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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    In responsive HTML5 output of Framemaker 2017, I can implement one glossary. I would like to implement two glossaries (one for abbreviations and one for terminology). Is that possible?


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    Kann es sein, dass in einem Dokument eine Absatzformat gesperrt sein kann gegen Veränderung?


    Folgendes Problem:

    • Ich habe eine neue Tabulatorposition im Absatzformat definiert.
    • Fenster blinkt kurz mit der neuen Position, Position verschwindet dann.
    • Absatzformat kennt die neue Position nicht.


    Um das Vorgehen zu überprüfen habe ich die Schritte zur Erstellung einer neuen Tabulatorposition in einem anderen ganz neu erzeugtem leerem Dokument durchgeführt. Ergebnis: Es funktioniert, Absatzformat konnte geändert werden.


    Daher die Frage, ob eventuell in einem Dokument das Verändern von Formaten gesperrt werden kann?

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    Using FrameMaker 2017 ver

    Start    FILE-->NEW-->BREX Module


    Using the Element <applicCrossRefTableRef>

    How do I create a pointer to the Applicable Cross Reference documents?


    Structure View --- the child element <dmRef> is not allowed anywhere under the <applicCrossRefTableRef>


    Refer to S1000D_4.2 

    2.2.9  Applicability cross-reference table reference

    child element:  <dmRef>  is used to link to the applicable reference Data Modules.


    any suggestions?



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    How do I prevent Frame from crashing when I'm using the scrolling method to select a large chunk of text for a

    • copy/paste
    • deletion

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  • 10/17/17--13:12: How to change Task/Subtask.
  • I have a document that was initially on version 7 and am now working in 2017.  I need to modify all of the TASK and Subtasks in the document from exp. "TASK 20-07-00-99F-873-A" to "TASK V20-07-00-99F-873-A" and also modify xref tags the same way.  In Version 7 it would allow me to just modify the TASK text but now I am not able to highlight or modify the TASK.


    For the xref it allows me to highlight but I cannot make any changes. Below is an example of what I am working on:



    If I attempt to select the TASK it highlights the whole TASK document:


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    Hi all,

    I recently started using the Structured FrameMaker. One thing that has been confusing is that how do I address/resolve the messages that EDD file log shows. What am I doing wrong and how should I go about fixing the issues. Any help, tips, or suggestions are highly appreciated. EDD Error Log File.jpg




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    FM2017, v14.0.0.361,  Windows 10


    I finally installed FM2017, but hit an immediate showstopper. All of my XML (which is a lot) uses a <topic> structure similar to DITA, but it is not DITA. I have my own custom schema, template, structure app, etc. etc.  In previous versions, FM tended to assume my files were DITA, but I managed to stop that behavior by disabling all DITA-related API clients and removing all <topic> DOCTYPE declarations from the DITA structure apps. But in 2017, after doing that, I get the following error when trying to open my files:


    Translator client (dita_fmapp) was not found. Operation could not be completed.


    I know it's a long shot for anyone to know, but is there a workaround? Could it be that I suddenly can't open any of my files because FM has reserved the <topic> structure for DITA exclusively? If that's the case, I find that quite discouraging indeed.




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    Today, I installed Windows 10 Professional (x64) Version 1709 (build 16299.19).

    When I started FrameMaker, the program hangs when it is loading Fonts.

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled with the same results.

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    For some reason after obtaining a subscription to use Technical Communication Suite, I'm unable to activate my Acrobat Pro that should come with it.


    Since it's a subscription, there's no serial number to enter. It knows I have an Adobe account, but it won't acknowledge that as being part of my Technical Communication Suite subscription.

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    This link does not work from the Adobe FrameMaker page.

    FrameMaker Bug Reports & Feature Requests


    First, please do check the forums to ensure that it's not a known issue.


    To report a bug, request a feature or vote on these, please use this link to the new bugbase:


    Adobe Tracker


    Also, the link for the bugbase does not work either!


    To check the status of previous bugs or wishlist items, check the old bugbase [now read-only]:



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    I would like to make some sections of the manual text left, images right. I cannot get the figure reference to not span the whole page. I tried adjusting indents and other spacing but cannot get anything to work. Is this possible? I tried a text box but the figure references will not update. They both stay "Figure 1".





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    Has anyone else experienced constant crashes with the following errors?


    Windows 10 Enterprise, 64 bit

    32 GB RAM

    FrameMaker 2017 ( patched up to rev -02

    Fresh install


    Upon launch, the console window appears with the message: FV_BadFileName


    FrameMaker crashes with console error:

    maker: While reading menu customization file C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe FrameMaker 2017\fminit\configui\ClientCmdDesc.cfg.

    maker: (408) Cannon remove menu item name PDFSizeOptions from the menu named PDFSizeMenu. PDFSizeOptions is no on the PDFSizeMenu menu.


    I've deleted AppData prefs, but no impact. I've removed the offending PDF lines from ClientCmdDesc.cfg, but no impact. The problem appeared before updating to rev-01 and rev-02. I was hoping that the updates would solve it, but no impact.


    Adobe, any help?





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    My organization is going to be changing from purchasing TCS, we currently have TCS 2015, to a subscription-based TCS 2017 license. In the past, not sure how long ago, I remember being able to use FrameMaker at work and at home as the license seemed to be per user and not per computer and we were able to install the application at work and at home. We currently have virtual machines we work off of as well as our laptops and we wanted to know if we get the subscription, will we be able to use TCS on our laptops and our VMs (not logged in both places at once though)?


    We have some very large reference documents that are very difficult to work with remotely, especially when generating PDFs, so we've found that generating them through our VM removes all the issues. Also, our RoboHelp help systems are clunky when we work remotely so we would like to also be able to work with them through our VM when needed.


    I guess my main question is, does the individual license for the TCS 2017 subscription allow us to install and use it from multiple locations as long as we're only logged into one of them at a time?




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    Can anyone tell me why one of my team members is getting this error. (Internal Error 14004, 14470178, 17032391, 17028791.  FrameMaker detected a serious problem and must quit.  This is after saving the file book.  Also, this is an older file we're working with, which FrameMaker 2017 should still work with older files.





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    I cannot Save to PDF or print PDF when running FrameMaker 2017 in Parallels for Mac. I'm guessing I have a setup problem. I can print and save to PDF just fine with these same files and same FrameMaker 2017 installed on my PC.


    Whenever I try to Save to PDF or print to PDF, FrameMaker becomes unresponsive (with not responsive message) almost immediately and never recovers from that condition. I have to force quit the application. I can work in the files in Mac (Parallels), save, etc. All functions work. I just cannot print.


    I switched to Mac (MacBook Pro Mid-2015 running OS 10.12 Sierra) with new job/role about a year ago and I work almost exclusively on the Mac now. All output from FrameMaker is PDF/electronic. I just have to switch over to the PC to save to PDF or print to PDF. All files are sync'd by Dropbox between the machines, so I know it is not the files. They print fine from the PC. I believe the setups are identical, but I'm obviously missing something with the Parallels setup. I had the same problem with Parallels 12 and just upgraded to Parallels 13 about a month ago. I have all current versions of Acrobat and Distiller installed on both the Mac and in the Windows virtual environment, Parallels).


    I've searched the forums and beyond. I see previous problems solved with ensuring Acrobat is installed on both... Adobe PDF is default printer... rely on system fonts unchecked... I believe all of that is correct. I just cannot get it to work. Distiller runs fine. I have tried to print to .ps and distill, but it hangs when trying to generate a .ps file too. !

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    Using Framemaker 2017 - can you active a Character Tag upon "X" like you can with nested styles in InDesign?

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    Surfacing again after a few miserable days trying to bring consistency (just at layout level – there are limits!) to a set of Word files … and a reference I came across prompted me to try out the Accessibility report; it's also a current concern here, as we realise our products and their documentation need to be accessible to an increasing number of blind and partially-sighted users.

    Two questions, then:

    • what's the quickest way of getting some sort of accessibility report on a .book and its components? I've seen a 'Create accessible .pdf' option in Acrobat, but that's leaving it a bit late …
    • starting with the basics, is there a way of adding alt text to referenced images in FM? I'm still on FM2012

    Thanks in advance for any ideas on this.

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  • 10/20/17--09:36: Post script error
  • %[ Error: syntaxerror; OffendingCommand: ) ]%%

    %%[ Flushing: rest of job (to end-of-file) will be ignored ]%%

    %%[ Warning: PostScript error. No PDF file produced. ]

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    Just need help to activate Publish option in FrameMaker 11. How to activate this option? Please mention if I need to install some plug-in for the same.

    This is the screenshot for the same as you can see the 'Publish' option is grayed out.


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    FM2017 does not create WebHelp and I need WebHelp files. When I tried opening the files in FM12, it wouldn't let me.


    What are my options?



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