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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    Hi ,

         I am trying this below code.First split all pages in framemaker document . And first time click the button to highlight top view using zoom condition within textframe ,and second time click the button to display the bottom view with zoom condition within textframe ,and same as all the pages in framemaker document.This is my task.Now i had complete, till split the pages in framemaker document.I need to display top view and bottom view using zoom within textframe.So please suggests if any ideas.

    var oDoc = app.ActiveDoc;

    var textFrame;

    var   tempValue = 0;

    var buttonWindow = new Window ("palette", "Textframe");

    var b= buttonWindow.add ("button", undefined, {style: "toolbutton"});

    b.text = "Add textframe";

    b.onClick = function (){

          tempValue = tempValue + 1;

          AddTextFrame(oDoc, tempValue);


      function AddTextFrame(oDoc, tempValue) {

      firstRef = oDoc.FirstBodyPageInDoc;

            var count = 0;

            while (firstRef.ObjectValid()) {

                if (count != 0) {

                      textFrame = oDoc.NewTextFrame (firstRef.PageFrame);

                      textFrame.Width = oDoc.PageWidth; 

                      textFrame.Height = oDoc.PageHeight/2; 

                      var topPage=textFrame.Height;

                     // textFrame.Delete();



                      var  textFrame1 = oDoc.NewTextFrame (firstRef.PageFrame);

                      textFrame1.Width = oDoc.PageWidth; 

                      textFrame1.Height = oDoc.PageHeight/2; 

                      textFrame1.LocY =(oDoc.PageHeight) - (textFrame1.Height);


                      var bottomPage=  textFrame1.LocY;                 


                       firstRef = firstRef.PageNext;

                       oDoc.CurrentPage = firstRef;



                if (count == tempValue) {




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    When dealing with a regular Element Container in my EDD, in order to achieve some flexibility, I have frequently resorted to inserting attributes' value into Container's Prefix rules as follows Prefix:<$attribute[myattribute]>.

    Now I am in a TableCell Element and the typical Container's rules (e.g. Prefix, Suffix, First/LastParagraphRules) are not available.

    Any suggestions on how populate a TableCell with an attribute value are appreciated!

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    Can someone help me understand why my index is coming out like this:


    When it should be coming out something like this:


    I have an index from another manual that I can import but no matter what I do it won't pick up the references to create the index correctly and I don't know how to do it. I tried creating it from scratch but no luck.


    Lil help? Much thanks.



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    East-Asian languages have line breaking rules of their own. Does FrameMaker support these different standards? I use Framemaker 12 to create various documents in English that are then translated into many languages. I'd like to make sure that line breaks are dealt with properly in those languages as well as in other languages, especially Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Thai.


    I'd like information on which languages are supported and for which versions of FrameMaker.


    Thank you!

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  • 05/11/18--14:03: tables side by side
  • Hi All,


    I searched and could not find help with what I am trying to accomplish. I have been experimenting with trying to place tables side by side. Is there any easy way or something better than what I have done here? Currently I have used four text frame boxes and I have inserted the tables there. What I would like to do is create a table, add a row and make this row blank. I would then insert my next table there.


    Top image is what I currently have. It works, just looking for a better way to do this.

    Bottom image is what I was thinking of doing. Seems like this is easier to manage if I wanted to update the all table. I just could not get a center column to work right. Delete it and the tables connect. Try to hide the straddle the lines and hide the header rows and the whole table changes. TRYING TABLES.PNG

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    How to check whether a string contains the specified values using extendscript for framemaker ?

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    How to check whether a string contains the specified values in extendscript for framemaker ?How to use in following code using extendscript for    framemaker ?

        var str = "Hello world, welcome to the universe.";

        var n = str.includes("world");

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    My HTML5 and CHM TOCs list each item with a nested item underneath.  How can I eliminate this?

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    FrameMaker 2017 doesn't start on my computer. When I select FM in the Start menu or launch FrameMaker.exe, nothing happens, even the splash screen doesn't appear. I tried to completely remove FM, restart the computer, and install FM again, but it didn't help.


    Any help is appreciated.




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    I have a few questions about scaling a JPEG (or other raster file) in FrameMaker.


    One of the other technical writers at my company, who joined our company recently, thought that the sizes of our PDFs were pretty large. He thinks that this may have something to do with the size of the JPEGs in our FrameMaker files. When we started looking at JPEGs in FrameMaker files that I created last year, I became confused.


    Here's what I am seeing. Let’s suppose that I want to import a JPEG that is 5 x 2.5” at 300 ppi. I set the W x H x ppi in Photoshop and crop the JPEG.

    I create a 5 x 2.5” anchored frame in FrameMaker. Then I choose to import the JPEG by reference into FrameMaker.


    When FrameMaker imports the JPEG, a window appears to ask about scaling. I choose to scale the graphic at 300 dpi (I'm a little confused about why this isn't ppi, but that's perhaps a tangent).

    I assume that the JPEG should be 5 x 2.5” in the document. In essence, I don’t want the dimensions or resolution to change when I import it.


    However, when I select the Object Properties window, I see that the image is scaled at 24 percent with 300 dpi (again, I thought ppi had to do with scaling, not dpi).

    If I change the scaling to 100 percent, my JPEG is now roughly 21 x 10” with unknown dpi.

    If I want to shrink the JPEG back to 5 x 2.5", I can select 300 dpi from the dropdown (again, I am confused as to why this isn't ppi).


    My coworker suggests cropping JPEGs to a smaller size (in this case, 3.54 x 1.76" at 300 ppi), importing those JPEGs into FrameMaker, and then using the scaling to increase the physical dimensions of the JPEGs on the page.


    I have three questions:


    1. Would my coworker's suggestion reduce the size of the PDFs without reducing image quality?


    2. Why is FrameMaker showing the scaling on JPEGs as 24 percent when I import them? Shouldn't that be 100 percent?


    3. Shouldn't scaling be affected by ppi settings, not dpi?


    Thanks in advance for help.

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  • 05/16/18--12:58: FM2017 Won't Print to PDF
  • I have been printing to PDF forever, Yesterday, I needed to print a page out on my home printer. Now I'm getting an error message   "Cannot print because the selected default printer is not compatible with FrameMaker. (Cannot query escape 768.)

    Adobe PDF is selected as default printer both in FM and for Windows.


    Restarted FM; restarted computer; reinstalled FM and latest patch. Still same error message.


    I have docs that I need to get out today and I cannot seem to fix the issue.



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    I have installed adobe framemaker 2017 trial but it is asking for adobe id. How can I use it, I don't have adobe id?

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    I have a book file. In chapter 8 there is a list of references used within the book. Within the book there are cross-references to each paragraph in chapter 8.


    My question is, does anyone know of a plugin or tool that will check for "unused" references in chapter 8, meaning the paragraphs that are not linked to a cross-reference.


    Thank you!

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    When I resize my browser window, the content of the HTML does not resize. Is there a way to do this?

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    I imported a Word doc for a client into FM 2015. Then he had me make changes  and save as a revised doc and wants to see the changes. when I try to compare I get a dialog that says documents need to have uniquely named flows. How do I do that so I can compare the two?FM compare error.jpg

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    Hallo zusammen,


    schon immer müssen wir FrameMaker-Benutzer (Version 12) in unserer Abteilung jedes Mal manuell diesen Haken entfernen, wenn wir etwas ausdrucken wollen:



    Weiß jemand, ob es dazu irgendwo eine Einstellung zu setzen gibt? Im Menü "Bearbeiten" > "Voreinstellungen..." ist dazu leider nichts zu finden.


    Vielen Dank schonmal und freundliche Grüße,



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    I'm using FrameMaker 10. My PDF TOC links aren't working. When I go the page and click on the chapter pages, I receive an error message "Cannot find the file named C:\Users\Username\Documents.... Make sure file exists."  I tried replacing my  file from another book with a working TOC, that didn't work. Any ideas?

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    I have a document where I have rotated the page clockwise to be landscape because I want to fit some tables into it. My problem is the text and the table are now aligned incorrectly, I want to flip them by 90 degrees but still keep the landscape setting. When I try and do this now it just mucks the layout up.


    See attached screen shot.incorrect text alignment.png

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    Per my supervisor's request and as a part of continued education credits, I am searching for a training class on how to structure manuals. Specifically orations and procedures manuals. I have yet to find one in my search. I have already taken classes for FrameMaker as well as a technical writing class. The technical writing class was more geared towards the business side of technical writing, such as proposals, memos, etc.


    If anyone knows if such a class exists, please let me know. I thought someone here might know. I appreciate the help. Thank you.

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    Having just finished editing an HTML version of a recent FM book (using VIM,) I was pleased with the blue color of all the cross references. This lead me to wonder how I might color all the cross references in my FM files so they appear distinctly blue.

    Perhaps this is an ignorant question, and cross ref coloring is simply a matter of identifying the paragraph tags used throughout the text and changing the font color. I guess I'm wondering if I can safe some work and do this in book mode.

    Thanks in advance.

    ~Don Spencer

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