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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    I used Adobe Creative Cloud Packager to create an installation for deployment (SCCM) on Windows 10 x64. However, it fails to install. It looks like most of the files are getting installed into the installation folder, but then an error occurs, and the install rolls back.


    The error message in PDApp.log:

    09/14/17 10:11:48:087 | [FATAL] |  | ASU | DeploymentManager | DeploymentManager |  |  | 2276 | The return code from the Adobe Installer Process is (7).Stopping the installation process.

    09/14/17 10:11:48:087 | [ERROR] |  | ASU | DeploymentManager | DeploymentManager |  |  | 2276 | Media Failed (FM14.0)


    I've downloaded the media multiple times, choosing both x64 & 32 bit, modifying download options (leaving all as default), but no joy.


    The computer I use to test has Adobe Reader 17.09.20044 installed, but no other Adobe products.


    I've searched but not found any answer to my problem - the error message is hardly helpful

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    Is there any other way to download Adobe FrameMaker 2017 Trail version?  The package provided by Adobe requires the installation of Akamai NetSession Client which is not authorized on my network.

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    I am a novice in structured DITA authoring and I am facing a problem which I want to show with screenshots.


    I created a DITAMAP with Preface DITA file and inside that 3 xml files as shown below:


    Then I converted the DITAMAP to as shown:


    But, when I publish this to Responsive HTML, all the hierarchy (indentation where the 3 xml outputs must come inside the preface) is missing in HTML output TOC as shown:



    I dont know whether I am going wrong somewhere or is it a limitation?


    Can somebody help in this regard?


    Thanks in advance,



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    bonjour, nous disposons d'une licence pour  Adobe FrameMaker 7.2 pour des raisons de coûts, nous ne pouvons pas passer à la version la plus récente. Y a-t-il une possibilité de télécharger la version 7.2 ?

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    I have a table within a document that flows onto more than one (1) page. Is there a way to select the first couple of rows and columns and have them repeat on each page so the reader can identify the columns no matter which page they're on?  I've attached a screen capture image to illustrate my question.


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    I would like to make some sections of the manual text left, images right. I cannot get the figure reference to not span the whole page. I tried adjusting indents and other spacing but cannot get anything to work. Is this possible? I tried a text box but the figure references will not update. They both stay "Figure 1".





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    I have deleted master pages and reference pages and the next time I look at them they have reverted back. Is this a bug?


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    Using FrameMaker 2017  Structured document note texpara on same line as NOTE.pngHow do you get the <TEXT> for elements <note> and <notePara> on same line?

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    I have a long document made up of mostly tables. On the last page, the table will not break to the next page. If I try to add a new row below the last row, it disappears below the footer.


    Is there a way to fix this?


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    FrameMaker 2017

    Can't change to any element that makes the fm.refs.Table  happy. 

    Can't delete fm.refsHeadCell.

    Can't delete the column of data "Data module/Technical pubicationTitle"



    please help


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    I've been using FrameMaker for years (currently using the 2017 subscription version), but this is my first foray into generating HTML output. I am so far out of my depth with this, that I'm not even sure what to ask exactly, but here's my best shot:


    I was hired to make some updates to a dictionary of terms for PDF and HTML output. I inherited the files in FM 9 and converted them to FM 2017 with no obvious errors. To generate the HTML output, I just clicked through File > Publish > Basic HTML. When I viewed the output it looked good to me and looked and behaved pretty much like the current version on my client's website.


    But I've now been asked to change some things in the HTML output:


    For these files, could you please change the following:


    <p dir="ltr" class="FM_Dictionary_Term"><a name="HT_aaa"></a>AAA</p>

    Change all p tags with the class=”FM_Dictionary_Term”  <p dir="ltr" class="FM_Dictionary_Term"> to <h3>


    Remove all a tags with the name=”HT_  to just name=”aaa”  <a name="HT_aaa"></a> to <a name="aaa"></a> - Remove the “HT_


    Remove all p tags with class=”FM_Dictionary_Definition” to just <p>


    I recognize "Dictionary Term" and "Dictionary Definition" as FrameMaker paragraph tags used in the document. Is there a way somehow (in the output settings or something?) to make these two paragraph tags map to <h3> and <p>, respectively? Or is there some other way to fix this from within FrameMaker?


    For the question about the <a> tags, I think that's about hyperlinks but can't get much further than that. There are hypertext markers within the definitions (Jump to First Page) to terms (Specify Named Destination) in the FM document. Maybe I need to use different markers? [For context, in the examples above "AAA" is the first term defined in the dictionary].


    I hope there's someone out there who understands what my questions are, even if I don't.



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    Hello all,


    I am working with VMware App Volumes and appstacks. I have Adobe Tech Comm Suite 5.0 and 2017. When creating an appstack I license the software by signing into my adobe account and inputting the serial number.


    When I assign the appstack to a user, they are prompted to sign into an adobe account and input the license every time. Every time the user logs out of the machine and back in, they are assigned a different machine, so they have to put in the username and serial number every time.


    Is there a way to create an installer / get around the username and license every time?


    Thank you

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    I am trying to generate a new book and create some new chapters in it, add old chapters to it, change component types, etc. Is there a method to create a new chapter in a book and can we use the same method to add old chapters to a new book? I tried creating a new object of the BookComponent class and manipulating its properties but it does not have a constructor.

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  • 09/25/17--01:04: how to set .pdf language
  • A brand-new anxious question from colleagues, after they discovered that a .pdf someone else has produced had the language property set to French while the text was visibly in English; it seems a screen reader offered some quite distressing noises …


    I've opened .pdfs from two pretty well equivalent .book files (FM12) and checked Properties > Advanced: one of them was already set to English, the other had no language setting at all. My question, then, is "what's the easiest way, OOB and without plugins, to make sure a .pdf is created with English as the language property".


    Thanks in advance! in all the few languages I could say that in :-}

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    I’m trying to create a template that can be used across the board for our unstructured operation and parts manuals (FrameMaker 11, Windows 7). Currently, the look of all the manuals is nearly the same, but the setups have been done by various authors, such that some page layouts use variables while other use hard text, and not all the same variables/paragraph tags/etc. are used, or in the same manner. Additionally, the use of conditional text is deeply ingrained in all the manuals. It's a mess that I'm trying to correct.


    I’ve been working on (slowly but surely) trying to get uniformity in the all the manuals, not just for good publishing practices, but also so that I can apply scripts that will react the same across the board.


    My latest challenge is trying to create a footer that reflects the model of equipment. Currently, this is done by having a string of all the current models in a product line in the master page footer, each tagged as conditional text. The book’s TOC controls the show/hide of the text throughout the book, including these footers. The books are also grouped according to the product lines, such that the string of conditional text in the footer is different per product line. (Thou shalt not copy a book component from one product line to another.) Trying to create a universal template that would include all the products as conditional text in the footer is not feasible.


    I’m hoping to find a variable I can put in the footer that will reflect which model the book is covering, which is dictated by conditional text. I’m not a programmer, and I only have rudimentary knowledge of how to use them. But something tells me this can be done somehow—perhaps using a complete product list in the reference page (or even an external document?) and linking a variable there that will react to conditional text??? Something that tells the layout “if conditional text is set to XXX, use XXX in the footer” ?? I don’t know enough about variables and/or reference pages to know if this can be done, or if so, how…


    I have no budget to work with, so it is just me working on this. Any suggestions would be welcome.



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    Hey gang,


    I've got some long equations that need to be broken up due to frame size. The "Insert Manual Line Break" command (Equations > Positioning > Line Breaking > Set Manual) doesn't insert a line break at all. The keyboard shortcut (!mbs) doesn't work either. Wat do?


    Any ideas?



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    I have a book with a whopping 948Kb of .fm files and a couple of full-page .eps graphics (diagrams). It normally distills to around 1.8Mb of .pdf, but I've not been able to distill it today. I suspect that the problem is, not enough space on the network drive where the source files live. How can I get a reasonable estimate of how much space I'll need to distill this/a book? so that I can start arm-wrestling with corporate support to be allowed enough-and-a-bit.


    Thanks in advance for any help. FM12, in case this makes any difference.

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  • 09/28/17--08:35: Page autonumbering messed up
  • Hello,


    I am currently working on a template, with 10 FM files - working with FM 11 on Windows 7. From file 8 to 10 there is a bug where the autonumbering does not work and resets to 1. When I remove files 6 and 7, the autonumbering works again for files 8 to 10. Of course I have been through the right-click document > numbering routine, and set my page numbering preferences to "Continue numbering from previous page in book". I have even checked the volume/chapter numbering properties.

    I also re-created a new book, but the same thing happens.


    Could anyone advise me please ?


    Thanks in advance.

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    I increased substantially the amount of virtual memory on my machine, and that reduced the frequency of crashes, but FM 2017 keeps crashing.

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