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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    Our system automatically tracks user changes in FrameMaker document and processes them. For example we put all new text into special “Change” element which has red color to display that this is a changed text.

    We also handle deletion of text similar way.

    We process all event notification for such a text changes. So we handle TYPEIN, INLINE_TYPEIN, KBD_CLEAR, KBD_COPY, KBD_PASTE and so on.


    But we have problem how to handle Change in FrameMaker Find dialog.

    Our approach is to handle start of Find/Change dialog appearance, then we set FP_AutoChangeBars to True. (So all changes in Find/Change dialog are now FrameMaker tracked).

    When user closes Find/Change dialog we transform all FM tracked changed to our “Change” elements.


    This works in FM10 version correctly. But we have upgraded to FM12 and the problem is, that Framemaker 12 is not sending the close of Find/Change event. (KBD_CLOSE_SEARCH).

    So we cannot finish the operation and transform FM changes to our “Change” elements.


    Is there any way to make the KBD_CLOSE_SEARCH event work.

    Or any other solution to handle changes in Find/Change dialog?

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    Hello fellows,


    I am trying to save an FM15 file as MIF6.0 using a script but the output MIF file contains some gibberish.


    It seems that in FrameScript, the following doesn't work:

    Save Document DocObject(myDocVar) File(myOutFileName) FileType(SaveFmtInterchange60);


    Please, advise!




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    In FrameMaker,  The Numbering Properties window is cropped such that I am unable to see/click the Set and Cancel buttons. How to adjust the height and width of the Numbering properties window.


    Message was edited by: Nidhi Sharma

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    I have a licensed version of Adobe TCS 2017. I noticed that for some reason Adobe CC keeps crashing resulting in the system freezing.

    Is Adobe CC required when working with RH, FM, Presenter, Captivate? can we uninstall Adobe CC and still work normally with Adobe TCS?

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  • 09/07/17--02:19: Image frames issue
  • Hello,


    I'm having a little issue with graphic frames. When I import a graphic (either File-Import-File or Insert-Image), it is then been displayed without the standard dotted line around it. The image frame doesn't have it either. On another computer, where an identical version of FM is installed, it does have these dotted lines. I know that you can assign custom ruling to objects, but this issue looks more like some display settings. Do you know what this can be?


    Thank you very much in advance for your help.


    Kind regards,


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    How can I import codes into the Framemaker document?

    I need to preserve the spaces in-between the text, such as blank spaces or tabs.


    I am provide a .txt file which has 70-100 pages of codes. See example on the right.


    I have tried to import text but it removes empty spaces and tabs.


    Any suggestion will be appreciated.


    Thank you.


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    I just started using FrameMaker 2017 on a Windows 10 PC. When I use the "Go to Previous Page", "Go to Next Page" arrows to navigate, then do a Paste, the text "Go to Previous Page" or "Go to Next Page" gets pasted into my document. If there was some other text on the Clipboard, that text gets replaced by the "Go to" text when I Paste. I made a video of this behavior, which I could send if you want to see it.


    Is this a known issue?


    Edit: The same thing happens with the Reduce Zoom and Increase Zoom controls.

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    FrameMaker 12 and 2015


    A colleague inherited a book file with some file icons in red, and

    he did not know what this means.

    I found out that the file icons turn red, when "Exclude" is activated.

    I had also tried to find an explanation in the FrameMaker help,

    but there isn't anything about the file icons in book files.


    I know that in this forum there are also questions about TOC or

    index files which do not update, and the cause is often

    that these are only regular files and not generated files.

    When these icons are explained, then at least those who

    check the help could find the answer themselves.

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    Is there a way for me to, preferably programmatically (via script, or looking at MIF versions) determine what Framemaker templates use a specific font?  For instance, given a directory full of templates, is there a way to query them as a group to determine which reports use, say, Futura Book?  I could do it template by template if necessary.  Non-programmatic responses welcome too :-).

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have a script which deletes graphics but leaves behind anchored frames. Is there any way I can find out which pages of my doc/book has empty anchored frames?

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    We use Patternstream to generate database sourced documents via Framemaker.  When we moved our Framemaker setup from Windows XP to Windows Server 2008 (along with upgrading from Frame 7 to Frame 12, and from Patternstream 2.3 to 3.0) a strange thing started happening.  Where our templates specified Futura Std Medium fonts, Futura Standard Book was somehow being used as a substitution.  This only happened with the output of the Patternstream automation, which doesn't (in our case) do any font manipulation.  I.e., once the document is produced via Patternstream it is easy to replace the errant Futura Book occurrences with Futura Std Medium manually in Frame, so it's not like the fonts are somehow unavailable  on the machine.  Any thoughts on where to begin?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • 09/08/17--15:07: Automatic unit conversion?
  • Hi everyone,


    Is there a way, using unstructured FrameMaker, to set up some kind of Conditional Text that will convert one unit of measure to another?

    For example, if I have 120 mg/dL in my document - can I set up logic that will convert the number to 2162.4? (I know I can change the unit itself using conditional text.)

    I am looking for something I can set up once and use 125 or so times throughout our manual.


    Ideally I would like be able to be able to do something like: when Conditional Text Units is switched to mmoL, everyplace a number denoted as mg/dL is found (these numbers would have to be marked as such somehow), display = (variable) * 18.02


    Companies must deal with this a lot when publishing manuals in other countries.


    Thanks in advance,


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  • 09/11/17--06:30: Figure reference updating
  • I have searched, I have watched tutorials and I still cannot find a solution to updating my "Figure x" captions when creating a book.


    I created a new paragraph tag. My figure paragraph is F:Figure <n+>

    I am using anchored frames.


    If I create a page called Duck and add an image of a duck with a Figure caption, it will say Figure 1. If I create a page called Dog and I add two images of a dog captioned Figure 1 and Figure 2, they will auto number. If I wanted to add a third dog image it will place a Figure 3. When I create a book with these two separate pages, how do I get Dog page captions to update from Figure 1 and Figure 2 to Figure 2 and to Figure 3.


    My page numbers are updating, my TOC will update when I select the proper updates.


    I have been trying to contact my Adobe Account Manager but they will not get back to me with my questions.

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    The responsive HTML output from structured framemaker files are not getting loaded in web browsers (Chrome and Mozilla) but the unstructured output is loading. Please help whats wrong in this??

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    if i want to create a PDF, sometimes the error message "Unknown exception in the EnumerateFontFamily-Routine. Restart the computer" comes.


    I can't find anything useful on the web. Does anyone know this message?


    Best regards


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    Is there a way to display the PageNumString (Page Number) of parent Anchor Frame of a Graphic?

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    REFERENCE: S1000D_4.2 "Commercial Security Classification" such as "Commercial In Confidence".

    Need to add <TEXT>  "Commerical in Confidence" and associate it with "Caveat=cv01" under Security Element.


    Please Help.

    Rhondasecurity caveat cc01 commerical in confidence.png

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    Using FrameMaker 2017 ver

    Start    FILE-->NEW-->BREX Module


    Using the Element <applicCrossRefTableRef>

    How do I create a pointer to the Applicable Cross Reference documents?


    Structure View --- the child element <dmRef> is not allowed anywhere under the <applicCrossRefTableRef>


    Refer to S1000D_4.2 

    2.2.9  Applicability cross-reference table reference

    child element:  <dmRef>  is used to link to the applicable reference Data Modules.


    any suggestions?



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    I have a few cross references that I cannot resolve. I have even gone as far as the nuclear option of deleting the cross reference and the marker. The same ones always come back after I save the book and reopen it. Framemaker 2015.

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    My FrameMaker 2017 trial download gets stuck and will not complete downloading, any tips or best practices to allow the trial to download successfully?

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