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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    Seems like there must be an easy fix for this. There was no error message, the windows all went weird though. Have been using FM extensively for half a year, first problem like this.


    I did do a computer restart.


    Thank you.

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    I accidentally canceled my FrameMaker 2015 subscription without knowing that 2017 was available under my subscription plan. How do I restart my canceled subscription so that I can keep 2017?

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    In Fm 14 the view options are session global - but which settings are meant with this?

    There are

    • View > Borders, View > Text Symbols, View > Rulers, View > Grid lines, and
    • View > Options (Checkboxes for Borders, Text Symbls, Rulers, Grid lines, Graphics)

    IMHO there are some interferences between the two, because underlying are different commands:

    View menu:  ViewBorders (x361), ViewTextSymbols (x362), ViewRulers (x363), ViewGridLines (x364)

    More View commands:

      ViewBordersOn (x3F1), ViewBordersOff (x4F1)

      ViewTextSymbolsOn (x3F2), ViewTextSymbolsOff (x4F2)

      ViewRulersOn (x3F3), ViewRulersOff (x4F3)

      ViewGridLinesOn (x3F4), ViewGridLinesOff (x4F4)

      ViewGraphicsOn (x3F8), ViewGraphicsOff (x4F8)


    My observation is that the two sets of options

    •   act on the same 'switch' within a document, but
    •   do not act on the same 'switch' for the session.

    Is this correct? Or what is the real behaviour?

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    In the Welcome screen I have just modified 1 line to get the "Restore Last Session" with a more prominent button.

    I changed line 37 from ... class="button tertiary"... to ...class="button"...

    But FM-14 insists to use the original version - although the modified version is named welcome.html and the original one is named welcome-ori.html.

    Neither Windows restart, nor clearing Temporary Internet Files helped. The file displays as expected in FireFox or IE 11.

    Where the heck does FM get the orginal file from? (I have never heard of an FM-temp folder)

    In the initial version ( I did not have this problem, but don't remind whether it existed in



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    Hey friends.


    I know the shortcuts for getting the © and ® but what if I just want random letters to appear in circles as superscripts? For example, if I'm referring to items a, b, and c on a drawing and I want these to appear in circles.


    Thanks for the insight!


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    Hi All,


    Does anyone know what (or where) are the SEMI Standards for the Manuals?


    Please let me know if there is other forum for this kind of questions, since this is question is NOT DIRECTLY RELATED to the Framemaker.

    If anyone can recommend appropriate forum, that would be great.



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    See the snapshot below.

    The space where the blankspace is inserted, is the point where the heading text wraps in the FM editor. How can I eliminate this space in the bookmarks?

    Please help, thanks.


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    I'm running FrameMaker v14.0.0.361 and whenever I try and create a pdf file it gets hung up.  I end up having to kill the application through task manager and try again but nothing seems to get me through my issue. I have limited access to my laptop and being able to change system settings. This is a new version for me but not new to this laptop. The laptop is new and came with this version of FrameMaker. That's probably not relevant but I thought I would share.


    I'm running Windows 7 and have 16gb of RAM.

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    I am using structured framemaker 2017.


    If I have an element highlighted and go to use some of the element shortcuts (CTRL-2) for example, pressing the CTRL key causes FM to display an element dialog box.


    This box is annoying enough that I was thinking perhaps it is a bug. How can I disable this dialog from appearing each time I select an element and press CTRL?

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    I have a structured FM book containing index markers. The index generates fine, but the hyperlinks do not work. The customer tells me it all worked fine in FM9 but no longer after moving over to FM2015. I tried wrapping the index markers in an indexmarker element but that did not make any difference. Trying the Ctrl+Alt-click in the generated index just brings up an alert that the object specified in the hypertext command cannot be found. Is this a reference page issue?


    Thanks for any help. I really need to move on to new projects.



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  • 06/21/17--07:18: Display Marker
  • I used to be able to see a marker icon in my text (index entries), the indicator is gone now, invisible, but the marker is still there and I can select the invisible placeholder. How do I display the markers in my text - FrameMaker 11?

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    I am puzzled as to how to approach this.

    I have a annual subscription to the Adobe Technical Communications Suite, but I also use a MacBook Pro laptop. I understand most of the products in the suite are not available on OSX, but I really want to use Adobe Captivate.

    I can start a trial of Captivate 9 but since I don't have a serial number to activate it, what can I do?

    Is there any way to use Captivate on my Mac under my existing subscription, I really don't want to pay another $30 a month for a product I am already paying for.


    Thanks in advance for any information.

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    Hello all,


    So I have lot's of FM books created with previous versions of FM.  Not sure if this issue is related to how I update the TOC or some weird conflict with versions.  All I want to do is to update the TOC so that it picks up the new content.


    Enter FM by selecting book created with v10:


    Here is image of TOC before making changes to one of the .fm files and selecting Update Book



    Changes no parms and clicked Update



    Here is what the TOC looked like afterwards




    Please advise...


    Many thanks in advance.

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    Upgraded to FM 2017 14.02.425 yesterday;  “Save as PDF..” and “Save as Review PDF…” from .xml DITA files or Frame files, FM hangs. (Not Responding) message is in the title bar.

    This is happening on files that we could successfully generate PDFs from before the upgrade. Happening on two different PCs with the same version of FM with numerous files.

    We deleted the Preferences file in App Data Roaming as well, still no luck.

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    I think it might have to do with having conditional text with the variable hidden, the variable definition changed, and then the conditional text exposed. Even if I run Update References, the variables can remain unchanged. In such cases, I have to go through the document and manually update the problem variables. This runs counter to the usefulness of variables, of course, especially if you have a lot of them. Any ideas/suggestions?



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    I've tried closing (anything that remotely looks like AAM), and rebooting. Trying to look for FrameMaker updates. Won't let me, says Adobe Application Manager is already running. Close it first before attempting to apply updates.


    1) I am not visibly running the program

    2) IF I was, Adobe should direct me to the running version (that would be a nice-to-have feature)





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    What exactly does doc.TextSelection contain? How can I print its contents? and can anyone provide an example script using which one can essentially perform the equivalent of "selecting" the entire contents of a paragraph to perform some operations on it?

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    Hur kan jag deavaktivera mitt FM10 serinummer (när datorn inte finns tillgänglig) för att kunna installera FM10 på en ny dator.

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    How to create a new Conditional Format Tag with default Style/Color/Background using ExtendScript?

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    Is there any way to find if a paragraph contains a table or not? Can I get a list of objects within a paragraph to determine this?

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