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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    I am returning to FrameMaker after many years of using a different tool, and have a question about MIF.  We are going to start using git to do software and documentation versioning.  I am well acquainted with git and think that it is a very powerful tool.  But the power comes when you are saving text files. You can then to diffs and merging and all that great stuff.  So I loose a lot of git functionality if I save my documents in fm format.


    So I'm wondering if I could just save all the documents in MIF and never use fm.  Are there any gotchas here?  Any reason why this would not be a good idea?


    Thanks for any insight you have!

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    This has been a restricted number for a very long time in FrameMaker, and the rest of the Windows world has left this number long ago. Is Adobe ever going to increase this value?

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    I have a lot of imported graphics that appear normal in FrameMaker 12, but when I open the document in FrameMaker 15 they turn pink! The Facets in the object propertiessay FrameVector and GIF.

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    Dear Experts.


    I am having a FM Doucment which contain lot of tables in it. All of these tables were imported from a MS Word file. After importing I resized the column and rows using the below codes but I am seeing few issues in the tables.

    Please guide me to solve this problem.


    Script is executing perfectly but I am seeing few problems in the table. Please see the image's below.


    1.  In Few tables I am seeing that space between the letters is not unique.

    2. Some other tables the column size is too small.


    With Regards


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    I'm using FrameMaker 10. My book contains 4 chapters.  When I save as PDF, all of the sudden the Bookmarks that

    should be under Chapter 2 are now showing under Chapter 1. I've searched for help however can't figure it out. I've seen

    suggestions to fix the Paragraph tags, or via "PDF Setup" to fix the "Include Paragraphs/Don't Include", or fix the Master

    Pages. I'm nervous about those changes since the other Chapters are working fine.

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    I cannot validate my PhoneGap Account with my Adobe User ID from Framemaker 2015 > Mobile App generation Dialog. Logging in to Phonegap directly via Internet Browser with my Adobe ID works fine.


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    I am using Font Awesome for displaying images in the content and only placeholder appear when Mobile App is generated. It works fine in HTML5.

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  • 08/03/17--03:37: Spezial Sizes, 105mmx297mm
  • Is it possible to print flyer of that size with a few pages. I want to print it and I also want to read it on the computer, so the program or the printer should order it by itslef.

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    I have a 42" screen That lost its scaling so that now I have insect size menus Icons etc. but huge menu lists, dialogs etc. The whole thing was working perfectly until

    something fell on my keyboard and reversed the desktop.frameMaker screen.png

    We had a similar problem with my sisters 40 inch monitor but this was fixed by an adobe support person.  They basically went in and changed some display settings in windows registry.  Now, Adobe simply stopped offering technical support.  I have tried turning off things in windows and changing things there but those solutions don't work for a large screen.  The trick is in the scaling in the registry.  I remember an article that detailed the steps for this fix but I can't locate it on the internet anymore.

    Does anyone have that information? I am running windows 10 with FrameMaker 12.  When I first opened up FrameMaker 12 on the new huge monitor I was afraid of the scalling problem but it opened up perfectly, weird.

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    If I have the 2017 perpetual license (trial) version of FrameMaker, can I successfully share files back and forth with someone who has the subscription license version?



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    Working on a utility to maintain the user dictionary and the site dictionary I discoverd a severe problem with the latter:

    At the start of FrameMaker the site dictionary is (if old format: converted and) imported to C:\Users\User\AppData\LocalLow\Adobe\Linguistics\UserDictionaries\FMSiteDictionary\all\added.txt. This replaces the previous content.
    The transfer, however, does not take over hyphenation points. This is independent of format (old, new, with/out header). They are set anew and may create very strange results - just an example:

    Word in the site dictionary as deined in maker.ini: Gesamt-farb-s\x8at-ti-gung

    Word in the 'internal' dictionary file : Ge¦s¦a¦mt¦far¦bsätti¦gung (the ¦ depicts the hyphenation code \x02)

    This makes it impossible to maintain the site dictionary.

    I have filed this as bug FRMAKER-3201

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  • 08/06/17--01:15: HOW TO MAKE LETTERS BOLD
  • Dear Experts,


    I am trying to make the first row letters to bold. I am able to give shading to the cells. Please help me out to make the letters bold using Extend Scripting.


    With Regards


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    Hi there,

    I've come across what seems to be unusual behaviour when wrapping part of my structured footnote into a “footnote italics” element and I am hoping that somebody can explain to me what’s going on. The screenshot below shows the final text:

    footnote before wrapping.png

    And the screenshot below shows the structure of one footnote element:

    footnote structure.png

    Finally, this third screenshot depicts what happens when I wrap part of the second footnote to a “footnote italics” element:

    footnote after wrapping.png

    The wrapped element has a character format applied to it as specified by the EDD, but the rest of the text in the footnote element (which uses a 'footnote' paragraph format in the EDD) reverts to body text. Changing the footnote element to a footnote element corrects the formatting (and leaves the subelement in italics), nevertheless I would still like to understanding why it is happening in the first place...

    Best regards,


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    I am running my FM 2015 on a VMware fusion with Windows 10 OS on a Macbook. While generating a FM book, I came across the following book error report: Could'nt update this book because it contains no openable nongenerated files" This book can generate a PDF on a different Windows machine and tested. Please help me with a suitable solution to address this issue so that I can generate a PDF.

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    if i want to create a PDF, sometimes the error message "Unknown exception in the EnumerateFontFamily-Routine. Restart the computer" comes.


    I can't find anything useful on the web. Does anyone know this message?


    Best regards


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  • 08/09/17--01:23: Nested ditamap
  • How do you nest ditamaps so that the html treats them as expandable sections?


    I have Ditamap1 that contains Ditamap2 and Ditamap3

    Each map has a <title>Name of map</title> element


    Ditamap2 contains topic1, topic2, topic3


    Ditamap3 contains topic4, topic5, topic6


    Currently, when I output to html5  or pdf I get a flat file:









    What I'd like is:

    Ditamap2-title (expand-collapse)




    Ditamap3-title (expand-collapse)







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    We use FrameMaker for desktop publishing of traditional tech manuals.  We have recently begun transitioning to SVG for illustrations, as we often develop web applications (interactive electronic tech manuals) in parallel, and SVG is fully supported by modern web browsers.  Unfortunately, we've had several issues with SVG in FrameMaker:


    1. Inserted SVG images lose styles if SVG <style> node does not include type="text/css" attribute.  According to the W3C spec, the default is "text/css", hence this is extraneous, and therefore some applications omit it.
      • Other applications with SVG support do not seem to have this limitation.
      • We are working around this issue by adding the type attribute to the <style> node prior to insertion in FrameMaker.
    2. FrameMaker requests DPI settings when inserting an SVG.  We find this peculiar, since SVG is a vector format.  Our best guess is that some sort of calculation is taking place between width, height, and viewbox attributes.
      • We have yet to determine the impact of the selected DPI setting on insert, although we suspect it may be contributing to the following issue:
    3. Inserted SVG images come in with ridiculous scaling.  Despite SVG width and height attributes being defined in inches, FrameMaker seems to completely disregard these attributes, and instead calculates its own arbitrary (and often absurdly large) dimensions.  Our publishers are then forced to manually scale each image, despite the fact that the desired dimensions were already set.  We do not have this issue when inserting WMF images.
      • When inserting hundreds of images in a document, this is costing a considerable amount of time.
      • We currently do not have an acceptable work-around for this issue.


    So now to our questions:

    • Is there something our publishers need to change with their workflow to prevent the DPI dialog from appearing when inserting an SVG?
    • Is there something our artists can change in the SVG files for FrameMaker to respect the defined width and height attributes?

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  • 08/10/17--02:24: Table Issue
  • Anyone know why the text in this table is dropping below the bottom of the page? Its crossing over the page# and footer line at the bottom, instead of continuing on to the next page. When I continue entering text it drops below and I can no longer see what I'm typing.


    I need it to continue on the next page, like a good table should do. Help.





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    Been searching for two days and cannot find an answer, but for Responsive HTML output from Framemaker, is there any way to customize the launch file from "index.html"?  We want to move to responsive help for all our apps, but as much as we always insisted they should launch from an "index.html" page, they all have a custom one.


    Is there a setting I'm missing or anything in the files that also needs to be updated if you need a different launch name?


    - V

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    I just downloaded FrameMaker 2017 Eval copy, but I cannot install it. The Akamai Download Manager Installer is stuck in the "Waiting" mode.


    I am using Windows 7, 64-bit PC.


    I am sure others have seen this problem. How to go past this screen and actually install the product?




    Tarlochan Nahal

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