't do that, but instead click at the beginning and then shift-click at the end of the range, so that's our immediate workaround... but my fellow users are still wondering about this new (to us) behavior. Is this something we can fix with a setting? A known bug? We'd love to know.


    It's possible, I grok, that we're just doing things is antiquated and inefficient ways to begin with, and that's a perfectly welcome answer... but solutions that involve installing plugins or one of us learning to write macros are less likely to be helpful, because of the environment we work in.


    Thanks in advance for your thoughts....

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    Framemaker 2019 64 bit with update 1 installed still crashing when I try to import any graphic.  Same FM also crashes if I try to pdf any document.  I have run through all the traps that I am aware of.  Changing the 15 file to 15_old and launching.  Yes, FM was installed using Admin rights.  I am dead in the water on two separate machines.  I have another user who does not have update 1 installed and he can pdf documents but he also has the crashing issue when trying to import documents.  This has been a persistent issue since the original install 4 months ago.  I've been in touch with Adobe but I have no resolution.  Just wondering if anyone else is having similar issues with 2019 update 1.

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    Hi, I have the below to code to select the Paragraph. But after that I need to update the selected text to UPPER CASE. Please help me getting the code for this.


    var doc = app.ActiveDoc;
    var flow = doc.MainFlowInDoc;
    var textFrame = flow.FirstTextFrameInFlow;
    var pgf = textFrame.FirstPgf;
    var textRange = new TextRange ();
    textRange.beg.obj = pgf; 
    textRange.beg.offset = 0; 
    textRange.end.obj = pgf; 
    textRange.end.offset = Constants.FV_OBJ_END_OFFSET;
    doc.TextSelection = textRange;


    //Para got selected now i need change the paragraph to UPPERCASE without disterbing other formats

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    Hi, I have finally started to seriously test out 64-bit  FM2019, evaluating whether to migrate from FM2015. I find that it takes almost 3 times longer to open and save files, which is prohibitively slow. The files are either structured binaries or XML with a custom application. All files and references are local. Computer details:


    Dell Latitude laptop

    Windows 10, 64-bit

    Processor - Intel Core i7-7600U CPU @ 2.80 GHz

    RAM - 16 Gb


    I am running the comparisons with FM2015 installed on the same computer. Does anyone have any thoughts? Is the computer underpowered? FM2019 seems to be working well and I like some of the new features, but I will stay with FM2015 if it means I can open a 100 page file in 6 seconds instead of 15.




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    I would think that conditional text or inserts are stored where we can find/read/edit them. I haven't used FrameMaker in years and haven't been in a position where I used conditional text, inserts, or variables. Is there a folder where I can find the content. Previous writers on this project have used their own naming conventions and did not work to style defined by the team. 7 writers geographically disbursed, all of which are gone now.


    Thank You

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