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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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  • 02/02/17--02:03: Trapping the ghost
  • Dear friends,
    In my post Special effects - mostly unwanted I reported about some really persky things happening with my (now about 4500 lines) script. While the Twins and the Slave effect have disappeared by the time (not knowing which changes did it), the Ghost could not be trapped until now.
    Hence, I have now stripped down the script to the bare bones, which also create this ghostly effect.


    • Have any FM document open (it may be empty) and run the script Ghostbuster.jsx
    • In the document type ESC, q, m, c
    • The panel is opened
    • You may type something in the edit field
    • Cancel
    • In the document type ESC, q, m, c


    => The ghost appears: a mysterious drop down list, which got text from the edit field and into which you can type (and if you do so),  the typed text will apear in the next invocation of th panel.


    Where the heck does this come from?

    Ghostbusters are higly welcome!



    // Ghostbuster.jsx --- Attempt to find out what creates the ghost (artfacts) in the C and S panels.
    #target framemaker
    // === global variables, arrays ===================================================================
    var wPalC  = new Window("palette", undefined, undefined);  // title set in PaletteCalcMarkers
    var glbl = {};  glbl.sCalcMarkerText = "Some initial text";
    main ();                                          // follow the standard …
    function main () { //=== ==========================================================================
      SetUpMenus(); // uncomment             comment
    function SetUpMenus () { //=== Define the menu items for document and book ========================
    var bkFMcalcMenu, docFMcalcMenu, menuLocation, oMenus = {}, oCmd = {};  oMenus.MenuMain           = "Calculations in FrameMaker…";  oMenus.HandleCalcMarker   = "Handle #calc Markers…";  oCmd.HandleCalcMarker   = DefineCommand(4,"docHcalcMarker",   oMenus.HandleCalcMarker,   "\\!qmc");  oCmd.HandleCalcMarker.KeyboardShortcutLabel   = "ESC q m c";   menuLocation = app.GetNamedMenu("FormatMenu");  docFMcalcMenu  = menuLocation.DefineAndAddMenu("!FMcalcMain", oMenus.MenuMain); // ! required  docFMcalcMenu.AddCommandToMenu (oCmd.HandleCalcMarker);  UpdateMenus();                                  // refresh and actually make the new menu appear
    } //--- end SetUpMenus
    function Command (cmd) { //=== Assign functions to menu commands ==================================     switch (cmd) {    case 4:      PaletteCalcMarkers();         break;  }
    } //--- end Command
    function PaletteCalcMarkers(){ //=== Palette for handling #calc markers ===========================
      wPalC.title = "FMcalc : Handle #calc Markers";    wPalC.st1 = wPalC.add('statictext',undefined,"Marker contents");    wPalC.st1.alignment = ['left',' ']; = ScriptUI.newFont(,"BOLD",;    wPalC.sMarkerContent = wPalC.add('edittext',undefined, glbl.sCalcMarkerText, {multiline:true, scrollable:true}); = ScriptUI.newFont ("Consolas", "", 12);    wPalC.sMarkerContent.preferredSize.width = 580;    wPalC.sMarkerContent.preferredSize.height = 65;
    //                                                //--- Button row Evaluate, Help, Cancel ---------  wPalC.g4 = wPalC.add('group',undefined);  wPalC.g4.alignment = ['fill',' '];  wPalC.g4.margins= [0,0,7,0];                    // add right margin      wPalC.g4.Cancel = wPalC.g4.add('button',undefined,"Cancel");      wPalC.g4.Cancel.helpTip = "Dismiss dialogue panel";      wPalC.g4.Cancel.preferredSize.width = 137;  wPalC.g4.Cancel.onClick = function () {    wPalC.close();  };;
    } //--- end of PaletteCalcMarkers -----------------------------------------------------------------

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    I have a rotated master page with an imported image file placed in the header.  Everything looks fine in both the master page view and the body page view; however, when I save the file as a PDF, the image is getting cut off.  Can someone please advise me on how to fix this issue?


    Reference images have been provided below...


    framemaker_file.png     PDF_File.png


    Thanks and regards,



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    Seems like a crazy omission! Why is there not the ability to do a Find/Replace a variable with a variable? There is the ability to run Finds for a particular variable name (although you have to type in the variable name - why not have a drop-down list of all the currently defined variables so you can select the variable you want to search for?), but there is no option to replace a found variable with another (different) variable.

    In my particular case, a predecessor created variables that included product version numbers in the variable name. When a new version of the product came out, a new variable, with the new product version in the name, was created and applied to each occurrence of the variable for the previous version. That, of course, completely negates the purpose of variables! I'm trying to genericize these variables so there is one Product Version variable to deal with. However, having created the generic variable(s), there is no way in FrameMaker to Find the old variables and Replace them with my generic variables.

    This seems like a major oversight in the FrameMaker Feature Set. Please address!

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    In my company we use Adobe FrameMaker as part of Adobe Technical Communication Suite 2015. Few days ago some people installed the Adobe® FrameMaker® 2015 update 5 (2015.0.5). After this some of these people get an message box when starting FrameMaker

    "Cannot initialize API client C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\AdobeFrameMaker2015\fminit\Publisher\FMReview.dll .

    Check for errors in the APIClients section of C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\AdobeFrameMaker2015\maker.ini, verify that the client program exists, and make sure you have enough swap space to run the client."

    MsgBox Cannot init FMReview.dll.png

    The entries in Maker.ini

    FMReview=Standard, Review FrameMaker Documents, fminit\Publisher\FMReview.dll, all, null, fminit\Publisher

    ;------Scripting client should added to last, so that its available for FrameMaker plugin------

    The fileFMReview.dll is available and was last changed September 2016.


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    I am working on an old Framemaker document and for some reason the Graphics are all showing up as gray boxes. When I create a PDF the graphics are there so I know the links to the graphics are still working. I am assuming there is a setting that has turned the graphics off in Framemaker but I cannot find it.

    Does someone know how to correct this problem?


    Thank you for your help.


    Framemaker Version: 13.0.1

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  • 02/03/17--08:10: Mini TOC
  • Mini  TOC is a new option in Framemaker 2015.

    However, if I am in a structured file, and I go to Special > Table of Contents

    the Create Mini TOC option is grayed out and unavailable.


    It is my understanding that Mini TOCs should be available in both, Structured and unstructured Framemaker.

    Why is the option not available?

    How can I make it available and use it?


    Thank you.

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    We use Format > Characters > Red to mark text that is conditional (users here don't like the Conditional Text feature). When books are being finalized, we eiter delete red text or change it back to black, depending on whether it belongs in the book.


    It's a minor issue, but Format > Characters > Default Paragraph Font does not always remove the red. I frequently have to change the paragraph style and then change it back to get the normal black text.


    I'd like to get a better understanding of what's happening "under the hood" so I can change the text color more smoothly.

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    With the same book on Windows 7 Pro, it takes one or two minutes to make a PDF. On Windows 10, it takes 12 minutes. Does anyone know how to fix this? I am using Save as PDF and I can't get the print to PDF feature to work.

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    I am using FM2015 in a Win 7 environment.


    Sometimes a screenshot of a UI does not capture a border around the area of interest. If I put the screenshot into a document, the elements of the UI are poorly separated from the surrounding text. To set it off, I select the screenshot and the click the outline icon in the graphics toolbox. A line appears around the figure. It's usually 1.0 pt by default, and I change it to 0.5 manually.


    This outline does not survive the conversion to .chm files. (I've greatly magnified the .chm and indeed there is no outline even at high magnification.)


    I see that I can set a universal outline in the Settings that would apply to every graphic, but I don't want that for every image. Does anyone have a way to preserve the outlines I've put around individual graphics?



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  • 02/03/17--14:27: Errant TOC
  • FM12 - copied book and the TOC went missing from the book update menu. Plz advise

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    I am using Frame 2015 in a Win 7 environment.


    My table titles include autonumbering. So do my figure captions.


    When I publish to .chm, the table autonumbering disappears, whilc the figure caption autonumbering is displayed correctly. I've poked around in the Publish Settings but don't see any obvious way to handle the problem.


    Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it?



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    Background = In FM12 I copied a book. I made updates to the book. When I was ready to update the book the menu came up missing the TOC that should have been listed to update. The TOC is in the book file but not in the update menu. Why is it missing and why can't I replicate it? I had to remove the TOC that was in the book and had to add a TOC from scratch but when I copied the old TOC template over the top it did not replicate. How can I fix this problem?

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    I can't seem to find a reasonable example of an unstructured Frame inline heading (ie:

    1.2.3 Section X: Some content

    Where the paragraph number and the title are one font (bolded) and the paragraph content is another? These HAVE to be on the same line............. not to mention the paragraph # and heading must appear in the TOC with no extraneous content.

    Does someone know how to accomplish this little feat?

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    I am using FrameMaker 2015 and I am trying to open an FM Book that was created in FrameMaker 11. Everything works well until it gets to Chapter Four. When it tries to load the FM file for the chapter, FrameMaker freezes with the following error message:

    When I click OK, FrameMaker shuts down without any explanation of the error or about how to fix the corrupted(?) file.


    The file was created in Structure Frame. I am using Adobe FrameMaker Structured to try to open it. I am open to suggestions about how to open and fix the FM file. I can't even get into it to view the contents. Every instance of the file causes the crash - the main FM file, the backup FM file, the archive FM filem, and the VSS copy of the file.


    Added: In Preferences, I changed from Structured FrameMaker to FrameMaker (unstructured). In doing so, I could open the file, but I get a warning that the file has structured information  and that it will be lost if I continue. It gives me an option to open for viewing or to open for editing. At least I can view the contents of the file, but now I have to reconstruct the file to continue to use it in the book. I really do not want to go through 100+ pages of formatting and tagging to regain the structure.


    Please help me if you can. It is a 538K file with only a little graphics, so that would be a major rewrite.


    Sonny Boyd

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    In this case, I have a chapter file called TOC2. It's the inside cover of the book (TOC1 is the front cover)


    At the book level, the pagination setup is "Next Available" and "Delete Empty Pages".

    That should be the setting for TOC2, but FrameMaker keeps adding a page to it. What should be one page becomes two. If I check the chapter files Pagination, i get the following:

    "Left" and "Right" are the only two options for Double Sided - 1st Page Side. Left is appropriate, since it's the inside cover. All of the content fits on one page, but FM insists on adding a page when I run Update Book.


    Anyone know why?

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    I'm testing the HTML5 output of Frame 2017 and it is messing up my table formats. The tables formatted fine in HTML5 output for both Frame 12 and 2015 and I did not have to change any table mapping styles in either version. Here's a nicely formatted sample table in HTML5 from 2015:



    And here's how it renders in 2017. Again, I did not change any table settings in the 2017 fm files nor in the table style mapping.


    The other strange thing, is that the 2017 tables render correctly if I publish individual files, but look like the one above when I publish the book.

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    I have come across a rather weird situation, wherein the range simple table rows that are inserted using conref end element do not show up conref attribute for all rows except the first row. Although, the first row has both conref and conrefend values. the subsequent rows do not get updated when there is change in the source file. I am missing something? Any help is appreciated.




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  • 02/07/17--10:35: Table formatting issues
  • Hey gang,

    I've got a document that has roughly 100 tables in it of varying lengths.  Is there a way to highlight the table text and automatically format it by selecting a table format?  Say I store a table in the reference pages and click on the Table catalog?


    Also, how do I store a table in the reference pages?





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    Not sure if this is only available to files... Trying to create a folder locally (C: drive) and then copy the folder (and contents) to another folder on the network...


    var foSource = new Folder(myPath);


    This throws an error... any ideas?



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    In FM the scripts in the script library (favorites list) disappear after some time.

    1. I define a favorite script, then close FM
    2. Start FM again: (withing a minute) the script is still in the catalogue.
    3. I closeFM
    4. After a while (about 5 min) I start FM again
    5. => Tthe script is no more in the catalogue!

    Where the heck is the catalogue stored?
    Who may delete the catalgoue?


    Klaus Daube

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