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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    Framemaker 2017 - i figured out that FM have some problems with RAM of 4GB. In a document of 10 pages, plentyof  images ai kind, i can not copy and paste text from a page to another, appearing the message "go to next page" in place of the text wanted. How can i resolve this?

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    Any hints on how to stop FrameMaker 17 from constantly crashing?


    I have used many prior versions of FrameMaker and have never experienced this. This version seems to be poor at best.

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    I have TCS 2017 installed and downloaded and installed the TCS 2019 trial early last week. Today I discovered that Adobe Acrobat 2017 Pro limits its trial period to seven (7) days when it's installed as part of the Technical Communications Suite 2019 30-day trial. I had been focused on testing RoboHelp for the past week and when I went to launch Acrobat today it showed I am at 0 days remaining and need to buy a license to continue.


    Does anyone know what impact hitting 0 days will have on Acrobat: Will this only limit me to the features of the previous version of Acrobat 2017 that I had with TCS 2017, or will it render Acrobat completely unusable? Will I have to uninstall all of TCS 2019 to revert to my TCS 2017 version of Acrobat?


    Thanks in advance,


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    I am unable to select anything on the Help menu in FM 19. When I click on the menu, it displays, but when I try to select anything it closes. Is anyone else experiencing this difficulty?

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    I get this error when I update my book which was saved as "book 2019 with fm components" from a ditamap. I have topics and tasks in my map. If I use only topics or only tasks, I don't get the error.


    I opened the Conditional tags -Pod and I see that for tasks domain-ui-d is red. For some reason if I create a task and I don't add any content, I just save it, close and open it, it turns red.


    Because I don't get an error if I use only tasks I guess that the problem is that this same conditional tag is red for task and black for topic.


    My question is, why those have different colors and how that could be changed?ConditionalTags.JPG

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    I imported a PDF file into a FrameMaker document. When I now try to save the document as a PDF or print it as PDF, FrameMaker starts to load and continues to load without anything happening. Adobe Distiller does not open.

    The same problem occurs when importing similair PDF files.


    When my colleagues save as PDF the same FrameMaker document on their computer, it works fine.

    When I save as PDF a FrameMaker document without an imported PDF file, it works fine.

    When I save as PDF a FrameMaker document with an imported PDF file that I created myself in Word, it works fine.


    I tried different PDF settings, Adobe PDF as default printer, deselecting "Generate Acrobat Data", I tried both "Save as PDF" and the Adobe printer, I tried moving the documents to local hard drives and I tried optimizing the PDF file. Nothing made a difference.


    We have FrameMaker 2015 and Windows 10.


    Would be great if anyone could offer advice.

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  • 11/08/18--05:08: cmyk-problems
  • Today FM started to import b/w cmyk-graphics (Photoshop TS5) as bluish/w. Where is the problem?

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    while opening file there is error "the exception breakpoint . a breakpoint has been reached.(0x8000003) occurred in the application at location 0x530x104c.


    click on OK to terminate the programe.




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    I created a new figure caption tag to be used on a two column master page.  I cannot get this new figure tag to format correctly in the list of figures generated.  Can someone please help me figure this out?  I'm sure it has something to do with the reference pages.  Here are a few screenshots to maybe help.

    Thank you in advance for your time.

    Reference page:

    This is how the LOF appears.  The first row has the correct formatting and the "Figure Caption" paragraph tag.  The second row has the "Figure Caption Two Column" paragraph tag.

    I cannot figure out how to get the correct formatting on the "Figure Caption Two Column" paragraph tag.

    Any ideas?

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    Grr. Have Technical Communication Suite 2017. Supposedly comes with Acrobat DC. Worked fine at first, but after 30 days Acrobat says I need to buy. I enter my serial number for the Technical Communication Suite, but it's rejected. What's going on? Surely Adobe Technical Communication Suite comes with a professional-grade PDF editor.

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  • 11/09/18--09:23: Markers with auto-numbering
  • Is there a way to put auto-numbering in a marker?  I normally cross-reference to a paragraph format that has auto-numbering, but in this case I'd rather reference a marker instead of a paragraph format.  But I need the auto-numbering too, so the number will be display in the XRef link.


    When a user clicks an XRef link, the destination displays at the top of the screen.  However, in my situation there are times when some of the relevant content is above that destination.  This means the user has to scroll up to see all of the content.


    I'm not allowed to move the destination to the top of the relevant content, which is a problem I'm having to work through.





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    Hello, all.


    I am using FM 2015 in a Windows 10 environment.


    In some paragraphs, we use an anchored frame in the middle of a sentence to show a small icon. The anchored frame is positioned at the insertion point. In PDF output, the icon remains in the correct location. In published .chm output, the icon appears flush right, followed by a hard return, breaking up the paragraph.


    Sample icon placement.jpg


    The Publish Settings don't include any settings for anchored frames (that I have been able to find). Why is the location of the anchored frame changing?



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    Is it possible to write context rules in an EDD in such a way that Text Format rules are different based on the value of an element? I have an element in a list and I want to change the numbering format based on the value of a parent element.


    Comparable structure might be:








    I want to change the Autonumber format of ListItem1 and ListItem2 depending on whether the <TEXT> of FirstName="Sam" or FirstName="Dave"


    Thanks for any help,



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    I am working on a DITA project and I'm having some trouble with table ruling styles.  I have a table format defined in my structured application template and EDD.  When I initially insert the table, it is formatted properly--in accordance with the desired table format.  Upon saving the file, closing, and then reopening, the table ruling style is changing and no longer matches the defined format.

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    Hi All,


    I need to save a chapter as pdf. the chapter was created in FM 2007, and I have only FM 2019 available at this point.

    FM 2019 starts to save the file, and at the very end doesn't complete the task. The saving progress window is still showing.


    I tried saving the file to FM 2019 and then saving again - it didn't help much.


    Any ideas?


    Thank you,

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    How to create tabs in Custom Dialog Box?

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    Hello, all.


    I am using FM 2015 in a Win 10 environment.


    I have created a text inset that appears multiple times in a document. Items in the text inset are indexed. In the completed index, a page number appears for every location of that text inset. A user clicking on multiple links will be frustrated to find that they are identical.


    Is there a way to tell FM to display only one instance of an item that has been indexed in an inset that appears in multiple locations?


    (Interestingly, the .chm output is smart enough to link to only one location.)





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    I use a format that requires a double space after ther full stop but can not seem to get FM to do it. Any suggestions?




    Ian R

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    I'm writing content with XML and I want to use the notice, caution, warning and danger labels in my content. For example if I'm creating a concept I can see those in the reference pages. I also found a way to add frames above and below from Paragraph designer. But when I save the file - close - open, the same file, my formatting is gone. (I did the same thing with fm-file and there this worked.) I created a new style, for example "notice" and imported this style to the template. When I create a new concept I can find my style from the catalog but I don't know how to use it (meaning, how to use it so that it remains when file is closed).


    Is this related to using the elements? Which element I should use for a custom style? If I try to apply the style in paragraph element (p) the style is again "body" when I reopen the file.

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