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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    I need to insert a variable into a mailto hyperlink in a PDF doc. Static text is easy...

    message URL mailto:<email address>?subject=Feedback for page

    Clicking this in the PDF will launch the mail client with the subject of "Feedback for page" in the subject line. But I really need it to automatically populate with the current page number as well. So, I guess it's a dynamic link? Here's what I want to do but I can't get it to work....


    message URL mailto:<email address>?subject=Feedback for page&<$curpagenum>


    I've tried it witht he brackets removed and without the dollar sign. Both times the variable is just ignored. Anyone done this? Thoughts? Is this even possible?

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    I built symbol references that go into a table in my body pages, but only one of my symbols does not show up in the table:




    Table in the Body Pages:




    In addition, when I create a new row to see if it will add the symbol, it creates a new row with the content from the previous row:




    Any ACP out there know the issue?  I am novice to moderate-experienced user of Framemaker, so I'm learning.



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    Adobe FrameMaker locks up and needs to have its process ended in Task Manager after selecting to view Object Properties the third time in a session. Windows 7 Enterprise SP1. When it locks up, the document you are working on distorts (see image).


    After terminating the process, I of course have to Reset Lock and Open to get the docs I was working on open again. In practice, this means that I have to remember how many times I've already right-clicked on something and viewed or edited Object Properties, and close out and go back in to avoid crashing.


    This really renders the Object Properties feature problematic, as it is a very common feature to edit.

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    Hello everyone,

    I am using Framemaker 12 unstructured with text insets. I am currently making a review of the insets using the track text edits function. This works fine and the changes appear in the inset according to my settings. The problem however is that these changes do not appear correctly in the master document into which I import my insets.


    Here a couple of example pictures to show the problem:

    Sample 01.jpgSample 02.jpg



    The picture on the left is my original inset with text edit corrections. The picture on the right is the same inset imported into the master document. As you can see, the colour settings etc. for the changes made only remain visible within the table. The other changes are visible but the coloured marking is gone. If I use the preview buttons (in the track text pod) in the master, the appearance of the inset changes to match the appearance of the original inset. However when I update the text inset properties in the master, the appearance "resets" back to what you see on the right.

    I have now come to the conclusion that only changes made to text within tables will appear correctly in the master.

    For your information, both inset and master have identical formatting, master pages and reference pages etc.

    Can anyone help with this problem?


    Thanks in advance

    Grant Sinclair

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  • 10/24/17--10:55: resolve dll conflict
  • I use Bentley's OpenRoads Designer software as well as FrameMaker 2017.  These two seem to be stomping on each other's dll files.  The most likely suspect is TBB.dll.


    Symptoms of the problem are that one program will run fine, until I start the other program.  Then the first program fails with an error that the dll is invalid.  I reinstall the broken program only to find that the first one is now broken.


    I really don't care whose fault it is but does anyone have a fix?

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    Is there away to make structure view pods always on when I open new document. I'm using Framemaker 2017.




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    If I open a new, blank FM document to create a test file, it saves a PDF. But if I open a specific, previously created doc and make changes, I get the warning box. If I look in the folder where the ".tps" file is supposed to be, it is not there. (I assume the ".tps" file is a Temperary PostScript file that distiller uses to make the PDF?) This sounds like a corrupt file, so I got a new copy from the archives and tried again; no luck. I have tried "print to PDF" using the Adobe printer, no luck (same warning box).

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    Windows 10 Lenovo 64.

    TCS 2017

    Started creating new instructions using FrameMaker. Our default company font is Arial. FrameMaker's default font is Calibri. Created new xml files with Arial and saved. When opening once again, I get this:


    The "Zapfdingbats" Font Family is not available.

      "Adobe Pi Std" will be used in this session.

    The "Courier" Font is not available.

      "Courier New" will be used in this session.

    The "Zapfdingbats Regular" Font is not available.

      "AdobePiStd" will be used in this session.


    How to fix it? Under a deadline. Started creating docs in Word (argh!) just in case.


    Any help in resolving this issue is greatly appreciated.

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    I increased substantially the amount of virtual memory on my machine, and that reduced the frequency of crashes, but FM 2017 keeps crashing.

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    Hi.. I am wondering if it is possible to make a rule or something to have the same space between  pictures/frames?



    I am working on a catalogue, and need to have the same space between all items ( 2,5mm ) . is there a way i can mark all frames/whole page and do this? I tried one ( to align) way, buth there are too many layers  so everything just spread out


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    When I update/save, receive error message: "The document was saved to a temporary file, but FM can't rename it to have the correct name. The newer version has an odd suffix"  And indeed there are files with odd file extensions - New

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    Happy Thursday everyone - I'm having trouble with a FrameMaker file not automatically adding pages, for either added paragraphs or graphic frames. I can't even add a page break. (The information is in the file, but appears to be buried beneath the text frame.)


    I'm adding an image that seems to offer a clue. The anchored frame in the image included (orange because it is conditional) has a black line drawn underneath it. The second black line is the ruler that is drawn in the footer of every page.


    I've checked pagination, and that doesn't appear to be the problem.

    Thanks in advance,


    graphic frame wont go to next page.PNG

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    I’m trying to create a template that can be used across the board for our unstructured operation and parts manuals (FrameMaker 11, Windows 7). Currently, the look of all the manuals is nearly the same, but the setups have been done by various authors, such that some page layouts use variables while other use hard text, and not all the same variables/paragraph tags/etc. are used, or in the same manner. Additionally, the use of conditional text is deeply ingrained in all the manuals. It's a mess that I'm trying to correct.


    I’ve been working on (slowly but surely) trying to get uniformity in the all the manuals, not just for good publishing practices, but also so that I can apply scripts that will react the same across the board.


    My latest challenge is trying to create a footer that reflects the model of equipment. Currently, this is done by having a string of all the current models in a product line in the master page footer, each tagged as conditional text. The book’s TOC controls the show/hide of the text throughout the book, including these footers. The books are also grouped according to the product lines, such that the string of conditional text in the footer is different per product line. (Thou shalt not copy a book component from one product line to another.) Trying to create a universal template that would include all the products as conditional text in the footer is not feasible.


    I’m hoping to find a variable I can put in the footer that will reflect which model the book is covering, which is dictated by conditional text. I’m not a programmer, and I only have rudimentary knowledge of how to use them. But something tells me this can be done somehow—perhaps using a complete product list in the reference page (or even an external document?) and linking a variable there that will react to conditional text??? Something that tells the layout “if conditional text is set to XXX, use XXX in the footer” ?? I don’t know enough about variables and/or reference pages to know if this can be done, or if so, how…


    I have no budget to work with, so it is just me working on this. Any suggestions would be welcome.



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    Hey gang,


    I've got some long equations that need to be broken up due to frame size. The "Insert Manual Line Break" command (Equations > Positioning > Line Breaking > Set Manual) doesn't insert a line break at all. The keyboard shortcut (!mbs) doesn't work either. Wat do?


    Any ideas?



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    I have a book with a whopping 948Kb of .fm files and a couple of full-page .eps graphics (diagrams). It normally distills to around 1.8Mb of .pdf, but I've not been able to distill it today. I suspect that the problem is, not enough space on the network drive where the source files live. How can I get a reasonable estimate of how much space I'll need to distill this/a book? so that I can start arm-wrestling with corporate support to be allowed enough-and-a-bit.


    Thanks in advance for any help. FM12, in case this makes any difference.

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  • 09/28/17--08:35: Page autonumbering messed up
  • Hello,


    I am currently working on a template, with 10 FM files - working with FM 11 on Windows 7. From file 8 to 10 there is a bug where the autonumbering does not work and resets to 1. When I remove files 6 and 7, the autonumbering works again for files 8 to 10. Of course I have been through the right-click document > numbering routine, and set my page numbering preferences to "Continue numbering from previous page in book". I have even checked the volume/chapter numbering properties.

    I also re-created a new book, but the same thing happens.


    Could anyone advise me please ?


    Thanks in advance.

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    I increased substantially the amount of virtual memory on my machine, and that reduced the frequency of crashes, but FM 2017 keeps crashing.

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    Are there any known problems (with updates, please!) regarding creating a PDF from Framemaker 12 book file on Windows 10?

    None of the files in the book will save as a PDF -- no error messages; just nothing happens. I was able to create a PDF from a new document (not in the book) with no problem, but when I try Save As PDF to any files in the book, it creates a 0 bytes pdf file.  Has anybody else seen this and/or have a solution? I had a chat session going, and then Chrome kicked me off. . .

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    What data markers are you using for S1000D compliance using FrameMaker 2017?

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    Tables in Word are recreated in Framemaker 13....styles are already set up for this, putting the data in the correct font size, centered (or not), etc....there are FM table styles for the table header row, the main body cells, and the footnotes. Currently, I am copying each individual Word table cell's contents, and then "paste special"ing each into the corresponding Framemaker table cell (choosing "as text" from the pulldown menu that appears, and hitting "ok")....after the initial copying in Word, it's several keystrokes, including a mouse move up to that pulldown menu, just to paste in each cell, over and over and over again. It would be so nice to be able to automate (with scripts, or macros?) just the pasting-in I would copy the number in the Word cell, and then by clicking the mouse pointer in the correct Framemaker table cell and executing some custom keystroke, the "paste special" and choosing of "text" would happen automatically.....and, viola! the number magically appears in the Frameker cell, with correct style applied (I've already applied my Framemaker table style to all the cells I plan to populate by this copy/paste-special method).


    I've read that some elaborate Framemaker scripting can be done with things like ExtendScript, and others....but what about this relatively SIMPLE task....the clicking in the cell, choosing "paste special", choosing "text", and hitting "ok" would seem like it shouldnt' be tough to automate that...? I've found a few forums and pages talking about scripting, but they usually seem a bit outdated, for older versions of Framemaker....can anyone tell me if what I'm asking about is even possible? Ideally without purchasing some several hundred dollar plugin.... what can File/Script do....anything like this? It's not that it's a lot of work for any one table cell....but it becomes very tedious when multiplied by potentially hundreds of table cells (some documents have multiple, very large tables)....anything to speed up the formatting in this way frees up time for actual editing! Thanks in advance for any help/advice --

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