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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    I'm currently using Framemaker 2017 at home, and some of the people at the company I work for are using Framemaker 12.  If I save my work as an .fm file, will my coworkers be able to open them in Framemaker 12 with document formatting intact?

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    Is there any way to make the icons in the menu bars larger--they're about 1 pt in size and I really have to strain to discern which is which. I've already tried re-installing FM and also Edit/Preferences/Interface.





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  • 12/27/17--03:08: Working with FM colors
  • 1st Question (Meaning of 'Don't print')


    1. Create a new blank page.
    2. Add a new color: View > Color > Definitions, for example
      • Name: gold
      • Print As: 'Don't print'
      • Model: RGB
      • #: FFD700
    3. Assign the new color to a paragraph tag.
    4. Write some text in a paragraph.
    5. Assign the aforementioned paragraph tag to the paragraph. The text is formatted with the new color (gold).
    6. (optional): Write some more text in another paragraph using another paragraph tag.
    7. Print the document (Adobe PDF printer).


    The text, formatted with the 'Don't print' color (gold), is still visible:


    What did I do wrong? What's the meaning of 'Don't print'?



    2nd Question (RGB or CMYK?)


    Matt: All [16] default FrameMaker colors are RGB colors.

    In InDesign, there is an icon showing the color model of a color (RGB or CMYK).

    But in FrameMaker, how can I find out, wether a color is a RGB color or a CMYK color?



    3rd Question (Conversion of the color models)


    When exploring the FM color definitions (View > Color > Definitions), one can change the color model from RGB to CMYK and vice versa (FM converts the colors.). But how is the FM conversion done? Other tools (InDesign, LibreOffice, etc.) provide different color conversions from RGB to CMYK. Two examples:


    Forest Green:

    FrameMaker-RGB: (33, 138, 33)

    FrameMaker-CMYK: (41%, 0%, 41%, 46%)

    InDesign-CMYK: (83%, 19%, 100%, 6%)

    LibreOffice-CMYK: (76%, 0%, 76%, 46%)



    FrameMaker-RGB: (102, 102, 0)

    FrameMaker-CMYK: (0%, 0%, 40%, 60%)

    InDesign-CMYK: (57%, 41%, 100%, 33%)

    LibreOffice-CMYK: (0%, 0%, 100%, 60%)


    Can someone please explain the different conversions? Many thanks.

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    Hi, is there a way to save a FM13 (2015) file as a FM12 file? The contract with our client requires us to submit files saved in FM12 format. What is the best way to accomplish this from FM2015?

    Thank you in advance.

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  • 12/27/17--11:38: Latest patch to FM 2017
  • Trying to install latest patch to FM 2017. Download the zip file and run AdobePatchInstaller.exe. Get one of two "Update Failed" messages that alternate seemingly randomly: 1) Please contact your Administrator if you wish to apply updates. Updates have been suppressed by the Administrator" and 2) "Adobe Application Manager may be damaged. Download and install a new copy of 'Adobe Application Manager' (hyperlinked to an Adobe site that does not have that app listed).

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    Is there a way to drag an Illustrator (CC 2017) or PhotoShop (CC 2017) file from Adobe Bridge (CC 2017) to FrameMaker such that it is imported by reference rather than copy? I'm using Windows 10.


    Jonathan Bloemker

    Compunetix, Inc.

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    I have many "at Insertion Point" anchored frames in my documents, in a paragraph that is centered.


    In FM2015, these aligned to center on HTML5 output. However, now in FM2017, they are all aligning left.


    Is this a bug or am I missing something?




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    When I try to package my book, FM2017 would just stop working. A dialog is displayed to close the program.


    Situation occurs as follows:

    My book consists of multiple standalone books (which are treated as chapters), of which I choose which books to exclude or include in my new book.

    If I choose to package my book, with 3 standalone books, the packaging process is successful.

    However, if I choose to package with 4 books or more, Framemaker would just stop working.


    Please help as this is very frustrating.



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    Hello fellows,


    I have a strange issue with figure captions defined in Framemaker as having a line under the caption ("Frame Below Pgf" property) . This line is retrieved from a frame on the reference page. The caption is set to appear above the figure. In the Publisher, the figure caption style is set to "Use Source Style".

    When I convert FM to HTML5, the figure caption is turned into <p class="FigureTitle">. The problem is that in the HTML output the figure caption is "split" into 2 <p> - the caption text itself, then comes the figure and then comes another <p class="FigureTitle"> that only contains the line itself (turned into a jpg). I can't figure out how to avoid splitting <p class="FigureTitle"> into two and keep the line below the caption itself.


    Unfortunately, the caption cannot be mapped to a corresponding HTML tag in the Publisher as there is no relevant tag in the Pgf mapper.


    Any ideas?



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    Hi, I'm looking to import my old Corel Ventura files (vp extension) into a new publishing program. I could covert the files to PDF, but I'm not sure how much extra work that would require to re-format. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

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    If you move every objects inside the frame, FM 2017 will crash.

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    Greetings. I am attempting to create a command line script for use with FrameMaker12 and my question is in regards to the suppression of dialog screens when opening a FrameMaker (.fm) file/document. I have looked at the following resources for a solution



    What I have noted is that the FM API allows a developer to control custom or pre-defined dialogs and there are various suppression options for different dialogs (i.e. -  SuppressXMLWarnings, SuppressFontAlertOnOpen). However, I have been unable to locate if there is an API call to set an option to suppress ALL dialogs (regardless of the  dialog) or a specific dialog ( in this case, a dialog that states a paragraph tag does not exist in the Paragraph Catalog)?


    Is there an option or API call that suppresses all/specific dialogs? Also, can the various configuration options listed in maker.ini be accessed through the FM API?


    Thank you in advance.

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    Has anyone had problems with hidden text in a structured document?

    I was working on a structured document that contains text, figures and tables.
    The document had a valid structure and the pages looked fine. When we looked
    closer at the document we discovered that there was text in front of a figure
    that was missing. I checked the element in the structure view, but it did not
    appear on the page itself. I found the text hidden behind the figure, the lines
    was on top of each other. The only solution that worked was to set the element for
    the figur across both columns.

    What causes this and what can we do to avoid this?
    We must be able to rely on the tools we use. I have talked to other users of
    FrameMaker 11. They knew about the issue but had not had this problem for a long
    time. Is this a known bug in other versions of FrameMaker?

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  • 01/03/18--10:58: Mapping paragraph tags
  • I am applying a new template to an already established template that has a catalog of paragraph tags. Is there a way to map the existing tags to the new paragraph tags in the new template after I've applied it to the document?

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    This is happening with Illustrator CC and FM 2017, also. It may be a bug:


    I create files in Illustrator, and when I go to import them into FM, I get NOTHING other than a clear pane where the file should be. If I double-click on the "imported image" (which is nothing) to open the file in Illustrator, then make a small modification in Illustrator and re-save the file, it comes in fine.


    FM now won't import .ai files directly - you get a grey box.


    If you want me to start a new thread, I shall do so. (Moderator branched your question to a new thread for you.)

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    How do I have both letter-size (8.5 X 11) and large (11 X 17 in) landscape pages in one manual? I have already created the large landscape master pages.


    Do I have to have a different file for each large page (and blank following page) in a manual?

    If so, how do I ensure the page and figure numbers are correct, and continue from the previous page/fig number in the preceding chapter file, and then continue properly in the chapter file following the inserted large-sized page file?

    If one chapter has more than one large-sized page that needs to be inserted into it, how do I break up the chapter file to accommodate this, plus ensure the page and figure numbers remain correct and update correctly?


    Thank you



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  • 01/06/18--03:27: Alignment of anchored frames
  • Issue: In a one column text frame with a side head, I'd like to align an anchored frame at the top of (and within!) the column


    1. Create a blank document.
    2. On the body page, change the text frame properties: Add a side head.
    3. Type some lines.
    4. Insert an anchored frame.
      • Anchoring Position: Below Current Line
      • Alignment: Left
      • No Cropping, no Floating

    Everything works as expected:




    Now change the Anchoring Position of the frame to At Top of Column:


    The frame is placed at the top. That's fine.

    But the frame spans the column and the side head. That's not what I want and, btw, not what I expected.



    Now change the Number of Columns to 2:


    Again, everything works as expected: The frame is at the top of the column and it is within the column only.



    I'd like to have this (The image below is created using a graphics tool.):


    • One column
    • A side head
    • Anchored frame at the top of the column
    • Anchored frame within the column only


    How do I get it in FM?

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    I am using ExtendScript to dynamically manipulate the formatting of a structured document. It's all working quite well except for one mystery...


    Given an EDD that has a text formatting rule where the left indent is set to 0 mm. This will be stored in the associated FormatChangeList as an integer value of 0. That's fine, but the default value for all FormatChangeList properties is 0. So my question is, how does the EDD get generated to include only specific instances where a property value is set to 0?


    In the DataBrowser we see this:


    String values are set to null and Objects can be tested using ObjectValid()...


    I feel that there is a hidden mechanism that tells the FrameMaker formatting engine to use the value 0 when it is set in the EDD, but ignore it at all other times. That seems unlikely, so I think this must be a bug in the ExtendScript implementation and that the empty values should be null? is this odd behaviour the same via the FDK?


    Thanks for any help


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  • 01/08/18--02:18: Creating new pgf object
  • Hello to everyone,


    first of all: I am pretty new to FM and ExtendScript. I am integrating some old .mif files into existing FM documents with ExtendScript.

    I am loading the needed parameters via propVal and using the method doc.Import().

    Importing these .mif files works properly, but correctly aligning them is causing difficulties because I am not able place the files whereever I want.

    As far as I see, there is no obvious ability to create and place a new pgf object in some specific place in the doc.


    If that would be possible, before importing a .mif file, I certainly would create a new pgf object and import the .mif file right into it.


    Is there a possibility to accomplish this, or do you guys know a better way to do so?
    Thanks and king regards

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    Is there a way to add a Canadian English dictionary to FrameMaker 2015 and 2017? Neither the US English or UK English dictionaries provided with both versions are adequate as Canadian English is a hybrid of both US and UK English. We spell some words like in the UK and others like in the US. I have seen some evidence that earlier versions of FrameMaker (before version 9) did have a Canadian English dictionary. If this was removed, is there any way to bring it back or find a Canadian English dictionary that can be installed as a default in FrameMaker 2015 and 2017 instead of US or UK English? Thanks.


    Drew Finnie

    Technical Writer, Programming

    Yardi Systems Inc. (Yardi Canada)

    Toronto, ON

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