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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    Our department has to output several large policy manuals (5k to 10k pages) each month for an internal audience of several thousand users. One of our requirements is that each month's changes should be visible to the users. So deleted text is shown as strike through and new text is colored. Whether it's optimal or advisable is irrelevant—suffice it to say that changing the requirement is an impossibility.


    We'd like to use tracked changes to satisfy the requirement, but these manuals are published and then archived on an internal website that includes 10+ years of materials. We publish using Frame 2017's Responsive HTML option, and it doesn't seem to want to show the markup. It will show the deleted and added text, but no color or strike through. We've been forced to use character tagging to indicate changes, but, as you can imagine, with 5k to 10k page manuals and sometimes thousands of changes per month, it's incredibly inefficient and inconvenient to first make and tag the changes, but even more so to remove the tagging. Our method, which is the only one we've been able to come up, is to select the text through to its paragraph marker, click Default Format, and then reapply the Paragraph tag. If there is a single word tagged within a sentence, the format will change with Default font, but not if the whole paragraph is selected. In addition, we can't simply select the entire text flow/file contents and use Default Font, because all of the selected text will pick up the tagging of the first paragraph in the file/flow. That means going line by line unless paragraphs happen to have the same tag.


    Is there a way, even if it involves using extendscript or some deep, technical solution, to publish to HTML and preserve the formatting of tracked changes? If not, is there some way to make character tagging more efficient? In particular, is there a way to remove character tags more efficiently? Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.

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  • 03/05/18--17:27: indexterm tag splitting?
  • FM 2017 Release, all updates installed, DITA 1.3, Win7Pro Machine.


    I have created <indexterm> tags using both the new marker dialog that appears when I add the tag to a document, and also through the Edit markers pod.


    My MO is to create one tag that contains all of the relevant indexing information for that section, e.g. topic:subtopic;restated topic:sub;topic alone


    When I close and reopen the file, I end up with (in the example above) three different <indexterm> tags with the different terms separated out, so <topic:subtopic><restated topic:sub>, etc.


    I guess this isn't problematic (output seems OK) but I liked keeping things simple with the single tag, and I don't recall this behavior in previous versions of FM that I have used.


    Has something changed? Is this expected/desired behavior? I have not changed the R/W rules or EDDs for index terms.

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  • 03/07/18--00:08: surprise with tagged .pdf
  • Unprecedented request from product manager: "Can you make a .pdf from this document that's suitable for automatic reading out loud?" As any Victorian novelist would say, it was the work of a moment … Save as .pdf, and activate the Tagged .pdf option


    This immediately resolved one problem someone else (with inferior software, naming no names) had run in to; Acrobat no longer reads out the header and footer. But, it introduced a new one that nearly had me falling off my chair … here's what I heard when we hit the ToC.


    "Contents. Introduction. dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot …"


    Yes, Acrobat was conscientiously reading out the leader dots. I've adjusted the ToC layout as the quickest solution, but now have a document that doesn't look the same as all the others in the set. Does anyone have any tweak for getting Acrobat to skip the dots when reading out loud?


    Thanks in advance!

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  • 03/07/18--00:55: Unstructured Document Mode
  • Hi There,


    I'm using FrameMaker (2015) in Unstructured Mode and I need some help to understand what I'm doing, as the system seems to want to prevent me from doing the things I want to do. (creation or modification ot tables, to name one thing)


    I have inherited this system and 'legacy' documents from my predecessor in 2013 - I had very little training on it at the time (there is no budget allocated for a proper course*) and I have to update these old documents on a regular basis.


    The documents in question, are Installation Guides (Assembly Instructions) for Commercial Playground Equipment.


    *All of our current documents are created with InDesign, as it seems to be more flexible, but I still have to maintain the Legacy stuff, so I need to understand FrameMaker from that point of view.


    It would me nice, if someone could look at one of my documents and talk me through whats what - is there any remote desktop facility with any of the support options in our subscription package, to allow a technical support person to talk me through how to do stuff?


    I really struggle with it at times and often end up finding a workaround, which is not ideal, but it gets the job done without a lot of messing around.


    By the way, I can't think of all the questions I have right now - they come to me from time to time.


    My workflow for creating content in the documents, is;


    Artwork created in AutoCAD, Printed to PDF, Imported into FrameMaker.

    All text, tables etc., are created within Frame Maker.

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    In the Show/Hide Conditional Text pod the option Show if all Conditions Applied is a BETA option?


    1. Create a new file.
    2. Open the Conditional Tags pod.
    3. Create some condition tags, e.g. "Cond1" and "Cond2".
    4. Open the Show/Hide Conditional Text pod.
    5. Select Show as per Condition.
    6. Select the option Show if all Conditions Applied.
    7. Click Apply.


    Only the text tagged with every condition tag shows. So far - so good.

    Now the miracle happens.


    1. Save, close, and reopen the file.
    2. Check the Show/Hide Conditional Text pod.


    Show as per Condition is deactivated and Show as per Expression is activated. But not by me!

    And there is an automatically generated new expression called FM_Default Expression: "Cond1"AND"Cond2".

    (Btw: There is still an expression called Default Expression: "Cond1"OR"Cond2".)


    I can't find an explanation of this behavior - not in the FM PDF help, and not in the internet.


    1. Is Show if all Conditions Applied a BETA function? Will it be deleted in future FM versions?
    2. What's the difference between FM_Default Expression and Default Expression? Why are they almost named the same?


    Ach ja, die deutsche Übersetzung ist auch mal wieder knapp daneben: Show if all Conditions Applied wurde übersetzt mit Anzeigen, ob alle Bedingungen angewendet wurden. Wie wird das denn angezeigt? Mit einem Änderungsbalken oder wie?

    Besser könnte es heißen Anzeigen, wenn alle Bedingungen angewendet wurden. (So steht's übrigens auch in der deutschen PDF-Hilfe.)

    Oder vielleicht noch genauer: Nur Text anzeigen, auf den alle Bedingungen angewendet wurden.

    Ist doch genug Platz im Pod.

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    In FrameMaker 12, how do you type greater than/less than/greater than or equal to/less than or equal to? For example, how would you type "less than or equal to 3" with symbols instead of words? Right now, my workaround is to create a new equation, pick what I want from the Relations group, and then drag the border of the equation box in until it covers the question mark on the left side of the equation.

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    The fig element in my dita topic looks like this:

    After I create an FM file from my ditamap, it looks like this:

    Why does the title change name and its position? Do I have any control over this? Thanks in advance.

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    We have upgraded to Framemaker 2017 from FM 10. It seems that some of the fonts that we had in FM 10 are missing.

    Myriad Pro Light

    Is there any way to download these from Adobe?, as our templates are now substituting these fonts with Times New Roman.

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    Hello, all.


    I am using FM 2015 in a Windows 10 environment.


    I am creating a template that has three master pages:

    • First: Contains one text frame ("Top") at the top of the page for document title and type variables, and one large text frame for body text ("Body"), which takes up the remainder of the page. I tagged "Top" as flow B, and did not autoconnect it. "Body" is flow A, and is autoconnected. The First master page looks like this:



    • Left: Standard FrameMaker master page with untagged text frames for header and footer, and "Body" text frame
    • Right: Identical to Left


    "Top" is intended to be self-contained. I want it to be obvious to any writer using the template for the first time, so they know where to put the title and doc type information.  I tagged it separately as B, and did not autoconnect it. If a document title overflows the "Top" text box, I would expect to see a black line at the bottom of "Top" indicating that my text was too lengthy.


    Instead, if "Top" overflows, FrameMaker inserts a new First page as page 3 of the document. The text overflow appears in the Top text frame of that new page. Even if I select and delete the excess text, the new First page remains. I have to use the Special menu to delete it manually.


    How can I stop this from happening? Or am I taking the wrong approach?


    Thanks for all suggestions.



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    Using Fm 14.0.4, when inserting a Go To URL hypertext marker, marker text of message URL as expected in HTML output, replacing the source page with the destination.


    However, I can't figure out the marker text needed to return <a href="" target="_blank"> in the HTML output.


    Which is unfortunate, because I tested this in Fm 14.0.0 and was able to use this string message URL" target="_blank to give the <a href="" target="_blank"> result I'm looking for.


    Has anyone done this successfully in 14.0.4?




    message URL target=_blank returns <a href=";target=_blank">

    message URL" target="_blank returns <a href="" target=&quot;_blank">


    Suggestions for referencing HTML entities in Fm markers greatly appreciated!!!!



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    FrameMaker 2015 cannot find the Acrobat printer.


    Every time that I try to save an FM document as a pdf, I get the error message in the heading above.


    I have Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, version 2018.011.20038. (Installed 2/25/18.)


    And for FM, I have version (Installed 10/5/2017.)


    This was working in January.


    I don't know why after a couple months of not using FM, this would happen.


    I know that in some instances the order of installation matters.

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    I've set these, but did not include "Title".  But the setting seems to revert back in between saves...  Furthermore, is there some reason to use one or the other?  I find the font is at least different.



    Thanks in advance




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    When printing books in Framemaker 2017, I'd like to see the progress.


    Printing big books (many FM files) can be very time-consuming.

    I'd like to know which file FM is actually working on.

    But FM doesn't show the file (name) in progress. Or did I miss something?

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    Hello everyone,


    I recently got FrameMaker 2017 on my computer. I started making some DITA XML files and tried to publish to a number of the default outputs. Every time, they give me this message: "Failed to publish. Check if JRE is installed." I have Java installed, and even when I check in the windows command line, I see that Windows can detect the Java Runtime Environment. I've been trying to figure out what the problem is for the better part of a day, and haven't been able to find a solution online. Any help would be appreciated.



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    I am saving a FrameMaker file to PDF and want to search tables in the document for phrases/words that break onto two lines.


    The table text is set to not hyphenate because most of the command parameters contain hyphens, and I don't want to confuse the reader. However, I can only find the phrase when I search for the part of the phase that is on the first line.  In the attached example, I search for "user subscription charging ty" and find both instances.  If I search for "user subscription charging type", I only find the one instance - the phrase in the second column.  Acrobat seems to add a space when a word breaks onto a second line.


    I need to be able to search for a specific, complete phrase because many of the command parameters break onto two lines and it's a large document with many similar parameters.


    Does anyone know if I can correct this behaviour?  (I cross-posted this question to the Adobe troubleshooting forum).





    Running FrameMaker 2015 version and Acrobat XI Pro on Windows 7 Pro.

    charging type ss.png

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    I'm working on a catalog in FrameMaker. I'm placing a searchable PDF into my document but when I file>print that content is no longer searchable. What is the correct way to import and export so that stays searchable the entire time?


    [Title abbreviated by moderator]

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  • 04/10/18--06:03: Planning to buy FrameMaker 9
  • Hi,


    where is get FM 9 version, I am planing for buy this in India for personal. Hope some send me links with India MRP price.





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    Since a major update to Windows 10, installed April 6 2018, printing to PDF results in clipped Frame equations. The screen shots below show (1) the view insider FrameMaker and (2) the view insider Acrobat DC.






    I have Creative Cloud tools as well, in particular Acrobat DC. Running Windows 10, Version 1803, OS Build 17133.1


    I had this problem a few years back when opening a document from an older version of FrameMaker in a newer version. The fix at that time was to open a new an empty document in the new version of FrameMaker and then copy all of the content from the old doc into the new document. This action would resolve the equation clipping problem. It does for me at present. In fact the example above was created in a clean document. Additionally when I directly print the document to a printer (in this case an Epson Ink Jet), the output is find, no equation clipping.

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    FrameMaker 2017 doesn't start on my computer. When I select FM in the Start menu or launch FrameMaker.exe, nothing happens, even the splash screen doesn't appear. I tried to completely remove FM, restart the computer, and install FM again, but it didn't help.


    Any help is appreciated.




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    Hi all,


    I'm looking for a solution for the following problem:

    I need a smart table that calculates certain values. The result value is supposed to get referenced in several  FM files. When the values in the native smart table get modified the referenced value is supposed to change automatically to the new value.

    I tried to insert an Excel table to FM but I have problems referencing one single cell as well as to keep it updated. in specific I managed to reference one cell, but it doesn't look very nice plus the value of the cell always stays the same, no matter how many modification are done in the native Excel table.


    I'm interested in a solution for both DITA and unstructured FM. Since in DITA the same problem occurs because I'm not able to reference one single cell with conref. Is there maybe another way to make this working? Also Smart Paste is not working well in this situation.


    Thank you in advance for your help!


    Kind regards,


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